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Now more than ever it is obvious that what we were told to be true is false.

I have been writing about it for more than a decade and now more and more scientists are joining me in revealing the falsehood of our beliefs in all fragments of our lives.

We haven’t been told about the Sumerian culture because the foundation of the Bible would be undermined once the people discover that the Bible stories are based on the Sumerian writings.

The Biochemistry would be shaken if the truth of biophysics would be revealed.

The physics itself is proven now to be wrong and it only continues to linger so that the self-serving titles of excellence can be supported.

The mathematics as we know it is proven to be false, the harmonic scales are out of synchronization, and modern medicine is creating diseases instead of healing them.

We live in the world of lies and this world is starting to crumble.

Several days ago Mrs. Melania Trump and president Donald J. Trump held a conference in which the medical industry was put under the knife.


Soon after this event, the first ever incarceration of a Big Pharma CEO and seven high ranking executives of “Insys Therapeutics” took place.


This is just the beginning.

The lobbyists for the pharmaceutical industry will reveal further the embedded corruption of politicians who were approving pharmaceutical poisons so that they can line up their pockets with the money from bribes.

It is no wonder how can a public servant afford to live in multi-million dollar mansion, own a Learjet while they are on fixed salaries. No one bothers to do the math.

The bases of this bust were opioids and analgesics but as more truth comes out, soon we are going to see most if not all of the Big Pharma CEOs in handcuffs.

The health Ranger Mr. Mike Adams is reporting on medical doctors who are cooperating with the Big Pharmaceuticals in spreading their agenda while enriching themselves on the backs of unsuspecting patients.

The system is starting to crumble.

The truth will come out about the nonsensical science we call the modern, allopathic medicine.

The drugs are not created to heal you. They are here to suppress your symptoms and give you a false feeling of health while slowly further undermining your health.

Please allow me to help you to get rid yourselves of these drugs and giving your body the chance to heal itself.

Since the main symptoms people are treated for in a chronic health disorder is the pain, people frequently ask me the same question: “how can I let go of the pain medication? I cannot take the pain.”

There are articles on this blog-site and I explain it in my book “The Owners Manual For The Human Body” about what is the pain, what is its purpose, and how can we naturally suppress or eliminate it completely.

Majority of the public that was reading my blogs had doubts about the truthfulness of my statements.

It is difficult to believe that everyone is there to profit from you with no human decency and empathy for the suffering that they create.

As the system is crumbling, the truth is coming to the light.

Bush senior is directly involved in Presidents Kennedy’s assassination, Imposter president Obama was destroying the Republic of the USA and Hillary was using every American as a private slave selling everything she could for personal profit while bribing or killing everyone who opposed her.

The world is a swamp, and the swamp has just begun to be cleaned.

This cleanup may be turbulent and medicines may become scarce. In some countries, this is already a reality, like in Venezuela for example.

Before you find yourself in a frightening position where the drugs that you “need” are unavailable, take the step to get rid yourself of these unnecessary impostors.

If you have your doubts and need help, do not hesitate to contact me.

The same goes for your pets as their suffering will break your heart.

There is a way to live medicine free and it is not that difficult to do.

Please follow the unfolding events through the Internet since the major media are still reporting the false news. Only Fox News is starting to reveal the truth. God bless Hannity, Tucker, judges Jeanine and Napolitano and others involved in this disclosure process.

What incredible times we live in.

I love you all.



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The Self Healers Protocol is a simple and easy guide to follow that helps the body to hydrate, cleanse and heal itself. Because of its simplicity, many people do not believe that it can produce the results some people claim it produces.

Since the health is on the bottom of things to do for a great majority of people, they are not interested in changing their daily routine until the pain sets in and this mean that a chronic health problem has manifested itself.

In this condition, the pain is the focus of the treatment and not the real cause that created this symptom. As soon as the pain is gone, we assume that we have healed and we go back to our bad habits which have created the problem in the first place.

Let us use hypertension as an example to explain what is going on with the medical approach to a cure.

We have a bad day at work, some stressful situation occurred and we do not feel well so we go to see the doctor.

The first thing that the doctor does is to check our blood pressure and the heart rhythm and of course, he finds them elevated. He immediately prescribes drugs to control these “conditions”. So he will prescribe a drug to lower the BP and another drug to slow down the heart rate. Now since the doctor is cash motivated he will educate you about the cholesterol problem and also prescribe a cholesterol-lowering drug statin.

To further increase its revenues he will suggest that you take aspirin as well to “thin” your blood and prevent stroke. Since a shortness of the breath is common during a stress attack, he will prescribe some neuro suppressant and antihistamine.

If the doctor would make an analysis of your blood he will find an increased level of glucose and prescribe one of the “pre-diabetic” medications. Knowing that those medicaments will irritate the stomach he will prescribe medication to protect the stomach lining.

You have entered the doctor’s office healthy and exited it with a bag full of medications and you will feel as “sick as a dog”.

What has happened there?

Drug prescription for treatment medication. Pharmaceutical medicament, cure in container for health. Pharmacy theme, capsule pills with medicine antibiotic in packages.

Reading my posts you have noticed that I classify stress as toxic as a bad food and a lack of water.


The stress triggers the release of the stress hormones. The whole body is put on alert. The cells are in the flight and fight mode. There is no cellular hydration, no digestion and no reparation is going on in the whole body.

Since the cells expect to work hard, the booster cellular fuel (glucose), is released.

Under the influence of the stress hormones, glycogen splits releasing glucose so sugar blood level rises. The cellular energy production skyrockets and body heats up. To cool it and to increase the oxygen supply and to rid itself of the suddenly increased levels of CO2, the heart rhythm increases and with it the blood pressure increases and the vasopressin is released into the blood.

Now the body is pumped up and ready to fight.

All those are actions of the normally functioning body but because of the situation (the environment), expression of our body has changed. Instead of taking a deep breath, calming down, drinking some water with sea salt to help the body to readjust itself, we get pumped with medicaments to control every situation and in this way, we are polluting our body and preventing our natural systems to take action.

By medicating people, doctors are opposing our natural systems to work and this confuses the cells. Now the cells have one more stressful situation to deal with. It is like if the autopilot was engaged and someone decides to steer manually over it. The autopilot has way more work to do while trying to keep the programmed course fighting the elements and additionally it has to fight the idiot behind the wheel who obviously has no clue of what’s going on.

As most people have stressful lives they often find themselves in this situation and become drug dependent.

Being aware of the toxicity of the pharmaceutical drugs, people look for alternative treatment and find it in so-called alternative medicine where the pharmaceutical drugs are replaced by “natural” medicinal remedies. Since the science is the same, same mistakes are being done only the medicinal effects come from different sources. Medicinal remedies like ginger, garlic, turmeric, cinnamon, caffeine, cannabinoids, high pre-lethal dosages of vitamins…and other are implemented to basically do the same thing that pharmaceutical drugs do but in a much milder manner with less noticeable side effects. This is why we think that they are a safe and much better way to go.

Since the natural medicinal remedies are weaker, they give a time for the cells to adjust to them and no side effects are noticed -no symptoms occur, but this does not mean that there aren’t any.

