House care or caregiver helping senior woman to get up of bed

This is a very strange phenomenon. What people fear the most is to have some debilitating disease.

What people put on the bottom of their list of things to do is to take a care of their health.

I believe that this is the reason why people feel the need to have a health insurance.

Somehow, people feel safer when their health is insured but is their health any safer while it is being insured by some corporation?

I remember when I lived in communism. The health insurance was obligatory and it was taken from the paycheck of every worker. The government was in charge and whatever the government touches, falls apart. The reason for this is that the politicians are a class for themselves. They use people as their private slaves. The politicians adjust the laws to protect themselves, they are not accountable for their actions so they are immune from prosecutions. This means they cannot do any wrong. Their status is privileged so they do not stay in lines no matter where they go. For them the system is perfect.

So if a politician gets sick, there is always a hospital bed available, and the diagnostic equipment is ready to give quick answers to they ailments.

It is a completely different situation when a regular citizen falls ill.

Hospital beds are unavailable and for some diagnostic equipment, one has a several months waiting list. Unless you have some cash to stimulate the official in charge, you have a great chance to die before you even get to your scheduled CAT SCAN you had 4 months to wait for.

It is obvious that you would be much better of saving the money that you paid for the health insurance and give it directly to the one who will be taking the care of you when you are in need of help.

How corrupt and uninterested in its own people the government is can be seen now in Peru where rice from China is imported without being taxed and domestic rice producers have no place where they can sell their product.

I witnessed a similar situation in Croatia where a meat was imported and local farmers had no market for their meat having to slaughter the animals and dispose of their meat.

When I lived in the corporatism, in the USA, I was providing the insurance for my employees and myself. This was 2400 dollars yearly for each of us and I am talking about the mid-1990s.

dental insurance cartoons

None of us was ever sick but the money had to be paid anyway.

Now as we are older some of the people are in the need of medical assistance but the laws have changed and the help is not the same. Unless you have some extra money to give, you are doomed. So here we are, communism all over again.

The question arises -are we safer being “protected” with the health insurance?

In my opinion, the health insurance is a sham and it is harmful to humanity.

The health insurance is a business and as such, it only cares about itself and not about what it is designed to do.

Huge amounts of money are being collected and this money is owned by the corporation whose interest is in itself and not the people. Multiple corporations figured out that it is better for them to merge than to compete with each other and this gives them more power which means fewer options for the people whose health is supposed to be protected by them.

Now this powerful corporation starts to dictate medical policies that will best serve the corporation and not the people under their “health protection”.

This is the reason we are in the present situation where sickness is rampant, doctors overworked, and peoples saving taken away by the medical bills not covered by their insurance “benefits”.

As the USA is being converted from the republic into a communism, the government took the hold of the medical insurance which is the worst thing that can happen. Now if you refuse to be insured, they slap you with a penalty. The government leaches demand to be paid no matter what.

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Under the pretenses that they care for your health, the government will punish you if you refuse to obey their recommendation. If you refuse to be poisoned by their vaccines they can unleash the law enforcement because whatever they decide to do, becomes a law that has to be obeyed.

It is the time for the humanity to awake and realize what is happening.

I do not have medical or life insurance anymore.

I take care of myself and if I do not feel good, I have a pretty good idea why I feel this way, and I help my body to heal itself.

This is much better than having a mislead health “expert” filling my body with poison while not having a clue of what is really going on.

If I would be involved with the trauma that requires a medical attention, I rather pay the doctor directly. He will be happier and it will cost me less than wasting the money monthly on some bogus medical insurance.

When you have to pay directly from your pocket for medication, you try to stay healthy by doing the right choices and prevent the disease rather than treat it later.

Whenever we think that we are saving money by giving it away monthly, the math just does not add up. Having a middleman always costs more and the service becomes worse.

It is much better to deal with your health provider directly and contribute to their service when it contributes to your health. Refuse to contribute if you do not feel well and continue contributing if your health provider helps you to regain your health again.

To me, this makes more sense than what is happening right now.

People are getting sick, insurance pays for some things only if they are done the way they want which is never the way it should be done.

Why not?

Because the system wants you sick and dead since they benefit financially only if you are in one of those situations.

So when you die from the treatment, you and your family are still liable for the expenses of the treatments. It does not matter that the treatments have killed you. The leaches had to be paid no matter what. If the family refuses to pay, the law is unleashed on them. The law will not investigate the doctor, it will force your payment, that is all that the system cares about.

It is the time to change this system because it is obvious that it does not work.

I receive many thank you letters in which people are thanking me for showing them the way to heal themselves.

Some of you are sending me donations and they are greatly appreciated. Isn’t this much better relationship between you and your health provider?

I answer your questions, I give you the tips to follow and the health returns into your body. In return, you contribute so that I can do my job. You are happy, I am happy knowing that I have helped you and the leaches stay out of it.

Please continue participating, ask questions and implement what you have learned from me. If you feel it beneficial, schedule Skype or messenger appointment where we can privately discuss your concerns. This is the way it should be.

There is no place or need for government or any other middleman leach to be involved and suck you dry.

It is the time to wake up and take the responsibility for our actions.

Love and light to us all.

