The dilemma, LO CARBS-HIGH CARBS OR NO CARBS is the question? Part4.

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As we continue researching all of the “benefits” dietary glucose (cooked and processed carbohydrates) give our body, in this blog, I am going to show you how this “beneficial” sugar disrupts our nervous system.

Whenever we are talking about our cellular structure we have to remember that our nervous system is also composed of those same cells.

The only difference between a neuron and a muscle cell or a cell of the pancreas or the liver is its genome. The active expression of its genes.

All of our cells had started from a single cell and depending on where they located themselves, the environment under the influence of MAGRAV (magnetic gravitational field), stimulated certain genes to oscillate. This we call the active genes which then stimulate all of the cellular activity in this environment.

I want this information to become absorbed so that you are always aware that any change in the cellular activity came from reprogrammed genes.

Why is this so important?

Because we often see changes in hormones in the blood and then we go and analyze how certain functions of our body has changed because of it. This means that we blame the hormones and we think that by countering their action, we are going to solve the problem. But the hormones are not the ones who had triggered all those changes. Something actually caused the cells to start producing the access or insufficiency of certain hormones. Because of this now, the whole body experiences readjustments. Often those readjustments allow us to continue living but in a debilitating kind of way.

What I am trying to explain is that changed blood values of hormones are not a cause of our problems. The environment that had changed the gene expression which stimulated cells to change the hormonal production is the real culprit. The change of the hormonal picture of the blood is only a symptom, an reflection of this process. We cannot heal the body by attacking or dealing with the symptom. This never brings any result and the mainstream medicine is all about mingling with symptoms. No wonder no-one gets healed.

What do neurons have to do with the production of hormones you may ask?

Everything. Through our nervous system, we manifest our emotions. This is an extremely important part of our system as the relation with chronic diseases goes. But more than this. Emotions can affect our cellular structure in the same way as the food we eat.

Good food brings energy and relaxes us and the bad food robs us of energy and makes us tense.

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Exactly the same cellular effect is achieved through emotions.

Good emotions will energize us and will relax us, and the bad emotions will rob us of energy and make us tight.

The environment of our body is created by the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breath but also and in equal strength by the emotion we project.

Remember, we manifest through our emotions and this meant that the world is the way it is because of them.

Now you may ask what does the dietary glucose have to do with how the nerves react to their environment and the emotions that we project?

Well, let us examine what role dietary glucose plays in a neuron’s activity.

Neurons (nerve cells) are transmitters. Every transmitter uses huge amounts of energy when transmitting a signal.

When we focus on doing something and especially if this job requires mental activity, the energy demand of neuron is tremendous, more than twice of a muscle cell. Now you can imagine how much energy the brain requires especially if you have to do some thinking, analysing or simply focusing on the certain problem.

Since basically everything you do while being awake requires your attention, your brain is all the time very active and it’s energy requirements exceed the energetic needs of your muscles.

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Because the bran is constantly active while we are awake, it has to have a constant production of energy. We know that most of the needed energy comes from the heart but there is that 20%plus required energy that has to come from the cellular production from the neuron itself.

The only constant supply of an energy source in an animal or human body comes from the fat, triglyceride. Since the mitochondria can use this fa to produce energy from it, triglyceride becomes the primary source of cellular energy.

Because of the high energy demand, the neuron has to have around 4000 active mitochondria to be able to produce enough power and satisfy the energy needs of the neuron.

Since fat is always available, the brain has always the optimal energy and the system works without a glitch.

The brain also has a small deposit of glycogen in its cellular structure but the same as the muscle, it cannot tap into its glucose without a stress hormone releasing it from the protein bond.

The same process that I had explained about the cellular manipulation of glucose in the body, happens to the brain itself.

More we adjust to utilize glucose as the cellular energy source, the more problems we create for the brain.

The mitochondria count goes down and the neuron becomes dependent on glucose.

Since our body does not save glucose, whatever was not used, liver converts into fat (triglyceride) becomes fat itself and the rest of triglyceride becomes deposited in the adipose tissue making us fat.

Because we do not eat every hour, as soon as the cellular energy becomes low, then the cell signals for a fresh supply of the energy source which in animal and the human body is triglyceride.

Unfortunately, since they deactivated a bunch of mitochondria, neurons cry for more energy so triglyceride blood level is rising but neurons are starving for energy. This makes us sleepy and irritable especially if we are forced to concentrate and continue with the high level of brain activity. Now the neurons go into a stress, stress hormone is being released so that the glycogen can be utilized. This increased steroid levels in the brain make us aggressive and here, a bipolarity is borne.

Everyone who knows a bodybuilder on steroids knows how emotionally unstable they are. It is basically the same thing. This is another reason why people are being told to have multiple small meals during the day so that they avoid steroid production but they cannot prevent it during the night. This is why in time, people start having problems sleeping at night and having aggressive dreams.

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Children are the best example showing us the emotional turmoil when they are on a carbohydrate diet. After they eat, they become hyperactive and behave like they are on steroids, but as the energy diminishes, they become slow and cranky.

They start annoying you and cry for no reason. They become sleepy but do not want to go to sleep.

As soon as they eat again, the whole cycle repeats itself. Such irrational behavior is very difficult on their parents so they place them in front of a Tel a lie Vision with a cookie in a hand and such children start becoming obese and unhealthy and their emotional problems continue escalating.

Since the Self Healers Protocol is correcting the bad eating habits, the brain becomes supplied with the correct energy source – the triglyceride, which is constantly available and the neurons do not have shortages of energy. No stress hormones are produced and the person behaves properly. Many bipolar people normalized their behavior utilizing this protocol and mothers love how it has changed the behavior of their children.

Those energetic problems and cellular changes in time also trigger a loss of memory and are a direct cause of what we call the Alzheimer’s disease which is easily reversed by correcting the cellular environment.
The same circumstances lead to the weakening of the myelin layers of neurons causing the Parkinson’s disease.

So tell me please, what is the correct amount of dietary glucose we are supposed to have in our diet?

Love and light to us all.

The dilemma, LO CARBS-HIGH CARBS OR NO CARBS is the question? Part3

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This blog is a third part of the debunking of the fake medical science regarding the carbohydrates and the “importance and the benefits” they provide.

In my last blog, I elaborated and debunked the “science” which tells us that the glucose is the primary energy source in our body and today we are going to focus on explaining how does the dietary glucose affect our immune system.

Very few people are aware of what health problems are caused by ingesting glucose and our doctors keep telling us that humans cannot survive without glucose being a part of their diet.

In some previous articles, I had mentioned how several times in the past we have been flooded with the news about some miraculous abilities of certain animals battling an infection. They did it with such force that it made scientists interested to investigate in their laboratories what kind of miraculous system they possess that guards them so well. The scientific word was that those creatures are producing their own antibiotics which will be isolated in the laboratory and reproduced to help treat people.

