Going into the rabbi-thole of the Wuhan export

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Zach Bush is giving the best explanation about the virus so here is the Sasha Stone and Zach Bush video:


Here are my comments on this video and my take on some information where I have a different view or explanation.

Zach is mentioning that virus is an energy that carries the information that creates changes in a living thing.
I see viruses as energy that acts on our genetic system and selectively influences activation and deactivation of certain genes, depending on the vibration that the energy of a virus possesses.

Zach is mentioning that our body is reproducing the virus and strengthening it.
In my opinion, since a virus is an energy of a particular frequency, it has its electromagnetic field and leaves its trace in the energetic field around itself. Once our body is exposed to this field, if our voltage is low, the frequency field destabilizes our cellular frequency. This change of our resonance our brain interprets as a disease.

Zach keeps mentioning that virus has this intelligent design that forces changes in our biology.
Again, the intelligent design is within our genetic material and the vibration frequency is what forces the genetic expression to change by activating and deactivating genes. Once the correct genes to this viral frequency have been opened, our body stops showing health problems. We say that we are immune to this virus.

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Zach is saying that viruses are the genetic blocks of the evolutionary changes all living things are going through. It looks that Zach is looking at a virus as the creative energy that is responsible for evolution.

In my opinion, a virus is an activator or a modulator and not a creator of the genetic blueprint. It can only influence the activation and deactivation of already existing genetic blueprints.

Those blueprints were created by someone (creator), and we are filling in an additional information through our experiences.

The genetic blueprint did not occur randomly.

Nothing in this Universe is randomly created. It is an intelligent design.

We are contributing to this design through our experiences. This is why we are the co-creators enriching the information that is captured within the genetic material.

Zach is mentioning the creation of mammalian life. The same as C. Darwin, he is saying that energy/virus with information has transformed the reptilian life into the life of a mammalian species.

Again, this would mean that the virus had carried the genetic code. This is a conflict. Is the virus energy or is virus a gene?

If it carries the information it would be a gene. Information is a blueprint.

I do not agree with Zach’s theory.


We have a huge genetic material of which we use only 3% at this time. With changes in the environment, we change the gene activation. There are many more genes to be activated and many more experiences to be had as the frequency of our environment changes. A virus is the frequency that activates those changes and not what creates them.

Zach explains the distribution mechanism of the coronavirus and here again my opinion differs from his.

Virus, being an energy of a particular vibration, appears in an area that was affected by it.

I explain that the flu is triggered through a change of frequency of an environment and everybody in this environment is exposed to it.

No mask, gloves or hazmat suit can protect you from it, and if your voltage is low, you will react to it as the frequency of your cells changes.

This is why not everyone shows the symptoms of flu, and more polluted/toxic we are, the stronger symptoms of flu we will experience since our level of energy is lower.

As far as the today’s coronavirus is concerned, the energetic change is the result of the planetary alignment and the position of our galaxy in the relation of the Central Sun.

The entire Bible is based on the planetary alignments and events are planned accordingly.

This event of the planetary alignment at this time was known thousands years ago and the Cabal planned to use it to its benefit.


Knowing that the energetic change will be very strong and it will affect many people especially those who are toxic, they made a great effort of frightening people around the world to drop their voltage (immunity) and to misrepresent the number of deaths through false projections in the hope that people will be scared to death, and manifest it as their reality, which did not happen.

Why are humans affected and animals are not?

We are all affected but animals eat correctly, their temple/body is clean, They do not show any symptoms of cleansing/disease and do not live in fear so their voltage is strong.

We eat incorrectly and we are further poisoned with medicinal remedies so those who are medicated are especially vulnerable.

Vaccines are designed to speed up our intoxication so please stay away from them.

Now, President Trump and the White Hats and the White Dragons are using the same platform to do the opposite and to destroy the Cabal.

Since everything is dependent on the energy that is created by the planetary alignment, all events are controlled by this, and this is why things are not happening faster, but they are happening everywhere on this planet and beyond.

We are all going through an upgrade that is triggered through the frequency of the new energy. This energy resonates with much higher frequency from the one we are used to.

This will make a great changes in our genetic activation not just in humans but in all aspects of life since it all depends on the same genetic blueprints and their activation through the vibrational energy/virus.

Everything was already programmed, we are just waiting to be activated.

This activation is in a great part done through the frequencies that we are exposed to but it is also controlled by the frequencies our brain is reproducing.

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Remember, we are the co-creators and we are controlling the speed of the change.

The speed of our awakening is determining the speed of the change, but there is a limit to it and those who will not be able to change will perish.

I hope that what Zach was saying is helping you to form a different opinion about the virus from the standard presented to us by our esteemed scientists/script-readers.

As far as I am aware, Zach is the only other scientist who sees the virus as being an energy.

