Parkinson’s diseases starts in the gut!

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Scientists are noticing a link between the gut and what’s in it, and the brain health in particular related to the Parkinson’s disease.
We are now in the 21st century of a high-tech world with advanced science but we are just on the brink of proving what the ancients knew all along. In the old world, 

Hippocrates who lived in Ancient Greece in c. 460 BC, had preached, “Let the food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.”
It is taking modern science forever to see the wisdom of those words and they still look with disbelief at what they are encountering.

Scientists are not capable to exit their box of set in beliefs they have received through their indoctrination schooling process and they are carefully exposing their findings not realizing the powerful message they are sending.

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What we eat is determining the way we feel.

The errors in diet are configuring the biological life in our gut which creates the first gate of entry through which the energy enters into our blood.

Why do I call it the “energy”?

I have explained that what we experience as our reality is just our brain’s interpretation of a sacred geometry that is created by the various frequencies in which our environment oscillates.

What we see and experience as an apple, our cells experience only as an energy of a particular frequency. Our cells do not have the brain as we do and do not perceive things the way we do.

Our cells perceive everything only as vibrating energy.

In one of my last articles, I have explained how monoculture farming harms Earth and provokes its response which we perceive as plague

The exact same thing is happening in our gut.

The Universe as we know it is a fractal experience.

This means that everything is a replica of itself but it varies in its size.

Fractal galactic - csp7968949

When I was describing what happens when we are fasting, I pointed to the fact that we feel the best when we do not eat at all.

While fasting, our body reprograms itself and we start to feel good.

We should be feeling good all the time.

If our body has to reprogram itself during fasting, this is clear evidence that the food we are eating is not the natural food designed for our body.

At the same token, getting off the fast, the “experts” are teaching us how to slowly adapt to the “correct” food so that we avoid painful adjustments our body has to go through to be able to restart its digestion.

In other words, the “experts” are telling us that our body has to adjust again and reprogram itself so that it can safely process the poisons we are eating.

They say this is normal because the gut is reactivating itself.

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The exact same thing we do when we are wining a baby from the bottle or the breast.

We are doing it slowly to prevent a bad reaction we know will happen but we are told that the gut has to adjust.

Yes, the gut has to adjust to the incorrect food we provide.

If we would provide the correct food, no adjustment would be necessary and no problems would occur when the baby starts to eat solid food.

If you do not believe it, just observe nature and then try it for yourself.

Now, look at what is happening in nature.

A skinny lion who did not eat for a couple of weeks will eat as much as possible once it has the chance and it does not become ill.

The same is happening with all wild creatures, only the Human reacts differently?

Make an experiment and break the fast with a piece of raw meat. You will be amazed. No gas, no pain, no ill-feeling. Ain’t that something?

By eating things that are not sooted, we are forcing changes in our gut.

We have introduced the wrong frequencies and our body responds by changing the gene expression which created cellular changes.

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Some of those newly introduced energies are changing the resonance of the microbes in our gut. The changed resonance is interpreted by our brain as a flaw of an existing particle, or the brain interprets it as a new entity altogether. The same as it is interpreting the Earths healing energies as a plague.

Is the statement that Parkinson’s diseases stars in the gut correct?

Of course it is, but why stop there?

Every health issue is the direct result of our diet combined with our mental state.

Our mental state is also influenced by what we eat as this study proves.

Unfortunately, no doctor knows what the correct diet is and nutritionists know even less although they are the loudest.

The biggest problem our brain presents is its programming.

This programming is done through education. Who controls the education, controls the humankind.

This is why the Church wants your kids at an early age as possible.

This is why there is a public schooling system you do not have to pay for but it is obligatory.

The brainwashing has to be performed on everyone so that an obedient flock of sheep is produced.

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Yes sheep, get your vaccines, get your chemotherapy, take your pills, vote for those who were selected for you to choose from, give them your money (pay taxes), trust them because they gave themselves diplomas and awards.

They know what’s best for you, you dumb sheep.

And, who is “they”?

It is the controlling mechanism of which you are the part off.

You are allowing this to happen by being complacent.

Wake up and smell the roses.

It is a new day in the New World that is awakening.

Love and light to us all.

Glucose, Ketosis & HEALTH

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Here comes another article in which I will continue loading your brain with useful information so that your brain has more information to calculate.

Many of you who are following my work are frequently asking for a more detailed explanation about what is this big deal about carbohydrates in our diet.

The latest question was from bigwave,

“There has been a widespread shift towards the “keto” diet but there still seems to be a lot of misinformation out there.

Most “experts” who advocate for the keto diet are under the impression that eating up to 20g of carbohydrates per day is still okay, and that you will remain in ketosis.

This contradicts what you have said, which is that eating even a small amount of sugar will keep your body out of ketosis and glucose will continue to be the main source of energy.”

The problem that those “experts” have is the lack of knowledge and understanding.

We are told that when the blood analysis shows no problems and all of the parameters are normal, we are healthy. That there is nothing wrong with our health.

Many people go and visit their doctor because they are not feeling well just to be told that there is nothing wrong with them. They are told that it is all in their head because the blood picture showed no problems.

On the other hand, there re many people in their forties and fifties who were feeling great and went to have their medical checkup where their doctor discovered a problem which made them realize that they are sick and in need of medicine for the rest of their life since their health problem is age-related and it cannot be “curred”.