Having no symptoms does not mean that everything is ok in the body. The cells are prevented to work correctly and dehydration with the cellular degradation sets in. After years of such behavior, the cellular damage will start showing symptoms of problems and in my experience repairing such bodies is painfully slow and lengthy process which often involves inflammation, swelling, and pain.

Head hurts from the pain, medical symptoms. Vintage pop art retro illustration. Medicine and health care

Since those are the very same symptoms that follow a diseased body, they are easily misinterpreted as the disease itself. The doctors always misinterpret it since they are not familiar with the healing process. They have never been educated about it.

How can you quickly discover if your doctor can help you or if he/she is mislead or greedy?

1. If the doctor recommends the cholesterol-reducing drugs (statins) this means that he/she has no clue about what is cholesterol or simply does not care and only wants the money.

2. If you mention drinking water with sea salt and they warn you about hypertension.

3. If you mention sunbathing and they warn you about protecting your skin with a sunblock.

4. If you mention the flu and they recommend you the flu vaccine.

5. If you mention diabetes and they tell you to eat dietary carbohydrates while at the same time giving you sugar reducing drug or insulin……

I can continue but this is enough for you to know whom you are dealing with.

Of course, never talk to a surgeon about your health-related question because you will be on the operating table faster than you can say “got you”.

I had to mention those things because the great majority of people are so scared for their lives that they will follow their doctor’s recommendation even when they know that this is not helping them.

This blind obedience stands in the way of healing when the Self Healers Protocol is recommended.

Since most people have circulatory problems and are hypertensive, they are on variety previously mentioned drugs. As they interfere with the “autopilot”, healing cannot take place unless those drugs are eliminated. This scares people. They think that those drugs are keeping them alive and well. They do not realize that those drugs are actually increasing the problem by giving the “autopilot” extra work. By the autopilot, I mean the cellular built-in recovery program.

Auto Pilot cartoons, Auto Pilot cartoon, funny, Auto Pilot picture, Auto Pilot pictures, Auto Pilot image, Auto Pilot images, Auto Pilot illustration, Auto Pilot illustrations

Of course that the blood pressure is going to increase and the heart rate will temporarily jump but this is the natural cellular response (autopilot). This is not a disease and we should not be fighting it.

No one dies from increased blood pressure, especially if the blood pressure stays elevated only for a relatively short period of time.

Yes, there are instances where because of prolonged medication abuse the arteries are in a bad shape but this is why I am here to lead you, or any awakened health professional can do this.

I have used hypertension as an example but the same thing will be if you suffer from mental disorders, digestive chronic problems or any other long-term medicated health disorder.

There is a way to safely eliminate the drugs from your daily protocol.

I said “safely” because many drugs are purposely made addictive so once the body got used to them, the withdrawal symptoms will occur when you stop using them.

It is important to mention that the natural withdrawal symptom of caffeine are headaches.

Everyone who is coffee drinker will experience headaches first three to five days after stopping the ingestion of black coffee when implementing the Self Healers Protocol.

I wrote this article because many people are afraid to stop their medication and are asking me if they can benefit from the Protocol while staying on their medication.

Yes, the blood can be cleansed while using medicinal remedies but no cellular hydration can take a place, and this means that no healing can be achieved. So even if you feel much better by drinking water with the sea salt while clinging to your medication, you cannot heal and the symptoms of the disease will quickly return.

I hope that my explanation will help you to conquer your fears and that you will give it a try.

Love and light to us all.

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Vaccination against influenza vaccine

As we are entering a flu season I feel it necessary to warn you against accepting the flu vaccine.

I have addressed the vaccination issue in the past but as there is a stronger and stronger push been made to force the vaccines onto the people, I have to return to this thematic.

Here in Peru, there is a vaccination craze. If you are walking on the street holding your baby or a young child (pre-school age) you may be stopped by a medical staff asking you if the child was vaccinated and if you say no, they want to vaccinate it right there on the spot.

This had happened to my Canadian friend.

If you refuse, you will have to listen to an angry preaching about your negligence.

Most if not all doctors in the US know the truth about the vaccines (at least that is what I think because I cannot believe that it is possible for some educated person not to know this), but in the Central and the South America this is not the case. The medical staff actually believe how they are doing good work by educating people of the necessity of vaccines and the importance of every human to be vaccinated.

The brainwashing schooling system in combination with the high amounts of dietary carbohydrates consumed daily produce people mentally incapable of thinking.

The statistic and the studies on the efficacy of the vaccines are all fake. There is actually no proof that vaccines prevent any disease. The real statistic shows that majority of vaccinated people contract the same disease against which they had been vaccinated. I had mentioned before, this had happened to me and people I know.

What we know is that vaccines are loaded with toxic material, organic and inorganic for which there cannot be any reason to be there other than to pollute the body of the recipient and cause chronic health problems.

The vaccines are so toxic that in many people they cause immediate health problems even death.

Years ago when the vaccines were much cleaner, their toxicity was a known fact so pregnant women were warned not to be vaccinated as this can endanger their babies.

Today as the globalists are desperately trying to kill as many people as possible, pregnant women are encouraged to take the shot. Many pregnant women have miscarriages exactly for that reason.

You can read about it here ;

Miscarriages caused by vaccines

The Gestapo order called the socialism is now forcing educated mothers to vaccinate their children or face a time in prison.

From our experience we know that when we are forced to do something, it is not a good thing.

Nobody will force you to eat ice cream or to accept money or fame.

They force you to pay taxes, they force you to pay for the food, the rent, the transportation. They force you to take chemotherapy if you are diagnosed with cancer, they force you to do a prison time if you fail to do any of those required things and in the meantime, the Cabalists and their stooges the politicians are exempt from it all.

Vaccination cartoons, Vaccination cartoon, funny, Vaccination picture, Vaccination pictures, Vaccination image, Vaccination images, Vaccination illustration, Vaccination illustrations

Something is wrong with this socialistic setup don’t you think so?

Pardon me I am supposed to call it a democracy but I must be stupid since I do not see anything democratic in this. Everything connected to the Democrats is fake but people in the USA know this by now, thank God.

Medical miseries are closely related to politics so there is no way to avoid mentioning it since it is the arm of politics that forces us to accept what is fake and reject the truth that can heal us.

The mending of politics and science is the reason we are in the state we are.

Democracy cartoons, Democracy cartoon, funny, Democracy picture, Democracy pictures, Democracy image, Democracy images, Democracy illustration, Democracy illustrations

To increase the revenues, doctors are instructed to vaccinate as many people as they can and the force of the politics makes sure that the average Joe has no way to escape this.

The vaccination is the prelude to chipping. As we are used to staying in line to be stabbed by the vaccine, it is just a slight modification to implant the RFID chip so sheeple form the line, please.

Do yourself and your family a favor and refuse to accept the vaccine and the RFID chip.

We are in the end times or the new beginning depends on how you look at it, so be strong and resist.

Love and light to us all.

Democracy vs. Natural Selection.