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The Salinas de Fuencaliente (Salt fields of Fuencaliente) in the south of the island of La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain. Flor de Sal is harvested as sea water is trapped between stone and mud.

The more I write about the salt, the more questions keep popping up.

Many people are asking if the dark sediment that stays on the bottom of the glass is toxic?

Which sea salt is better, the darker one or the whiter one?

What about the Flower of sea salt (Fleur de sel)?

What about the heavy metals and other pollutants that are washed into the sea?

What about the differences in the sea salt quality relating to which sea it was taken from?…..

There is a never-ending line of questions regarding the salt.

I do not have a lab available to test the salt and I do not trust the reports given by those who sell it, and since I am very disappointed in the fraudulent tactics our science is using to push political and other hidden agendas. Instead of showing you the chemical reports, let me explain the facts about the salt in general.

My opinion has always been, when you understand the foundation, you have something on what you can build on and it makes it easier to make knowledge-based conclusions.

So, where does the sea salt come from?

Do not answer “from the sea” please. Such was the popular answers in the primary school of those who did not study their homework.

How does the salt appear in the sea would probably be a better way to ask the same question?

We are all familiar with the water circle. Water evaporates, condenses into a fog. The fog rises. Higher it gets the cooler it becomes. It becomes dense and forms the clouds.

The clouds condense further and form droplets of water. Those droplets adhere one to another and they form the raindrops.

The rain falls back on the ground and absorbs into the soil.

As the water seeps through the soil, it dissolves minute particles of the elements that it encounters and carries them along into the streams, then rivers and finally it ends up in the sea.

As the sea surface heats up, the water evaporates and starts another water cycle, leaving the dissolved minerals behind.

Day after day, year after year, century after century….and the sea water becomes saltier in time.

Seas and oceans are not stagnant. They constantly move causing currents and the water is mixing itself in the process.

The sea water is a colloid. All those dissolved elements have an electric charge so the sea water is an excellent electrical conductor. Those charged particles repel one from each other and this ensures a stable colloidal content.

Because the sea water is a colloid, it is easily absorbed into our body. Those people who claim that we cannot absorb minerals from salt are ignorant parrots capable of only repeating what they have been told. They have no real knowledge and they have a low IQ since they cannot think for themselves.

Background pieces of white sea salt

There is no better way to stock up on minerals than by ingesting sea water. Everyone on the Self Healers Protocol has their own experience of fast growing hair and nails. This also means their bones are solid as they receive plenty minerals through the salt they consume daily.

Now, do we need to be concerned about what we hear regarding the dangers of the presence of salt in our diet?

Relay on your observation, knowledge and clear thinking. Stop your dependence on other people opinions. You will be better off relying on yourself then those brainwashed “experts” I guarantee you that much.

Going back to the salt, as the sea water is constantly flowing, the mineral content of the seawater becomes more or less uniform. I say more or less because there can be some small deviations but their significance is not even worth mentioning.

Since the seawater contains almost all the elements found on this planet you can be sure that your body will find there what it might be missing and it will reject what it does not need or what is in excess.

Because of the great variety of elements in it, the sea salt is less salty than the table or the rock salt we are accustomed to using, and it has a particular, pleasant taste to it.

How is the sea salt harvested?

The sea water is trapped in shallow basins, where it evaporates and the sea salt that remains there is scooped on a pile.

Depending on how rough was the sea when it was entering the shallow beds and depending on the content of the shallow water, the sea salt can have some color to it from the sediment. Usually, it is gray but it can be pinkish or brownish as well. The color does not change the salts characteristics and its mineral content.

Variety of Different Sea Salts, Black and Red Hawaiian, Gray Celtic, Pink Himalayan, Flaky Murray River Australian

It is good to know where are the salt ponds located because if they are near some heavy industrial site the rain can bring in some toxic sediment as it washes the surrounding areas surface bringing the toxic debris with it into a salt pond.

As I have mentioned earlier, the chemical content of the sea salt will be pretty much the same no matter where does the sea salt come from as the sea water flows and mixes itself from one ocean to the other.

The sea water is heavier than the rainwater because it contains dissolved minerals. If the sea water does not move and we add the rainwater on top of it, the surface water will remain sweet as the sweet water will float on top of the sea water.

This phenomenon is used in Malta as there are underwater caverns of stagnant sea water. When it rains the rain water seeps into those caverns and remain floating on top of the sea water.

The local population uses this sweet water deposits as their water source but if the rain does not come for a while, the water they use will gradually become saltier an saltier as the rainwater gets depleted.

I am mentioning this because some of you are asking me about the special and expensive sea salt called the flower of salt or in the French language the -Fleur de sel.

This type of sea salt is the first salt that becomes skimmed from the surface of the salt pond as the water is evaporating salty thin crust forms on the surface.

Such salt is whiter but the question is, is it healthier?

Salt farming in the coastal Phetchaburi provinces of Thailand

I do not see any reason why would such sea salt be any better than the regularly scooped sea salt.

Yes, it does not have the darker sediment but we have forgotten one thing.

Oil and biological debris float on the surface. This means that this type of salt will contain more oily residues if they are present in the sea.

