Enlarged heart and micro infarctions


Many elderly are being diagnosed with an enlarged heart.

The enlarged heart is being blamed for circulation problems especially related to elevated blood pressure.

Probably the biggest reason why people are put on blood pressure medication is to prevent the occurrence of an enlarged heart.

We are told that the enlarged heart becomes weak and cannot contract properly which will cause other problems and premature death.

I cannot believe that doctors believe this false teaching given to them in medical school.

What is the heart?

The heart is a muscle, and the same as any other muscle of our body, it will grow in size the more work it has to perform.

The heavier weight you are raising, the bigger the muscle has to get to be able to provide adequate power. Exactly the same will happen with the heart muscle.


Athletes that perform energy-demanding exercises, all have enlarged hearts.

After they stop exercising for a while, their heart will reduce in their size. Remember, the body does not support what it does not need.

When I was racing my bicycle, and playing ice hockey, I had an enlarged heart.

When I was resting, I had an irregular heartbeat since the blood delivery was abundant, my heart didn’t need to beat regularly, only when oxygen was needed and CO2 had to be expelled, and my enlarged heart provided more than was needed with one beat.

During physical activity, my heart was working properly. This we have named an athlete’s heart, and nobody thought anything bad about it.

As I have stopped doing extreme sports, the need for a large heart was gone and my heart started to reduce itself to the best-sooted size, and the heartbeat had “normalized” itself.

Why does all of a sudden an enlarged heat become a health problem?

Well, many elderly people develop an enlarged heart without strenuous exercise.

At the same time, they develop health problems, problems in blood circulation, dementia, and other neurological health issues.

The same as with everything else, one symptom is being blamed for causing another symptom so the enlarged heart becomes the culprit of other health issues that are or could be related to the blood circulation.

So, why does the heart muscle grow when people do not perform any strenuous work?


The most common reason for this a dehydrated, thick, and toxic blood.

Such blood has a low electric voltage which diminishes the electromagnetic field of blood particles making them bang one into the other.

This creates friction and way more pressure is required to push such blood through the circulation circuit.

Since the overall level of the blood is very low (low levels of plasma, low levels of the blood), the blood vessels are half empty and this increased BP coming out of the heart is not being recognized since the arteries are half-empty, to begin with.

A half-full water hose is soft. The more water you add to it, the harder the hose becomes.

This is the reason why people’s BP rises when they start hydrating with plasma or even sweet water.

Cells will refuse to hydrate with the toxic blood and cellular dehydration starts.

Since the heart muscle is working hard, it is protected from the toxic blood by a small capillary system which does not allow larger toxic particles to penetrate, but since the lymph also becomes toxic in time, the toxicity reaches the heart muscle eventually.


The heart’s tricuspid valve starts to show dehydration by shrinking itself, and the blood starts leaking backward under the pressure.

Since not enough blood is provided, the heart makes additional beats to compensate, it starts to work harder and it starts to grow since more strength is needed.

At the same time, the capillary lymphatic system is suffering from dehydration as well and problems in plasma delivery start to occur. This starts to produce microscopic damages to the organs that depend on lymphatic supply.

Now, microinfarcts start occurring as cells start to die since there is a problem with delivering the lymph.

They happen in the entire body but they are prevalent in organs that work harder. This is why we see them in the heart and in the brain especially since damages in those two organs are going to cause visible symptoms and eventually death.

Spider veins and varicose veins are the fractal enlargements of the microinfarction, so when you experience them, you may be sure that the same is starting to occur in your heart and your brain, kidneys, and everywhere else in your body.

No medication can prevent or offset this process and this is why doctors refer to microinfarction as an incurable age-related condition.


They are correct. To them, microinfarction is irreversible but so is the hernia, failing eyesight, arthritis, arteriosclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease… basically every chronic disease because they have been misled and do not understand the human body.

The cause of all health problems originates from toxic blood. Once we cleanse the blood, the body goes into t healing stage and recovers.

This goes for an enlarged heart and microinfarction as well.

So use the SHP and heal yourself.

Love and light to us all.

Open war against children

Colombian 8-year old Dana Garcia waits for a medical check ...

It is very obvious to everyone who can see how children are being manipulated through the indoctrination/educational system.

Especially by observing the entertainment industry, we can see how homosexuality is promoted, sex changes encouraged, and racism instigated.

This is also where the attention is placed in the school curriculum.
Remolding of the society through children.

The promotion of communism goes above everything else, so when college graduates go into society, they have no knowledge about anything of value, but this is not the worse of it.