Now the question is, when are we sick?

Are we sick when we feel sick and show symptoms of sickness, or are we sick only if the blood picture is showing irregularities?

You know my answer to this question.

Diseases do not exist. What we call disease, is our bodies reaction to the increased level of toxicity in our body.

Depending on the type of toxin in question, and the state of our emotions, the symptom will develop.

Once the symptom is strong enough to be visible or to present itself as sensation, our body is actually so toxic that it can no longer handle the toxic level without advising us of the problem. Our body is simply alarming us and letting us know that it is important for us to change or this robot of ours will collapse.

Acne skin because the disorders of sebaceous glands productions Stock Photo - 26901643

This alarm we cal a symptom and it can come in a variety of forms.

A symptom can be expressed as pain, as discoloration, as a growth, as an emotional deviation like uncontrollable anger or a need to cry, a depression or an emotional outburst. The symptom can be insomnia or tiredness and melancholy.

A symptom of ill health can be a wound that won’t heal, and eye that won’t stop tiring, a cough that cannot be stopped, fever or diarrhea, constipation and on and on we can go forever.

Since we love things to be identified and labeled, we bundle several symptoms together and give them a name, calling it a disease.

In some cases, a single symptom becomes labeled as a disease. This is the case in diabetes or cancer. Often inflammation of an organ is given a name of a disease like conjunctivitis, laryngitis, enteritis, colitis…

On the other hand, there are many instances where no disease was pinpointed and we are under the impression that our health is perfect just to suddenly drop dead.

This has happened to many athletes where their physical fitness is misinterpreted as health and the “minor” symptoms are being ignored.

What has all of this to do with glucose and ketosis you may ask?

Well, the “experts” are saying that when ketone bodies are in the blood, we are in a state of ketosis and our cells are functioning correctly.

According to them, not having ketone bodies in the blood means that the cells are not functioning correctly because the ketone bodies are not present in the blood.

These “experts” do not know that our mitochondria produce ketone bodies whenever it produces energy and the surplus of the ketone bodies will be released into the blood. The increased blood level of ketone bodies will suppress our hunger.

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When there is glucose present in our gut (no matter of its level) an energy impulse is sent to the pancreas to alert it for insulin production. This impulse we cal GIP marker. I have mentioned it in my last article. Insulin secretion will start and the poisoning of our body begins.

When our cells are producing the necessary sugar, none of this is happening since the sugar is produced in places where it is needed and it remains there. Only our liver can release sugar into the blood and it does it to keep small levels of sugar instantly available if there is a need for it.

As I have mentioned before, sugar is not a cellular fuel of preference. We are programmed to use fat for fuel and glucose only as a buster in a stressful situation.

The presence of dietary glucose in the gut creates changes in the gut’s environment. When the glucose absorbs into the blood, it creates a change in the environment of the blood. It reprograms the gene expression and changes the way cells behave.

A small amount of glucose will be forced into the cells and it will be converted into energy.

Since there was not enough glucose available, a sufficient number of mitochondria will remain active to fill in the energy gap by utilizing fat.

This means that people who consume small amounts of glucose daily have a larger number of active mitochondria from those people who consume a larger amount of carbohydrates.

This is no way means that those people who consume small amounts of glucose daily are eating correctly and have no consequences from that dietary glucose. Their genome is changed, they will have short lives (less than 140 years) and most likely no diseases other than poorly functioning immune system.

Since their cells have a relatively high number of active mitochondria, they will be able to produce enough ketone bodies and show them in the blood but on the cellular level and especially on the gene expression, those people have corrupted their health.

Remember it is not the amount that matters, it is the presence that triggers the changes.

An increased amount of daily dietary glucose in the food will do the progressive damage by further shortening the life, and demonstrating symptoms of ill health.

The ketosis “experts” do not realize what really happens in the body when processed carbohydrates emerge and because some ketone is encountered in the blood, they think that small amounts of dietary glucose are not just ok, but right out necessary for the properly functioning body.

This is false.

When we do not have any dietary carbs in our food and we haven’t eaten for some time, we will not have any ketone in our blood aether but our gene expression will be correct, our immune system will be fully functioning, we will be healthy, and we will have long lives (600 years as the Bible states).

This means that having ketone in the blood does not indicate a proper ketogenic state of the cells. The cells remain on the lookout for glucose and because they are kept in the state of fright and flight, they do not function correctly.

Only the total absence of dietary glucose can trigger the correct change of the environment and gene recalibration.

Love and light to us all.

What kind of diet presents more destruction to us and our planet?

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It is a well-known fact that the one who reacts to an accusation violently is most likely guilty of what he/she was accused of.

When we talk about the diet, you will seldom hear an omnivorous person attacking vegetarians or vegans accusing them of wrongdoing and of creating destruction of the planet because of the way they eat.

The same, you cannot say about vegetarians and vegans.

They get into your face and accuse you of animal cruelty and hatred because you enjoy a juicy steak. They serve you the wrong information to prove their point, and they completely ignore any facts that prove them wrong.

Vegans and vegetarians actually believe that all this fake information they had received in schools is true, and because we are all separated from the innate connection and cannot feel each other’s energetic reaction, only animals suffer when they are harmed and plants do not.

Hilno was telling me the experience she had when she was young.