If I would not have such a strong faith in trusting my intuition/guide, I would be afraid to share my beliefs as they are so drastically different from what I was ever told about a virus, bacteria, fungus, and the medicine in general.

It is the time that we all put aside the fear of thinking differently.

The Cabal is fearful of this happening, it is controlling us through the wrong information we are given throughout our schooling process.

This is why all opinions that differ from the one that they support are now being censored.

This does not mean that I am correct in everything I say. This is why open discussions have to be allowed.

There are no books available from which we can learn about where we are going and what we are morphing into.

We have experienced what happens when we trust others and ignore our experiences. Stop referring to the old and live in the new.

Forget what you have been told. Open your mind and think for yourself, share your opinions, and let’s progress together.

If you can, please support my work through donations and by spreading the information.

Love and light to us all.

Is “Crown”making a comeback?

Royals wearing face masks: Sophie Wessex, Princess Eugenie ...

There is a big push by the Mainstream Media to resurrect the Wuhan bug, and politicians throughout this planet are complying like a puppies, bowing down and much worse.

They are ordering a mass poisoning of people.

Here in Peru, another fumigation action has started as people are being frightened through the Tel a lie Vision programs of a Dengue virus and the mosquitoes that carry it.

I have received a reports of indigenous people being forcefully vaccinated and falling ill afterwards.

My wife was just contacted with one of our clients who had locked themselves in their house pretending that they are not at home to avoid being vaccinated.

Now the entire village is sick except them.

Even the private clinics were given an order not to treat anyone else but the “Crown” patients so they are basically empty but the media is spreading the false information about the “tsunami” of new crown cases being generated.

3D hospital ward - TurboSquid 1168550

The lock-down has been again extended for another month, and all of the rules of the separation, masks, and gloves, are continuing.

Here, in the Amazonia of Peru, people are very superstitious and easily frightened. They trust their government which makes them an easy pray. I do not think that they have a chance of awakening.

The politicians and the brainwashed health ministers and professionals will have a lot of blood on their hands when this is all over.

The fear factor is very high here and in many families, every member is having a flu symptoms except those who did the cleansing protocol.

Our elderly client Jenny that has called us several days ago scared for her life since her throat started to throb, is doing just fine as 5 of her neighbors have died this past few days.

There is no doubt that there are increased numbers of respiratory problems at least in Tarapoto, Peru, but why? The flu season is gone.

As I am always pointing out, the general level of toxicity will determine if and how strong are the symptoms of a flu going to be once the bodies cleansing mechanism is activated by the “virus” frequency.

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This “viral” frequency can be emitted by our planet (during the seasonal changes), it can be emitted through electronic equipment (especially through the 5G technology), and do not forget, this cleansing energy can be produced and transmitted by our own brain (the nocebo effect).

My wife just told me about an experiment that was done on a convict that had received a death penalty and instead of being executed, had agreed to be a part of an experiment.

He was explained by the doctor that an incision will be made on his hand and he will be slowly bled to death. He was told that he will start feeling sleepy and quietly leave this world as the level of his blood becomes inadequate to support the oxygen demands of its brain.

The convict was placed on a bed and his hand was covered so that he could not see what is happening. The doctor made a scratch on his skin and started a prerecorded sound of drops of water falling in a bucket.

In a couple of hours the convict was found dead even that no blood was ever extracted from his body.

This clearly shows that our reality is what our brain decides it is.

You can do, and you can be, anything you want as long as you can convince your brain to show it to you as your reality.

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Having this in mind, now you can clearly understand how we are being manipulated.

Through our indoctrination/education we are being programmed to blindly trust our authority.

Medical “science” is used to show us the terrible projections of what to expect.

We are indoctrinated/educated on what symptoms and other effects some invisible enemy is going to have on our body and in which way is your health going to be affected.

The Media spreads the false numbers and events and creates the necessary fear, and the rest is a history. The peoples mind does the rest.

In those areas where people are awakening, this old play-book has no effect so the old and the most toxic are eliminated since they are the one who trust the authority the most and their energy levels are the lowest to begin with.

There is no second wave of the “crown” bugger on the way, there is only a second way of a deceptive politically orchestrated and media spread attack on peoples mind.

Those of us who are woke, will have no ill effects from this but those who hold their licenses and their knowledge sacred and are unable to change, are in a great danger.

Many people are simply unable to accept something new and unless their trusted sources start telling them the truth they will perish.

Hopefully, the time is near when the Major Media will be forced to tell the truth. The longer it takes, the more innocent and brainwashed people will die.

Now, the “innocence” is questioned because nothing ever happens just because. Everything has a reason behind it and all that we can do is to help those who show an interest.


From my personal experience I know that it makes absolutely no sense to try and convince someone who is not interested to know.

