I often write about dehydration and there is a good reason for it. Our body experiences great difficulties when it is lacking the water and it expresses it in many ways.

Lady on the photograph is showing dehydration on her skin and this is mostly what people refer to as symptom of dehydration. But in fact there are plenty other symptoms expressing cellular dehydration in the body. In this article I will focus just on one and this is cellular dehydration of muscles in our body. Even here I will have to be brief since it may take a book to go into a detail of consequences of dehydrated muscles in the body. As you know muscles are composed of millions of cells that are placed in a membrane called tissue. A bunch of this tissue forms muscles. We have many different types of muscles. Some are holding our skeleton together, some form cavities of our body, some form openings that open and close by their actions, some allow ayes to focus, some allow blood vessels to expand and constrict…

When muscle cells are well hydrated they are pressurized and round. As they start dehydrating their form and volume changes. They become first oval then flat and ultimately wrinkled like an old skin or dry fruit and that is how typical cancer cell looks like. As their form changes so does their volume and they become smaller. When thousands of cells in a muscle diminish their volume so does the whole muscle and not that it just becomes smaller it looses elasticity and tension.

For starter, our body is supported by skeleton and this skeleton is held in a place by muscles. As those muscles lose tension and elasticity, the joints become loose.

Joint painbones joints

Experiencing cracking noise from articulation is one of the signs pointing to this problem. As such muscles have difficulty keep the skeleton stable people experience scoliosis (twisted spinal cord), they hunch,  dislocate joints easily…

What happen if sphincters (round muscles that close orifices in the body) dehydrate and loose flexibility? They start leaking since they cannot close properly.

200 400ml internal sphincter external sphincter http www studyblue com ...You drip urine, or it escapes uncontrollably.

daud ibrahim wife pic , fistula in ano treatment by laser , colorful ...Excrement may not be able to be controlled.

Procedure, part 1    Stomach content cannot be controlled and it backs up in your mouth (reflux).

Cholinergic and Adrenergic Mechanisms 3Retina cannot be properly closed and aye cannot focus (we need reading glasses).

Fallopian tubes narrow down and woman cannot conceive, heart valves do not close properly and blood starts to leak back. Heart valves deform like a prune and cause further leakage.

Hernias Diagram Muscles of the stomach cavity decrease in volume and hernias start to open.

As joints get loose you start having clicking noises as you chew your food or move your knee or squeeze your fist…

Now here with few pictures and words I have described dozens of so called chronic diseases with numerous names attached to them. What is more important is the fact that doctors are so mislead that they have no idea what causes these problems and how to treat them. No medication will help, not even medicinal plants because they do not help cellular hydration. In a fact they prevent it and have to be suspended if you want to heal. How simple and yet “incurable” if you ask your doctor for opinion.

People are asking “when will be the disclosure?”. It is here and it is coming in many different ways. Who seeks shall find.

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I am being bombarded by question “how to hydrate” since a lot of my readers are health conscious and drink plenty of water daily yet they are still experiencing the symptoms of dehydration. So what to do? How much water to drink? Can it be to much of water?…

 Let’s get to it.


In our body we have two different systems that needs to be hydrated. One of them is the circulatory system (the blood and lymph)  and the other is the cellular system (the cells that create our body). Those two systems are not just separated by cellular membrane but they also have different electrolytes that are involved in hydration. The blood is loaded with sodium (Na) and the cells are loaded with potassium (K). I do not want to get deep into it but if you are interested read my book.

Salinity of the blood is calibrated and has to be maintained. This is important to know because one cannot hydrate if either water or salt are missing. Immediately here we are in controversy with allopatic medicine that blames salt for lot of health problems. Contrary, lack of salt is the reason for those problems. No salt, no hydration it is as simple as that. Why is it so? read my book for this article would be way to long if I go into explaining the details.

So as you start drinking the water with sea salt (not refined pure sea salt) your circulation will be filling up. If you had been dry for a long time your blood vessels are dry and they have lost elasticity so filling up the blood pressure will go up. Do not worry this will be temporary symptom because as there is sufficient water in circulation the cleansing organs will start their job and toxins will be leaving your body through the skin, mucous tissue and kidneys. Here you will see the signs of detox and in most cases they will resemble the flue. It is enough to ad half teaspoon of sea salt per one liter of water. Drink one liter of this solution first thing in the morning and do not eat for 45 minutes or an hour so water can do its cleansing job. During the rest of the day you have to drink another two liters or more. There is no limit as long as you have sea salt in the water.

