Dry fasting & does our body produce its own water?


We have all experienced thirst at some point in our life, and the desperation that we feel when we are not able to drink while being thirsty because there was nothing to drink.

Just the thought of not having water available can bring this desperation and intensify our need for water.

The proponents of the dry fasting claim that this is the best way to detoxify the body and after all, our body produces water when it works properly, so there is no need to drink water during the fasting period because the body is in self-digesting mode, destroying its accumulated toxins and unnecessary tissues, it is healing and producing water which it uses to cleanse the leftover toxicity out of the body.

To prove this, they use the appearance of dark urine as proof of a strong cleansing effect.

Let’s use the true understanding of our body and our reality, and dissect this theory.

What is the mechanism by which water is being produced within the body?

At the very beginning of the cellular water-production theory, we find an error.

The theory begins with a statement that cells use glycogen (human carbohydrate as they wrongly refer to) as their basic fuel.


Since every glucose molecule contains hydrogen and oxygen, the production of energy commences within the mitochondria without the need for oxygen.

Since the oxygen is provided anyway, the cell produces two waste products that have to be eliminated and those are CO2 and H2O (carbon dioxide and water).

After all, this is very logical when biochemistry is consulted.

I have mentioned throughout my articles that biochemistry is used to confuse us through its complicated formulas and infinity of possible connections through which just about any theory can be explained, and make perfect sense.

Through observation, we often can see that what we have been told makes absolutely no sense, but we have been indoctrinated into trusting our science beyond our understanding so believe what you have been told and not what you can see.

Let’s assume that what is being told about cellular water production is correct.

Wouldn’t then be logical that cancer cells would be well hydrated because they really depend on glucose as the cellular fuel since their CO2 level is so high that oxygen cannot displace it.

Without the oxygen supply, fat cannot be used in those cells for energy production.

After all, we know that cancer cells are loaded with nagalase, which is an enzyme that cells need for glucose manipulation, and we know that the blood that exits cancer has lower levels of glucose from the blood that had entered cancer.

If the cellular water production theory would have been correct, cancer cells would have to be producing the most water and therefore be well hydrated.

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But what we can actually observe is that cancer cells are so dehydrated that they look like a prune.

:Now, this observation should be a clear example of a wrong theory, but again is anyone really thinking?

After all, we have been told a scientific theory that was confirmed by the study.

Yes, and if you believe it, I have the Brooklyn bridge to sell.

Carboholics should be the most hydrated creatures on this planet because only people use glucose as their primary fuel after they have reprogrammed their cells through their “healthy” plant-eating diet that shortened their lives, and made them sickly, and dehydrated.

Even those, from the truth separated “experts”, are observing and noticing that while dry-fasting their urine becomes dark, they contribute the dak urine to the strong cellular detox when those toxins that were not converted to the cellular fuel are being expelled from the body.

“The darker is the urine, the stronger is the detoxification effect”, they say.

When we use the wrong premises, the conclusion will be wrong as well.

Two wrongs do not make one good, this should be obvious to everyone, but no to the “experts”, I guess.

So if their view about the dark urine is incorrect, why is the urine becoming darker longer we are in the dry-fast.

Because our body is getting dehydrated and saves water by not eliminating water through urination unless the urine becomes saturated with the expelled toxins.

The more dehydrated we are the more toxic will be our urine, and a smaller amount of it will be eliminated.

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Why do the Bedu people of Sahara drink a small quantity of water, and make sure that they consume plenty of sea salt?

Because they have observed that if they drink more water, they urinate more and become more thirsty, especially if they do not consume enough salt.

What is happening there?

The water in our body is calibrated to its mineral content (salts), for the highest possible electric conductivity.

If we drink more water, the balance of the mineral electrolyte is disturbed and the body eliminates the water it cannot properly calibrate to the salt content. We sweat and urinate it out.

When the water intake matches the salt intake, the plasma level rises.

Everyone who has done the Self Healers Protocol has experienced that as soon as the plasma level in the body has increased, the blood cleansing commences which makes them urinate a lot.

This means that if Bedu people would drink a lot of water, they would perspire and urinate it out, losing more minerals in the process which would dehydrate them even more.

If they would drink a lot of water and use plenty of salt, the increase of plasma level in the blood would have triggered the blood cleansing mechanism, and they would urinate and sweat a lot.

By drinking a small amount of water and making sure that enough salt was consumed, they maintain their plasma levels steady, but low enough to discourage the blood cleansing mechanism from kicking in.

This shows that those who think that dry-fasting intensifies the cellular detoxification process, are being mislead.

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Once we understand the true mechanism of our robot we cal the body, we can easily figure out why the body reacts the way it does.

If you want to know the truth, forget about the manipulated science and read my book “The Owner’s Manual For The Human Body”.

Every health professional should read it because we cannot help anybody when we do not understand why our body reacts the way it does.

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Love and light to us all.

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