Next to their house, there was a big mango tree. One night, in her dream this mango tree spoke to her pleading for his life and asking Hilno to persuade her grandfather from cutting it down.

A young boy standing under a big tree Royalty Free Vector

She had no idea that there was even a discussion about cutting this big tree down.

So in the morning, she told her grandfather, “please grandpa, do not cut this mango tree down”.

Her grandfather explained that the roots of the mango tree are cracking the walls of the house and that they have to cut it down.

Not being able to stop the destruction of this tree made a great scar in Hilno’s heart which she is now learning to release and heal.

The ignorance is blessed. We think that because we cannot feel certain things, they do not exist, and the reason we do not feel them is our disconnect.

Just 400 years ago, the North American continent was teeming with life. Herds of bison could be seen from Horizon to Horizon. Deer, elk, mountain lion, wolf…. all kinds of animals and a large indigenous human population was happily coexisting on this land.

Buffalo herd wows South Dakota crowd - YouTube

Now all of a sudden, cows have to be slaughtered because they emit too much carbon dioxide?

The science is teaching us that we cannot absorb minerals into our blood unless they are chelated and this is why we have to eat vegetables.

They should try to explain this to the tiger, lion, wolf.. because those poor dumb animals are doing it all wrong.

Better yet, they should explain it to the goat that is risking its life and the life of its baby by climbing a treacherous cliff just to drink water that is full of minerals as it is shown in this video:

The Ibex is an herbivore, doesn’t it get all its minerals from chelated vegetables?

Our science is telling us that we cannot absorb minerals directly from the water. Obviously, we are told a bunch of nonsense through the “science” we are exposed to.

The brainwashing prevents us from realizing the real danger that comes from farming and I do not think about animal farming but agriculture.

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How much forest is destroyed to make land available for agriculture?

The destruction of forests destroys the echo system of balance and promotes disease.

Forests are healthy and support a healthy life which we cannot say about the monoculture of modern farming.

The Mono-culture cannot be sustained without constantly fighting diseases that attack it.


The planet Earth is a living being.

From the quantum point of view, it is a frequency that is supported by other frequencies that identify it.

Once we start shuffling those frequencies, we are making distortions and the planet is trying to fix them by combating them with another type of energy.

Our brain is showing this to us like a plague or disease because it was programmed to materialize those energies as such so that we can consciously experience them as our reality, and react to them.

Farming cartoons, Farming cartoon, funny, Farming picture, Farming pictures, Farming image, Farming images, Farming illustration, Farming illustrations

How is our consciousness dealing with those energies?

Instead of realizing the problem and fixing it, we are supporting the problem by attacking the healing mechanism with herbicides and pesticides.

Since the planet is a conscious living being, it will counter react to those energies we send and the herbicides and pesticides will no longer do the job and they will have to be modified.

Instead of healing, we are promoting more disease and more poison.

Isn’t this the same approach we do in modern medicine?

No monoculture can be sustained without a constant battle, this we are aware of but instead of living by supporting the harmony, we wage constant wars against it.

Until we realize the close relationship we have with Mother Earth and we start doing the right thing, Mother Earth will remain to fight back and we will remain to be sick.

The mono-culture is depleting the soil of nutrients and instead of replenishing them with natural fertilizer, we use chemical derivatives of crude-oil and the same way as we are poisoning our bodies with the processed salt and sugars, we are poisoning planet Earth with those fertilizers.

Fertilizer cartoons, Fertilizer cartoon, funny, Fertilizer picture, Fertilizer pictures, Fertilizer image, Fertilizer images, Fertilizer illustration, Fertilizer illustrations

The products we receive are then also toxic to us. It is all the same system and we have to realize it so that we can fix it.

Through our ignorance, we are polluting this planet more and more and nature is the one that is suffering the most.

Now even the wildlife is becoming diseased and scientists wonder why?

The same forest was sprayed recently against mosquitoes. Can’t they see the relation?

The misinformation media engine is in full speed serving us with the important news of fine-tuning the broken engine:

If the diet is so perfect in India, why is Indian government pleading for help to tackle the high number of diabetes and hypertension in their population?

Will this tweaking make any difference?

Diabetes cartoons, Diabetes cartoon, funny, Diabetes picture, Diabetes pictures, Diabetes image, Diabetes images, Diabetes illustration, Diabetes illustrations

Of course, not.

We cannot physically influence change. The only way to do this is by going within, meditating and making the change by utilizing the most powerful instrument there is, our brain.

Star using the tools I have exposed to you and manifest the best scenario that you can imagine.

As I have revealed in my previous post, the evil has to be brought to the surface first so that it can be acknowledged and eliminated.

Our salvation is not in separation but in cooperation.





Love and light to us all.

FAT AND RED MEAT TABOO, Partial understanding leads to false conclusions.

Mark sent me another scientific article about fat and how foods high in fat content prevent the brain from signaling that we are full.

In this article:

Dr. Makoto Fukuda explains how consuming meals high in fat content increases the level of the gastric inhibitory polypeptide (GIP).

He further explains how the excess GIP travels through the blood to the brain, where it inhibits the action of leptin – the satiety hormone.

To resume, increased blood levels of GIP inhibits leptin and we remain hungry even if we ate enough.

This is how science becomes a tool of misinformation and wrong programming.