Most of those flower sea salts are harvested in the Mediterranean and the Adriatic sea. Those are closed seas with heavy industry and millions of people full of lotions on their skin swimming in them. Heavily motorized traffic so obviously plenty of oil floating on the surface.

Personally, I would avoid this type of sea salt these days.

Do your own investigation. Locate where your sea salt is harvested and decide if it is ok or not.

I get my sea salt from Sechura here in Peru. This is on the Pacific coast. The salt is gray, sometimes more than others depending on the sea conditions but who cares. There is no heavy industry nearby so all is good.

If you have any other questions let me know. If the question is asked by several people, I will blog o it.

Love and light to us all.

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Pink salt and spice, ingredients for cooking. Selective focus

There are many people especially in developed countries who are health conscious and understand that we are being poisoned through the processed foods we buy in our supermarkets.

At the same time, many people started noticing the shortcomings of the modern medicine and started to search elsewhere for health guidance.

As the result of those circumstances, a new business emerged and grew into a giant. This new business is the health-food and supplement market.

These days one can find a health-food store on just about every corner.

Those health-oriented places had gained a great popularity and made many entrepreneurs very rich.

The question is, did they help the people who were searching for healthy food and healthy lifestyle?

In my opinion, not at all. Matter a fact, they only helped the store owners and the supplement pushers of which some became multi-millionaires expending their tentacles through the world wide web of the Internet.

Some of you may be surprised and disagree with me but let’s just analyze what is going on.

All those health-food places promote vegetarian diets, supplements, and natural medicinal remedies.

Most of those “health foods” are suggested to be used daily to keep the body healthy and strong.

The best examples are garlic and ginger. Both are strong medicinal remedies with a neurotoxic action.

The Lockhorns, March 13, 2012

On the other side, the turmeric is also promoted to be used daily as a strong antioxidant with the anti-inflammatory action.

The black coffee is promoted and the health-food stores are bending one over the other proclaiming that their coffee is the best and healthiest while there is no such a thing as healthy caffeine no matter how fresh the coffee beans are.

I bet you that if those places would have the liqueur license, they would be promoting the red wine as well since “everyone knows” that the red wine has good antioxidants and prolongs the human life. Right????

If you think that the health-food industry and the supplements pushers are concerned about your health, think again.

Many times I have contacted those in charge of such places and revealed the truth about the health hazards of those “health promoting” foods and supplements only to be shrugged off or prohibited to talk to their customers. Instead of doing the research and correcting the inventory, they banned me from participating and silenced me as if I was the problem.

On one item I was attacked in particular and that was the Himalayan salt or as it is promoted the”Himalayan pink sea salt”.

The Himalayan salt is expensive and it is promoted as the best salt to be used as it has the most minerals and it is the cleanest salt there is.

Since we are being frightened that we have polluted our sea and it is no longer safe to eat the fish from it, so is the sea salt promoted as unhealthy and toxic.

The first time I saw the Himalayan salt being promoted as the health-food I had to laugh.

Why was I laughing you may ask?

Marco Polo described his experience when he traveled through Himalaya he saw those poor people buying sea salt from passing caravan. When he pointed to those people that they are living on deposits of salt they told him that if they would eat this salt they would get sick. They had to trade and get the fresh sea salt for their consumption.

caravan of mules with goods - Western Nepal

So those poor people were buying sea salt and now the corrupt health-food industry and the unscrupulous supplement pushers are selling this poison to an unsuspecting public for a great profit.

Since the Self Healers Protocol advocates to use sea salt, many people are asking me if it is ok to use the pink Himalayan salt and if not, why not?

The health-food industry is promoting the Himalayan salt to be the healthiest salt because it contains the most minerals and it is the cleanest as in the past when the Himalaya was on the sea level or below it (many millions of years ago), our planet was clean with no man-made toxic pollutants on it.

This is false since we are the fifth human seeding on the planet Earth.

Yes, you understood me correctly, we were seeded and we did not evolve by natural selection.

The previous four attempts to nurture humanity went wrong as the humans destroyed each other exactly as recently we were on the way of our fifth destruction with the nuclear weapons.

There were nuclear wars on this planet before and traces of the radiation are found in the Himalayan salt as there is a pretty high level of Francium, a radioactive element in it.

There is also a high quantity of dysprosium which is mildly toxic and barium, bromine, and tantalum.

None of them really needed by our body and they are toxic.

On top of this, the percentage of magnesium is very low as it attracts the water and makes salt to sweat. In this way, many beneficial minerals including the magnesium have been washed away in time.

This happens to all sediment salts from mines. We call them the rock salts.

Often, the health-food stores are selling the bleached and iodized sea salt. This is toxic salt, as well as the iodine added, is not bio-compatible and in the fact, it can contribute to the thyroid problems from which it is supposed to protect us.

As I have pointed many times in my blogs and in my books, we are being lied to by our science and those lies are being repeated by many well-wishing folks. The Youtube is full of videos created to help humanity healing itself but in the fact, they are just personal interpretations of the false science and do more harm than good.

Forget everything you know and learn the new information, it will save your lives.

Just give it a try, it cannot harm you. Only as soon as the body receives what it was missing, it starts to cleanse and heal itself. This comes with unexpected pains (the healing crisis) and people misinterpret this and stop the protocol.

Allow me to guide you and you will be amazed at what will happen.