Healthy vegetarian dinner table. Women at home together, eating fruits and vegetables, top view, flat lay, crop

Through many of my articles, I am showing how the real cause of our premature aging and a weak immune response which promotes chronic health problems, is a highly toxic load on our body.

The toxic elements enter our body through the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat but also through the electromagnetic pollution of the electrical appliances, the sound we listen to and the light we are exposed to.

The toxic body cannot perform properly. People are becoming obese. They have difficulty to move. Their organs are suffering and showing a variety of health problems. Most common are cardiac-circulatory problems, rheumatism, arthritis, diabetes, eyesight problems but most disturbing for the majority of people are the pain and neurological problems.

This is why more than half population of the USA is consuming daily neuro-suppressant medicinal remedies. Those remedies slow down the neural impulses. They make people lethargic, none responsive by clouding their mind. Unfortunately, those medicinal suppressants do not only suppress the brain reaction of our thoughts, they also suppress vital muscle performance by suppressing the neurological impulse needed to put the muscles into a motion.

Nerve Cell.

This means that our reflexes slow down, our movements become slow, our digestion slows down and the same happens to our blood circulation.

Are you grasping the significance of this?

Let me elaborate little further.

When the neurons are toxic they do not properly conduct electrical impulses. Since most people eat predominantly carbohydrates, the brain is most of the time underpowered so there is not enough energy to process a thought. The electromagnetic message can be received as there is not much energy necessary for the reception but it cannot transmit because a tremendous amount of energy is necessary to transmit a thought. So bipolar effect is created frustration on present circumstance. By poisoning the neuron further with a medicinal nerve suppressor, we create a lethargic effect where the brain becomes too slow even to complain and react to frustration.

As the motoric impulses to the muscles are slowed down, our heart contracts slower. This lowers the blood pressure and slows down the blood circulation. This process prevents proper blood oxidation. Poor blood oxidation creates even more cellular problems by slowing down the osmotic pump. Now there is no cellular hydration. Cellular acidity rises and this interferes again with the cellular electric conductivity. We feel low on energy, we move slowly, our reflexes are slow and our mind is cloudy.

Do you know that a truckload of neuro-suppressants is delivered to our politicians in the Washington DC daily? Maybe now you understand why there are so many stupid laws signed into action.

As our digestion slows down, due to the weaker slowed down impulse, a similar effect to hypothyroidism is created.

The cellular metabolism becomes slow and we start gaining weight.

Since the symptoms of the hypothyroidism and the suppressed neural activity on the digestion are similar, doctors prescribe hormonal therapy which causes further poisoning of the body.

Because the headaches, muscular pain and pain in our joints are so common, people do not know what else to do but to reach for a painkiller or neuro suppressants.

Unfortunately neither do the doctors know what else to do but prescribe those completely unnecessary and health damaging drugs.

As followers of my work, you are aware that chronic pain is caused by inflammation and the best remedy for inflammation is hydration.

Only in this article, I want to redirect your attention to the problems of ever-increasing toxicity of the environment in which we are living and how can we consciously lower the speed of our intoxication.

There is not much that we can do to avoid the toxic electromagnetic impulses from our electrical appliances but we can limit the usage of our cell phones. Switch from the “smartphone” to a simple telephone that creates far less radiation.

Reduce or better stop watching the Tel a lie Vision programming and become creative, move, interact with other people directly as you used to.

Watching Television cartoons, Watching Television cartoon, funny, Watching Television picture, Watching Television pictures, Watching Television image, Watching Television images, Watching Television illustration, Watching Television illustrations

I have noticed an alarming increase in appendicitis and other digestive inflammatory problems. The reasons for this are toxic elements in our food. Monsanto poisons are found in all vegetable and fruit products.

The USA, Central and South America are polluted with glyphosate and other toxic chemicals. They end up in the water and become absorbed into the vegetables and fruits of farms that do not use it which are very few, to begin with.

I love fruits and I used to eat a ton of them whenever I had a chance but no more.

Fresh Healthy Green Red Smoothie Glass Jar Fruits Vegetables Vitamins Summer Season Raw Dark Background

Most toxic load comes into our body through the food that we eat. So if you want to decrease the number of toxic elements from entering your body, eat less.

For many, this is easier said than done because when we are dependent on carbohydrates, we are often hungry and since we cannot eat every hour, we snack frequently and when the opportunity presents itself and we can finally eat a proper meal, we overeat.

Such eating habits are detrimental to our health.

The carbohydrates are sugars (dietary glucose) and they reprogram our genetic expression.

They do not provide lengthy energy supply, making us frequently hungry.

Frequent snacking engages our digestive system into action.

Digestion is a big consumer of energy. Snacking on fruits or raw vegetables makes us, even more, energy depleted since there are no calories extracted from such a food but they put the digestion mechanism into the motion further wasting our energy and making us even more hungry.

So what can we do to reduce the toxic load entering our body?

Eat correctly.

Raw Salmon Steak On The White Plate. Flat Vector Illustration With Fish Meat.

By eating correctly you maintain the correct genetic expression. Your cells behave the proper way and they are never low on the energy supply no matter how long are the intervals between your meals.

Since your cellular energy supply is adequate, you do not feel hungry and you do not have the need for snacks.

You eat less and in this way, you bring a smaller amount of toxins into your body.

By drinking water with the sea salt, you allow proper hydration and immediate cleansing of the undesirable toxic elements that might have entered your body through the food you ate.

Avoid eating what does not bring calories into your body. This way you will eliminate the unnecessary toxic load.

I do no longer indulge in fruits and raw vegetables. My friend Thomas who adapted similar diet to mine frequently consumes a lot of fruits. Recently he suffered an appendicitis and had his appendix removed. I believe the reason for this is the increased toxic load on his intestines through the presence of the pesticides in the fruits.

My friend Angela suffered indigestion and blurry vision after snacking on local carrots and her dog who ate the same carrots vomited them out. Luckily they both drink water with sea salt so their body expelled the poison rapidly.

I do not want to scare you away from your fruits and salads but it is important to realize that we are intentionally being poisoned so we have to be careful and use our logic in the decisions we make.

On the brighter note, the Cabal is almost done and bright future stands in front of us.

Please support my work by placing a donation of your choice on my PayPal button.

Love and light to us all.


Abstract vector shiny background design with sound waves. Stock Vector - 8985673

As I write about the innate smartness of the human body and its capability to heal itself, my friend whose father has cancer which interferes with his blood circulation asked me a valid question -“if the body is so smart and can heal itself, how come that it destroys itself with cancer?”

This question I could not answer just with a short reply, so I have left it to blog on it.

Before we talk about diseases, let us remember who we are and what is this experience we call life.

Everything is a product of energy which is represented by various frequencies.

There is an ocean of energy that was put into a motion by sound. Who created the sound?

Our creator. You can give it whichever name you are comfortable with. I say it, because it is feminine and masculine at the same time.

The sound (symphony of music) that our creator creates is permanently being played and we all know the sound but cannot recall it unless some special circumstance occurs.

This sound emits all the frequencies that form the sacred geometry and in this way, it creates the light.