Never ever anything came out of those researches. Those articles were only a way of advertising that scientists are working and need more funds. Those articles were only a solicitation for funds.

The same people who control the pharmaceutical industry control the medical industry, the food industry, the media, schools, and entertainment industries. It is all just a big organized racketeering ring full of lies and deceit.

We have to admit that those animals had special ways of dealing with infection and diseases because they were immune to just about anything.

In particular sharks and deep-sea sponges wee mentioned but why?

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The same resilience to infections and diseases we can see in all wild animals.

I had seen on numerous occasions fish with big open wounds which healed perfectly without ever being infected and without puss buildup. How can Zebra survive after a chunk of her pectoral muscle has been ripped open by the lion?

The wound was not washed, the flies were all over it. The zebra was rolling in the dust and slowly little by little the wound was closing and within several weeks the zebra was fine with only a scar remaining.

I have a question for you my friends, why did “scientists” select only sharks and recently sponges when it is known and observed that all wild animals have the same resilience.

The answer is simple.

People would start asking more questions and look more carefully into the reasons why only humans and domestic animals succumb to chronic health problems. This could be very dangerous to the system so only sporadically we hear pieces of truth in an envelope of lies presented to us by the fake media, the presenters of fake scripts. All are just lies.

Since only humans and animals which eat human food are suffering from chronic health problems what do they do differently?

They eat cooked food. Basically a cooked starches, the carbohydrates which our “science” claims are necessary part of our diet.

So let us see what happens with our immune system when dietary glucose floods our blood?

Before I elaborate on changes let me briefly explain how does our immune system work.

I will select only the important things which will be affected through the glucose interference, and this is a protein marker called GcMAF

Very often we do not feel good, we have frequent symptoms of cold and brewing low-grade infections, we may feel feverish so we go to the doctor. A blood sample is taken for the analysis and the results come back normal. The immune system is strong and all is well. Doctors often end-up saying “this is all in your head, or it must be a stress issue”.

Many people have bacteria living in their body which causes them many issues so how is it possible that our immune system is strong but it does not deal with the pathogens in our body?

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On the other hand, how come that our immune system is strong but every time we receive an injury, our immune system collapses and does not prevent the spreading of the pathogen through our body. There is some defensive action but a lot of pusses is created and still, if we do not receive an antibiotic we may develop sepsis (blood poisoning).

I remember, as a child once I broke a blister on my heel and within several hours I developed a high fever because a sepsis set in and antibiotic had to be administered.

What kind of lousy immune system do we have?

Well, you can have a perfectly well operational immune system but this system will not work if it is not alerted. No bacteria, virus, fungus, an egg of a parasite, cyst, and tumor, will be attacked and destroyed even with the strongest immune system if the macrophages do not know what to destroy.

The white blood cell may be passing by the bacteria and say, high bro, instead of attacking it simply because the white blood cell does not know that it has to destroy it.

Our cells produce an immune protein marker we call the GcMAF.

With this marker, everything that body wants to be destroyed is marked.

When the macrophage encounters GcMAF marked cells, (bacteria, fungus, virus, cyst, tumor…) it will immediately spring into the action and destroy it. It does this through the electrocution and then it devours it.

All animals in nature have plenty of markers produced and they mark everything that the body does not need or want. Once marked for destruction, the immune system takes care of it.

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Here is the problem which is caused by the changed environment of the body through the glucose ingestion. The same group of genes that is responsible for GcMAF production also controls the production of an enzyme necessary in the manipulation of glucose called the glycoside hydrolase.

It is well-known fact that cancer cells contain a lot of this enzyme but scientists have renamed this enzyme to be able to confuse the doctors and cash on it. They call it the nagalase. More nagalase is produced, the less amount of GcMAF is present.

Now doctors believe that nagalase is toxic and it makes cancer grow faster so it is even included in many vaccines to undermine peoples health.

Luckily, nothing much is achieved because the problem is not the presence of this enzyme in the cell. The problem comes from the fact that when the cell is forced to produce a lot of nagalase, it stops producing GcMAF, and the culprit of this is?

You have guessed it, a glucose.

The only reason why cells stopped producing the GcMAF markers is that their gene expression was changed and now for the necessity, they produce nagalase instead of GcMAF.

This change is the direct result of the presence of the glucose within the cell.

As the cells are forced to deal with the glucose, they switched from producing GcMAF marker to producing nagalase. This allows them to produce a lot of energy but leaves the immune response completely deactivated.

It is like installing plenty of explosives to bring down a tower but no one is there to push the button to make the booooooooom.

Now you can see why humans have a very weak immune system and all wild creatures are well protected. We are all controlled by the same genes and now you know why we have 2000 genetic glitches. This is one of them and it is caused by the genetic expression adapting to the carbohydrate diet on which it obviously cannot function optimally.

In the next article, I will show how the glucose causes neurological disruptions.

In the meantime go ahead and enjoy your pizza, spaghetti, and fries!!!!

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Then do not be surprised that you can so easily be infested with pathogens including parasites which are now spreading through the USA like this article I received from Mark describes:

I have to excuse myself, I am not a masochist.

Love and light to us all.

The dilemma, LO CARBS-HIGH CARBS OR NO CARBS is the question? Part 2

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This blog is a continuation of the debate about the importance of the dietary glucose for our health.

Most of the scientific debates are focused on the caloric values of glucose and its necessity as the primary fuel in the cellular production of energy.

After all, this is what we are being taught in the medical school. This is a fundamental “truth” all doctors are aware of and no one is capable of disputing.

This shows again and again how indoctrinated we are, and how incapable we are of rational thinking.

Every engineer when designing a vehicle of any kind will make sure that the vehicle can travel for a certain time without needing to be refuelled. The vehicle will carry a good amount of fuel ensuring that the driver will not become stranded or dependent on a refueling station being positioned on every corner or every mile the vehicle is passing and every type of vehicle is programmed to use a specific fuel. Some use diesel, some use kerosene, some use gasoline (petrol), some alcohol or water, some electricity.

No matter what the fuel is, the vehicle has to have a decent storage and carry a decent amount of this fuel with it. Some engines can perform on more than one type of fuel but even there, there is always that one type of fuel on which they perform the best and the driver will always insist to store that type of fuel ensuring a smooth ride.

We are told by our “experts” that the primary energy source for a cellular production of energy is the sugar we call glucose (starch).

One would expect our creator to be a genius since its creations are marvelous and he/ she is the all-knowing miracle of perfection him/herself. But here we go again, our creator has screwed-up again.

After creating animals that can run for hours, that can survive for days without the necessity to eat and still have enough power to hunt, the creator created a human that has to eat every couple of hours or it will collapse from hypoglycemia caused from severely diminished reserves of its “primary” fuel the glucose and it performs terribly on its “secondary” fuel the fat (triglyceride).

Here is a legitimate question, who is an idiot here, the God who designed this body of ours, or our trusted “experts” who are teaching us the principles on which our body works?