I know that there are some people that are cringing at me reading this. Well, you have just started recently or your bodies are in really bad shape and it takes longer to see the results. Hang on and you will not be disappointed.

Love and light to us all.

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Cardiogram is made of colorful drug pills and red paper heart, pharmaceutical and cardiology concept

Recently I wrote an optimistic comment about president Trump going after the big pharmaceutical industry and their fraudulent activities only to be disappointed again with the latest Trump’s action of choosing a new Health and Human Services Secretary (HHS) Mr. Alex Azar.

Who is Alex Azar?

He was a fixture over the years in key drug industry groups including stints on the board of the Biotechnology Innovation Organization and the Health-care Leadership Council. The Council has been a leader, for example, in lobbying to privatize the Medicare program.

You can read more about Mr. Azar here

So what can we expect will happen with the medical care of USA citizens?

What can we expect to happen when a drug advocate receives the power to enforce his decisions?

Not only that vaccines are forcefully implemented, the patients cannot refuse treatments as it is or they are being persecuted and forced to comply with their doctor’s decision.

If you want to know how it all works in communism, well this is it my friends.

Some of you that had the opportunity to experience the communism personally may argue – at least no one is dead!.

Are you sure of that???

An alarming number of alternative medicine professionals have been killed recently. Ops! I meant to say that they have been suicided at least those are the official reports. You know, they shoot themselves twice in the head or something similar to this.

Watch this Lisa’s Haven video


So what do you think that we can expect as more power is given to the Pharmaceutical giants?

I am aware of Donald Trump’s unpredictability and his ability to set a trap and I am hoping that this is the case on this occasion as well.

What they say: keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

The future will tell but we all have to be vigilant and careful. The sooner we learn that medicines are not created to heal us but to do the opposite, we can free ourselves from the grip of our corrupt medical professionals by refusing medications and learn to heal ourselves by learning the truth.

We have to absorb the truth no matter how strange it sounds. We can heal by simply changing our diet and hydrate with water and sea salt. Exposing ourselves to the sunlight and walking barefoot in the park.

Instead of going to a team parks for a vacation, go to the forest, swim in rivers and the sea.

Come and visit me here in Amazon region of Peru, hug a five-hundred-year-old tree.

I understand that it is scary to leave the “life-saving medication” that you are on so take a vacation, visit us here in Peru and we are going to get you jump-started with your new life. The life that will be free of medicinal poisons and the body that will be free from the pain.

Very often, people, have stagnant energies preventing their healing so for those people it is important to clear those old energies. For this purpose Shamanic work does miracles.

We cannot ignore the fact that we are energy and energy has to flow, to move.

If energy becomes trapped, it causes stagnation which manifests itself in disease.

In some of the past articles, I explain that our genes can contain such trapped energies in the form of previous experiences.

Now as we are experiencing the increase of frequencies, new genes are starting to oscillate and if they carry the imprint of some trapped energies, those past experiences are reaching our subconsciousness and manifest themselves by disrupting our energetic flow.

They will be cleared but sometimes our mind gets a hold of them and does not let them go.

Here is where Shaman is invaluable.

Yoga as physical and spiritual therapy Stock Images

Most people are clearing those past energies by themselves and this makes them tired. This also often causes aches in places where it never hurt before.

As our frequency changes, previously dormant genes are becoming active. As the result of this, our cellular activity is changing and with it changes our body.

We do not see those changes yet but our bodies are reacting differently. If we would have been exposed to these frequencies just two years ago, we would all be dead.

Scientists are not mentioning this because they would be expected to explain this, and they are unable to do so.

For some time now we are being frightened by our media that our Sun is erupting with a great force that will destroy us but nothing has happened.

Our sun has changed its color from yellow to white. This is because the frequency has changed. We can feel the stings our sunlight makes as it touches our skin but we do not burn any different than before. How is that possible?

We have already changed but the mutation is continuing as the frequencies are increasing.

Nothing to worry about my brothers and sisters, we are evolving.

We are living in marvelous times of an evolutionary event through which we are going to go consciously. This is an extraordinary privilege and the mere fact that you are here to experience it makes you very special. Never forget this!!!

Love and light to us all.


GLYCOGEN- why are scientists reluctant to relate the dietary glucose to chronic health problems?

Mother paying basketball wit her children. : Stock Photo

As far as I remember, whenever there was an article about the cellular energy production, glucose always took a front seat.

I have learned nothing new in the medical university as the same narratives were repeated over and over again. The basic cellular fuel for animal cells is glucose and this glucose is stored bonded to protein called glycogenin protein. The compound produced from the glucose and glycogenin protein is the reserve energy unit called the glycogen.

This is what we are told by our esteemed professors and yes, I do agree that glycogen is the major storage of glucose within the animal and human body. Where I do disagree is when the same esteemed scientists declare glucose to be the primary energy source of our body.

At whatever scientific paper you look at, the glucose transformation into the energy within the citric cycle is mentioned and it is given the front seat even though a ketogenic cycle of liberating energy from triglyceride (fat-ketone body) is taking place within the same mitochondrion.

We know that the same mitochondrion can equally use glucose or fat and produce energy from them so why is the glucose selected to be the primary and most valuable cellular energy source?