What Dr. Fukuda states is only half true, and the missing half is actually the clue why people eat so much and therefore become obese, but what is more important, the missing half explains the occurrence of chronic health problems.

Dr. Fukuda does not know, or he chooses to conveniently forget mentioning that GIP is secreted whenever glucose is in the digestive tract because GIP is the main signaling marker that stimulates Pancreas to insulin production.

Very seldom we are going to load our plate with pure fat and eat it, but almost everyone loads on potatoes, pasta, bread and other carbohydrates in every meal they have.

Fat woman eating Stock Photos, Royalty Free Fat woman ...

GIP is released to alert Pancreas for insulin production.

The more carbohydrate we stuff in our belly, the more GIP will be released, a higher quantity of insulin will be produced and at the same time, the hunger will be stimulated as leptin becomes inhibited.

This new information has changed the picture, Isn’t it?

The difference is not just a minor error. All of a sudden, reality becomes the opposite of what we have been told.

This is how we are being brainwashed in the medical school, and it continues through the scientific studies as stupidity is promoted and the truth suppressed.

The good Dr. Fukuda can go and Fukuda himself with his science.

This is the type of science that doctors are using when they diagnose you with the fatty liver syndrome. They forbid you eating eggs and pork because they are high in fat while the fatty liver syndrome is directly related to a diet high in carbohydrates where the liver has to transform the high amount of sugar into the fat since the sugar itself cannot be stored.

Kidney Transplant Cartoons and Comics - funny pictures ...

The problem is created when we are instructed not to think but to memorize.

Now even when we are observing, we do not think.

Without thinking we do not compare and we simply do not fathom the significance of what we are seeing.

For example, does any scientist observe the body of a bodybuilder and compares it to the body of a weightlifter?

Obviously not and unfortunately nutritionists do not do it either.

If they would, they would be puzzled. How come that weightlifters have such square bodies with no definition and big fat deposits, while bodybuilders look sculptured and triangular.

Unfortunately for the health of bodybuilders, nutritionists are giving them the wrong information by suggesting that glucose is an absolute must if they want to build muscles.

By having glucose in their diet, they also accumulate fat and look unfit until they trim the fat by strict sugar-free diet and use of steroids completely degrease themselves creating a life-threatening situation while performing with no cellular fuel available.

This is why many of them collapse on the stage. They become hypoglycemic.

What they do is shear nonsense but there is no one to guide them. Everyone is following the wisdom of “science”.

I see so many women in the gym working hard and looking like weightlifters or truck-drivers instead of having beautifully shaped triangular bodies, and it is all doe to their diet.

Overweight woman preparing to lift a barbell isolated on white background Stock Photo - 79226081

The same type of body you can see now on the female USA gymnast team, the jumping “chubbets”.

This is not only unappealing, but wright-out dangerous as one of the gymnasts broke both of her legs landing a perfect jump.

In an old article about osteoporosis, I explain the role carbohydrates play in this type of a health issue.

The wrong diet that is loaded with dietary carbohydrates is reshaping our bodies but this is not the worst that it does.

Ill health follows, and since our poisoning starts at a very young age and the toxicity of our bodies increases rapidly, things like this are not a rarity:

Brittle bones used to be a health issue of old people but since our toxic load reaches the critical point while we are still young, the chronic health issues emerge much earlier.

A recent article in the New York Times points how colon cancer in young people is on a sharp rise:

Although a diet of red meat is always being blamed, what other symptoms those young people who had developed colon cancer have in common?

Obesity, diabetes, hypertension, osteopenia, a lack of energy, and very important symptom which is an elevated blood level of uric acid.

Elevated levels of uric acid are being blamed on the metabolism of red meat.

The truth about the elevated blood levels of the uric acid and its consequences on our health is again the opposite of what we are being told.

All the surplus of the dietary glucose that we ingest has to be converted into fat. This conversion of glucose which occurs in the liver produces two major substances.

One is saturated fat (it creates the fatty liver syndrome and obesity), and uric acid ( that when there is a lack of water and minerals cannot be cleansed from the blood properly and causes osteopenia, arthritis, kidney and liver stones, gout, rheumatism, and sclerosis).

Yes vegetarians, have a blast and feast on dietary carbohydrates, as the “science” teaches us, they are good for you. I am the lunatic who tells you otherwise.

As you can see, all of the chronic symptoms are related to the diet loaded with dietary carbohydrates and not red meat.

No matter the facts, Joe Biden said, “we believe in truth, not the facts”, and the truth, we are being told by the authority, of course, the facts do not matter.

So here is another truthful article

The red meat causes cancer, scientists are teaching us.

Another lie is exposed.

All we have to do is to observe and think.

Veganism and vegetarianism are being promoted aggressively. Do you ever wonder why?

When did it happen that something that is good for us is being promoted through science?

Ah, I forgot. Vaccination, drugs, life-saving breast enlargement and transplant of organs that could have been healed.

And how about the automated systems for insulin administering instead of healing diabetes, and electronic Parkinson’s devices and pacemakers instead of preventing and healing those health issues.

We can go on and on debunking the medical “truths” but what’s the point.

You either got it or not.

I love you anyway.

Light and love to us all.

In desperation to prove their relevance, “scientists” demonstrate their incompetence.