What we call the reality is nothing more than our brain’s interpretation of the frequencies according to the installed program into our brain and the light is used to give it a form so that we can see and experience it as real objects.

Nothing ever happens by chance. Everything is created. There is no spontaneous evolution by natural selection. Evolution is simply a program update.

Everything that we perceive as our reality is made from the same energy and has consciousness.

What is consciousness?

Consciousness is also energy but it differs from the energy of creation. It is an energy that comes directly from the creator and as such, it is a part of the creator itself.

This is why everything there is, has the knowledge of its existence and it is a part of oneness. This energy binds us all not just as one human to another human or one human to other humans in our Universe but as one human to everything that is manifested. This is why we all see and experience the same reality.

If you create a table, everyone that comes to your house will see this table even if you are not there. Do the atoms and molecules know to stay in place to maintain the same image?

Not really, so how is it possible that your guest can see the same thing?

The reason why everyone can experience the same thing is this oneness that binds us all together.

Abstract brain wave concept on blue background technology. illustration vector design

People who channel messages from billions of miles away do this instantaneously. How is this possible?

For the same reason, we are all connected through this energy of consciousness.

The experiments have shown us that if we divide a particle and separate the divided pieces as far as we can, when we influence a change on one of the particles, the other particle, no matter what the distance, immediately starts behaving the same way as the stimulated particle does.

This is why when the creator creates something new, we are all informed about it. So when we enter a room we know what we are going to see there and we materialize it. Everything is just an interpretation of the brain which utilizes the program it was given to play its part in this game called the reality.

Since our consciousness is part of the consciousness of our creator and we are given the ability to create as well, when one of us creates something, this also becomes immediately recognized by all, God included.

In this reality show, everything is set and follows its program. The only difference is a human being because it was given the gift of choice. The choice to follow the program or not.

This gift of choice gave to the human the ability to become the creator himself. The human became capable of changing parts of the program, adding or diverting the original script.

To be able to function outside of the script he was given addition to its energy of consciousness and we call it the human mind.

The human brain also creates energy similar to the energy of consciousness since it can replicate every frequency with which it is familiar, the brain creates its own energy of conscience we call our mind and makes a separation between those two. It starts to identify itself more with its mind giving it precedence. This acknowledgement of separation creates an ego of self-centeredness.

The consciousness is energy from the creator (divine consciousness), and the mind and ego is an energy of awareness created by our brain.

Our mind is dependent on the information that is stored in the brain and because of the separation, it does not communicate with the energy of the consciousness.

This setup is important if we want to have our human experiences. This separation is done by our choice exactly for this reason. Without this separation, we would have the power to change things to our liking every time we want because the choice we are given gives us godly abilities.

The animals and our cells do not have this gift of choice and have to follow the program exactly as it was created.

When we understand this, now we can explain diseases and the healing process.

Whatever our creator created is in harmony and it is responding to incoming frequencies as it was designed to respond. In such state, there are no diseases.

Brain activity

By introducing wrong frequencies, we start interfering with the designed program. Our genes are forced to change their vibration and this automatically changes the cellular behaviour.

I had explained this many times in relation to food or medicines.

Because of its design, as the pollution of the body increases due to the inability of the body to cleanse itself, the environment of our cells changes. This further changes the genetic response. As the cells start to work differently the chemical picture of our body changes and our organs start to show changes as well.

As you can see, everything is just a response of the genome to its environment and the real player is energy manifested in the resonance of variety electromagnetic frequencies.

Looking at it from the perspective of chemistry, water and ions are needed for the organs to cleanse the blood. Clean blood is necessary for hydration and cleansing of cells.

If there are frequencies present in the water or in the salt that should not be there, even when water and salt are present these wrong frequencies prevent genes to resonate properly and hydration and cleansing will not occur.

When we are talking about the resonance, we are talking about the sound that this resonance produces, and since we are not talking about one frequency but harmonic scale, we are not talking about a sound but a symphony.

This means that simply by changing the symphony we can make our body sick and well.

The music is nothing more than an audible resonance of energy. The closer is the source of the sound and louder the sound, stronger will be its influence on our genome.

Now you can understand how the electromagnetic frequencies, the food, the sound and the light can be the source of the same frequencies and we can use them for making ourselves sick or we can use them for healing purposes.

Our brain is in charge to respond to those frequencies and to distribute them throughout our body. Since our brain is controlled by our mind (sub-conscience) it does not react to the impulses sent by the frequencies of the consciousness. Our brain was intentionally polluted with untrue information so our mind makes all the wrong decisions.

Since our cells respond to the consciousness, they know immediately when some wrong frequency is present but our ming ignores it.

Our cells start immediate reaction triggered by the genetic recalibration but our mind knows nothing of it.

Our body sends subtle signals but our mind ignores them. Through the false science we are given the wrong interpretation of those signs and instead of changing what we are doing and helping our cells, we suppress the symptoms and the warning signs until the pain occurs.

Even then we continue doing the wrong things because this is what we were told to do.

Part of our defence mechanism is a design of additional cleansing organs that can be put into the motion by the genetic influence in a certain toxic situation. Those are the formation of cysts, fibrous tissues and tumors.

Now you see that cysts, fibrosis, and tumors are not diseases, they are the part of the program created by our creator and they are designed to help and not to destroy our body.

They are designed to lower blood toxic load. Instead, to help our body by providing it with what it needs, we accelerate its poisoning with medicinal toxic remedies. This stimulates more growth to occur. The cells do not have the overview of the whole body. The brain does. But the brain is listening to the mind and not to the consciousness and the mind is polluted so the wrong response is given.

This is the reason why cancer keeps growing and it might create a physical problem on other systems causing a health problem or even death.

Dying from cancer is a rare occurrence. People are dying from the medical treatments and the toxic effect the poisonous medicaments bring.

Here, I had explained why our cells fail to heal the body but also now you understand how the health actually depends on the correct frequencies and they can be supplied with the food, the sound the light and above all through the electromagnetic impulses.

Those impulses can be created from specially designed electromagnetic devices but they can also be reproduced by our brain.

funny baby little boy in headphones Stock Photo - 55136892

Our brain does not listen to the divine consciousness. It follows the mind and if the mind does not listen to the divine, it does not know what frequencies to send.

The mind becomes trapped in the state of fear which absorbs all of the energy it was given. In this way, the brain cannot energize the cells and further undermines the health actually causing cancer.

Sometimes an extraordinary thing happens. As the body is dying the brain loses its mind and gets in touch with the divine consciousness of creation. It instantly becomes aware of a new reality. The brain establishes a direct bond with the divine consciousness and awakens.

This we call the out of body death experience.

If the decision is made for the body to continue living, the awakened person is not and it will never be put under the total control of the mind again.

Very often such awakened people if they were ill experience sudden and total recovery. The science cannot explain the mechanism behind it. Of course it cannot, since it does not accept the existence of spiritual or the divine consciousness.

When we are conscious, we have direct contact with divine consciousness and we are given the correct frequencies (people often hear some great melody that they are somehow familiar with), our brain amplifies them and the healing of our body is rapid if not instantaneous.