I hope that this does not confuse you. I hope that you have at least that much sense to realize the inferiority of a human mind in the comparison to our creator. If not, go back to your couch and continue staring into the screen.

How can a human survive if it is created to depend on a fuel it has no capacity for storing?

This is equivalent to a two-stroke engine with a large tank for the oil and minuscule tank for the gasoline (petrol). No one with a clear mind would design something like this and no sane driver would ever purchase such a vehicle.

No matter what we eat, being it a dietary glucose, fat or protein, when we eat more of it than our cells can utilize at the moment, out liver will use the excess energy and convert it into fat, the triglyceride and store it in the adipose tissue.

If the human body was designed to utilize glucose as the primary source of energy, why does the body convert every spare type of energy into the fat before storing it? Why it does not convert it into the glucose and make a large deposit of glucose. Wouldn’t this be logical?

Up, sorry. A logic is not permitted in science. Only scientific facts (claims) are allowed.

In the school, we are told that the mitochondria can use glucose and fat to produce energy. Actually, we are told that the animal mitochondria has an oxygen pump to inject oxygen into the reaction so that the carbon can be separated from the hydrogen and this reaction produces carbon dioxide.

So if our cells can produce energy utilizing fat and our body deposits fat whenever we overload on calories isn’t it logical that the body is designed to use the fat as its primary fuel?

Our body can store enough fat to be able to supply our cells with energy for days without us having to eat (refuel), and without us becoming hypoglycemic and energy depleted.

Even after several days of not being able to eat we still have the full power to hunt and to think and make plans.

Our “experts” are telling us that we do have large deposits of glucose in the liver and in our muscles and this energy reserves are called glycogen. Some prominent morons are going as far as calling it the human carbohydrate.

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Well, let’s see how and when does our body reach for this type of fuel?

The glycogen is the glucose bonded to the protein. In this form, the glucose cannot be used for the cellular energy production.

For the cells to be able to use the glucose from the glycogen deposit, the binding protein has to be separated. This separation and glucose liberation from glycogen is done through the activation of a stress hormone. Steroids have to be released to break the glycogen so that the glucose can be separated and used by cells in the energy production citric cycle.

This shows us that the glycogen reserves are only busters of energy available for stressful situations.

If your life becomes endangered and you have to fight or run to save yourself, you will secrete steroids which will unleash the glucose from glycogen giving you an instantly large amount of energy. You will be much stronger and faster. This will give you more chance to survive but as soon as the danger is over, you will collapse as you have become hypoglycemic and drained of all energy, you may even go into a shock as there may not be enough energy left to keep you alert.

The glycogen can provide enough energy for about 15 minutes of intense work. After that, the body collapses. So if this is the primary fuel, we are screwed.

When the human body performs properly, it uses fat (the triglyceride) as a primary fuel. There are thousands of mitochondria in each cell converting the fat into the energy and since there is always a fat available, the cells never lack the energy no matter when was the last meal taken. This is why people who eat correctly, eat once a day and they never experience hypoglycemia unless they had been endangered and had to fight for their life.

Such people fast easily and often if they are busy, they forget to eat the whole day. This happens to me and my wife quite often, and since we do not like to go to the bed with a full stomach, we skip eating for that day and life goes on as normal.

When humans or animals start to eat dietary carbohydrate (cooked and processed plants), the glucose starts to be absorbed into our blood but we are not in a stress mode. There is no need for the buster fuel. The body does not know what to do with all this energy and our cells do not want to absorb it.

This is why insulin is secreted to irritate the cells and force them to absorb the glucose.

Once the glucose is in the cell, the cell will use it and transform it into the energy. Since there are thousands of mitochondria active, there is a danger of overcharging the cells since there is no need for all of this energy, there is nothing to do. There is no stress, no fight, no flight.

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Not to overcharge itself, the cell immediately deactivates the mitochondria that it does not need. In this way, the cells are controlling the cellular energy production but now after an hour of using this energy, the energy becomes depleted so the cells start to ask for more fuel. Since our body does not store glucose and there is no stress, the glycogen will not be used. Only triglycerides are available. Since the cells had deactivated many mitochondria to protect themselves from overcharging, now there are not enough mitochondria available to fill the energy needs of the cell. No matter how much fat there is in the blood, the cells cannot produce the adequate amount of energy unless they activate more mitochondria.

Because the cells know that the glucose is going to be provided, they will wait 24 hours without activating more mitochondria. This shows us how dangerous it is for us to use this type of the fuel.

During this period, the cells are becoming desperate for the energy and they enter a state of shock. The cells start to produce stress hormones and they dip into the glycogen reserves making the body hypoglycemic. This makes us weak. We cannot function and we have to eat so that we can supply our cells with glucose.

Since our cells have the capacity to store energy (electricity) for one hour of work, this brings us into a rhythm of eating multiple times a day. This is why prominent dietitians recommendation is for the people to eat every hour small amounts of food.

In this way, the cellular fuel is provided before the cells go into a stress mode, and all of the glucose can be utilized for the energy so that the liver does not have to deal with the excess of the glucose and no fat is produced. People eating in this way remain fit and seemingly healthy.

Why do I say “seemingly” healthy?

Just imagine if you would have a car whose fuel capacity will take you only 5 miles before the low fuel sign comes up and then you know that you can make only one more mile before you run out of the fuel. You would get a nervous breakdown every time you had to leave the city not knowing if you will be able to make it to the next fueling station.

Exactly this is what our cells are experiencing when we use the wrong type of fuel.

We are putting our cells in a constant state of shock and this has multiple implications for our health.

The following articles will dissect all of the health problems that our body experiences when it is exposed to this terrible fuel so that you can understand once for all the terrible dangers you are exposing your body too when you provide it with the most potent poison, the dietary glucose.

The following article will be about the problems that glucose crates to our immune system since MarkB sent me an article about spreading parasitic diseases in the USA.

Till the next time, love and light to us all.

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The dilemma, LO CARBS-HIGH CARBS OR NO CARBS is the question? part 1

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To the followers of my work, there is no question about it but a great majority of people are confused especially after reading some “scientific” reports because let’s face it, the science is all that counts, isn’t it so?

A lot of money is put into a scientific investigation and numerous studies are performed to get to the bottom of it, to the naked truth about a perfect diet for a human body.
Somehow, analysing a statistic of peoples eating habits and their relation to diseases is more important and brings us closer to the knowledge than observing what is happening in nature and analysing a cellular metabolism and physical changes that happen to the stuff we eat and call our food after its being processed or cooked.

Here comes a fake news from BBC informing their readers that the healthiest diet has a 50% carbohydrate content and the low-carb and the high-carb diets will shorten our lives and make us sick.