If you are here, reading this blog, thae you understand and are woke yourself.

Thank you for being here helping us to hold the light and speeding this process up so that there is a less suffering going on.

Help those who are ready to listen and do not waste your effort and time on those who “know” that you are wrong.

Love and light to us all.

Does virus, bacteria, and fungus cause diseases?



We have been told, that there are some small life forms that regularly are found in the soil but also in our gut and in our blood. We refer to them as germs or pathogens.

We are all programmed to believe that some of those “germs” can cause a health issue we have named a disease and that we can heal by combating those germs with a toxic remedies we call medicaments.

We are all being “educated” about the necessity of washing our hands, brushing our teeth, bathing with soaps and we call this as being hygienic.

Keeping a good hygiene will protect us from becoming infected which implies that we will not become sick.

Isn’t it strange that the modern people are bathing several times a day, using the state of the art soaps, brushing their teeth after every meal, and washing hands every time after touching a foreign object, and we have the sickest generation of people ever?


Very few people know (doctors included), that there was another cellular researcher by the name of Antonie Bechamp, who has a completely different theory from the one that was promoted by Luis Pasteur and now the “modern” science.

A. Bechamp insisted that the bacteria, fungus and virus are a product of a toxic body and the type of the toxicity will determine what type of life form will be created. Will it be the bacteria and what kind of bacteria, fungus or virus will appear.

He has argued as well that one person cannot be infected with the same disease of the other person by simply transferring a bacteria from the sick to the healthy person.

You have heard me often mentioning that what we call diseases are just a bunch of symptoms.

So when a person gets cough, scratchy throat, digestive problem, fever and headache, this person has a flu.

If a person has a frequent diarrhea we say it has a chronic enteritis.

If a person suffers from chronic respiratory problems we say it has a chronic bronchitis…

Since there could be a various symptoms involved, and always they are, more diseases are created to cover all of the differences in manifestation.

No matter how hard he tried, A. Bechamp could not replicate the same symptoms after inoculating different people with the same “pathogen”.

Some people would have some of the symptoms, some people none, and some people would have a completely different set of symptoms.

This means that the pathogen did not cause the disease. So why did people become sick after being inoculated if the pathogen is not the cause of the disease, and why some people did not show any reaction to the pathogen, did not get sick at all?

superbugs cartoon

Everyone who is following my work has a pretty good idea why. It is self evident.

There are symptoms that appear as the result of the cleansing of the blood. Those symptoms we call the flu.

There are a symptoms that appear when the acidic cells are forced to hydrate. The forced hydration is achieved by increasing the extracellular pressure. This we call inflammation.

There are symptoms that the body creates to make us aware of a developing problem. Those symptoms are discomfort, itchiness, and pain.

There are symptoms that are caused by a cellular dehydration, and they are plentiful…

What symptoms a person will exhibit depends on what is going on and not on what pathogen is living in the bod.

This is why there are asymptomatic people, those who carry a pathogen or variety of them but do not show any symptom of disease.

Everyone of us is an asymptomatic carrier if the truth be told.

The most obvious example of this is a helicobacter pilory.

It lives in most population but if you suffer from a stomach ulcer, the helicobacter pilory is being blamed because, not surprisingly, doctors have no clue how to heal so finding this bugger gives them the excuse for a toxic treatment which does not produce healing, only more suffering.

The actual symptoms of “disease” are nothing more than the symptoms of a toxic body asking for help or attempting to detoxify itself or both.

Royalty Free Image of Collage Of Sick People

Bacteria and fungus actually have a physical form. They are composed by the frequencies that the brain is programmed to show through a light as our physical reality.

This is why they can be photographed, and grown as a culture.

Virus, on the other hand, cannot be seen, and it cannot be grown as a culture.

Virus is a frequency that the brain is not programmed to show in a physical form. This is why it cannot be seen, but it exists.

Confusing, isn’t it?

Now you understand why I was insisting to teach the basics of a quantum mechanics, no matter how confusing it sounded and no matter that I was told that many people are stopping to follow my work because I sounded ridiculous whenever I went quantum.

My work resonates only with those who are ready do advance. With those, who are open minded and eager to find the truth.

We are all learning because what we have been told were mostly lies. Now, we have to learn the truth, and more, we have to learn how to use all of the tools that are at our disposal which will open a whole new realm of possibilities in this New World we are creating.

This means that no matter how much we think we know, we are just beginning to learn as most of what we think we know, is false, and it was designed to interfere in the process of discovering the truth.

Why are we programmed not to manifest virus in the physical form?