Loading Image

We are definitely witnessing the dissipation of the old system as the new reality emerges.
As President Donald J. Trump is saying, “do not interfere with the system that is in the process of destroying itself”, the same could be said also about medical science. 
Unfortunately, in both cases, many innocent people are getting caught in the process.
In desperation to save itself, and realizing that it is all over for them, the dark forces are trying to destroy as many lives as possible.
Among other things, biological weapons are released everywhere. 
Even in a small country like Monte Negro, people on the seashore are fallen ill to some not identified virus which has been spread into Croatia as well.
The same, like everywhere else, the vaccination is recommended as doctors are completely lost not knowing what to do.
Are we being surprised?

Vaccination cartoons, Vaccination cartoon, funny, Vaccination picture, Vaccination pictures, Vaccination image, Vaccination images, Vaccination illustration, Vaccination illustrations

Do doctors know anything at all that can benefit human health other than drugging and temporary emergency stabilizing treatments?

Well, let us have a brief look at what the top medical scientists have discovered lately through their heavily funded research.

52.000 man from all over the world were included in a study that concluded that problems related to their work are the reason for their impotence.

I do not want to waste my time debunking this garbage study and wasted money, you can read about it here:

This study, just shows you that doctors have no clue about the impact of stress on the cellular dehydration and consequences it brings to the overall health of their patients.

Dehydration cartoons, Dehydration cartoon, funny, Dehydration picture, Dehydration pictures, Dehydration image, Dehydration images, Dehydration illustration, Dehydration illustrations

The estimated morons can now make a worldwide study about diabetics and come to the same conclusion about impotence.

Then they can make a study about smokers and the results will be the same.

Then a worldwide study about alcohol users will bring the same result.

What a disaster.

After all of those studies, they will be more confused than ever before because no “prominent” scientist, and prominent means the one that is heavily advertised to the public and the scientific catedra of ego inflated baboons, have no capacity to think and connect the dots.

If it is not spelled to them, they do not understand it.

Such behavior is a product of the indoctrination we call the schooling system.

The more “educated” one is, the more false information it possesses but the ego grows exponentially.

Ego cartoons, Ego cartoon, funny, Ego picture, Ego pictures, Ego image, Ego images, Ego illustration, Ego illustrations

How about this jewel?

The Gods of the scientific world are on the brink of discovering the cause of insomnia.

It is a gene-related, they say.

What a discovery.

Everyone familiar with my work or the work of a genius Bruce Lipton understands that every aspect of our health is genetically influenced.

No cellular action is performed without the genetic input and the gene action that scientists call the genetic expression or genome changes a billion times a second with every minor change of the environment.

It is to be expected that the people who are living in the same environment will have the same genome and that-fore the same health issues.

This is just to difficult for a brainwashed scientist to understand.

And if you think that there’s an end to stupidity, this will convince you otherwise:

The prominent baboons are blaming the heart disease on the evolution of mankind.

Ain’t that something.

The Evolution On Underwears

Heart attack

This is worth the Nobel Price from the same committee that gave one to Obamer.

People involved in those studies are the “cream de la cream” of the scientific world, according to the media because they do important work to save lives.

Articles about important discoveries are flooding the News.

New York Times is loaded with such important information. No wonder they are going under.

Fortunately, people are waking up.

Those of us who know less, are more likely to chose a better solution.

This is demonstrated by a surfer who after he was bitten by a shark, instead of going to the doctor, went to a bar.

He had realized that getting drunk will lower his pain and create less damage to his health than the doctor would ever do.

We are witnessing the destruction of the medical/pharmaceutical industry.

All systems and by this I mean the political, the financial and the medical/pharmaceutical systems are crumbling at the same time.

What a wonderful time to be alive.

Love and light to us all.

The timetable of healing.

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The two most common questions I am being asked by my clients are:

How long will it take to heal?

When can I start eating the way I am eating now?

The first question is asked during the first consultation and the second question is asked usually when the client is feeling good and assuming that he/she are healed.

The second question indicates that even after several months of following the healing protocol, they do not understand why are they doing this.

The first question is impossible to answer with certainty because there are too many variables that will affect the healing process.

Some symptoms can be eliminated fairly quickly because they are not related to any emotional problem.

One of those is, for example, fatty liver syndrome.

Since the reason why the liver accumulates fat is the huge amount of dietary glucose one eats daily, as soon as we change our diet according to the Self Healers Protocol, the uncontrollable invasion of dietary glucose stops and the liver will not have to transform the glucose into the fat.

No fat, no fatty liver syndrome.

Fatty Liver cartoons, Fatty Liver cartoon, funny, Fatty Liver picture, Fatty Liver pictures, Fatty Liver image, Fatty Liver images, Fatty Liver illustration, Fatty Liver illustrations

Again, here I am pointing to the fact that the consumption of animal fats has nothing to do with the fatty liver syndrome.

Another predictable speed of recovery can be assigned to diabetes Mellitus since diabetes is a symptom of elevated blood sugar.

By stopping the ingestion of the dietary glucose and other sugars, we automatically drastically reduce the level of blood sugar and the rate of diminishing GLUT levels as the consequence of reduced levels of blood sugar can be predicted.

More difficult it is to predict the speed of the health recovery in chronic diseases that involve cellular dehydration.

As an example, we can use allergies.

I have explained that allergy symptoms develop when the cells of the affected organ are dehydrated and unable to cleanse the allergen.

The obvious thing is to hydrate those cells.