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This article is based on a 25-year study. What a waste of money and time, and what a show of incompetence and disconnect from the reality. This article shows us how little knowledge do the “scientists” have and unfortunately people are told that only those scientists can be trusted.
If I would be in any way associated with this article or the study, I would bury my head in the sand so that no one can recognize me.
Here is the fountain of knowledge,

I think that it is a time for me to put the pros and cons of the carbohydrates into perspective again that will be easily understandable and this may take me into various areas of a science involving anything from the chemical breakup, to the digestion, the absorption, and energy manipulation to final conclusion and comparison.

This sounds complicated especially when we include the results of those “proven” studies to the soup of the information, but in reality, it is so simple that a 5-year-old child can understand it easily.

In the matter of fact, why don’t we start with those studies first?

The study is fake!
It is fake because all of the study groups were eating a carbohydrate diet. There was not a single group involved that had no dietary carbohydrate in their meals so how can you see what happens when there are no dietary carbs present in the food at all?

Well, we are being warned that we are lowering our life expectancy when we reduce the carbohydrate content in our food, and this implies that if we completely eliminate the dietary carbs from our food, we are going to die. It cannot be done.

This is a lot of nonsense and it shows the scientific disconnect from the reality.
Why do I say this?
Because there is not a single animal in the nature that utilizes dietary carbohydrates as an energy source. The carnivores do not eat it, the omnivores do not eat it and the herbivores do not eat it, so why are we suggesting that the dietary carbohydrates are a necessity when we are talking about the human body and health?
Oh, did I mention health?
This is interesting, there are no chronic health problems affecting the animals in nature. There is no diabetes, no blood circulatory problems, no hypertension, no heart problems, no fatty liver or failing kidneys. There are no neurological problems, no loss of memory, no loss of eyesight and no Parkinson’s disease, no epilepsy, no osteopenia or osteoporosis.
Basically, there are no genetically influenced glitches in animals body that would trigger any health problem including cancer and our esteemed scientists cannot see any relation between the eating habits of animals and the eating habits of people influencing the health issues?
One has to be a completely debilitated moron not to even acknowledge this, and those morons are the cream of our scientific world.
The teachers and the professors are just repeaters, a brainless machines reading the “scientific” scripts demanding for others to memorize them and continue spreading the “knowledge” no matter how ridiculous it sounds.

Dietary carbohydrates do not exist in nature. Dietary carbohydrate is a carbohydrate which is exposed to the digestive enzymes in the digestive tract. In nature, carbohydrates are always encapsulated in a membrane of cellulose and this makes them non-digestible to all animals. This is why ripe bananas are tolerated by the body. They cannot be digested and no glucose is absorbed. The sweetness comes from the small amount of fructose that is there to entice us to eat it and spread the seeds.
When we feed processed carbohydrates to herbivores, we are literary killing them as this article shows:

In one of my articles, I had mentioned how ignorant sailors killed an elephant in Saint Lucia by feeding it the leftover bread.

Why do we accept those “scientific truths” we are served even when we can observe that things happen differently?
Because we are indoctrinated and we have stopped to think and observe. We see things but we do not register the significance of what we see. We are programmed to follow the rules and our leaders. This is intensifying, and now the new generation is protesting without even registering that they behave exactly the way they claim that the opposition is behaving. Not even mirror is helping, people are unable to use their brains.

As we are aware of what is causing our tolerance to stupidity, we can understand why are doctors and scientists so docile and accept all of this scientific garbage as the truth.

This is why even when presented with palpable facts, they are unable to see the light.

One of the main reason we behave this way is the result of the dietary carbohydrates in our food.
This is why did the Annunaki introduce us to planting, harvesting, and cooking of the grains and other vegetable-based foods.

It was proven by the Japanese experiment that carbohydrate-rich foods lower dramatically the IQ in people consuming them.
Today children consume more carbohydrates than ever so we cannot be surprised by hearing the nonsense that comes out of their mouth. Just look at some Mark Dice interviews on the Youtube channel and everything will be clear, the soy kids are mindless.

In my following blog, I will explain what exactly happens when our body changes its gene expression to be able to survive in an environment full of dietary glucose.

Education School Cartoon 009 a Cartoon Image and funny joke for license by Dan Rosandich

Yes, you’ve read it correctly. The dietary glucose shifts the genetic expression and throws our whole system out of balance just to be able to survive in this toxic environment that dietary glucose crates in our body.
The carbohydrates are not just an empty energy source. They are directly poisoning our whole body and every system is suffering. The nerves, the muscles, the circulation (of the blood and the lymph), our organs, our bones including our mind, they are all affected. This is where all of 2000 + genetic glitches come from and it will take more than one blog to address them all.
So until the next blog, I wish you love and light
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I have always loved sweets and in particular, moist, pasty chocolates. In the matter of fact, no matter how hard is the chocolate and how big it is, if it is placed in front of me I will slowly work on it until the chocolate is there no more.
I do not like to bite into it but rather bite of a small piece and then melt it in my mouth. Usually, my wife is done with the whole chocolate while I am still enjoying the first bite.

While growing up, I did not have the opportunity to have my favourite sweets often and I did not even think about them until they were actually there in front of me. Only lately, the last 10 years or so is when I am craving the chocolate more than ever. This made me investigate why is this happening.

The same as with any other project I had, I started with the observation and then I added the elimination process to identify the culprit of my cravings.

As my diet has become very simple, this was not a strenuous or complicated task.

Since the only daily food with a content of some sugar (fructose) were the bananas, I decided to make an experiment to see if the fructose is triggering the craving for sweets that I have daily.

Assortment of fine chocolate candies. Top view royalty-free stock photo

Just to clarify, I do not have chocolate daily but if it is available in my house, I would not resist it.

As you know, sweet ripe bananas are a part of my daily energy shake which other than the bananas, contain raw eggs, natural plain yogurt, and a coconut oil.

For this experiment, I started to make my daily breakfast shakes with all of the ingredients minus the bananas.

Whenever I talk about the carbohydrates, I distinguish the natural, raw carbohydrates from the cooked and processed once which I call the dietary carbohydrates because they can be easily absorbed into our blood.

Since the bananas in the breakfast shake are raw, they do not provide our body with the dietary carbohydrates and their purpose is to add to the taste and the volume of the shake.

Because I would add 5-6 bananas in my shake, I had more than a liter of the shake which would fill my stomach and satisfy the craving for a food.

Now, without those bananas, I had reduced the food volume quite a bit and I was wondering if that will make me want to eat more.

Bananas on a banana tree royalty-free stock photo

To my surprise, this did not happen. Actually, the contrary had happened.
Usually,, after having my banana shake, I would still have craving for more bananas and often would eat 2 or 3 bananas more after I had my shake.

Now, when the bananas were absent from the shake, I had no urge to go and eat some bananas after the shake. Actually, I did not mind having less of the food in my stomach at all.
My stomach felt lighter and without the usual pressure of a full stomach.

Since the caloric nutrients of the shake were the eggs, the yogurt and the coconut oil, and they were still present in the same amount, I was not hungry and felt really good. The only big difference was that my craving for sweets went down.