Children are systematically being poisoned, deliberately harmed through the mad-sin and licensed criminal mad-sin professionals we call doctors of medicine.

The poisoning starts by poisoning pregnant women, through toxic and misdirected diets.
As the woman’s health worsens, toxic mad-sin is used to pollute her even more and to pollute the growing fetus.

The madness is going so far that toxic vaccines are being recommended for pregnant women knowing that they will pollute the fetus and most likely cripple or kill it.

Hydrocephalus in a newborn is the direct result of this, and many children are born with it.
Many children are being born crippled and permanently disabled and all of it is done intentionally.

Hydrocephalus Photos and Premium High Res Pictures - Getty ...

It had started with the introduction of vaccines.

The babies that are borne are jabbed as soon as they take their first breath.

Toxic material is injected into their bodies bypassing their immune system.

Mothers are being instructed not to breastfeed for too long and often as soon as the baby is born, baby formula is placed on their lips. They get immediately hocked on sugar and refuse to suck their mother’s milk. Nurses are instructed to do this without the mother’s consent or knowledge.

As soon as vaccines started to be used, new diseases started to appear. One of them is dyslexia.

Vaccinated children easily contract chronic health problems mostly lung-related such as are asthma and chronic bronchitis.

There is plenty of evidence for it but the brainwashed mad-sin operatives/doctors are blindly following instructions ignoring to see the most obvious things.

Because of the influence of the mad-sin poisoning “health-care”, children are becoming victims of chronic diseases that used to show up only in old people.

A three-year-old with diabetes, bipolar disorder masqueraded as ADHD, myopia, and digestive issues.

Vietnamese Agent Orange child victim plays inside the Ha ...

Babies developing diarrhea which doctors suppress and in this way prevent the baby from cleansing itself from poisons that had been absorbed while being in the mother’s womb.

Just the acts of cutting the umbilical cord prematurely, slapping the newborn to make it cry, shaking it, and removing it from its mother are crimes that put the baby into a panic. So there is stress inflicted from the first day of the baby’s life.

Now you are surprised that so many children end up having chronic health issues?

On top of this, countless vaccines are used to pollute the child’s health and cause autism as the child’s brain becomes too polluted to function normally.

Fortunately, we are being created with the ability to adjust just about to anything and after a profound detoxifying, the child’s health can be re-established.

The earlier the detox is implemented, the faster can the child recover. Often in the addition to the SHP, an energetic approach will speed up the recovery especially in older children. This is where a shamanic help will do wonders.

Here is a video on Rumble and Bitchute giving more information about this issue.



Luckily we have broken the chains of slavery.

The truth is flowing and the old system is crashing down.

Mr. T will be reinstated soon as the victory will be publicized for everyone to see.

Soldier Children On Battlefield Background Military Stock ...



Love and light to us all.

Can we finally accept the truth?


From the moment the Wu-flu plandemic has started, it was obvious to me that this is a pure script.

Since no virus exist, nobody has died from it.

Lives were intentionally harmed, lies spread, nonsensical laws enforced, just to create a fake “reality” that will scare people enough to accept being jabbed.

The jab is, and always was the true reason behind it all.

The nonexistent virus was spread from the media and false medical institutions onto the public.

Almost half of the population had been jabbed by now and hordes of people are still standing in a line, just like a sheep, waiting to be slaughtered/jabbed, even while hundreds of videos are floating on the Internet showing what horrors are those jabs creating.

Conspiracies are being promoted as truths, and truths are being referred to as conspiracy theories.


Politicians are now openly demanding for the truths to be taken down from the Internet and only their lies can be visible for everyone to see.

It is increasingly more difficult to find the truth, and I am not sure how long you will be able to get to my information, but I will send through email my articles to those who are on my mailing list as long as this is possible.

The final take-down has started, and for a brief period of time, we may lose contact.

Before that happens, here is another information about this great sham that was perpetrated on us:


Full disclosure is occurring and hitting us from all angles.

This will result in even more chaos that will turn into anger.

Please, do not go in that direction.

Focus on yourself.

Allow the information to penetrate so that your brain can utilize it during its calculations.

This will give you more information and more understanding.

Meditate, pray, but not to be saved. Pray to be strong to deal with your demons. To be strong to overpower your ego/mind.

Do not give in to your desires for revenge, possessions, power, control…

Regain the power over your emotions and connect with your heart.

Let go of everything that does not resonate correctly, CLEANSE it all out.

When we do this, we will heal, and our planet will heal with us.

Rainbow Planet Earth - Europe Stock Illustration ...

If you are waking up after being jabbed, use the SHP to cleanse it out from your body.