In my opinion, this decision is the part of the manipulated science where the truth has to be distorted so that the hijacked science can be weaponized and used against us.

Truth cartoons, Truth cartoon, funny, Truth picture, Truth pictures, Truth image, Truth images, Truth illustration, Truth illustrations

As long as they can keep doctors believing this nonsense, the health professionals will be incapable of suspecting that the glucose can and is the cause of many health problems which people experience these days.

I believe that this is the main reason why no one has joined me in the medical circles in debunking the glucose lie. Nobody wants to put their name on the laughing stock list. Their image and their academic status may be ruined and this is all that they care about.

Why is it obvious to me that glucose cannot be the primary source of the cellular energy of our body?

The main deposit of glycogen in the body is in the liver and liver of an adult can store only about 100 grams of glycogen. This is really a small and limited energy depot.

Secondary places where glycogen is found in noticeable quantity are the skeletal muscles.

The difference between the glycogen in the skeletal muscles and the deposits in the liver is that the skeletal muscles cannot release the glycogen into the blood and liver can.

What does this mean and what significance this presents?

This means that the liver can be used as a storage from which the glycogen can be redistributed but whatever glycogen is in the muscles, it is there for its personal use. This means that the muscle is not a glycogen storage. Instead, the glycogen in the muscle is an active ingredient and it is essential for muscular work.

In one of my previous articles, I pointed to the fact that our body does not have steady energy demands. When we are working we need way more energy than if we are sitting and doing nothing.

Since our body is a robot, it cannot make the decision to slow down the chemical processes. The chemical reaction occurs as the ingredients become available and the speed of the reactions is predetermined by the temperature, the humidity, and the availability of the catalysts.

When the body is healthy, all those requirements are met so our body has to have the choice of at least two different types of fuels to be able to function properly.

Workout cartoons, Workout cartoon, funny, Workout picture, Workout pictures, Workout image, Workout images, Workout illustration, Workout illustrations

Our body needs a primary fuel that will support all its energy needs when it is functioning within the “normal” daily parameters, and then it needs a secondary type of fuel when it is exposed to sudden short terms of heightened activity where much more energy is needed.

Contrary to what we are being told, triglyceride and not glucose is our primary source of energy.

The fat is what provides our cells with the basic energy on which our body depends for its regular daily routines.

Glucose is the secondary, explosive energy that can be produced in an instant and if left unsupervised, it can create severe cellular damages. For this reason, glucose is not deposited as carbohydrate in our body to be readily available. Instead, it is bonded to the protein and for it to be used as a fuel, the protein bond has to be broken.

This means that you can have a full load of glycogen in your liver and in your muscles but you can go on for days not using it at all.

The only way to access the glucose from the glycogen is to put the cells in a stressful situation. Then glucagon is released and the protein bond breaks releasing glucose making it available for the cellular energy production.

This means that glucose will not be released unless a stress is present.

For this reason, I call the glucose a booster fuel.

Our skeletal muscles contain a reserve of glycogen because we do not apply always the same demand on our muscles. Sometimes we are inactive and sometimes we do a hard physical work.

If we do our daily routines we seldom tap into the glucose reserves at all.

In a case of demanding sports where sometimes we go over the usual daily routine, we stress the muscles. They find themselves low on energy and they cannot produce the energy at the same time when they are using it so the cellular structure of our muscles becomes stressed. The muscle cells themselves release stress hormones and liberate the glucose for the extra energy boost the muscles require.

If we are eating correctly, our muscle cells have 3-4 thousand mitochondria and when they are given the glucose, a tremendous amount of energy is released. As soon as the energy demand is satisfied, the stress is over and the cells continue working on their primary fuel the fat.

As soon as there is a chance, cells will replenish their lost glycogen by making new reserves and they will make the glycogen utilizing fat and proteins in a reversed citric cycle. The big number of mitochondria assure fast energy recuperation.

This is why cells cannot produce energy when they are using it. The same wheel cannot spin in both directions at the same time. One cannot inhale and exhale at the same moment, neither can the cells produce and use the energy simultaneously.

Profesional bodybuilders inject stress hormones to maintain the optimal energy level through the whole day. This is very bad idea because the steroid they use is injected into the blood and it affects all of the cells in their body including their brain and not just the skeletal muscles they are working on.

In a stressful situation, the brain becomes unpredictable because it is put into a survival mode and the bodybuilder can become overexcited and violent.

Besides this, when the whole body is in a stressful situation and it is kept there for prolonged periods of time, it does not hydrate properly and the whole metabolism is out of whack.

As you can see on the example of the skeletal muscles, our cells can reach a stressful situation if the energy that they need is not available and in this case, they will secrete a cellular stress hormone to be able to release the boosting fuel.

This is a common situation in people who reprogrammed their cells to use glucose as the primary fuel by having it readily available in the blood. The only way this can happen is if the glucose is absorbed from the food they eat.

Humans are the only animals who can make dietary glucose available in their blood. They achieve this by cooking their food.

Plants, especially those that contain a lot of starch like potato, grains, yucca, breadfruit…are loaded with glucose. This glucose is kept within a membrane of cellulose and this cellulose bursts when it is exposed to the heat.