As you have noticed, I did not say that the craving has disappeared because the thought of the chocolate came to my mind at night when I would have it while watching a movie, but there was no urge to have it.
This was surprising.

After several days of my experiment, I noticed that my weight is going down and I can easily control it by simply adding or reducing the number of eggs and yogurt I have in the shake, and I can have some more meat for lunch if I want, without gaining weight.

I had done an experiment where I ate nothing but sweet, ripe and raw bananas and I was losing the weight rapidly. This is how I know that the raw bananas do not provide any energy butt when mixed with energy loaded meal, it seems that we start to absorb more calories.

The only explanation that I have for this is that the presence of sweet taste stimulates the body to provide more digestive enzymes. Because of this, the food is digested better and more calories become absorbed but also our digestion is using energy and we feel hungrier and the desire comes to eat more.

Eating Sweets cartoons, Eating Sweets cartoon, funny, Eating Sweets picture, Eating Sweets pictures, Eating Sweets image, Eating Sweets images, Eating Sweets illustration, Eating Sweets illustrations
At the same time, the sweet taste is stimulating us to go and to look for more of the sweet food. Usually, we do not stop on fruits but continue with other not that good choices which may include roasted nuts, chocolate, and dried fruits.

As I start eating the shake without the bananas in it, I start to eat less and I have less craving for sweets.
This was a very interesting finding.

There is no problem eating the banana shake the way it is designed but if you are unable to lose weight the way you would like because you have cravings for sweets or to nibble on other foods, ditch the bananas from the shake and you will see how easily you will achieve your goal.

As the frequencies are rising, our DNA is adjusting which means that our genetic expression is making an alteration in the way our cells respond.
Do not get surprised if you notice that your taste-buds are changing and you no longer find satisfaction in some of the foods that you used to love.

Funny kids in super human clothes — Stock Photo

Soon all bets will be off as a new type of human will emerge. Follow your senses and listen to your body. It will guide you through this process.
If you are confused at what is happening, you can always contact me to help and guide you.
Love and light to us all.

Just another fake war. A battle against INFLAMMATION!

A young woman massaging her painful knee

I am always bombarded with the same questions of which is the relation between the inflammation and hydration the most common of them all.

This is not surprising because our homogenization system we call the “educational system” is making sure that we come out brain-dead and obedient. Every critical thinking is suppressed and the most compliant are rewarded with the highest honors and titles.

Realizing this, you can understand why nothing works properly and why is everything corrupt.

Those who cannot do, become our teachers, and those who cannot teach, become our leaders.

It is sad but true in most cases. The most programmed go the furthest.

This is why it is not surprising why a majority of doctors cannot understand the significance of inflammation in any other way than as a precursor of a disease which has to be suppressed. As soon as the inflammation is suppressed those doctors pride themselves on a job well done and their great knowledge of medicine not realizing that they had won the battle but lost the war.

In the medical school, we are being told that the inflammation is the cause of all chronic diseases so it becomes obvious that those people with the highest honors are going to become the teachers and leaders of the future generations teaching them exactly the same stupid lies.

If the inflammation is present in every chronic disease, there has to be a relation there and since the inflammation causes pain, it is natural and easy to realize that by suppressing an inflammation, we alleviate the pain which eliminates the symptom that brought the patient to see the doctor in the first place.

This is simple and easy to comprehend. The perfect example where the quick and simple explanation can be expected from a simple-minded person. This is like 2+2=4

What is inflammation?

The Inflammation is an area with the increased pressure of an extracellular liquid in one tissue or an organ.

I had explained the inflammatory process many times before so if you haven’t seen it open this article

This explains that the inflammation is a process of forced hydration which creates higher pressure of an extracellular liquid in a tissue. This makes the affected tissue to expand (swell) which increases the pressure on the sensory nerve. This creates first itchiness and as the pressure continues to increase, the itchiness changes into a pain.

All of this is a result of the bodies attempt to forcefully hydrate dehydrated and acidic cells so that they can use this water for their own cleansing. In this way, they detoxify some of the acids.

This means that the inflammation is just another symptom and recently I had explained that one symptom cannot cause another symptom, rather than both symptoms are caused simultaneously by an event in the body which has its culprit.

Symptoms cartoons, Symptoms cartoon, funny, Symptoms picture, Symptoms pictures, Symptoms image, Symptoms images, Symptoms illustration, Symptoms illustrations

The culprit, in this case, is a toxic acid which had to be cleaned out of the cells.

It does not matter if you look into a mainstream medicine or in the alternative one, they both will concentrate on the inflammation and how to suppress it and eliminate it, completely disregarding the culprit which triggered this process.

Do not be surprised because this would make the math more complicated like 1+1+2=4

For a simplified brain of an “expert”, this could be complicated but acceptable.

To eliminate the inflammation, medicinal suppressors are used that will counter the natural response of the body. It is done usually with an antihistamine.

Since the inflamed tissue has more fluid, for the simple brain it becomes logical that it is necessary to dehydrate this swollen tissue. This is why a diuretic will be administered. A simple brain can understand this. This is why doctors follow such a trend of thoughts.

Doctors have no idea that water and ions are necessary prerequisites for the cleansing organs to cleanse the blood and they do not know that cells of the body will refuse to hydrate if the blood has toxic elements in it. It is enough for the blood to contain a small amount of caffeine or alcohol or garlic (any medicinal remedy) for the cells to refuse to use it for their hydration.

When the cells refuse to hydrate by not engaging their osmotic pump, they risk of becoming dehydrated and acidic which brings the inflammation.

The necessary ingredients needed for the cells to engage their osmotic pump is a clean blood, sodium, water, oxygen, and energy.

If we reach for medicines, we can quickly de-inflame a tissue but if we did not resolve the cellular acidity, as soon as the medicinal remedy is expulsed out from the blood, the inflammation will reappear.

Since it takes a medicinal remedy to counter the natural response of the body, the medicinal anti-inflammatory remedies are forcing the cells to stop their osmotic pumps. This means that as the tissue’s inflammation goes down, the cells close their osmotic system and in this way stay acidic and more acid is forming.

Now we come to the part that confuses everyone.

To stop the inflammation and to prevent it from occurring in the future we actually have to provide more water and more ions which will stimulate the cellular osmotic pump but at the same time, we cannot have poisons like the caffeine, alcohol, nicotine and MEDICINAL REMEDIES in the blood.

Herbal Remedy cartoons, Herbal Remedy cartoon, funny, Herbal Remedy picture, Herbal Remedy pictures, Herbal Remedy image, Herbal Remedy images, Herbal Remedy illustration, Herbal Remedy illustrations

This means that we have to drink more water, consume more sea salt and we cannot take any medicine when we want to stop the inflammation the natural way.

As you can see, here we cannot use the simple logic. We actually have to understand the workings of the body.