If you are spending time between vaccinated people, use the SHP to be protected.

Learn to recognize the symptoms of cleansing and do not fear them, do not try to suppress them. Do just the contrary so that your body can eliminate those out-of-tune frequencies and heal itself.

Have faith in the process, have faith in your power, and if you need help, reach to the creator, God, Jesus, Allah, Krishna, Buddha…whatever you may need to give you the strength to maintain your faith.

Love and light to us all.

What “reality” do you live in?


Jackie has just asked me these questions.
“Hi Darko, do you really exist or am I creating you? Does cancer on my skin really exist or am I wasting my time on shp which has not changed much, and my Mom and Dad looked dead when they were buried. What you said I cannot comprehend. Help”

These are very good questions and they will be asked by many who are just awakening so I have decided to put some light on this and try to simplify the science behind our existence.

Let us start with some obvious facts. Let us observe.
What do we see happening in our reality?

Our reality is becoming more and more polarized. It is becoming easier each day to clearly see two different realities.

We had perceived a reality in which a minuscule amount of occult people had all of the power in their hands and were controlling the general public through a carefully designed labyrinth of deceits.
People were lied to through an obligatory system of indoctrination and through fear.
Frightened people were given a solution of imaginary protection through an invisible protector that was named God. Religion was created to keep people ignorant and enslaved.


To be able to easily control the constantly increasing population of slaves, divisions were made. Different religions, different countries, and different races.

Countries were formed with their form of governing over their people but every government was reporting to the same occult group of the individuals which we have named the Illuminate/Cabal/the deep state.

Some people started awakening to this concept of lies and control demanding change and transparency.

Those people we refer to as the awakened people and are growing in numbers.

Now we can clearly see the division and fewer and fewer people are remaining docile.

Two major groups of people are emerging. One that is awakened and demands transparency and freedom, and the other one that is trying to prevent any change. To do this, it is forced to expose itself because the fight cannot be kept hidden. Too many people are being involved.

This is the division, the Biblical Rapture.

The “slaves” that are awakening, and those fearful that would rather suffer just to be “safe”.

On one side we have people that see positive changes.

Those people are taking their masks off, singing, hugging each other, and they are helping one another.

Those people are demanding transparency, they demand that the truth be known.

They do not live in fear and do not hide their faces behind masks.

They talk freely and have nothing to hide.

On the other side, we have another group of people congregating who demand justice by celebrating criminals.

They demand freedom from being policed while they are fighting with each other and killing one another.

A total contradiction.

Those people are talking against Fascism while behaving like Fascists.

They are talking against criminality while they are behaving like criminals.

They are talking against racism while behaving like racists.

They ask for transparency while they are hiding behind masks.

They portrait themselves as what they are not.

Man DARES to Criticize ANTIFA; Instantly Pays The Price...

The so-called minuscule group of evil people has turned to be a larger than ever expected group of criminals that were masquerading as good people.

It took a master plan, a “divine” interference to unmask those people and bring them to light for everyone to see.

In which reality do you live?

Both of those realities are here.

We can clearly see them, so what do you experience? What is your reality like?

Are you awake to the truth, without the mask on your face, smiling as you are witnessing the destruction of the evil, or are you panicking in fear because you see a horror show of chaos and destruction,

Armageddon, and death.

You can see cancer on your skin.

Do you look at it in fear of dying or do you experience it as an elimination of harmful toxins from your body that will free you from disease?

If you see cancer as a fearful disease, your reality is the one of suffering and death.

If you see cancer as the elimination of toxic energy, your reality is bliss, happiness, love, and life.

The fear will kill you, and the freedom of fear will bring you love and life.

We are creating our reality by the way we interpret our experiences. This is why each one of us creates its own reality.

Are you wearing a mask, yelling at other people to keep a distance from you, shivering in fear from some non-lethal microorganism demanding to be injected with a drug that you observe is making people sick and killing them? This is your reality and it is horrible and frightening when all you have to do is to take the mask off, take a deep breath of freedom and place your trust in good/God.

Eliminate the fear and your whole reality will change instantly.

This is not that easy to do. The more we fear, the more difficult it is for us to let go of fear.

The more we are indoctrinated, the more difficult it is for us to see the truth.

The more laws we create, the more unlawfully we behave.

The more diseases we create, the more difficult it is for us to heal them.

The only reality is the reality of consciousness.

How conscious are you?

Are you conscious enough to understand and trust what you see?


Observe and you will see that the evil is destroying itself.

If you see your reality as being part of this destruction, are you evil yourself?

Can you be saved?

Yes, but you have to make this decision. No one else can make it for you.