Now we know that to do this, we have to supply the blood with more plasma (water with sea salt, or seawater), oxygen, and energy.

Sunset over ocean

As more sodium becomes available, energy is needed to excite it, and oxygen is needed to bond with sodium producing potassium as a result of a process we cal cold-fusion.

As you can see, we need three things for this process and if one of the things is missing, no cellular hydration is possible.

Let’s say that we drink water with sea salt, and the blood levels of oxygen are satisfactory, and our energy level is up to the speed but there is a trace of caffeine or garlic present in the blood.

The CMR (cellular membrane receptor) identifies caffeine and garlic as toxic to the cellular structure, and it will prevent the cellular prismatic body to fire an electric impulse.

The excitation of sodium will not occur and neither will the cold fusion.

Since no potassium is produced, no thickening of intracellular liquid takes place and the cellular osmotic pump will not be put in motion.

The result is, no cellular hydration.

This means that any trace of toxic substances in the blood will prevent cellular hydration.

The supply of energy can be cut also by interfering with the brain’s activity.

As I have mentioned in my articles and my book, the brain is a switchboard that distributes the energy into our organs. Bad thoughts (stress) will consume this energy and in this way prevent cellular potassium production. The result is again, no cellular hydration.

Many people have a hard time to accept change of any kind. The older we get, the more we are used to our ways an change is simply impossible.

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The same is when we become indoctrinated.

For example, a doctor is the most difficult person to be convinced that salt, animal fat, and direct exposure to the Sun are healthy.

I had one cardiologist with hypertension trying the Self Healers Protocol, failing to achieve healing.

His wife told me that he was glued to the tensiometer the whole day. The stress of the damage that could be done (the way he was thought), put him under such stress that his health was deteriorating instead of improving, and now you can understand why.

This is the reason why it is impossible to give time-table to a healing process.

Every healing process involves many factors of which the mental influence is one of the most important ones.

Since the older we get, the more opinionated we become and we become set in our ways, the healing will be more difficult to achieve.

This is one important factor.

The other one is the cellular deterioration.

The more time our cells remain dehydrated, the more acidic they become which makes it impossible for them to hold an electric charge and causes their deterioration.

Automatically we can figure out that their recovery will take longer time.

It will take longer to hydrate them, it will take longer to cleanse them and it will take longer for the cells to repair themselves.

One can argue that there are plenty of cases of spontaneous remission where people had recovered from a stage 4 cancer in a very short time and some of them were elderly.

How does that work?

When we go into the realm of quantum mechanics, things are completely different from the way we are told to look at them.

For one, the time does not exist, at least not in a linear way the way we experience it.

The diseases do not exist as well.

What we call disease, is nothing more than a subtle change in frequency of a particular energy field that our brain project to us as an organ or tissue.

A simple tweaking of the frequency will correct it and our brain will project it as a healthy organ.

Since our brain can reproduce any frequency it is familiar with (it had received ) since we have been healthy before, the brain can correct this out of tune frequency but it has to receive the message to do this and it has to relate it.

This is impossible to achieve as long as the brain filters are in place and our subconsciousness is automatically advising the cellular structure about what is to be expected as a result of the circumstances we are in.

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Since our emotion take such a big part when diseases are in question, dealing with those emotions becomes the stepping stone to healing for many chronically ill people.

The most effective ways to do this is through the deep hypnosis and past life retraction.

Here in Peru, we are doing this by connecting directly to the spirit through the ayahuasca ceremonies. I recommend this to everyone who has emotional baggage.

If the healing is slow when following the Self Healers Protocol, the emotional load is high and it has to be dealt with.

The answer to the second question, for those who are in doubt, is; you can start eating the way you ate before you got sick as soon as you are ready to get sick again.

If it took only a change of diet for you to get well, isn’t it obvious that when you return to the same diet you will get sick again?

Some people say, “well, this means the I am not cured of diabetes if I am not allowed to eat bread anymore”.

You can eat any amount of fruits and your sugar will be stable.

You can have a cake, ice cream or rice meal and your sugar will be stable.

This means that you do not have diabetes, but if you continue eating them frequently, diabetes will return because it was caused by this type of food in the first place.

Many people just do not get it.

Love and light to us all.

Peyronie’s symptom.

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Penile curvature or the Peyronie’s disease is a symptom of disfigurement of the penis caused by a scar tissue formation.

Although in most man, the penile curvature does not present a problem, there is some man who experiences pain during erection and some experience pain even while there is no erection.

The human penis is an organ that contains a sponge-like tissue called corpora cavernosa which is supplied with blood vessels. When corpora cavernosa starts to be filled with blood, it increases in volume and the penis increases in size. We gave a name to this process calling it an erection.

Corpora cavernosa is enveloped within a connective tissue we call Tunica Albuginea which extends to the pelvic wall.

Tunica Albuginea also covers the blood vessels that supply the penis with blood.

By tightening the tunica albuginea, the pressure is created on the penile vein and the blood starts to accumulate within the sponge-like corpora cavernosa creating an erection.

Male urinary system with names

In some man, for an unknown reason, a hardening of the tunica albuginea occurs. Doctors say that scar tissue has formed which alters tunica albuginea’s flexibility.

Since the harder parts of tunica albuginea restrict the tunica from stretching, the penis starts to curve to the side where this hardened spot on tunica occurs.