If you drink water without sea salt you actually dehydrate because you do not have enough salt to bond the water so your body sweats it or urinates it out loosing more salt and this way dehydrates you further. I have seen plenty cases where exactly this have happened.

As your blood cleanses, it becomes cleaner so your cells will start to use it for their own hydration. Cells do not want to hydrate if the blood is toxic and dense, dry blood is always toxic. This is the main reason for most chronic diseases.

Cellular hydration is the second phase of hydration. As cells hydrate they themselves start to eliminate their toxins and they end up in the blood polluting it once more. This is the cause when people initially feel better and then really bad. Usually they blame it on the protocol, the salt, the “adrenals” and all kind of stupidity because they are scared taking salt since it is contradictory to the common knowledge. Most severe detox symptoms will experience people that used pharmaceutical drugs but I have seen bad things in people that were using medicinal plants for long periods of time as well. Usually within two weeks of these symptoms they fade away. Now cellular healing takes place and if cyst or tumor have to be eliminated, macrophages will start the destruction and this will also be followed with localized pain.

Bare in mind that cells will not hydrate if toxins are present in the blood that cells consider dangerous. Some of them we like to indulge on like caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and garlic. Any medicament or medicinal remedies including medicinal spices and plants interfere with cellular hydration. We can see this in their anti inflammatory action. Inflammation is forced hydration and anything that stops this natural healing process will prevent cells from hydrating.

There is no other liquid that can be used for hydration, only pure water and sea salt. Water should be structured so do it with your thoughts.

To fully understand hydration I recommend that you read my book.



“HORMON-IZING” our body.

The use of hormones to achieve certain results is increasing and there are many people that gabble them like they are cookies. Many diseases are blamed on hormonal deficiencies or their imbalance and they are rendered as necessary to supplement if patient had thyroid gland or ovaries removed.

Is this really so?  Do we need to supplement with hormones ?

Most commonly, hormonal imbalance is blamed when women enter menopause. Menstrual cycle has stopped for some time and women feel like their bodies are changing. It becomes unpredictable. It will manifest cold sweats, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, nervousness, irritation, short temper….

If woman in this stage accepts hormone therapy the symptoms will quiet down but is this necessary?  How come that this does not happen in nature? No wild animals have those issues. So what has happened here?

Everything that our cells produce is being produced on demand and not by chance or because it was designed like a machine to do so. Cells receive the information of what is necessary or required and they fill the order. So if imbalance happens it means that either cells are incapable to fill the order or the order was never given.

If cells are incapable to fill the order it means either something is what they are missing or they are in defense mode (run and flight mode as Dr. B. Lipton calls it). I have noticed that as far as menopause goes the prevailing problem is the defense state of the cells in the body.

Let us examine what is happening to women’s body.

For years women blood was kept as clean as possible. One of the mayor blood cleansers was the menstrual cycle. Every month woman was eliminating a lot of blood and replacing it with new made one. And all of the sudden this has stopped. Now the polluted blood is trapped in the body and the pollution is rising. There is little cleansing happening same like in man and the cellular environment is becoming increasingly polluted. Cells start slowing down their hydration and instead of focusing on filling the orders, they start selectively producing just the more important chemicals because they are short on water and building material.

The symptoms women feel are supposed to be the warning signals that something has to change so that cells can function normally but this is not what we are told. We need to interfere with the body by giving it what we think it needs. Yes we will achieve improvement on one end of the stick but deterioration on the other as every woman knows.

“So what should I do?” you may be asking. It is simple, help your body to cleanse so that your cells can experience clean environment and you will see no more problems. If you are wondering how to do that, I have three words for you: Self Healers Protocol. By following this protocol you will hydrate and cleanse your body and give it everything it needs to rebuild itself.