It is all about where you place the focus at. Your focus is your intent.

What we do intentionally is what creates the reality which then we experience, and the experience is through the manifestation of physicality we call our reality.

Everything starts and ends with I am.

I hope that you are starting to realize why there was not a visible open war on evil waged.

Open war would not bring any change.

It is not about destroying a visible enemy. It is about releasing evil from within.

We have all been compromised and we have to focus on ourselves.

Release the toxic/evil energy.

Everyone who is following the SHP is experiencing this release. The dark is coming to the light to be released.

This awakening process is about each of us individually releasing all toxic frequencies to be able to unite in the purity of I am, the one and only I am of consciousness which we are all part of.

This is the creative I am consciousness of Creator/God.

Love and light to us all.

Ascension and diet


Although there is a very small number of people that are aware of the times we are living in, and that our reality is about to change, I have decided to address some things that most people are confused about.

This goes even for those who are capable of telepathic communication and are communicating with our galactic friends, and families.

As our consciousness is increasing, we are becoming more emphatic, and taking life to sustain our own is becoming increasingly more difficult.

Some people are claiming that taking a life of a plant is ok, just do not harm animals.

“If you do this, you are becoming light, and only in this way, you can ascend,” they tell us.

Some people go as far as insulting those who chose to nourish themselves on animal protein and that for are destroying the lives of some animals.

They find self-satisfaction in doing this not realizing that they are harming themselves and others with their nonsensical action.

To be able to understand what is the correct course of action, how to behave, and what to nourish ourselves on, it is best to go quantum.

This is not going to make much sense to those who are unfamiliar with my work, or those who are not aware of quantum mechanics, but most of you who are reading this are ready for this discussion.

Our basic fundamental reality is created by various frequencies of the matrix of conscious energy that we refer to as the energy of the creative consciousness.

This creative consciousness is exploring its possibilities and in a playful way, it is creating various possibilities which are being expressed in various ways.

The most sophisticated creation was achieved by creating the brain.

The brain is programmed to be self-conscious and to express some frequencies in a particular way through the senses of its physicality.

Brain concept stock illustration. Illustration of cerebrum ...

The consciousness of the brain we have named I am/Ego.

The I am/Ego has been given the power of manifestation. It has been given the power to create and whatever the I am/Ego expects to happen, and if the purpose behind it is not harming anybody else, the brain can manifest it simply by creating the necessary frequencies and projecting them in a form of particles and other senses.

This projection we have named the “reality”.

Everything that comes to our attention as our reality, is our own construct, a construct of our I am/Ego utilizing the brain as the tool of manifestation.

To simplify this, we can say that our reality is a construct of our I am\Ego, expressed through the senses of our physical body.

Our brain cannot replicate frequencies that it is not familiar with. This is why we cannot see a UFO unless the brain is given the instruction on how to interpret the frequency that it is not familiar with.

Our brain is loaded with a basic operation program. This includes the need to eat, drink, and breathe.

Different life forms are programmed with their specific requirements. Every species has its own program.

Humans’ digestive program is known as opportunistic and we call it the omnivore digestive system.

It does not matter what the design is, as long as we take in the original frequencies that represent the food, we are maintaining the correct vibration.

Animals in nature are all healthy because they eat everything the way it was created.

We, humans, have been told that we should eat modified frequencies. This modification was done by heating our food.

When we heat our food, the frequency of it shifts and our brain shows it to us by the change in appearance, smell, taste, and consistency.

Those are now off-tune frequencies that influence changes in the way our cells and organs that are exposed to those frequencies resonate.

Understanding that we need the original frequency will now guide us into the correct diet.

Because of our preset programming, we cannot obtain any energy by eating raw plants.

This is easy to figure out. Just try to survive by eating raw plants, it is impossible.


People are indoctrinated to believe what they are being told and to trust their superiors above their own experience. This is the slave mentality we have allowed to be perpetrated on us.

Doctors are experiencing that the treatment is destroying the lives of their patients, and they continue implementing it because they have been told so by their professors and scientific studies


“Believe in what I am telling you and ignore what you see and experience”.

Some channelers are saying that we have to stop eating animals and chew on carrots, and people blindly follow this nonsensical information.

Stop placing your trust in what you are being told. If you are not sure, experiment and observe nature.

I have done my walk. I was vegetarian, vegan, omnivore, and now I am a carnivore because, in order to heal and detoxify, everything that my body needs is supplied through animal-based products and I can absorb them without the necessity of heating them up and changing their natural frequency.

This is why I call it the food of God.

Yes, a toxic frequency will be created by our brain when we kill an animal and we see it suffer.