In my opinion, virus is not part of the original program of the creator, it is a creation of the human/humanoid physical consciousness. Because of this, the same as the Devil, it cannot assume a physical form but since it is an energy of a specific vibration, it can influence changes of vibration in any weak vibrating field.

infectious disease cartoon

This is why as toxicity of a person is increasing, so is its susceptibility to viral respond/infection.

There are no problems of bacterial and fungal infestation in the Space,as far as I am aware of, but there is a big problem with viral pollution.

Virus was created a long time ago and by an error or intentionally, it was given its freedom to exist independently as an entity.

Since it is not a creation of our creator, it has no spirit to guide it, it has no consciousness of the divine love.

Virus has only an evil energy that wants to conquer whatever it can overpower.

The more toxic we are, the weaker is our voltage/energy field, and the easier it is for our frequency to be influenced by virus. The more the frequency is altered, the stronger symptoms of a damage we are shown by our brain.

Here is one clear example of how one vibrational energy influences another.

Some people when they are exposed to the strong ultraviolet light of the Sun will feel bad, even vomiting and with strong headache. They will break out with a huge blister that are full of a liquid. In time those blisters burst and big sheets of skin start to peal.

Close up of a severe second degree sunburn blister Stock ...

Some people will feel just a loss of energy and show only read skin with small bubbles, and some people show much less redness and no blisters or bubbles of any kind.

UV rays have a specific vibration and as it irradiates the skin, it will interfere with the frequency of the skin, and the body in general.

The weaker the voltage (higher the pollution), the stronger will become the deviation of the frequency of the skin and the body which will our brain interpret as the physical changes that we experience.

I have proven that when you cleanse on the cellular level, your skin becomes way less affected under the influence of a direct sunlight, and other physical changes such as are headache and nausea do not manifest at all.

As a kid, I had at least one sunburn a year, and as I was growing up and my cellular toxicity was increasing, the size of the skin damage was increasing as well and my headaches from the sunlight exposure were getting worst. The blisters were getting larger and larger.

After I had cleansed on the cellular level utilizing the Self Healers Protocol, no more blisters appear no matter how much I expose the skin to the sunlight, and no more headaches.

The redness and some pain occur but way less and no blisters and instead of a headache, just a tiredness manifests.

The cellular voltage holds steady vibration and since the vibration of my skin does not change, the brain continues to manifest it as a normal skin, no blisters.

There is so much that we have to learn, so roll up your sleeves and get to it.

Love and light to us all.

Are you confused? Are you disappointed? Don’t worry, you are not alone. This video will shed some light.

All signs point to the fact that we are living in the “End Times”. It is the end of one game of reality and the start of another one.
As any other game, this game has a program, a set of rules that must be obeyed, but the participants have plenty room for improvisation and freedom to tweak some rules.
The game we have been playing was infiltrated by dark elements from the outside and many participants of this game have been manipulated.
Now as the game has ended, a purification is underway so that a new game may commence.

Love and light to us all

Are we living in the Last Days?

Aftermath, Riot, Protest, Revolution, Demonstration

What have we been told about the last days?

There will be chaos, people will be in fear, everything will be upside down, what is good will be proclaimed as being bad and what is bad will be presented as being good.
The truth will be attacked as being wrong and the lies will be promoted as the truth.

Isn’t this exactly what is happening right now?

Well, this is becoming obvious to many at this time as the crumbling system of evil is trying to stay in power, but the deception has started many years ago.
It has started the moment the Anunnaki decided to enslave us some 8 thousand years ago, and it has continued slowly increasing in its intensity as the insatiable greed of the possessed human slaves have increased.

Lies and deceits, murders and theft, are the trademarks of those people.
They have formed various sacred societies and cults but recently they have united into one organization we call the Cabal or the Illuminati.

Since what they do is evil, they have named their God Lucifer (light-bearer).
What is dark is light, and what is light is dark.

The Vatican refers to Lucifer as being the Devil.

Baphomet / Satan Background

As I have mentioned it many times before, we are systematically indoctrinated (educated) to memorize and accept what we are being told as being the truth.

Through deception and theft, one can enrich itself easily and the rich can buy the power.

Why can rich buy the power?

Because we are gullible and for a penny, we will sell anything including our freedom especially if we are fooled into believing that it is ok to do this.

Not to forget the “truth”, we are constantly reminded of the validity of our knowledge. Through the News, the entertainment, the science, and everyone else who consider itself to be educated and accomplished by repeating their “wisdom”.

Every teacher needs a teacher since the books that they are using to teach from, are false.

Everything is controlled and we are made to police each other through the division and the state proclaimed power that politicians gave themselves.

This is why medical doctors do not realize that what they are trained to do is actually achieving a contrary result.

With toxic medicaments, they are poisoning people while claiming that curing is the effect of their action.