If you are wondering “but what can be done if thyroid gland or ovaries have been removed surgically?” Do not worry, your cells know what to do, you have plenty of stem cells floating around eager to do some work. Just clean the cellular environment (blood and plasma) and “miracle” will happen, you will start filling the order for hormones as required, no supplementation will be necessary.   Pharmaceutical companies would downsize immediately if doctors would have been told the truth and since they have no time or are not interested to learn the truth, here it is served to you on a platter. All that you have to do is to use this knowledge and enjoy your life.

Love, light and happiness.

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The science as we know it is crumbling.Daily we are awakening to new understandings and new concepts that prove our beliefs to be wrong and the science of yesterday to be obsolete.

Reason for this is the way we are educated and controlled. Science is compartmentalized, separated from each other so we are forced to look for the answers in the same box. This is often not possible because everything there is is fundamentally connected so at the end it is impossible to explain one thing without exiting its box and connecting to the box next to it. For example in medicine we are told that we are a chemical bodies, that all the impulses are chemically transferred and only by utilizing chemical remedies we can help the body to regain its health. This is why we have chemistry and bio-chemistry in medical school. Every other possibility is ignored and ridiculed. Even now when scientists openly talk about the electromagnetic potential in our body, strong electric currents that flow through neurons and bio-light that is emitted by our cells none of it is taught to medical students. It is all same old nonsense science we have been told in the past. No wonder why doctors cannot heal anybody. Not only that they cannot heal, they are poisoning people with their actions. We will never be able to understand the way the things work if we do not brake those boxes science made and connect the loose ends.

In my articles on the FREQUENCY and WATER I have explained how chemistry is just a expression of physics and that all is controlled by our mind utilizing the thought. Why do I come back to this? Because this is the most important fact that one has to understand when we are talking about our life so naturally it is the most important fact concerning our health.

Independent studies have shown that placebo is more effective on regaining health than 85 % of tested correctly prescribed pharmaceutical drugs. How is this possible? The only explanation is the fact that even properly prescribed pharmaceutical drugs are having poisonous effect and do not do what they are designed to do. This means that the medicinal effect that helps patients to improve their health and feel better is coming from somewhere else and not the chemical compound the patient was given. So what is it that heals the body? It is the cells themselves by influence of our thoughts. We think we are being helped so we are getting better. How is this possible? Well, this is what Cabal was keeping hidden from us so well that they themselves forgot to implement. This is why we have Dick (Cheney) having heart transplant and Clit (Bill) with cancer.

Understanding the power of our thoughts is very important. Our belief can ether heal us or make us sick. Because we are living in fear we manifest diseases and it is very difficult for us to trust anything that is different from what was implanted in our mind during our life. For us to be able to relax and have confidence about what we are doing in regard to our health we have to be able to connect it with what we “know” is the truth. So if we “know” that Sunlight causes skin cancer and we know that salt raises our blood pressure we are going to be scared to expose ourselves to those things even if we hear that this is not truth. Our thoughts will create anxiety, fear and will produce the effect that we expect.

This is the reason why I spend hours explaining to my clients the facts and demonstrate things from the nature so that their mind can grasp a glimpse of truth that was suppressed and unknown to them because no matter how good you eat and how well you follow instructions if your brain does not understand it, your subconscious mind will manifest differently. Since what we have to do to heal is contrary of what we have been told whole our lives for most people it is very scary to follow my protocol. Just imagine having high blood pressure and stopping using “medication” and starting to drink water with sea salt in it!!!! The blood pressure will go through the roof. And yes it does. One reason is because the blood vessels are filing up to normal levels and they are dehydrated and stiff but the more important factor is the anticipation because we are doing something that we “know” will do this. This is why it is crucial that we are exposed to more open views and we have to absorb things without judgement. Our brain is capable to calculate only by using the information it possesses so more information it has, the more answers it will be able to give you and more chances you will have to get to the truth.