This is why we should never kill unnecessarily, and we should do it in a humane way.

The toxic energy is being created by focusing on it.

Everything that matters is revolving around our focus, our intent.

By intentionally harming other life and causing suffering, no matter if it is a plant, animal, or human, we create toxic energy if the harm was done unnecessarily.

Everything changes if there is a need for it.

Remember, everything is a construct of your brain. Nothing really exists, and nothing really dies.

It is a construct, a game we are creating.


As long as the intentions are righteous everything is ok.

We have graduated and the game we were playing is no longer needed so we are taking it down, but the new game of experiences did not start yet. We are not activated in our new form so we still have to obey the old program.

We will not depend on food in the new program, but we still are dependent on it now, and there is only one type of food we resonate correctly with, and this is the one that is nourishing us when it is being ingested raw.

If you are confused, experiment. If you think that you can get nourishment by eating raw vegetables, do it but do not incorporate cooked ones, and see if you can survive on it?

I guarantee you that you cannot. I have tried and experimented open-mindedly so that you do not have to but be my guest and try it for yourself.

Everything is our own construct, this is why some religious books say that we are made in the image of God. We are the creators of our reality.

Are we God?

I will let you sleep on it, my family/friends.

There is no evil until we consciously create an evil deed.

It is all about the intent.

Did you do this intentionally?

Was your intent focused on harming the life or was your intent to preserve one life even when it means to take the life of other.

The article is getting too long but I have to mention one example.

One young sailor has lost his sailboat and was drifting across the Atlantic ocean in a life raft. He had a spear gun and was catching Dorados. One day he lost the harpoon and the only way he could penetrate a fish would be if the fish exposes its stomach because here it is possible to penetrate without the tip.

All of a sudden, whenever he needed a fish to eat, there will be one Dorado that swam close to his life-raft with its stomach up exposed and vulnerable. This is what has saved this young man’s life.

Was the sailor creating his experience, or was he evil by taking other life?

Love and light to us all.

The Delta force

Crew members of US M1 Abrams Tank of Delta Company of Task ...

The Wu-flu is not letting go.
From the African to the Brazilian, the Indian strains and now the “deadly Delta variant” of the nonexisting Wu-flu virus are ravaging our planet, destroying the economy and the livelihood of people.

While some parts of our planet are slowly easing down with the restrictions, other parts are locking down and embracing the impact of this imaginary non-intruder.

If you are confused, don’t be.
It becomes way simpler to understand what is going on when more facts break through the barrier of media silence when the truth emerges.

Here you can listen to the scientific facts of the so-called “science” that we should be following as suggested by Nancy P., and the virus car A. Fauci


The investigators are proving what I was saying for years. Every plandemic was instigated through bioweapons or just the propaganda machine about them.

The entire medicinal/pharmaceutical industry is based on creating a problem and finding the solution to perpetuate it while pretending that it is working on resolving the self-created problems.

It is the old trick of planting nails on the road to puncture tires and setting a tire repair shop conveniently to assist those with the mishap.

Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy as sailors, puling the ...

Unfortunately for the idiots running the sham, the nail was set too high and visible and people started avoiding it.

So what happens to those who refuse to be sucked in?

They mysteriously die in their office.


Unfortunately, a vast majority of people are certified, zombies.

Their diplomas verify this.

They are unable to think and interpret their experiences as being factually different from the narrative they have received.

They continue lining up for another eye-opening self-destructing jab in hope that maybe, just maybe, this is the one that they needed to wake them up as they slowly slip into a coma.

The truth is seeping out through various channels, even through Facebook


Since being trapped in the cloud of misinformation, the healing part is botched up, but at least the true reason for the jab and all jabs of that kind is being told.

Instead of ingesting toxic levels of vitamin C, and the other “life saving” suggestions, hydrating with sea plasma (water with sea salt or diluted seawater ) will do the trick perfectly.

The same speaker/doctor who is explaining that ascorbic acid bores holes in the intestinal wall tells you to consume huge quantities of it to heal yourself.

Vitamin C Cartoons and Comics - funny pictures from ...

I suggest that you listen to those videos and spread them around. I have received them from family and friends, and am doing the same thing.

While you are spreading this material, make sure that you do not emphasize fear.

Give the solution, the SHP as the beckon of light during these days of darkness.

Fear is very damaging. Do not perpetuate it.

Give solutions and ease people’s minds.

The time has come to take off the mask, and take a deep breath.

Put a smile on your face while you are at it and open your heart to love.

We are the ones who came to change the world, and the world is changing.