We are now awakening. This process is gradual so that we do not harm ourselves. We are going to notice strange things happening. People will start exhibiting new capabilities and soon we are all going to be connected and we are going to use our brain to heal ourselves and others. Our generation will already experience this.

Understanding this, you can see the wisdom in eating and living correctly, and by doing so, you can start the healing process of your body.

Forget everything that you had been told, load the new knowledge and understanding. By doing so you will be joining us in this ascension process and you will be helping the collective in the mass awakening.

Thank you for being here, learning and helping the humanity in achieving something extraordinary that was uncertain just 20 years ago.

Love and light to us all.

Businessman watching digital brain interface on a rooftop with a city view 3D rendering


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In many of my articles, you will see me mentioning genes and their influence on our cellular structure. I have explained that every change or adaptation of a cell in our body to the changes in its environment is triggered by the genetic resonance. The genes which initiate and support those cellular changes we call the active genes and the overall active genetic structure of the body we refer to as the genetic expression or genome.

The popular science is teaching us that genome is created from the combination of the genetic material that comes from the mother and the father. We are told that this is set and cannot be changed. This is why when a doctor is out of ideas, and none of the medicaments is no longer suppressing the symptoms he/she will blame the problem on genes. The genome becomes the ultimate escape goat.

We are not told that the genome is complete in the man as it is complete in the woman. One does not complete the other but there is a slight difference in the active sequence which manifests differences in the genetic expression. There is never a gene missing, it just may not be activated or it may not resonate sufficiently.

For those who follow my work and read my blogs or have read my book, it is obvious that the gene expression is not set in stone. The genetic expression is constantly changing as a response to the changes in the environment. Dr. Bruce Lipton proved it through his experiments so if you are interested check his work, it is very interesting.

It is obvious that the modern allopathic medicine does not accept this new knowledge and continues beating the dead horse. This is the reason for the new scare of the inefficiency of antibiotics and the old scapegoat has been put into the motion again.

In this article, the “experts” are at it again, blaming a new sprouted gene for the reason why antibiotics are failing to perform:

Since doctors do not understand the workings of the body including the actions of the genome they think that a gene has appeared from a bacteria and it is spreading like a wildfire making other bacterias resistant.

We have to understand that genes are the biological elements that serve as communicators between the cellular structure and the quantum reality of frequencies. Since genes represent the resonating field of energy in our Universe, everything that we consider alive has this genetic structure and this structure is the same throughout our Universe. So if a bacteria has some gene, we have it too but because it is not supported by the environment or because it is not included in the formation of our cells by the designer of our body, it is not resonating, it is dormant and we do not know about it.

If we take this to be the truth, we would look for the solutions in completely different way and we would have better results in finding the cure.

This was just an introduction to the topic of this article which is, how to repair or readjust the genome so it supports the proper workings of our body.

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Since most people who decide to follow the Self Healers Protocol are overweight, losing the unnecessary pounds is a perk but there are those who are skinny and have trouble to gain weight. For those people who want to gain weight, eating properly seems not to do the job no matter how much they eat.

Why does eating correctly interfere with a rapid weight gain?

Before I go into explaining what is happening I want to swing your attention to the fact that we have lost the knowledge of how does normal healthy human body look. Almost everyone is obese these days so when someone is thin, we say that he/she is malnourished.

We have forgotten how people looked years ago. The young generation does not know this but before and right after the WW II people were lean. Look at the athletes, they are mostly lean but if we see someone on the street looking that way we say he/she is anorexic, not lean.

Just look at the pictures of extraterrestrials, they are all lean. Being fat deforms the body and interferes with its normal functioning but this deformity has become the new normal.

Hybrid alien woman elongated head / skull side view on white 3d render illustration

Why are people overweight and why is it so difficult for them to lose weight, and why are some people struggling to gain weight?

Since genes are involved in all cellular changes, do genes have something to do with it?

Of course, they do but not in the way we are told.

We are told that if your parents are obese, so will you, because of your genetic pool (genome).

This is incorrect. The baby may be overweight but this can easily be changed if genes are realigned and their expression is changed.

Here is how the genes change the cellular behavior and make the body obese.

Animal bodies and human is one of them, are programmed to extract energy from fat that we call triglyceride. Because animals have the need for a much larger amount of energy in some occasions (if they are defending themselves or chasing another animal) they are designed in such a way that they can manufacture a much larger amount of energy when is necessary. For this purpose, glycogen is formed and stored within the cells and in the liver. Those amounts of glycogen are limited and cannot supply the cells with the necessary energy for a long time. It is there for short bursts of power and to be released, stress hormones are necessary. This is the design of every animal body including human.

By introducing our body to a food source that is not found in nature (cooked carbohydrates), we are bringing into our body frequencies that will change the genetic expression of our cells. Since our program involves glucose to be utilized as a fuel since it is the busting emergency fuel that our body manufactures itself, the genes are there to support it. Only the difference is in the way it comes into the body. This is not the proper way so genes are influenced by the frequency of this glucose.

Our body has to find a way to utilize it even when there is no need for a burst of energy. This change of resonance creates changes in the genetic expression. Now the cell starts to produce nagalase to deal with this big amount of glucose and it starts to reduce the number of active mitochondria and in this way, it reduces the amount of produced energy.

Since the sugar absorption increases daily whenever we eat dietary carbohydrates, fewer and fewer mitochondria remains active.

Section of mitochondria

I have explained this in many articles and in my books but many people are still asking how to gain weight if they stop eating dietary carbohydrates?

Cutting down on the amount of food we eat will not recalibrate the genetic expression. As long as the glucose is coming into the blood from the digestive tract, the genetic expression remains adjusted to it.

As the cells have drastically reduced the amount of the mitochondria they cannot produce enough energy to support the needs by utilizing fat. We are forced to eat dietary carbs and because we are starving we overeat bringing way more glucose than it can be utilized. This surplus, body converts into triglycerides and stores it as a fat tissue.

Since we do not eat every hour, as our cells get low on energy they request food so the body sends what it is programmed to send and that is triglycerides.

Being low on mitochondria, not adequate energy can be manufactured so more food is demanded. Triglyceride levels go up but our cells continue starving and we are forced to eat carbohydrates.

So by overproducing fat and by reducing the ability to utilize it as the energy source, we start with uncontrollable weight gain.

The best way to return our body to normal conditions is to change the genetic expression. This will stimulate the cells to activate the necessary mitochondria, to reduce the production of nagalase and increase the production of GcMAF protein. Basically, by readjusting the genome, we normalize our cellular function and we activate all the self-preserving and self-healing abilities our body possesses.

Self Healers Protocol is designed to stimulate genetic reprogramming and it does this rapidly.

So as the genetic expression returns to the correct cellular activity everything about us changes.

Our cells start to utilize our fat as the energy source so they never starve for energy anymore.

The immune system starts to work correctly so infections become a rarity.

As our nerves no longer suffer from deprivation of energy we start feeling calm and satisfied.

Since we are not starving for energy in our sleep, our body can recover and repair itself without walking us up by hunger in the middle of the night…..