Whenever we suppress the inflammation with medicinal remedies, we are deepening the problem. Turmeric is wildly promoted as a natural anti-inflammatory remedy. In Indian culture, it is a part of almost every meal. People praise the Indian food for being the healthiest as it is loaded with medicinal remedies. There is no wonder in my mind why so many Indian people suffer from indigestion, hypertension, water retention and diabetes.

All those chronic health problems start with dehydrated and acidic cells. And this means that there will be an inflammation going on.

Through the inflammation, our body is trying to solve the cellular acidity problem but we stop it because it is uncomfortable and we blame the problem on the inflammation. Blaming the inflammation is stupid but easily understood since our “experts” do not understand the body

This is why articles like this are popping up all the time:

In this article they attract people to buy a worthless book by advertising “Turn off chronic inflammation and you will prevent 7 out of the 10 deadliest chronic diseases”

Can you see how false, stupid, incorrect, fraudulent this statement is?

Hydrate your body with water and sea salt. This will allow the cleansing of the blood and the clean blood is the necessity for a cellular hydration. Once the cells are hydrated they can cleanse themselves and there will be no need for forced hydration which means the inflammation will not occur.

Because we doctors do not receive this information in the medical school we do not understand the inflammation process. What one does not understand, one cannot correct. This is why doctors will call you an idiot when you tell them that to get rid of inflammation one has to drink water with sea salt and hydrate instead of what we are being told by our”experts” which is exactly the opposite.

As I share with you the truth and untold medical secrets, I am empowering you so that you are able to use this knowledge an heal yourself.

Please, share with me by contributing to my work through donations. Every dollar makes a difference.

With love and light for us all.
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HOW CUTE! What's happening with the human brain?

Elephant stands on thin branch of withered tree : Stock Photo

It is really incredible to see how quickly we can “normalize” things that have just until very recently been an object of laughter and jokes.

It is not only that we had rapidly adopted some new norms, but we have become unable to see the absurdity and the double standard we had attached to them.

The feminists, in the attempt to make themselves relevant, had stripped from the Miss America pageant the one thing that made it what it was and that is the acknowledgment of the beautiful woman’s body. It was an event of celebrating a women’s physical beauty. This is why the contestants had to wear the swimsuits and sexy gowns. People were flocking to the show to admire the physical beauty of the contestants. Then to show that women are not exploited for their natural attributes, a talent show was added and to prove that those beautiful women have a brain as well, some simple questions were asked as well.

In my opinion, those two things which were added did exactly the opposite from the intended.

Usually, to push a hidden agenda you switch the premises.

“You have to meet my friend, she is a very “interesting” person, people say when they know that the person in question is not pretty but they want to lure you in because they are interested in her friend or chaperone for example.

This had backfired as some contestants with gorgeous bodies and features have a vacuum between their ears which undermines the image one had before she opened her mouth.

When it comes to Mr /Miss. America or Mr./Miss. Universe, no one is interested in what they have to say. It is the muscular body of a man or woman that is presented and we are ok with it. Thank God because I do not think that Arnold would have such following otherwise especially when it comes to his political statements.

Our brains are hypnotized through the educational system and many young people are blinded to the truth and see the world through the distorted prism of manipulated facts.

Just 50 years ago this man would be labelled as fatty.

Shirtless Man Measuring Stomach Fat royalty-free stock photo

This is the new acceptable “normal” now.

Fat man holding his stomach — Stock Photo

If you look like this, you are labelled as being manipulated by the “man”.

Attractive fit thin slim toned female body athlete confidently pose royalty-free stock photo

It gets even worse when we are talking about our pets.

Looking at this overweight and sick animal you can hear people commenting, “how adorable”, “what a cutie!”

Random image of a fat pussy cat dressed as soccer player for the dutch national team exercising in the garden in spring in the Netherlands Stock Photo - 74699190

On the other hand, when people see an animal looking like this, the comment is, “what a poor boy, nobody feeds you right?”

German Shepherd Dog portrait royalty-free stock photo

We are living our lives immersed in advertising and fake news. We are being manipulated on every front.

Most of the people believe what they are told by their “superiors” or trusted “experts” is the way the things are, not realizing that those in power are just servants to those above them and they will create unimaginable evil for the sake of money and to satisfy their egos. They do not have compassion at all.

They operate through fear. Unfortunately, the religion did not do the anticipated damage so the poisoning of humans expanded on poisoning the whole planet Earth and all life on it.

Do not trust the system. The system is what is rotten and need to be eliminated. While they are jelling “save the planet, reduce the carbon dioxide emission”, they are spraying millions of tons of toxic poison from the air in an attempt to suffocate this planet. Those people who cannot see this, are mindless, brainwashed robots to scared to have their own opinion expressed.

I tried to download an royalty free image of a chemtrail and it is censored, can’t be done. This should tell you something.

No matter how conscious you are in regards to the present events if you love yourself and if you love your pets, feed them properly.

Give them the food of God so that they can live long and healthy lives. They love you and they trust you. Please love them back by taking care of them properly.

hungry chihuahua royalty-free stock photo

Those of you who are following my work, you are very well aware of this and those who are just waking up, please read more articles and you will start to understand who you are and how powerful is your spirit.

Now, the humanity is at the end of a war whose scope is hard even to imagine.

It is the final battle and soon we are going to celebrate.

Love and light to us all.

The pros and cons of BIOPSY

Doctor examines patient tissue samples Stock Photo - 83633957

The modern medicine has become a very complicated practice. Every day some new equipment comes to the market, some new approach to the medical problem is suggested and some new disease had sprung which needs clarifying.

No wonder that doctors are constantly “practising” medicine.

Since we are not told the truth about the basic principles behind chronic health problems, every change in occurrence of symptoms which indicate a health problem, will be analysed and labelled differently as if it is a newly developed problem. A new disease.

A lot of time and a lot of money is spent on developing new and better, faster diagnostic equipment.

To be able to pay for such high-tech equipment, doctors charge a lot of money for their analysis.

To be honest, I do not even know why is it so relevant to know exactly what disease is in question since doctors with their understanding of “diseases” cannot heal any of them. They are unable even to cure them (preserve the status quo), so why is it so important to pinpoint the exact “disease”?

Since the medical approach is to suppress the symptoms, it is important not to suppress something that is still working correctly. Even when medication is applied correctly, it creates more harm than good because the suppressive action of the medicament is preventing the natural healing to take place.

Sometimes, to be able to receive more detailed information, doctors will suggest more intrusive diagnostic techniques.

Prostate biopsy Stock Vector - 41964206

One of them is to inject a dye into the blood.

This is extremely toxic since the dyes are radioactive. Luckily our genes reprogram our cells to survive this assault but as I have indicated many times, every genetic change results with some oscillation from the normal programming and potentially harms our health.

I suggest, do not have it done. So, your doctor will not be able to distinguish the size of a small aneurysm in the brain. So what? What can he/she do about it anyway? Basically nothing else but drug you and make money in the process.