Doctors are just repeating what they are told so they prize antibiotics, antimicotics and a broad assortment of medicinal poisons, and they bash MMS, colloidal silver, hydroxy-peroxide, sea salt plasma, and everything else that the pharmaceutical industry tells them is “no good” and “dangerous” to consume.

side effects cartoon

One simple test can reveal the truth, but this is not important because doctors can do only what they have been told otherwise, their license to kill will be take away from them.

Jim Bakker was given a jail time for committing the terrible sin of providing people with Colloidal Silver.


I am not fond of Jim although since he was imprisoned before, he must have been doing something right, but the Colloidal Silver is very powerful and a harmless liquid and the best disinfectant of them all.

If you feel the symptoms of the flu, take a sip of nanoparticle Colloidal Silver every two hours and in a day you will be ok.

Doctors are consciously killing millions of people and we prize them. No doctor see jail-time, and when someone is actually helping people, they are imprisoned.

The real cures are now feistily attacked since they basically cleanse the body, making pathogens irrelevant.

Most of them oxygenate the body. This helps the elimination of toxins, so basically, as we know, no disease can touch a clean body.

These remedies will help not just to stop the “virus”, they help the whole body to recover no matter what the issues are.

The globalists attempt to kill us with “bugs” is falling apart so the use of healing remedies has to be stopped.

Articles and videos promoting healing are being censored and sites closed while the lies are being promoted, as demonstrated in the video above.

Be aware of tricksters like Mike Adams the “h\Health ranger”, who is using his supplement business as a platform to spread fear:


This is not the first or the last time he is doing this to later retract as nothing happens.

Unfortunately, many of his followers drop electric charge from the fear and make themselves easy target to the flu and other diseases.

Now it is the time where the sleeper cells are coming to the surface.

China is in a lot of trouble with India, Australia and several more of its neighbors. Now, since president Trump has stopped the cash flow that was keeping China afloat, China is drowning.

Rothschild, Soros, and other creators of communism in the world are out of their cash cows so they cannot help and there is not a single communistic government that is self sufficient so without a foreign help, it will crumble and self destruct.

Watch this video and get a taste of communism:

It is just a matter of time and the time is short, I’d say.

Hospitals and doctors are lying about the new “corona play” outbreak.

In Brazil a parliament members have stormed a hospital that claimed to have 1500 new COVID-19 patients and 200 dead, when in fact, the entire hospital was empty.

This old and for many years unsuccessful “virus play”, being it the swine flu, the avian flu, or the chikungunya, zika, West Nile virus, are not having any significant impact. People are not volunteering to be vaccinated and only an idiot without a thought of its own can be so stupid to play the same failed card, and expect a different result.

We are lucky that they are so stupid!

As soon as the Mainstream media is dealt with and the real news becomes available to those who only believe what the Clinton Network News has to say, finally victory will emerge.

The changing hand of the mainstream media will result in the full awakening of dormant masses giving the last blow to the old system, sealing the final victory of the light.

In the meantime, keep cleansing with water and salt, correct your diet (skip the vegetable narrative), use the nanoparticle colloidal silver and enjoy your healing process.

Love and light to us all.

How strong is your immune system?


What we are told about the immune system of the body is all wrong. This is why doctors and especially the supplement pushers are promoting a high doses of vitamin C, Astaxanthin, and other antioxidants to “strengthen” your immune system and protect you from “bugs”, COVID-19 at this point.

It is amazing how much our “experts” know, and how intelligent they are. Shame that nothing they do or say results in healing.

Isn’t it strange that one needs to drown in vitamin C for it to have the desired effect?

You cannot just take few lemons to prevent the flu. You actually have to get “submerged” into it.



Everything in excess becomes toxic, so does the vitamin C, and just before it will kill you, vitamin C will triggers a cellular shutdown. This is when it becomes “medicinal”.

The same happens with high doses of vitamin D.

When the cells shut down, this is when they stop cleansing themselves so further blood pollution stops, and the symptoms of blood detoxification start subsiding. Doctors refer to it as being cured.

In fact, only the cellular cleansing process has been stopped.

I have explained this when I was talking about the COVID-19 theater play, only it was not presented on Broadway but it was played all over the world on every station available.

Only toxic body can produce the symptoms of disease and it will do it as the cellular toxin finds itself in the blood. The presence of a bogyman called virus, fungus, or bacteria is completely irrelevant.

This is why we have symptomatic and asymptomatic “diseases”.

Since our bodies are toxic, various bacteria and fungus lives in it feasting on those toxins.

We carry those pathogens but we do not exhibit any symptom of a disease, so we can say that we are all asymptomatic carriers of diseases.

infectious cartoon

When the blood starts cleansing, the symptoms of a “disease” appear. The more toxic we are, the stronger will be the symptoms of the disease we have.

Now, doctors look for an excuse and chose one of those pathogens declaring that this is why we are “sick”.