When we eat the food we are programmed to eat, we do not have to store big amounts of fat so the body will stop piling it up.

We will not be hungry all the time so we will eat much less and we will be more productive. Instead of thinking about the food we can focus on our work. Even the sex becomes better.

All those changes happen gradually as our body gets tuned again and all of the tuneups are done through our genetic expression.

So if you think that you are underweight and you want to increase your weight you have two choices.

Eat more fat since the fat has more than twice the calories of the protein or of the carbohydrates, or do some hard physical work and increase the size of your muscles.

I suggest the second approach.

Rachel Frederickson 155 pounds

By exercising you will increase the muscle mass, you will maintain your body flexible and well oxygenated.

As we mature we become more interesting and desirable. This changes if we become all wrinkled with hanging skin because of the cellular dehydration, or if we become fat and swollen. Those are all deformations caused by the improper diet and stress.

Eating the wrong food (loaded with the carbohydrates) we maintain our body in constant stress which speeds up the aging process.

Everybody who thinks that dietary carbohydrates are necessary for the weight gain is mistaking.

People are not patient. They want the immediate gratification.

Cleansing and healing of the body is a lengthy and very energy demanding process. It is hard for the body to accumulate fat when it is using a lot of energy to produce the potassium to run the cellular osmotic pump and keeping the energy demand of the cleansing organs who are doing the actual cleansing of the blood.

A lot of fat is used in cholesterol production which is the necessary material for the cellular reparation and adjustments. This is why the blood levels of cholesterol rise when the body is repairing itself.

Cholesterol is a good and necessary thing. We must never interfere with its production.

Cholesterol will not make us obese, it will not unnecessarily cause any health problems but as it is fat itself, a lot of energy is used to produce it.

As you can see, the cleansing and reparation of our body is an energy demanding process and it is difficult to accumulate the surplus of energy as a fat deposit because during the cleansing and reparation period we do not have extra energy to save unless we eat really a lot.

Keep this in your mind when thinking of gaining weight during the healing process and besides, being lean has many benefits.

Love an light.

Star Jones 160 pounds

Keep your temple clean – DETOXIFY!!!

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In my books as well as in many of my articles I stress the importance of the detoxification as the precursor to a healthy body.

I am certainly not the only one pointing to the importance of the clean body and the relation of toxic elements to the variety of the health problems humans experience when the toxic load of their bodies increases.

The modern allopathic medicine ignores this fact because this medicine is not meant to heal. The purpose of the modern allopathic medicine is to maintain and increase the number of health problems in an unsuspected way. This is achieved by suppressing the bodies signaling and its request for the change through implementation of the medicinal remedies.

The alternative medicine is aware of the problem that toxic elements present so reducing the toxic load of the body is part of their treatments, but there is a problem. The problem lies in the misunderstanding of the workings of our body.

The reason for this is the faulty science that is being used.

The alternative medicine assumes that by substituting a toxic pharmaceutical drug with a naturally occurring medicinal remedy, they are creating a drastic change and allowing the body to heal without further poisoning it as the allopathic doctors do.

This is where they are mistaking.

The healers that implement alternative medicine make the same mistakes as the allopathic doctors because they trust the same scientific lies (knowledge) we are being fed in the medical schools.

Let me explain this so that it is easier to understand.

For example, the doctors understand how important it is for the body to defecate regularly.

So if the patient is constipated, the allopathic doctor will prescribe a pharmaceutical drug that contains Psyllium.

Psyllium is a natural fiber that has toxic component. Those components inflame the intestine. This reduces its absorption so more water remains in the feces making it softer and easier to evacuate.

Since psyllium is a fiber, if the intestines are already inflamed and the patient suffers from diarrhea, giving him/her higher dosage of this fiber may cause a bulk that reduces diarrhea. This is why Metamucil is prescribed in both cases.

Enema cartoons, Enema cartoon, funny, Enema picture, Enema pictures, Enema image, Enema images, Enema illustration, Enema illustrations

The natural healer will first recommend dry fruits to his/her patient. I had explained in my previous articles how fructose that is not absorbed into the blood ferments in the large intestines, creates alcohol and inflames the intestines. This prevents water absorption and softens the stool. Then diet full of nondigestible fiber is recommended to add the bulk for easier evacuation. So it is the same thing – inflamed intestines that will not absorb water making feces softer and giving it bulk for easier evacuation.

As you can see, two different approaches with exactly the same action and the same outcome. The proponents of the natural medicine will argue with the proponents of the allopathic medicine about whose treatment is better. The fact is that both very similar thing.

The problem lies in misunderstanding the body, and fault lies in the science behind it all.

The allopathic and the natural medicine are enslaved by the same science and focus on the symptomatic expression of diseases. Constipation is a symptom and not a disease. This means that eliminating or suppressing the symptom will not bring healing effect. Softening of the stool by manipulating the water absorption is not a healthy solution.

Recognizing the reason why constipation happens and eliminating the cause has to be the objective.

Why is the body reabsorbing all the water from the feces making it compact and hard?

This question has to be answered. Providing the body with more fiber in this situation will not achieve anything but more constipation. The water is the clue!!!!!!!

I have explained this in many of my articles as well as in my book.

I am using constipation as an example for one type of cleansing but the same attitude is used with all aspects of the cleansing no matter if we are talking about kidney, liver or the blood cleansing techniques.

No matter if allopathic or alternative medicines are implemented, they only address the symptomatic level leaving the cells dehydrated and toxic and the reason why we experience system failures is exactly on the cellular level. This is why there is always the recurrence of symptoms, the organs do not heal and cleanse have to be repeated.

By utilizing medicinal cleanse, you can increase the filtration of the kidneys and eliminate the stones and sand that was there but you will not activate any healing. The cells remain acidic and toxic, so repeated formation of kidney stones can be expected and the health problem will reoccur.

This is why the cleansing implemented in the Self Healers Protocol is a truly revolutionary way of detoxifying the body. It achieves not only the symptomatic but also the deep cleansing on the cellular level.

This deep level cellular cleansing can be achieved only with the total absence of medicinal remedies or toxic elements from the blood since our cells will refuse to hydrate if those “medicinal” remedies are present in the blood.

How can we achieve the cleansing effect without medicinal support you may ask?

We do not need medicinal support. Our body is perfect self-recovering and self-healing robot. It is equipped with mechanisms for cleansing and reparation but they cannot perform if the body is being poisoned or if it is lacking water, energy and reparation material.

When our organs change their normal function we immediately react as something is wrong that has to be fixed (normalized). We treat our body as if it is stupid and does not know what it is doing when in fact it is the opposite.

For example, the body will increase the blood pressure if that is necessary but because we are told that this is a bad thing and indicates a disease, we poison the system further by lowering the blood pressure through toxic medicinal intervention. This way we are interfering with the bodies system of self-healing and we are increasing its toxic load.

How all this works together I had described many times in my articles and in my book. Now I only want to address some frequently asked questions since there are symptoms that follow the cleansing process and they are not pleasant.

Utilizing the Self Healers Protocol for cleansing purposes.

This cleansing process has two phases.