Another evasive diagnostic procedure is taking a biopsy.

A biopsy is a very intrusive procedure which doctors characterize as simple and none-intrusive because they can usually perform it in their office. For this reason, they say that it is a minor surgical procedure. “Not a big deal” but necessary so that it can be distinguished if the growth is benign or if it is cancer.

Now, why is it so important to distinguish the difference when we know for sure that doctors understand neither one of them and neither can they cure them?

There are only two medical approaches accepted by the modern medicine when cancer is in question.

One of them is a chemotherapy and the other is radiation therapy. None of them can cure cancer but they both disarm the natural immune system of the body.

Close-up of scientist in protective clothing royalty-free stock photo

How can this help in destroying cancer? It cannot but this is what brings a lot of money to the medical and pharmaceutical establishments so this is what is approved by the science and enforced by the health organizations.

Even though doctors are unable to cure neither the cyst, tumor or cancer, they demand that the biopsy is done so that it can be determined with a certainty of what nature is the growth.

So, to make an educated statement, the doctor will request the biopsy to be performed and a small sample of the growth to be removed for the laboratory analysis.

Doctors always say that it is a minor safe procedure with no consequences, but is it really so?

Unknown to the majority of doctors, the growths in a human body are the result of a polluted blood.

The body has to be suffocating for a long time from the toxic none-usable blood.

The cells were not hydrating and additional strategically placed new cleansing stations were triggered by the body to help to protect certain vital organs from this toxicity by cleansing the blood before it enters those organs. Those blood cleansing stations we call cysts, tumors, and cancers.

It is a known fact that the blood exiting the cyst, tumor, and cancer is cleaner than the blood that entered them. Those new cellular structures are not diseases. They are produced by the body because there is a genetic program available exactly for that purpose. It is the natural response of the body and not an unnatural developed disease as we are being told.

Since our cell will refuse to hydrate with a polluted and toxic blood, they become dehydrated and acidic themselves. As a part of a response to this problem our body first starts a forced hydration through the inflammation. This I had explained many times before.

If an organ has to perform even in those toxic circumstances, its cells become dehydrated and acidic faster.

Biopsy cartoons, Biopsy cartoon, funny, Biopsy picture, Biopsy pictures, Biopsy image, Biopsy images, Biopsy illustration, Biopsy illustrations

Let’s take a woman’s breast for example.

As a part of the reproductive system, the breasts of women in a child bearing age has to be constantly maintained clean and fully functional. This is why a large amount of blood passes through them on a daily basis.

If this blood is toxic, the body will first try to solve the problem through the inflammation but as the blood toxicity increases it creates a cyst to help with purifying this blood. Since the cyst is actually a growth, it presses on the sensory nerves and creates discomfort or pain if we increase the pressure further by touching it.

Now comes the first terrible mistake done by doctors and this is a mammogram.

By squeezing an inflamed and cystic breast, pain is inflicted on the patient. On top of this, the cyst becomes irritated and may even burst. Now the toxicity has increased and energetic pathways are interrupted. Because of this, the brain cannot supply the energy to the breast correctly and what was a cyst can easily transform into an open tumor we call cancer.

My message to women of any age, do not accept the mammogram. It serves no purpose other than make you sicker.

Now, let’s say there is a lump on the breast and the doctor suggests a biopsy.

You have a cyst or a growth which body created to help with a toxic blood. The surrounding tissue is inflamed and the growth is helping to lower the toxic load of the blood.

The inflamed tissue has dehydrated and acidic cells which cannot hold the electrical charge so they depend on the electricity received from the brain.

Now some smart-ass cuts into the breast tissue and into the growth and cuts out a sample of it.

With this procedure, electric pathways have been interrupted and the cells are left on their own.

First, the whole area will swell and through the increased pressure the body will try to hydrate and cleanse some of the acids out of those cells.

Since the blood is toxic and no additional energetic help is given to those cells, the same what has happened with the mammography and cyst will happen with the biopsy and cancer is born.

Many women had experienced a sudden increase in the tumor after the biopsy was performed. Doctors tell them that this is normal and not to worry about it.

Yes, do not worry about it, the damage was done and there is nothing he can do about it now. But his bank account just got bigger. The modern medicine at its best.

What are we supposed to do to be alerted in time and prevent cancer from forming and spreading through the body? you may ask.

If you want the proof that your blood is toxic just stab your finger and look at your blood. If it is darker than the blood of a child, go and cleanse the blood. Do not wait until the symptoms of ill health appear.

Biopsy cartoons, Biopsy cartoon, funny, Biopsy picture, Biopsy pictures, Biopsy image, Biopsy images, Biopsy illustration, Biopsy illustrations

Better yet, since we all have a toxic blood because of the way we live and because we are being poisoned daily, simply follow the Self Healers Protocol and cleanse your blood and heal your body. There is nothing simpler and more effective than that, my family.

It is simple, fast, and cheap. Who can ask for anything more?

You can always ask me to guide you. I will never refuse to provide help and guidance.

Love and light to us all. Let’s celebrate!

The benefits and the dangers of an OXYGEN THERAPY

Bubbles in the Sea royalty-free stock photo

It is a funny stuff this oxygen.
We cannot live without it but then we are warned not to be exposed to much to it because it can cause all kinds of health problems.
The cellular deterioration and damages are attributed to the oxidative stress and so is the aging process insinuating that oxygen has something to do with it.
The dentists are warning us not to rinse our teeth with the hydrogen peroxide to often because it may weaken your teeth as it has adverse action on the cells. They have no problem saturating your mouth with a toxic carcinogen called the fluoride, but God forbid if you use saturated oxygen source, this will kill you. If nothing else, here you can see the brainwashed “experts” in full light. The stupidity only children can swallow but doctors will swear on it.

There are many opinions floating around, many pros and many cons for using oxygen as a therapeutic source.

I do not want to add to this confusion and as usual, I will explain this topic in an easily understandable way.

Little girl using inhaler. royalty-free stock photo

Whenever doctors refer to the oxygen levels in your body, they are talking about your blood. They are talking about the saturation of the oxygen in your blood which depends on the state of your red blood cells and the state of your respiratory tract, mainly your lungs, but there are many problems created within your body as the result of the low oxygen levels within the cellular structure and within the blood itself.

We are all aware that we have to breath to be able to obtain oxygen which our body needs for a variety of chemical reactions of which I will mention two because they are directly connected to our metabolism.

Oxygen cartoons, Oxygen cartoon, funny, Oxygen picture, Oxygen pictures, Oxygen image, Oxygen images, Oxygen illustration, Oxygen illustrations
One of them is to produce potassium within our cells, and in this way it engages the cellular osmotic pump which allows the cellular hydration and cleansing, and the other is the necessity of the oxygen in the mitochondria to bond the carbon from the fat, creates the carbon dioxide (CO2) which then has to be eliminated from the cell.
A gas with higher relative pressure will push out and replace the gas with lower relative pressure.
This is why when the red blood cells enter our lungs, the CO2 which they carry will be replaced with the oxygen since the relative pressure of the oxygen in the lungs is 100 % and the relative pressure of a CO2 in the red blood cell is below 70 %.