With antibiotic the cleansing process is stopped and we are declared as being curred.

If the cleansing process cannot be pinned on any pathogen, we are told that we have an idiopathic disease. A disease for which we do not know what has caused it.

Idiopahtic should be spelled “idiot-pathic” to better describe those experts who are interpreting what is happening.

Due to the school acquired knowledge, we doctors, behave like a pure idiots. We have completely lost the ability to reason.

Even while observing how people fall ill after being vaccinated, we still insist that vaccines save lives.

Since the immunity is not what we have been told it is, the question arises: what is this thing we call immunity and how can we strengthen our immune system?


As I have explained in some other articles, from the quantum point of view, a correct frequency is interpreted by our brain as a healthy cell/organ/body.

A shift of the frequency will be interpreted as a diseased cell/organ/body.

The higher is the voltage, the more stable will be the frequency and the more difficult it will be to change it. This signifies a strong immunity towards the change.

If we translate this through our brains projected reality, the more energy the cell/organ/body has, the stronger magnetic field they will have which will prevent toxins and pathogens from approaching them and invading them.

This strength of a magnetic field we call immunity, and it is strictly dependent on the energy/voltage of our cells.

The more acidic are our cells, lower will be the energy because overly acidic cell cannot maintain the correct voltage.

At the same time, we can be reasonably clean on the cellular level and suffer from low cellular voltage/energy at the same time. The reason for this is a stress/fear.

The same as stress can lower your energy and diminish your magnetic field, happiness, love, and excitement can strengthen your energy/voltage and the consequent magnetic field.

Now, the question is, is there a way that we can find out what is our energy level, how strong is our immune reaction/magnetism?

Many people can see aura. Some people have a very weak and dark aura, and some peoples aura is well pronounced and in colors from gold to green, blue, and purple, and extending to a meter or more around the body.

The aura is formed by the magnetic force of the body and its influence on the energy of the environment. The stronger is the magnetic energy, the larger is the aura.

The color of the aura is related to the frequency with which the body radiates.

There are instruments now available that can measure weak energies. They can capture the energy of the thought as well but those instruments are costly.

In this video I explain how we can easily check the state of our energetic body:

As we have entered the new paradigm, everything what we know from our past became obsolete.

We have to start learning again so that we can enjoy the benefits of this new world we are creating for ourselves.

It is difficult to ignore the accepted programs/truths and accept the new ones. This is why we have to be open minded and allow the new information in. This way, our brain will have the time to calculate, compare and come up with a different conclusions.

For some people, this is not an option. The programming is set to deep so they reject any information which differs from the previously accepted information to which we refer as being the truth.

Such people will not be able to change by themselves, and a beam/ frequency of transformation will be necessary for them to “snap out of it”, let go, and accept the new information.

This transformational energy will soon be released and it will affect all of us since it will be the energy of transformation that will create an evolution effect, but about this we are going to talk in the near future.


Many disclosures are surfacing now which are helping people to see with a clarity how they have been fooled into believing lies.

When enough of people becomes aware of the situation, the “hundred monkey/the heard effect will be achieved and the frequency of transformation will be released.

We are rapidly approaching this point. This will be fabulous and as President Trump said, “it will be Biblical”.

Those of us with high voltage and stable frequency will go smoothly through this event. This is why Jesus Christ said, “keep your temple clean”.

Use the Self Healers Protocol to cleanse and correct your frequencies.

The cleaner you are, the higher voltage your cells can hold making you healthy and fearless.

Those two attributes will help you to go through the shift peacefully and effortlessly.

If you need any assistance, you can always count on my help.

Love and light to us all.

Bacteria, fungus, and virus are not causing diseases?

A Beginner’s Guide to Gut Bugs & Dysbiosis | Healthy By Design

As I often mention that what we are being told is mostly false and manipulated and nowhere is it more noticeable than in medicine.

I have received a very interesting video from my friend Tom in which Dr. Stefan Lanka talks about the nature of pathogens and their inability to cause diseases we attribute to them.

Often, when I consult my client, some other member of the family joins in and then becomes interested in hearing what I have to say about his/her health issue.

They always become surprised when I end up recommending the same healing protocol even though the health issue that they have is different from the health issue of their family member that I was consulting, they have a different “disease”.

How is it possible that the same protocol will help in healing all those so different “diseases”?

Even when the pathogens are involved, the protocol remains the same.

Those of you who are following my work and are open-minded, you see it clearly because it is self evident, but the more we are “educated” the more difficult it is for us to see what is the obvious.

The indoctrinated knowledge (school information, lies) make it impossible to even listen to what is being said if it is contrary to the previously accepted information, this is how our brain operates.

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I can’t tell you how many times people have confronted me saying, “I cannot listen to this bul*** any longer.”