The raw food is structurally completely different from the cooked food but no one is pointing this out so please read my book The Resonance Of Nutrition and learn the truth.

Exercise, exercise, exercise

Our body has natural ways to prevent glucose from becoming readily available as an energy source but once glucose is in the blood, the whole metabolism has to change and adapt to this type of fuel.

Since the cells cannot slow down the chemical reactions and glucose conversion into the energy is a fast and explosive process, the only way that our cells can lower the energy production is to deactivate a bunch of mitochondria.

This is ok when we are eating and the glucose is abundant in our blood but if we do not eat for a couple of hours, then the diminished number of mitochondria prevents adequate energy production from fat. Since glucose is not available unless we are eating it our cells start experiencing the energy shortages. If this persists, the cells react with the release of stress hormones and use the glycogen making the body hypoglycemic.

Since a number of mitochondria are low, the energy recovery process is slow and it is dependent on the carbohydrates in the food that we eat.

This is why extended sports activities cause deterioration of the body but this only happens if the wrong fuel is used. Since dietitians and doctors think that the carbohydrates are the correct energy source, the trainers instruct their clients wrongly.

I hope that this article makes it easy for you to understand what is glycogen and that now you now that glycogen is not a primary energy source. Instead, it is more of a backup reserve fuel to be used when absolutely needed in a stressful situation.

When you hear somebody saying that the glycogen is our primary energy storage, they have no idea of what they are talking about. They are only repeating the lies perpetrated on us through the popular science and our academia. This is the parrot talk that is so common everywhere you look.

There are thousands of Youtube videos teaching us nonsense about the health benefits of garlic, onions, turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, spirulina…and other “superfoods” and in fact they are just parrots regurgitating nonsense without really knowing what they are talking about.

The time of awakening is upon us. Absorb the new information and use it to benefit your health.

Love and light to us all.


THE ASIAN PARADOX-or is it a paradox?

Asian cuisine - rice in sauce with stir fried vegetables, pineapple and salmon. Wooden bowl with chopsticks. Close up.

Lately, I have heard and received comments on the Asian Paradox.

For those of us who are not familiar with this expression, the Asian paradox is referred to as the fact that the Asian people live on rice and they are healthy and live longer.

So if the dietary carbohydrates cause all the bad thing that I am mentioning, how is it possible for the Asian people to be so healthy since their basic diet is rice, a carbohydrate?

So let me explain what is going on.

Whenever I write about the carbohydrate diet I point to the fact that glucose is not our natural food. It reprograms our genetic expression and forces our cells to change the way they behave.

The cellular changes that occur cause:

* Low mitochondrial count

* Higher NAGALASE enzyme, previously know as glycoside hydrolase

* Lower GcMAF immune protein production

* High insulin production

* Thickening of cellular membranes

* Increased blood cholesterol level

* Increased blood triglycerides

* Increased levels of stress

* Hypoglycemia

* Hypertension

* Blood circulation problems

* Rheumatism

* Osteopenia

* Fatty liver

* Kidney stones

* Kidney failure

* Dementia

* Heart failure

* Embolism

* Stroke

Basically, all chronic health problem can be traced to glucose consumption.

In my book, I explain that if we eat correctly, our sugar absorption is low. This is because we have a small amount of GLUT transporting protein available to import the sugar into our blood. The daily consumption of glucose increases the insulin production and raises the levels of the GLUT transporters. In this way, the absorption of sugars into the blood increases.

Once glucose finds itself in the bloodstream, the cells of the body will not accept it unless the insulin is released into the blood and irritates the cells. The daily cellular irritation with the insulin forces the cells to thicken their membranes. For this, they need more cholesterol so the cholesterol blood levels increase. Cellular resistance to the insulin starts at this point.

Thicker the cell walls are, more insulin is needed, more cholesterol is produced, more GLUT is available, more sugar is absorbed, the lower mitochondrial account becomes.

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The more glucose is absorbed, the more nagalase is needed for its manipulation. The Higher amount of cellular glucose, a higher amount of nagalase, lower will be the level of GcMAF protein, lower will be the immune defense of the cells and the body as the whole.

The strongest insulin irritation will be where the higher levels of insulin are concentrated and this is in the blood. This is partially the reason why the walls of blood vessels become stiff and the blood circulation becomes compromised.

Since the cells cannot produce enough energy from the fat (triglyceride) if their mitochondrial count is low, we experience frequent hunger since our body does not store glucose as the regular fuel and cannot release it whenever the cells ask for food.

Only when we ignore the cellular cry for energy and we continue working without feeding ourselves, the cells go into a stress mode. They release stress hormones, break down the glycogen and use the boosting fuel as the emergency source of glucose putting the body into a state of hypoglycemia.

Since we feel extreme hunger whenever we have the chance to eat we fill our plate full of carbohydrates and then some.

Well this explains why I've been known to go out and buy one of those square Pepperidge Farm cakes and eat the whole thing... when I'm stressed... : )

This overindulging on toxic dietary carbohydrates causes fatty liver and obesity since our cells can only utilize a few carbohydrates for fueling the cells. What the cells cannot use for immediate energy, they immediately convert into triglyceride or cholesterol depending on the cellular needs.