Because of this, when we are doing a hard work, or any physical activity we have to breath faster and deeper. Faster cellular metabolism create more CO2 and it’s relative pressure is rising. To push the CO2 out, there has to be a higher relative pressure of the oxygen in the blood. To raise the relative pressure of the oxygen we have to hyperventilate.
Now the relative pressure of the oxygen is high enough to enter the cell and replace the CO2.

Oxygen cartoons, Oxygen cartoon, funny, Oxygen picture, Oxygen pictures, Oxygen image, Oxygen images, Oxygen illustration, Oxygen illustrations

The CO2 has to be kept under the control because it causes acidity.

Also if there is a problem with the blood circulation that affects a part of our body, the leg, for example, this leg will change a color. It will become bluish.
Very often when there is such a problem in the body, the body responds with tachycardia.
By speeding up the blood circulation, the body is trying to solve this problem.

Of course, instead, to focus on how to solve the problem of the blood circulation, doctors reach for the poison to slow down the heart rhythm because we are told in the medical school by the “experts” that this is what has to be done.
By suppressing the natural response, we are actually preventing the natural healing process to take the place.

Now you can imagine how problematic it becomes for the body to supply the correct amount of the oxygen when the blood itself is polluted. It simply cannot provide the adequate levels of oxygen and this creates a cellular problem.

Now we come to those simpleminded people who think that by eating the carbohydrate loaded diet they are saving the world.

Since for extracting the hydrogen from the glucose, no additional oxygen is needed, the cells of glucose eaters can easily produce the energy even if their blood oxygen pressure is low. The problem is, they cannot eliminate the CO2 properly and their cells become more acidic.

To add to the injury, the constant abrasive action of the insulin which is constantly present in the blood of those stubborn omnivores who delusionally think that they are herbivores is forcing their cells to reinforce their cellular membranes. For this, they need more cholesterol to be produced and as the cellular membranes slowly thicken the hydration and the oxygen supplying become more difficult. This slowly leads to the insulin resistance because the body had reached its insulin production limit and those thick and less flexible cells now create insulin absorption problem, and blood circulation problems, since the arterial elasticity has diminished.

The whole body including the brain has now increased CO2 levels and the consequential cellular acidity is up creating a very toxic environment in which bacteria, virus, and fungus, prosper beautifully.

The next step is cancer.
The cancer cells are dehydrated like dry fruit which makes them extremely acidic. The level of the relative pressure of CO2 within the cancer cell is so high that no oxygen can enter. The only thing that can provide energy to a cancer cell is the glucose, and this is what the cancer is designed to do. Since it consumes a lot of glucose for its energy production it cleanses the blood of glucose. This is an anaerobic process, no oxygen is needed but plenty of the CO2 is being produced. The acid is trapped within the cancer cells as it cannot be cleaned out. There is no osmotic pump working since no oxygen can enter.
Now the body is in a really messy situation. Eliminating cancer by cutting it out is not helping because in this case, the whole body is so toxic that when you cut one cancer out, another will spring in its place and more. The blood circulation is shut and all other organs have difficulties working correctly.
The genetic expression has shifted to accommodate this type of environment and the results we can see in the analysis. Actually, the toxicity of the blood will shift the genetic expression before cancer starts to grow. It simply has to happen because cancer is not a disease. It is a part of the self-preservation program in the genetic pool. The environment will shift the genetic expression and now the “cancer gene” appears. It is not a cancer gene!!! It is preprogrammed response of the body to deal with such toxic blood.

Cleanse the blood and the “cancer gene ” will disappear, It will be deactivated by the bodies “autopilot” the self-healing mechanism which is programmed into our genetic structure. It is not a glitch. The glitch is our stupidity not to recognize it.
Again, this is nothing new. We have been so brainwashed and indoctrinated that we cannot think for ourselves anymore.

Now we come to the healing part.
We have to get the oxygen into those acidic, CO2 saturated dehydrated cancer cells.
To do this, we have to increase the relative pressure of the oxygen in the blood but this relative pressure has to be so high that it can force the oxygen into highly CO2 pressurized cells.

There are many methods to do this but we are constantly being warned that if we saturate our body with the oxygen we can die.
Where did we hear similar warnings?
Ooooooh yes, a sea salt will increase the blood pressure and kill you, and it will destroy your kidneys, or it will dehydrate you….
And of course, the saturated fats will clog your arteries and cause your heart or a brain stroke.

Cholesterol cartoons, Cholesterol cartoon, funny, Cholesterol picture, Cholesterol pictures, Cholesterol image, Cholesterol images, Cholesterol illustration, Cholesterol illustrations
And there is more nonsense spread through the medical circles that most of the “health specialists” regurgitate to show their expertise on the matter.

Some doctors who are progressive are aware of the benefits of oxygen saturation but to profit on it they invent all kind of crazy techniques like the oxygen pressurized suits for example.

HBOT hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber tank in hopsital medical center clinic. royalty-free stock photo

This is an oxygen chamber. What a nonsensical way, but highly profitable. People believe only if it is expensive or complicated.

To increase the relative pressure of the oxygen in the blood it is enough to drink ozonated water but this is good for mild cases as there is a limit to the oxygen pressure that you can achieve in this way, but it is safe and cheap to do.

Why did I mention the word safe?

You understand by now that there is some time needed for the genetic expression to adjust the cells to the changes in their environment. So if you want to saturate the environment with the oxygen, you have to get there slowly so that the cells can adjust to the increasingly higher levels of oxygen.

For really hight oxygen saturation we can use a 35% hydrogen peroxide but it has to be a food grade peroxide. No toxic stabilizers in it.

On the Internet, you can get the booklet “One minute cure”, which will explain how to do this.
My friend Dave who really went for it also used a nasal spray of 3% diluted peroxide as a nasal spray.
One can also use 3% solution in a nebulizer and inhale it.
Daily rinses of 3% hydrogen peroxide are going to bring a health back to your teeth. Do not mind the lost dentists who are warning you against it. They are just regurgitating a pharmaceutical script.

By drastically elevating the relative pressure of the oxygen in your blood, you are forcing the oxygen into the acidic cells. The oxygen will replace the CO2 and lower the acidity. The detox achieved in this way is really great but it will not bring the cellular hydration and the necessary nutrients for the cellular healing.
This is why I recommend that you first follow the Self Healers Protocol for several months before increasing the saturation of the oxygen in your body.

With the Self Healers Protocol, the oxygen therapy is not a necessity but is it a great addition in some extreme health issues.

Please make a donation if you can so that I do not have to go back and write the addendum again.
Let’s help each other.

Love and light to us all.