First cleansing phase involves the hydration and the cleansing of the blood, and the second phase involves the hydration and cleansing of the cells of our body.

The second phase cannot start unless the first phase is achieved since the cells will refuse to hydrate with toxic, polluted blood.

Once we understand that our cells will refuse to hydrate if there are toxic elements in the blood, we can understand why other cleansing methods that utilize medicinal remedies – natural or pharmaceutical alike, actually prevent the deep cleansing on the cellular level and in this way prevent the healing process from occurring.

Many alternative healers recommend you to drink distilled water for its higher absorption capacity claiming that the toxins will be eliminated faster. Also, they will suggest using some medicinal plants to increase the speed of detox by chelation….those claims can be easily debunked by a simple experiment. I always remind you not to take any information for its truthful value before it makes sense and you verify it for yourself.

The cleansing effect can be easily verified. Achieving a normal stool, sweating and urinating does not indicate that you are actually detoxifying. If you ingest a medicinal remedy and you get diarrhea or you urinate more this is just an effect achieved by the toxic medicinal remedy.

If you can provoke such symptoms without taking any medicinal remedies, now you are talking.

Well, you will not achieve it by drinking distilled water no matter how much of it you will drink, but drink the water with sea salt in it and the whole Hell will break loose.

The cleansing symptoms show almost instantly and your blood will start detoxifying through all the detox organs of your body. Depending on the toxic load you may get diarrhea, smelly feces, vomiting, phloem, change in the color of your urine and it’s smell, fever, skin irritation, and headaches are also very common during the first part of blood cleansing.

Just as the things start normalizing and you start feeling good, the second phase of cleansing kicks in. As the blood got cleaner, hydration on the cellular level will kick in.

Your cells will start to soak the water like a sponge and to cope with the water demand, the colon will reabsorb all the water available leaving your feces dry and hard.

This is where some people experience constipation for the first time in their life. So I am being asked with shaken confidence how is it possible that now they are drinking more water than ever before in their lives and they are constipated. They are drinking, urinating but diarrhea has turned into constipation. How is this possible if water is the factor that softens the stool?

Now you can understand that kidneys need a lot of water to cleanse the blood and a lot of sea salt is needed to supplement the lost electrolytes in the cleansing process. So if your stool is getting hard, increase the amount of water that you are drinking. Sometimes it takes more than 7 liters of water with sea salt a day to satisfy the thirst of your body.

Many of the old symptoms may reappear as the blood becomes very toxic since cells release their toxicity into it.

Sometimes some symptoms appear that you did not have before. The reason behind it is that there was a problem on the cellular level that was about to flare up and now as the body has the opportunity to hydrate, cleanse and repair itself it is doing exactly that. In the rush to hydrate, not just the osmotic system is activated but in critical areas, the cellular hydration accelerated through the inflammation process and this causes discomfort and pain.

EKG fun

As you can see, the true cleansing could be and often is a violent process that closely resembles the very same “disease” you are trying to eliminate.

This is why I strongly recommend allowing my supervision during this process. This will calm your mind and eliminate many mistakes that people frequently do. This is especially important if one is medicated.

The cleansing process is very energy demanding. This is why during detoxifying a heavy toxic load, people often feel sleepy and tired. It is the same feeling as if we were sick.

Those similarities in symptoms create a confusion and fear. This is the reason why many people, especially those on medication seldom follow the Self Healers Protocol unless supervised by me and even then, many cannot resist their fear.

This is the reason for this article.

More information we have, more chance there is for us to do something different.

We are all aware that the modern allopathic medicine does not heel and that it brings additional health problems but because of the fear to do something different, we keep following the same science day after day.

I hope that this article will give you the necessary information for you to conquer your fear and take the control of your life into your hands.

Love and light to us all.

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Mikie sent me this article:

In this article “healers, doctors” claim how 40% of all cancers are directly related to obesity.

Further, they state that by reducing our weight we are preventing cancer from forming.

The article states: “Carrying excess weight has been shown to boost the risk of 13 types of tumors, including cancers of the esophagus, thyroid, postmenopausal breast, gallbladder, stomach, liver, pancreas, kidney, ovaries, uterus, colon and rectum.”

This is like saying that the amount of the traffic that was handled by the bridge was 40% responsible why the bridge collapsed during an earthquake. This is completely insane yet doctors make such claims with a straight face. They really believe this nonsense. No wonder they recommend chemotherapy and radiation as a solution to something that they obviously do not understand.

Of course, to bring down the weight they recommend the lower caloric content of the food and avoidance of red meat and animal saturated fats. Load on carbohydrates as they are the clean sources of energy. What a misunderstanding!

Now, as more an more people are awakening and shying away from carbohydrate loaded diets, the health “experts” come with brilliant articles like this one:

Quote from the article: “DIZZINESS

Eating healthy, complex carbs throughout the day can help keep blood sugar levels steady, Berry says. “When your blood sugar levels drop, you can get dizzy and even feel nausea,” she cautions.”

How can eating starches maintain your blood sugar steady? One of the major problems in eating carbohydrates is that the sugar becomes available only while you are providing it by eating it. If you do not eat for an hour and half or longer, the blood sugar steadily declines as your body does not store it. Your cells become energy deficient, they demand more food so your body sends triglyceride which cannot provide enough energy as the cells are adapted to glucose so stress sets in and glycogen become utilized throwing the body into a state of hypoglycemia.

None of this happens if you eat correctly no matter how long are your periods without a food.

All those negative things that are mentioned in the article happen only to people whose cells are adjusted to carbohydrate diet and there are not enough carbs available.

This is why calorie rationing is the worst way to combat obesity.

The health “experts” throw in the same basket cooked carbohydrates and raw ones. This is like claiming that house is really a tree because it has a wooden roof.

When it comes to digestion, the difference between eating raw bananas or raw potatoes and cooked ones is tremendous. They are completely two different worlds that have nothing in common with one and other. Read about it in my book “The Resonance of Nutrition”.

Raw Food cartoons, Raw Food cartoon, funny, Raw Food picture, Raw Food pictures, Raw Food image, Raw Food images, Raw Food illustration, Raw Food illustrations

Everything we are told in schools is wrong and our “experts” are just repeating those lies.

Everyone that tried the Self Healers Protocol knows that all the claims in the article are bogus and untrue.

The carbohydrates acidify our body, they speed up our aging process, promote fungal growth, cellular dehydration which will reflect in painful muscles and joints, hypertension, elevated blood cholesterol, reduced immune response, nervousness, the difficulty of falling to sleep and ultimately the formation of cysts and tumors.

Smaller portions of carbs, less toxicity, and milder health problems will be experienced but our aging will accelerate the same as the genetic expression has changed by their influence.

I am on 0 carb diet for 7 years now and feeling better and younger than ever. Many people throughout the world are doing the same so please join us and reprogram your genetic code, heal and grow younger.

In an attempt to help others but using the wrong knowledge, some “experts” are recommending certain exercises over others or even claiming that exercise accelerates aging of the body:

In this article, they are claiming that there are certain types of exercises that can actually accelerate the aging process. This is pure nonsense.