What a glorious time to be alive.

Love and light to us all.

How many chronic diseases do you have?


Statistics are showing us that in adults of 65+ there are 10 chronic “diseases” that will make their lives bond with medical and pharmaceutical industries.

The list puts hypertension as the number one as the most common “disease” affecting 58% of adults.
High cholesterol is second affecting 47% of adults.
Arthritis is third affecting 31% of adults.
Then ischemic coronary heart disease, diabetes, chronic kidney disease, heart failure, depression, Alzheimer’s disease/dementia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease follow.

I am surprised that indigestion did not make the list of the top ten since almost every client that I have, suffers from some kind of digestive problems.

Another chronic health issue that did not make the top 10 is chronic fatigue which is strange because chronic fatigue is followed by every chronic “disease” and since the disease is nothing more than a label for a symptom, chronic fatigue should be right out there on the top of the list.

It seems to me that the list of the top 10 chronic diseases that affect the adult generation is made according to the pharmaceutical profits that those “diseases” are bringing to the “health” industry.


Surprisingly, cancer did not make the list when it shows that every fifth individual has or will have it and we all know that cancer is a really big moneymaker for the medico-pharmaceutical complex.

Without further analysis, the fact that almost every adult is suffering from at least one chronic health issue should be alarming, but doctors accept it as a natural aging process.

In my opinion, it is impossible to have just one chronic “disease” because when the problem is so intense that the body has to show you the consequences of your mistreating it through pain, the body’s toxicity has to be so high that an entire encyclopedia of diseases can be diagnosed that is based on the same symptoms with slight deviations.

Through my articles, videos, and books, I demonstrate how one symptom changes as the toxicity of the body increases, and what we call disease, is nothing more than a label with which we are labeling this symptom or a group of symptoms.

The elevated blood sugar is called Diabetes Mellitus, which we are told is a disease that we get through the genes (hereditary), or stress, or some autoimmune pathway, but the real culprit, the dietary glucose is never being mentioned.

Confuse and conquer. That is the tactic that’s being used in medicine, and it works perfectly.

Not for the patient, but for the industry, of course.

The wrong foods are pushed through our science-backed by fraudulent scientific studies that confirm it.

Fear is being used as entertainment and as a source of information.

News is filled with fearful events and fear is a very potent source of a toxic frequency that has a high impact on our health.

Worry? What's the Point? | Think Positive 30

Another thing that impacts our health is toxic emotion.

An emotion is an energetic frequency created by our brain as the result of our reaction to an event.

People are being divided through every means imaginable including the color of their skin.

They are being instructed to hate the other color, and mindless people accept it increasing their own toxic load.

Every time we create a frequency of hate, we are polluting our bodies with a toxic frequency that will undermine our health.

The toxic frequency contributes to the blood’s toxicity which suppresses cellular activity. This is easily noticeable in the way the individual behaves since the brain will be affected by it.

A toxic environment makes a toxic mind but in the case of emotions, we are the ones that are creating our own toxic environment and our own misery.

Just look at what is happening.

People are choosing sides.

Some are celebrating, hugging each other, taking the masks off, and the others are fighting in-between themselves and destroying everything in their path as they are crying for justice and tolerance. A total disconnect. A rapture.

Funny riot in Brasil comic cartoon - Barnorama

There is only one way out of this.

The toxic frequencies have to be cleansed out from the body or transmuted into a positive vibration.

We are reaching the culmination of this process of separation.

Those who will not be able to cleanse will have a very hard time with this process of transition that is rapidly approaching.

Why are we plagued with so many chronic diseases?

Because we are very toxic, and this toxicity is coming to the surface so that it can be eliminated.

Every chronically ill individual will experience a remembrance of their experiences and emotions will be flowing big time.

People start crying for apparently no reason whatsoever, not realizing that with every tear some emotional baggage was let go, making them less toxic and healthier.

Since chronically ill people are extremely toxic, they often have a very hard time during this cleansing process so I urge them to seek help during this process.

When we are guided and explained the reasons why we feel the way we do, it makes it easier to cope with this situation.

We live in a very special time that toxic people perceive as Hell, and the emotionally cleansed people see it as the blessing of God.

Our reality is what we make it to be, so cleanse and make this event into pure joy and celebration of the second coming of Christ, as Christians call it.


To me, I am sitting in the first row while observing the miracle of creation in all its glory and splendor.

Tears of happiness are rolling down my cheeks of disbelief. We have succeeded to conquer evil without any major cataclysm or a major loss of human lives.

What a glorious time to be “alive”.

Q&T, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Love and light to us all.