If you doubt the power of your mind I urge you to watch this video

Now you know that we do not have to worry about anything if we understand who we are and how powerful are our thoughts. We will clean this planet of ours in a second but only after we understand so that we can breach the strongest filter preventing us to create and that is our belief.
 Keisha mentions if you use crystals you have to tell the crystal what you want it to do. Word is amplified thought so please wake up, absorb what you hear. Let it sit and settle so that your brain has more information to work with.
The future of medicine will rest on our thoughts. Live in the NOW and this means concentrate on everything that you do. Every thought manifests so as the Bible states; be careful of what you think (want) because because you will get it. Who lives by sword, dies by sword. So live by love and LIVE.
I love you brothers and sisters, let us help each other so that we can rejoice in the New World we are creating.
Love and light
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“Nagg-alizing” about toxicity of carbohydrate diet.

If you are following my work you are aware that I am proponent of raw foods. Simple observation showed me the relation between dead (processed, cooked) foods and chronic diseases. In several articles I have painted the relation between dietary glucose and chronic diseases. Dietary glucose not only opens the door for uncontrolled sugar absorption into our blood but it creates genetic changes. It changes genome expression of ADF gene or as it was renamed the “sweet 16 gene” or the “longevity gene”. Here we can see how chemistry is being changed not under the direct influence of one chemical on to the other but rather one chemical influencing genome expression change and cell changes and adapts its chemistry.
When we are eating vegetables (starches, carbohydrates, complex sugars) in a raw state they are trapped inside of vegetable cellular membrane. This membrane is composed of complex sugar called cellulose. Animals do not produce enzyme cellulase that is necessary to dissolve cellulose and expose the cellular content to further digestion by animal body. We are animals so by eating raw vegetables we do not have access to those nutrients and they just pass through our body untouched. This is why we can eat as many raw bananas as we want without getting fat but if we cook them all Hell breaks loose because we get flooded by carbohydrates.
Here I recommend that you watch this video. In it Mr. David Noakes explains the marvels of Gc MAF, the protein that triggers immune system and activates macrophages to protect us from diseases including the cancer. A lot of health professionals involved in using this product were killed lately and this signifies the healing power it provides. Big Pharma cannot stand the losses of revenues from the people being healed.


Mr. Noakes is reveling the curative action of Gc MAF but he is also carefully hiding the culprit that prevents Gc MAF synthesis calling it Nagalase and explaining that diseased organ produces it and more diseased you are the less chance your body has to help itself. This means that in chronic cases there is no way that you can heal without Gc MAF that he is manufacturing and selling. I Support Mr. Noaks work and recommend Gc MAF to some of my clients but let us tell the truth the way it is.

When carbohydrates appear in our digestive tract enzyme is produced to deal with them, to break them into simple sugars glucose and fructose. This enzyme is glycoside hydrolase. In humans synthesis of this enzyme is triggered by a gene called NAGA so scientists to camouflage the culprit for its production call this enzyme NAGALASE when they are referring to it as the cause of immune system inhibition. The more of this enzyme is present in our body, the weaker immune system will the body have. This is another link that connects dietary carbohydrates to chronic diseases since strong immune system is crucial for the body to be able to fight of diseases.
To have strong immune system we have to have immune protein called Gc MAF. This protein stimulates macrophage to attack and destroy unwanted intruders including cancer cells. It appears that increased activity of NAGA gene suppresses Gc MAF protein production and this way suppresses the immune system.

Here I have explained that Nagalase is not produced by cancer cells but it is present there because cancer cell can only utilize glucose for energy production since it cannot process fat for lack of oxygen. Nagalase is present everywhere there is carbohydrate so there will be a lot of it in cancer tissue and in general people that thrive on carbohydrates will have suppressed immune system and predisposition for variety of chronic diseases. Switching to raw diet will reduce Nagalase to a minimum. A lot of people do not want to stop eating dietary carbohydrates and for them Gc MAF is real life saver and it is a criminal act of Pharmaceutical industry and their tugs the government and police to prevent this life saving protein to be available for public.

It is time for health professionals to realize the harmful action of carbohydrates and stop using glucose drip and stop giving patients food in hospitals that contains this toxic substance.

I have to express gratitude to Mr. David Nokes for his contribution to help humanity and how sorry I am to hear of his troubles. Pharma days are numbered no matter what they do and we can speed this up by waking up and changing the way we conduct our business. Let us present things as they are, without hidden agenda. We are in time of awakening and secrets are no more. Let’s join together and make this World a fabulous place to experience.

Love you all.