Exercising is a movement. Every type of movement accelerates the heart, increases the blood circulation and oxidation of the body. This makes any kind of exercising healthy. Of course doing something that will break your bone or dislocate a joint is another story.

The health problems associated with extended exercises like running a marathon for example, will be problematic if you are dehydrated on the cellular level, and if your genetic expression is off, and your cells are adjusted to depend on carbohydrates (glucose) as an energy source, since you cannot eat during the exercise to replenish the lost energy and your cells cannot extract enough energy from triglyceride as they are low on the active mitochondria. Wow, this was a long sentence!!!

As we cannot hydrate without maintaining adequate salinity and we are losing salt through urination and sweating, drink water with sea salt or put sea salt in your mouth while drinking water or you will not hydrate. By drinking pure water you will only sweat and dehydrate further.

As you can see, the problem is not the exercise itself. Rather, it is the way the exercise is performed, and how the genetic expression is manifested.

When the cartilage is well hydrated high impact exercising cannot hurt us either. I explain this in my book.

It is more important to eat correctly than doing exhausting exercises when you want to lose weight.

I see this daily in the gym. Some girls are doing an incredible amount of exercising in an attempt to lose weight and all that is happening is that their thighs are getting bigger and bigger and the body continues to look chunky.

If you want to lose weight without being hungry and recalibrate your genetic expression, give me a shout. I will get you there and the weight will not come back.

Please support my work by donating if possible.

Love and light, I love you all.

Benefits Of Red Wine. Bill Abbott.


world of children

No matter where I went lately, while I was travelling and visiting different countries, everywhere I had encountered similarities when it comes to the variety of things.

I remember when I was a young kid, how exciting it was visiting different countries and you did not have to go far to find yourself in totally different world.

I was born and grew up in Europe. Going from the Czech Republic ( it was Czechoslovakia then) to Austria and I was in a new world. Different language, different music different food, different clothing…

Just couple hours later, travelling by train, there was Slovenia. Everything has changed again and couple hours later we were in Croatia, and everything changed all over again. Slovenia and Croatia were part of Yugoslavia those days but even within this small country, the diversity was incredible.

It was interesting to buy souvenirs as every country and every region had something else to offer so the souvenirs were a memorabilia that later reminded you of the places you have visited.

It is amazing how quickly has all of this changed.

Our world has changed but not for better. There are no more thrills of traveling.

No matter where you go, the globalization has left its mark. The whole planet has become a corporate playground. The people have been corrupted by cheap trivialities and they have lost the sense of themselves.

The result of this is that most of the music, wherever you go, will be “krap” (or the Rap as they call this vulgar assault on sanity) and the reggaeton which is the “krap” on steroids.

Most of the food will be the fast food. McDonald’s and KFC are everywhere.

Nowhere is this globalization and human deterioration visible more than in medicine.

Wherever you are on this planet, doctors prise themselves by letting you know that they have attended or had taken courses in a medical school in the United States of America. This gives them the ultimate knowledge and makes them superior over other doctors who did not have a chance to do so.

But, where is this superiority coming from?

Certainly not from the results achieved in the medical practice itself. The USA population is not healthier from other populations on this planet even though there are sophisticated hospitals everywhere.

People are not realizing that they have been sucked into a bottomless pit and that they are now twisting in the mud calling it a chocolate because they do not know better. They are too busy with their toys, to pay the attention to what has really happened to them.

You may ask yourself: “what has all of this to do with a disease prevention?”

Plenty, so let me explain.

As the western medicine is praised and glorified the reality is painting a different picture. Millions of people are having health problems. Some argue that the reason for this is not affordable health care. If that would be true, then the rich people would be safe as they can afford the best care in the world. So are they?

Angelina Jolie had her breasts removed. This does not sound very healthy to me.

Selena Gomez had undergone very quietly a kidney transplant. Not a healing process if you ask me.

Lady Gaga had to cancel her European tour because of exhaustion and pain. This does not sound healthy to me.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus has a breast cancer, how is that possible?

In the same article, they state how 1 in every 8 women will get breast cancer. Why do we glorify medical care of a country with such health record?

David Rockefeller died from heart failure, Dick Cheney has a pacemaker and not doing so well…. we can go on and on, the list is none ending. So what is wrong with this picture?

Are we so stupid that we cannot figure out where lays the problem and how to stay healthy?

Not really. We know what the problem is and how to prevent it. So the next question is, “why we do not prevent those diseases from occurring?”

This is easy to answer. What it takes to prevent the disease from happening, will heal the body as well so all the profits would be lost and more than that. If people would be healthy it would be much more complicated to keep them docile and unaware. Healthy people would be difficult to control.

As it is easy to leek an information, the truth must stay hidden even if some honcho like D. Rockefeller has to be sacrificed. This also demonstrates how even those that we think of as the powerful and all mighty, are nothing more than puppets of the system.

For the sake of the money, people are accepting their slavery and fighting amongst themselves killing one another.

As in the war, same they are doing during the time of peace. Doctors are killing millions of people who are following their self-approved medicinal treatments.

Doctors are daily experiencing the noneffectives of those treatments and they know that their patients are getting poisoned but they are to indoctrinated to even attempt to think and change their protocols.

Can diseases be eradicated?

Of course, that diseases can be eradicated, but everything we had accepted as truth, has to be forgotten and new information has to be accepted. This is difficult to do for most people as they are rolling in the mud of lies and deceptions.

What is the truth, and how can we prevent diseases and liberate the humanity from the horror of pain and suffering that the diseases bring?

Jesus Christ had told us, “keep your temple clean”.

The temple is our body.

So how do we keep our body clean?

By drinking plenty of water with sea salt in it. Very simple, isn’t it?

It is impossible to make money on such simple procedure and this is why not only that knowledge is hidden, the act of drinking the sea water or drinking the water with sea salt diluted in it it is ridiculed.

Sea waves breaking on a rocks in Majorca. Deep blue sea waves hit cliff. Sea waves hit rocks cliff. Mighty sea waves breaking on a cliff. Waves splashing over rocks. Strong ocean waves hitting rocks

The other necessary change that has to be done is to stop poisoning ourselves with the junk we call the food and go back eating the food of God.

By eating the food that God intended for us to eat we are going to keep our genetic expression in proper alignment and our cells will function perfectly. Our immune system will be fully operational, our mind will be bright, and our senses alert.

For those of you who have been following the Self Healers Protocol and healed your body now you know that the Self Healers Protocol will not only allow your body to heal and extend your life many times over, the protocol will also keep you from getting health problems at the first place.

Do not wait till you are sick, start changing your habits now. Why wait and suffer the pain when you can avoid it all together.

So why there is no preventative medicine?

Because if you know how to prevent a disease, then you know how to heal it as well.

The doctors that cannot heal a diseased body, do not know how to prevent those diseases from occurring.

There is a conflict of information. All I can tell you, try it for yourself.

I wish that you overpower your fears and take the leap.

If you have a medical condition which makes you fearful of those recommendations, contact me and I will help you.

Love and light to us all.