This curvature of penis doctors has given a label calling it Peyronie’s disease.

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Depending on the severity of the deformation of tunica albuginea, the penile curvature will vary and the thickening of the tunica albuginea may prevent the penile vein’s constriction and with it, it can cause erectile dysfunction.

This may prevent erection.

Since every connective tissue has sensory nerves, the thickening of tunica albuginea may increase the pressure on the sensory nerves and become a painful experience.

As I have mentioned in the past, the pain is a direct result of increased pressure on the sensory nerves.

Since the thickening of the tunica albuginea may increase the pressure on the sensory nerves, especially during the erection pain can occur.

As the deformation in the tunica albuginea increases, it can cause increased pressure on the sensory nerves even when the erection is absent and the pain will become permanent.

Scientists and doctors claim that the cause of this health problem is unknown and that it can be hereditary so let us examen the know facts first and use them to assist us in resolving this mysterious “disease”.

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So what do we know about this “disease” so far?

In the majority of cases, the penile curvature appears later in life but it can be observed in a young man which points to the fact that sometimes it can be hereditary (transferred through the gene from father to son).

When the penile curvature starts to appear, it intensifies gradually and in some man, this process progresses faster than in another man.

It is noticed that the majority of man who is affected with penile curvature use toxic substances like smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, use legal and illegal drugs, and also suffer from other chronic health problems like prostate problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney problems…

Just by analyzing the list of people who are prone to this “disease”, and its time-frame is giving us the clue of the origins of the problem.

What is the common problem of those people who develop penile curvature?

They all have toxic blood.

I often mention the fact that the organ which is forced to perform while the blood is toxic, will be more affected than the other organs and it will become very acidic on the cellular level.

This cellular acidity will trigger an inflammatory response as an emergency cellular hydration.

This is a local inflammation that will increase the pressure in the acidic tissue. This tissue will expand and become hard. This can cause pain if it increases the pressure on the local sensory nerve.

If nothing is done to change the environment, the cells of the affected tissue will continue to dry up and the whole tissue will harden and lose its flexibility.

If this occurs in blood vessels, this will harden the arteries which will increase the blood pressure making us hypertensive, or if the veins become affected, varicose veins pup up. Usually, those two problems surface together.

When this occurs in tunica albuginea of the penis, it restricts tunica’s flexibility and causes penile curvature, pain, and a loss of erection. It all depends on the severity and location of the affected area.

To simplify this, a risk of the penile deformity rises with the rise of a blood’s toxicity especially when the man is sexually active, or is aroused often, or does stupid exercises for penal enlargement.

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All of those activities will increase the blood flow in the penis and simultaneously its cellular activity which will speedup further cellular dehydration since the blood is toxic and cells refuse to hydrate themselves with such blood.

The fact that the possibility of developing a Peyronie’s symptom increases with age, points that as we get older, our blood becomes more toxic and the emergence of any chronic health problem increases with it.

This is why many sufferers of Peyronie’s disease also suffer from one or more seemingly unrelated chronic health issues such as are hypertension, diabetes, other connective tissue problems, renal problems, joint problems…

Can Peyronie’s disease be healed?

Yes, but the older we are, the slower we heal.

You can easily stop its progress or even easier, prevent it from occurring.

It is way easier to prevent a chronic problem from developing than reversing the process later to achieve healing, but it can be done.

Again, the hydration is the clue.

Since we are not just talking about blood’s hydration but the cellular hydration as well, a strict diet is an absolute necessity during the hydration and the cleansing period since cells will refuse to hydrate if there is a trace of any substance that cells deem to be toxic.

Some toxic beverages that prevent cellular hydration and contribute to their dehydration are actually promoted by our health “experts” .

How often did you hear about the health benefits of coffee, or red wine, or ginger tea, or green tea, or Kombucha, or spirulina, or turmeric, or garlic, or chocolate (even the dark one with no sugar), or cinnamon…

If you are lost and do not know what to do, simply, follow the Self Healers Protocol or give me a shout.

Of course, there is the other option. Go to your doctor and have your penis cut. After all, “cut, burn, and poison” is their motto. They are experts at it.

Why do older people have a hard time to heal?

This will be the theme of the next article.

Love and light to us all.

SUNBURN. How toxic is sunlight?

Sunrise over sea

In medical school, we are being warned of the dangers that exposure to the Sun presents to our body.

It is not just about the skin.

We are told that the sunlight is so damaging that animals have special protection against it and this is why they are not negatively affected by it.

Us, Humans, are not as lucky, we are being told.

The most obvious tell that we are a “mutant species” not properly adjusted to the living conditions on this planet are the 2000 or more genetic errors of which one of them creates our unsuitable eyes.

We are told that our eyes are constantly deteriorating while exposed to the sunlight because they are not correctly designed to deal with the strong penetrating harmful action of certain components of sunlight such as are the Ultra Violet rays.

We are told that those UV rays present toxic frequencies that penetrate deep into the skin and cause cataract destroying our eyesight and damage our skin by creating blisters and skin cancer.

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This is why our “esteemed health experts” warn us whenever they have the chance to use sunglasses and to protect our skin with clothing or strong sunscreen.