Now if carbohydrates do all of this terrible changes in the body, how come that the Asian people do not show these health problems since their staple diet is rice which is a dietary carbohydrate and causes all of those symptoms in European and American people?

The answer is simple.

In general, Asian people eat very small amounts of rice. Usually, it is a small bowl. They accompany it with steer-fried vegetables and meat.

Ed Schoenfeld's Chinese Food History of New York | Serious Eats

They eat plenty of fish or other types of meat with its fat. Pork is very popular in many parts of Asia. Often they consume coconut oil.

Animal fats and coconut oil are saturated oils. They are the healthiest fats for human consumption. They coat the mucous tissue reducing the sugar absorption into the blood.

Asian people fry their food in saturated fats and they fry it just slightly. Their vegetables do not change the taste, smell and the texture after steer-frying and this means that the cellulose did not burst and the vegetables will be none digestible.

Because the Asian people eat a small amount of rice and protect themselves with the saturated fats, not much sugar is absorbed and the body suffers to a lesser extent.

Asian people that indulge in western diet become as fat as western people do.

Same as the wealthy Asian people also often suffer from the obesity and all of the health problems that I have mentioned earlier since they overindulge on the rice.

Simply, when you eat a small amount of a poison, you live longer then if you stuff yourself with it.

As for the longevity, there is none.

Asian people that eat frugally do not live any longer than European or American or African people, that eat in a similar way. They seldom live more than 110 years and this is nothing unusual and it is a far cry from the real living potential of our genetic code.

As you can see, there is no Asian Paradox just a healthier eating habit.

Love and light to us all.



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The Cabal has lost and as the swam cleanup has started, the final attack of the globalists stooges is taking place. One of the weapons being unleashed is the biological weapon that was created after the WW 2 and first tried in the German town of Marburg to which honor it was named after.

As the biowarfare is condemned by international agreement, those military biological weapon labs are propagated as research laboratories for developing treatments and vaccines against those biological agents.

Occasionally few people die here and there as those new, reinforced biological agents are tested on an unsuspecting population.

As life is cheap in underdeveloped countries,  they make the perfect choice for the location of such labs. This is why African countries are loaded with them.

Now you know why the dangerous contagious diseases often start in Africa and then mysteriously spread around the world.

JUBA, SOUTH SUDAN - FEBRUARY 28: Unidentified people have breakfast in front of their huts in displaced persons camp, Juba, South Sudan, February 28, 2012. They stay in harsh conditions for long time.

Of course, the culprits are the monkeys. At least this is what we are usually told, the “filthy backward man copulating with the beast!”.

Ashamed should be those believing such a nonsense.

Since many people in Africa are malnourished, their immune system is weak so they make excellent “lab rats” on which the new and improved biological agents are tested.

This is why it is not surprising that another dangerous viral infectious disease is starting to spread from Africa.

This time it is a MERV virus, and the disease it triggers is called the Marburg virus disease.

It is classified as extremely dangerous and it is labeled as dangerous as the Ebola virus.

Matter of fact, even the symptoms are the same so it can be easily misdiagnosed.

In Africa, the mortality rate in some states was between 50-100% of those infected.

In Europe, the mortality rate was between 23-50% of the people infected.

In Russia, the mortality was 100% but this is all the statistics from before when Russia was a starving communist country.

Using the statistics you can easily see how malnourished population becomes the easy prey.

The symptoms of the Marburg virus disease are in the first stages: high fever (~40˚C or ~104 F) and a sudden, severe headache, with accompanying chills, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, pharyngitis, maculopapular rash, abdominal pain, conjunctivitis…

Later symptoms of encephalitis, confusion, delirium, apathy, and aggression. Hemorrhagic symptoms typically occur later.

Prolonged cases have symptoms of bloody stools and mucosal & visceral hemorrhaging.

Caucasian woman doctor listening the hearth beat and breathing of sick black African man

Why do some people recover and some people don’t?

Cholesterol pathways play an important role at multiple stages during the first infection cycle.

NPC1 cholesterol transporter protein appears to be essential for infection with both Ebola and Marburg virus.

Having fewer cholesterol transporters slows down the spreading of the infection and it gives the body chance to overpower the virus.

Scientists have noticed that obese people suffer much more severe consequences from the infection with either the Ebola or the Marburg virus and higher is the rate of lethal cases of such people. This is not surprising since in the obese peoples NPC1 gene is more active and more cholesterol transporters is manufactured and released into the blood.

This is not to be confused and we should not assume that skinny people are automatically more resistant to the virus.

It all depends on the type of the diet people are accustomed to having.

Skinny people can have high cholesterol if the food they eat is carbohydrate based and their bodies health is compromised.

As I point in all of my articles, every cellular change or mutation is triggered by a genetic activity and this genetic activity is a direct result of the changes in the immediate environment.

As my family who follows my work and follows the recommendations of hydration, cleansing and correct diet, you have nothing to fear. Your NPC1 gene is docile, you have a lower amount of cholesterol transporters and the virus will have difficulty to spread through your body.

At the same time, your immune system is strong and it will destroy the virus with ease.

Do not fall a victim of the propaganda machine and shiver in fear.