Is it a spike protein or graphyne oxide poisoning?

To celebrate #DNAday, we're featuring some of our DNA ...

Every bird now sings about the spike protein and how it replicates in the body and sheds, infecting others.

The experience shows us that what every duck quacks and every parrot repeats have nothing to do with the truth.

If the spike protein would have been replicating by our body, no additional vaccination would have been necessary.

The fact that a second and now even a third vaccine is required to keep us “safe” is a clear sign that what they are quacking about the spike, is a pure lie.

Not only that the depopulation jab/vaccine is not replicating in our body, but it also is being cleansed as soon as the body has the opportunity.

This makes sense as my clients who are detoxifying, have no additional symptoms after receiving the jab and those who come close to the jabbed people have immediate strong detox symptoms like nausea and diarrhea.


The magnetic nature of the jab indicates that something was introduced into the body that has electromagnetic properties. This makes it controllable through EMF that are radiated from cellphone antenna towers.

In this video, Ricardo Delgado is explaining that the substance that is used in those depopulation jabs but also the face masks and the Wu-flu test q-tips are laced with is graphyne oxide.


I often use carbon as an example proving that the properties of an element are not dependent on its atomic structure, but on the sacred geometry, it makes.

One of those structures that carbon can manifest is in the form we call graphyne in which the carbon becomes electroconductive and gains electromagnetic properties and cannot be detected as being metal.

This now takes away the mystery of metals sticking to the shoulder of jabbed people.

Since it has electromagnetic properties, its radiation increases when it is supplied with electric energy.

This is why jabbed people are emitting a strong enough signal of the graphyne oxide that affects people in their vicinity, causing them to have the same detoxifying reaction as if they themselves would have been vaccinated.

Dr, Judy Mikovits is recommending the suramine as a cleansing mechanism, Ricardo Delgado sticks to his school-educated understanding of antioxidants and claims that the bodies glutathione will do the job, and now I am convinced more than ever before that there is no better and faster detox than the one that is achieved by drinking sea plasma/water with sea salt.

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If we allow for the graphyne oxide to remain in our body, every time a new scare wants to be created, all that has to be done is to increase slightly the EMF signal.

This will increase the electromagnetic field of the graphyne oxide in the body which will cause interference in the internal environment in the body causing symptoms of cleansing/flu.

Good plan but now when we understand it, we know how to prevent and how to eliminate the evil plan to decimate the human population and to shackle in chains those that remain.

I was asked on several occasions if the SHP will eliminate the jab because for the sake of traveling people would agree to be jabbed if they can then detoxify this poison out from their bodies?

Even now, I strongly urge you not to get jabbed. Would you intentionally get bit by a snake just because you have the snake’s antidote available?

You never know in what state of toxicity is your body, and how it is going to react to this jab. Are you going to have enough time to detoxify?

Some people die within hours after being jabbed. Are you willing to take a chance just because of the sake of traveling?


The politicians can change the law as it soothes them, making you strained and unable to come back or to obtain plasma while forcing you to take another “reinforcing” jab.

Now, it is not a good time to travel. Stay put and remain calm. Have some extra food and water in the house ready in the case of a blackout and meditate having good thoughts on your mind.

The more toxic you are on the cellular level, the stronger blood pollution occurs whenever your body is exposed to a new environment. Do not wait for the next attack.

Cleanse your cells and your reaction to the changes of the environment will have little or no impact on the way you feel, your cells will have no toxins to pollute your blood.

Anybody can use the SHP to cleanse itself on a cellular level.

If you are medicated or if you have chronic health problems, allow me to guide you safely through this detoxification process.

Here is my video on Rumble that talks about this same subject.


Love and light to us all.

Do you have a healthy heart?


Unless we had some symptoms indicating that there may be some problem with the heart, we are all convinced that our heart is healthy and we do not have to worry about it.

The same as with any other “disease”, we assume that we are healthy if we do not experience any health problems. Feeling tired or stiff does not count as a disease.

Having dry or oily skin is not a health issue, it is the type of skin we have, we are being told.

Falling hair is a hair problem, it is just an esthetic issue, a genetic glitch they say.

Diminishing eyesight is an eye issue, it is genetic or a normal sign of aging, we are being told.

On and on we can go mentioning various things which are not really “diseases”, or not classified as being diseases. We are considered to be healthy although having those minor “insignificant” issues.

What is considered to be a disease?

“A disease is a condition of the living animal or plant body or of one of its parts that impairs normal functioning and is typically manifested by distinguishing signs and symptoms.”

What causes disease?

“Disease may be caused by external factors like a pathogen, or by an internal dysfunction for example an immune dysfunction of the body.”