Those who attacked me the most were the health professionals, from doctors, nutritionists, to their mimickers (bloggers), and profiteers of the supplement industry.

As the vegans and the vegetarians are concerned, I am a crazy lunatic.

The self evident things that I often mention do not count. “Show me the studies that support your theories”, they demand, “and not yours but from other, acknowledged, scientists”.

When I point to Dr. Batmanghelidj, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Hamer, Dr. Masaru Emoto, Dr Royal Rife… this means nothing. Why? Because they are not recognized by the mainstream science. They are not acknowledged.

If you want to know the truth, you cannot expect to find it in the same box of information that has created the lies.

A friend was mad at me when I suggested that President Trump could be a good guy.

He asked me to point him in the direction where he can find alternative views.

So, I gave him some sites such as BCP, And we know, The X 22 report…where people are also commenting and sharing information.

After briefly going through the material he told me that this is a Trump oriented stuff and it does not count.

Other friend who is very religious wanted to discuss religion with me and got mad at me when I suggested for him to get acquainted with some other religions to see where is the difference.

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We all want to stay within the comfort of the known and we want the truth to be the one we know.

Unfortunately, there is no progress if we do that.

We have to be ready to listen and absorb what we hear. Give some time to the brain to process the information and come up with the conclusion.

If we are not ready to listen to something that is different, how can we ever learn the truth?

I am very proud of those few of my friends that follow my work and have tried the Self Healers Protocol because the science behind it is so drastically different from the science we are being indoctrinated with.

All of the chronic health problems are caused by toxicity, and pathogens can survive only in a toxic body.

Pathogens cannot attack a healthy cell, they only survive on a decay.

Once you cleanse your bodily fluids, no pathogen can touch you. After all, the symptoms of an ailing body are not caused by pathogens. They are simply the symptoms of a toxic body and the bodies attempt to detoxify itself.

This is why the Self Healers Protocol is so successful in establishing health, no matter what the medical diagnosis suggests.

Toxic body becomes acidic, its electric voltage cannot be maintained which produces the feeling of a chronic tiredness. This also lowers the immunity of the body and problems occur.

As I explain from the quantum point of understanding, High voltage (energy) maintains a stable vibratory field. The stable vibration makes a healthy body.

The lower the voltage becomes, the easier it is to influence vibratory changes and the change of the vibration is interpreted by our brain as an anomaly,we call disease.


This is the easiest and the simplest way to explain the whole complex science of medicine.

As Jesus have said, “keep your temple clean”,and you will be healthy.

To do so, all that we have to do is to hydrate with sea water plasma, and eat the food of God as all omnivores do in nature.

Because it is so simple, it is so difficult to believe.

Keep in mind that whatever we have been told by our religious leaders, by our professors, media and popular science is manipulated and not to be trusted.


Only a corrupted knowledge becomes licensed and the ultimate prize for misguidance is presented as the Nobel Prize. In a noble way we have been fooled.

You have waited for a disclosure, here it is but are you ready to accept it?

Love and light to us all.

Virology or wasteology is the question


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The title of this article may sound irrational but let’s see what will your opinion be after you read this article?

First let’s see what is virology?

Virology is a science about viruses. A lot of money is spent yearly to discover more about virus.

Specialists called a virologists write papers and studies about this invisible “thing”.

Why I say that virus is a thing and not an organism?

Well, nobody has yet seen a virus (dead or alive) in any shape or form.

Nobody had successfully transferred one virus from “infected” person onto a healthy one via bodily fluids other than through direct injections called vaccines.

No virus has been identified in any other way than a genetic shift of a deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), which is always formed from the ribonucleic acid of the person from whom the sample was taken. This means, not ribonucleic acid of virus was ever detected.

So if nobody ever saw it and the DNA is identical to the one of the host where only a gene or two make the difference, how do we know that it is a virus that we are detecting?


Honestly, we do not know, and as the science becomes liberated from clutches of the corrupt individuals posing as scientists, we are realizing that the way we portray virus is totally wrong.

In schools we are told that virus is a single strain of ribonucleic acid that needs to enter a cell and use the cells RNA to create its DNA so that the virus can reproduce itself.

There are only two things wrong with this three step process.

First, no other than the hosts RNA is ever detected.

And second, no DNA of a virus is ever found in the cell of the “infected” individual, only a slight deviation of a couple of genes of the host’s DNA.

Whatever the cell does, it does it under the instructions of the blueprint we call the gene. This means that for the cell to cleanse itself, a particular genes have to activate first.

Different frequencies will cause the activation of different genes.

For example a herpes virus of the mouth will activate a specific blueprint/gene that will not affect other parts of the body, and genital herpes will have another blueprint and it will affect genital mucosa tissue. It is all about the frequency of the tissue in question and the blueprint/gene that needs to be activated so that this frequency can change.