As you know, the stress is as dangerous as a bad and toxic food. It will weaken your immune system and put you in a dangerous position.

young beautiful business woman suffering stress working at office computer desk feeling tired and desperate looking overworked overwhelmed and frustrated in mess chaos situation Stock Photo - 54016055

The deception is far from being over. There are some people being thrown under the bus as the rats are trying to save their necks but even Donald J. Trump did not come out clean yet. Support him but do not trust him blindly. Bush senior documents of his involvement with the Kennedy assassination have been withed, and the truth about the 9/11 has not been told.

Also, the fake false flag attacks are allowed to go on so Alex Jones and Fox News are not telling us the truth. They are only barking on the scapegoats, the sacrificial lambs.

Keep your eyes opened my friends.

I love you all.



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In this article that was sent to me, scientists are puzzled with an observation that they had made showing a possible relation between one chronic disease to another chronic health problem. So the question has come up: “Could there be something common that causes chronic diseases in our body?”

Here is the article:

The article starts with a statement: “Alzheimer’s Could Actually Start Elsewhere in The Body And Not The Brain, Says Study “

I am used to nonsensical statements but this one is definitely on the top of my list.

Alzheimer’s disease is a chronic problem of the brain and when our brain malfunctions it presents particular symptoms like a loss of memory which is the case of the Alzheimer’s disease. This disease is created and manifests itself only in the brain. Looking for its ruts in the liver, colon or anywhere else is ridiculous, but the scientists are finally awakening and this is a revolutionary news.

What is the sign of their awakening?

The fact that they are acknowledging that when one chronic disease manifested itself, there are dramatic changes present within the whole body and not only in the organ that shows the symptoms.

This is what I am writing about past 15 years. Chronic diseases do not exist. What we call a chronic disease is a symptom our body shows when dealing with a toxic overload.

Depending on the part of the body that shows a symptom of health problem, we give it a label (name) and proclaim it to be a disease.

Then we separate those diseases and we try to suppress their symptoms. Since different organs can be suppressed in different ways we have created a variety of toxic suppressants we call the medications. Those medicaments further aggravate the health problems but because the symptoms have been suppressed by toxic remedies we are not aware of it until real damage occurs and those toxic suppressants cannot suppress the symptoms any more. In this case, we proclaim that autoimmune problem has occurred and there is nothing further that can be done.

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The backbone of every health problem is toxic, dehydrated and acidic cells in our body. To a great majority of people, the culprit to this cellular state is a toxic dehydrated blood.

When the blood is low on water and electrolytes, it cannot be cleansed because for removal of toxins, water is necessary and ionic concentration of the blood has to be maintained so that the electrical current can flow properly. Unless there is an abundance of both the water and the electrolytes, the cleansing of the blood cannot be achieved.

When the blood is toxic, our cells do not want to hydrate unless it is absolutely necessary so if there is an organ that has to perform more than others it will get polluted faster and it will start to show the symptoms of a chronic disease.

This is why people show different symptoms of health problems even if they have the same level of blood pollution, but as one organ starts to show a symptom of a chronic disease the rest of the body is dealing with the same problem of pollution and similar cellular response will be present.

This is why it is wrong to say for example, that a cellular problem that occurred in the liver is influencing malfunctioning of the brain.

This is the same wrong logic that tells us how diabetes causes circulatory problems in the body.

Both diabetes and the poor blood circulation are caused by cellular changes created under the influence of insulin irritation and the reason why the insulin is occurring in the blood is our wrong diet which allows the glucose loaded food to enter our blood.

Feeling a little humorous post-Labor Day? Caption this cartoon and win.

Blaming one disease to be the cause of another disease is pure stupidity.

Only by understanding the truth we can help the body to heal itself. Unfortunately, the mislead “scientists” cause way more problems than what they solve.

Here is another scientific “brilliance”:

In this article, our “experts” are suggesting that we load ourselves with Aspirin to prevent cancer.

The only beneficiaries of this would be the doctors and the pharmaceutical complex. Furthermore, this article shows us how little do our “experts” understand what is cancer and are using a fear of it to force people to medicate themselves unnecessarily.

I have explained through my articles that medicinal remedies are toxic and the pharmaceutical drugs are straight out lethal.

One may argue that the Aspirin is not lethal, but it is a medicinal (toxic) remedy which prevents the cellular hydration, dehydrates the body and prevents blood coagulation which will have a strong deteriorating effect on peoples health. Aspirin can be utilized as medicine to suppress the cellular activity if there is a need for it.

For example, if you have a headache due to the fever. In this case, you take Aspirin with water to induce sweating and this way you reduce the fever and eliminate a headache, but taking the Aspirin daily for extended periods of time is very unhealthy and causes premature deterioration of the body.

Cancer is not a disease, it is the symptom of a dehydrated, toxic, and energy depleted body. Cleanse the body and reestablish the proper energy level and cancer will disappear.

My friend Chris will argue by telling that he has tried everything possible to help his father to heal from cancer but he forgets that healing will not take a place if there is no will to live.

We have to be responsible for our actions and not wait blindly for a miracle to occur.

If you want to be healthy, Follow the Self Healers Protocol. If you are not willing to do your part, do not blame others for your shortcomings.

Sometimes the road is shaky but if you persist, the results will follow.

Love and light to us all.