Even by doing so, many people end up in the hospital because of the consequences of sun exposure as you can see in this article:

In the short video that is posted with the article, a health “expert” is repeating the talking points he had memorized while studying medicine and the same as a parrot, simply repeats what he was told. After all, this is the truth that cannot be disputed. It is in science.

Is this what we are told to memorize, really science or is it manufactured nonsense?

Again, as usual, those of you my brothers and sisters who are following my work for a while, you already know enough to realize that things are not the way we have been told so here I will go right to the point.

First the truth about our eyes.

With simple observation, we can find out that the sunlight does not damage our eyes.

Indigenous people do not wear sunglasses and do not suffer from cataract.

Here I am not talking about the people who live in the jungle as they have protection from the sunlight under the trees, but the people who live near the sea, the fisherman whose eyes are constantly exposed to strong sunlight but their eyesight remains sharp with no signs of cataract.

Contrary to the “truth” of popular science we are given in the medical school, UV rays have nothing to do with the creation of cataract.

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We can stare into the Sun day after day and our eyes will remain healthy as long as we are correctly hydrated.

The eye-lense is filled with well-hydrated protein. While the protein remains well hydrated, it will be transparent and we will have a clear vision.

Once the eye-lens protein becomes dehydrated, it starts to turn white. This whiteness interrupts the light and impedes our vision.

The appearance of a white film in the eye is a symptom of the eye-lens dehydration and we gave it a label calling it a cataract.

As you can see, the Sun has nothing to do with it but the lies about the origin of cataract continue to be repeated by parrots we cal doctors, “experts” in medicine.

People are paying a lot of money to have the cataract surgically removed, damaging their eyes even more and all that has to be done is to properly hydrate the body.

And now let’s examine what has happened to the young lady from the article, whose back was terribly burned from being exposed to the “dangerous” sunlight.

Photographs in the article will scare anyone and they are a clear proof of Suns’ toxicity. We can clearly see what can happen when we expose our skin to the sunlight. Do you see the dark marks on the skin? Don’t they look like cancer to you?

The whole burned back looks horrible and clearly shows how dangerous the sunlight is and even strong sunscreen cannot protect our fragile skin. Humans are definitely not equipped properly for life on this planet.

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Is this really true, or is there more to this story?

What is sunlight?

Sunlight is radiation of various frequencies emitted from the Sun. Each frequency, when isolated, can be seen as a light of a different color. All of them together used to have a gold color and we saw Sun as a golden globe.

Recently the color of the Sun has changed into white as the overall frequency has risen and the sunlight has become white.

This higher frequency made the sunlight even hotter and our skin has become even more sensitive to it than it was before.

To cool the skin down, our body pushes more water into it.

As you know, we do not have water in our body. What we have is plasma.

Plasma is water with minerals dispersed in it.

The different frequencies of the sunlight will create various MAGRAV (Magnetic-Gravitational)fields. When that MAGRAV field interacts with various elements found in the liquid that flows through our skin and under the influence of minerals, they transform them. This transformation in our body we call cleansing as many of those components are toxic.

The sunlight actually triggers a blood cleansing process which is expressed in our skin changing its appearance. The more toxic the blood is, the stronger will be the symptoms we see as the result of “sunburn”.

Since most of the liquid that circulates through our skin is lymph, the higher is the toxic load, the more polluted plasma (in the form of lymph) will be expelled from the body creating ugly bubbles on the skin.

Maisie’s blood is so toxic that what the body was eliminating looked horrific. Her skin looked like a garbage dump.

Many people experience increased pimple activity after being exposed to the Sun so we automatically think that the Sun is dangerous when actually, the sunlight is cleansing our blood (lymph) making us healthier afterwards.

Sunburn cartoons, Sunburn cartoon, funny, Sunburn picture, Sunburn pictures, Sunburn image, Sunburn images, Sunburn illustration, Sunburn illustrations

This is quite a different science from the one we are fed in school and through the media, isn’t it?

Before I have cleansed and healed myself through the Self Healers Protocol, I used to have also big blisters on my skin after over-exposing myself to the sunlight.

Afterward, my skin would peel with large sheets of dry dead skin like a snake changing its skin.

I had noticed that as I was getting older, the blisters would get larger after over-exposure of my skin to the sunlight. As my blood was increasingly becoming more and more toxic, the blisters were getting larger and larger.

After I had cleansed my blood and my body, all of a sudden I no longer get blisters no matter how much I expose myself to the direct sunlight.

My skin will become painful, red, and sensitive for a day or two, but no more blistering and no more skin-pealing occurs.

At most, if I really overdid it my skin can flake similar to dandruff in the hair.

What a difference.

Once you realize what is going on then you can understand what has happened in this case of so-called skin cancer:


This poor woman was poisoned by her doctors with chemotherapy needlessly since all that had to be done is to cleanse her blood.

Sunburn cartoons, Sunburn cartoon, funny, Sunburn picture, Sunburn pictures, Sunburn image, Sunburn images, Sunburn illustration, Sunburn illustrations

Can you see my esteemed colleagues, how much damage you are causing to the people you are pretending to help. Maybe you can understand now why I do not want to be called a doctor. I do not want to be associated with the science you are so tightly clinging to.

Please, open your eyes and your heart and accept the truth. What we are being served through our miseducation indoctrination schooling system is a bunch of nonsense and it prevents us from realizing the truth.

Open your eyes, take a deep breath and dare to make a change.

Love and light to us all.