The intensity and the duration of a viral outbreak is strictly related to the cellular toxicity of the affected tissue. The more toxic are the cells, the more frequent and stronger will be the symptoms of the viral episode.

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The energy that causes the outbreak (virus) will stay present in the tissue after the episode since it is of electromagnetic nature, so the same as the memory, it will linger around.

Any weakening of the cellular voltage will trigger the outbreak but if the cells are clean, no symptoms will occur.

This I have proven with many clients who have suffered from herpes simplex 1-2-3

The only way to get rid of this frequency/virus is to alter it through another frequency or to strengthen the cellular voltage/energy to the point that the cellular frequency cannot be affected by the frequency of the virus.

If what I have said is true, how do we test for virus?

Basically we are looking for the presence or the absence of those two genes that are instructing the cells to cleanse, through a very unreliable process called PCR test, or we are going to be looking for raise in antibodies of the blood which would indicate that the body is defending itself from something which in this case is supposedly, the virus.

It is important to mention that the antibody count rises whenever there is a rise of a protein waste in the blood. So every cellular cleansing will increase the count of antibodies in the blood because they are there to dispose of this organic material.

Those of you who are familiar with my work know that there are always all genes present in the genetic material but we can distinguish only those genes that are active.

What activates or deactivates genes, are the changes in the environment. One frequency influencing changes of another frequency.


When an environment is changing, genetic blueprint that instructs the cell what to do in the new environment has to open and the old one closes.

This is how cells adapt to the new circumstances. So, if a DNA has a minor genetic change, this means that the environment has changed and in no way implicates some bogeyman we call virus as an organism that no one has ever seen in any shape or form other than an environmental energetic shift.

Looking for a physical expression of a virus is like looking for a physical expression of the pain. You cannot see the virus the same way you cannot see the pain.

Now the question is, how can we make a functional vaccine against virus?

Polio virus was successful we are being told, and in our reality, polio has almost disappeared.

Poliomyelitis was extremely rare in the past and all of the sudden, there was an epidemic of it especially during the Vietnam war.

Pesticides were heavily used and experimented with as a weapon of war. Birds were dying, lakes were dying in a similar way as today when microwaves are being overused and experimented with.

Do you see the connection?

As soon as pesticides were better controlled, the polio cases diminished and the vaccines took the glory.

Last year, Bill G. vaccines against the polio in India have caused over 800 thousand polio cases and the government of India is asking for Bill’s head.

If you poison the body in a particular way, you will create polio symptoms, no virus necessary.

The body will react by changing gene expression and changes in the cellular biology will occur.

So are we talking about a virus or a toxic pollution?

tad-pole cartoon

Is it virology, or are we sifting through a cellular garbage in an attempt to find what is not there?

A virus is selected as the best biological weapon because the same as the war on terror, anything can be blamed on it.

For the “diseases” to set in, the most important thing is to lower the immune system of the body.

The immune system depends on the strength of the vibrational field and this is dependent on only one thing and that is the electric voltage.

The higher is the voltage, the more difficult it is to change the frequency which in our chemical world means that disease will not occur if the cellular voltage is high.

What will lower our voltage the most, is the fear.

First you lower the cellular voltage by instigating a fear, (kill several hundred of people claiming that the virus did it, as it was done in China). Then you change the frequency of the environment and artificially create cellular cleansing which results in symptoms of flu, and then you load the Media with the fake estimates and projections.

Pandemic is created.

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The more toxic we are, the more toxins will be eliminated from our cells and end up in the blood.

The more toxicity there is in the blood, the stronger flu symptoms we are going to have. This is why the elderly and those with chronic conditions are suffering the most, they are very toxic with low energy/voltage.

President Trump has closed US borders after one COVID-19 propaganda case was detected.


Because he knows the script that the Cabal is playing, and he has exposed the crooked politicians who are involved in the scheme forcing them to come out and declare to people that everything is safe, go to Chinatown, congregate…

A brilliant move that was made by president Trump, one of many that has exposed the enemies of the state who are now flipping like a fish out of the water.

How can they diagnose COVID-19/400?

Flu vaccines were marked with the COVID-19 markers and many test scrubs had the marker on them. This is why there are many asymptomatic cases, those people were not scared enough and even when they were marked, nothing can touch them if their voltage is sufficiently high.

The adrenochrome made in Wuhan was marked with COVID-400 so everyone that was using this adrenochrome will test positive on this none existent “virus”.

I hope that you can paint the picture and understand how we have been head.

Get those masks off, smile dance, hug each other and celebrate. This will put the last nail on the coffin of the Wuhan scarecrow.

Love and light to us all.

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