This is what we are learning in a medical university.

So, if no pathogen is found, and hormonal values and other blood values are ok, we are pronounced healthy.

There are some doctors, scientists, because they are using their brains and not just repeating the school obtained nonsensical explanations, that continue learning as they go and many things that they encounter simply cannot be the way we are told that they are.

Those doctors have other ideas and if they come close to the truth, they are being silenced.

Often even if the truth was not found but healing was achieved, if the “disease” is profitable to the medical/pharmaceutical/supplement industry, the scientist is going to be silenced.

Thankfully to the www, the voices are being heard and here is a video that was sent to me by my friend John in which one of those medical scientists explains the heart and heart diseases in a completely different way. The doctor’s name is Thomas Cowan.

I would love you to watch this video.

ttps://youtu.be/yNuhoWoojK0 h

I do not know much about Thomas Cowan’s work then a couple of videos of his that I watched, but I love the way he thinks although there are things that I do not agree with.

I am not implying that he is wrong and that I am right. It is just a different way we see things.

In my opinion, Thomas is still too closely connected to biochemistry, and some implanted “truths” which lead to different conclusions.

If we remain stuck on atomic values and molecular relations, we can easily be misled.


The structure is everything and it has nothing to do with the atomic values.

The structure of our reality is of an electromagnetic nature. There are no solid bonds. Everything is kept in its place through electromagnetic fields which can be interfered with and easily changed. By changing the structure (sacred geometry), we change our reality, the “reality of our experience”.

Heating objects change the electromagnetic field and change the properties of elements. Our body is raising its heat to deal with toxic structures, it changes their geometric net, it changes them. We call this detoxifying effect.

Going back to the heart, Thomas believes that the heart does not pump blood. This is easy to observe. Just cut a vein and the blood flows out. Cut en artery and blood will shoot up to 25 meters far. This is a lot of pressure.

The reason why the heart can effectively circulate the blood is exactly what Thomas is explaining, an electromagnetic conductivity mechanism that I have explained in my book and some of my articles and videos.

Thomas then explains that some underlying diseases in the body are damaging the heart and causing the deterioration of the heart muscle.

Well, this underlying disease is actually blood’s toxicity.

Here is my video explaining what causes heart problems/diseases.

When we ignore chemistry and use physics to create a model of a human body, it is all about a geometric structure. This “sacred geometry” can be changed by using electromagnetic interference off our brain for example, but it can also be changed using heat.

You burn yourself and your skin becomes red, then black, and starts to have a bad odor. Those are all just interpretations of our brain while it is analyzing the structural changes of the geometrical net as it is shifting under the influence of heat.

People who had received the depopulation jab and magnets are sticking to their place of inoculation, can delete those magnetic forces by applying heat to the vaccinated area.

The heat will change the structure of the geometry that is creating the magnetic forces and the magnetic effect will disappear.

Thomas is under the impression that toxic plants are causing healing of the heart. They are influencing the state of fight and flight which stops the seepage of cellular toxins into the blood. Cleaner blood changes the symptoms.

His medication makes people dependent on the production and the manufacturer.

Those are drawbacks especially once when you realize that one can cleanse and eliminate those toxins and achieve complete healing of the entire body.

Not only that the heart muscle will recover, but also the heart valves and blood vessels will repair themselves, and all will be cost-free and independent of industry.


I am promoting the self-healing protocol only as a temporary solution because people have a hard time accepting a simple self-evident truth that vegetables are toxic and are not our food. Even when they make them sick, they find other excuses to blame their sickness on.

Now, are you ready for the full truth?

We can change our reality simply by expecting it to change in any way and shape we desire it to be changed. We only have to visualize what we want to experience, and firmly believe that what we had visualized is actually happening. We have to EXPECT this vision to be our reality when we open our eyes.

We can expect only if it makes sense to our mind and this is where faith comes into the equation.

To be able to do this, we have to be purified, and this is what we are now experiencing all about.

We are cleansing our minds of all negativity, all past programming, all lies, and misbeliefs.

This is why our reality is so chaotic at this moment.

The cleaner we are, the more aware we become. We awake to a whole new reality.

We start to see it the way it is, and not the way we have been told that it is.

The cleaner we are, the more we are drawn into the heart, the central source of our electromagnetic existence of a structural geometric form.

What a journey this is, especially to those who are awake.

Please wake up and have the full experience of this special, once in a billion years occurring event.

We are here because we are very strong and experienced souls, free yourselves and help our Mother Earth by holding the light during this spectacular event.

Love and light to us all.