THE SCHIZOPHRENIA GENE, another pearl of the scientific stupidity.

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I always point to the fact that all of the research and all of the studies based on the current false knowledge are doomed to failure. Two bad can never result in one good no matter how you spin it.

A lot of medical stupidity comes from the UK. these days.

One example of this is the latest article in the Daily Mail

According to the Daily Mail, the UK. researchers came to the conclusion that stressful pregnancy triggers the schizophrenia gene in the placenta. The stress factor mentioned is the elevated blood pressure. This is one of the most ridiculous things that I had ever heard.

No, I am not surprised at all knowing the information those scientists possess this cannot surprise me. I just feel very sorry for the people under their care. Those poor souls have no place to hide.

Now, by showing us the connection between stress-related hypertension, they can maintain the sickly state of the pregnant women and pollute it even further by the additional drugs necessary to correct the early discovered problem.

This will justify bringing more drugs into a pregnant women’s body ensuring that the fetus becomes toxic and the newborn child sick from the first breath it takes.

Why are the results of this study so ridiculous?

For one, elevated blood pressure does not cause any health problems, it is just a symptom of stronger activity of the heart or a symptom of a bad blood circulation.

The elevated blood pressure will never cause a change of genetic expression. It is the other way around. The changes in the genetic expression will cause the elevated blood pressure.

Now, what will be the causes of the genetic changes?

As followers of my work you already know the answer to that, it is always the environment.

What will change the environment to which genetic code has to be adjusted?

The culprits are the toxins and the stress.

Since the toxins change the genetic expression here is your proof that the dietary glucose is toxic to an animal body. Dietary glucose changes the genetic expression in many ways and it is the major cause of the 2000 genetic defects scientists had discovered in the human body by now.

I have to inject the dietary glucose factor in as many articles as possible because I want to reprogram your sub-conscience to absorb it an act upon it by changing your diet.

The dietary glucose is the slow-acting poison that allows your body to slowly disintegrate and malfunction within a 115 year period.

What dramatically speeds up the toxic load of the body is the lack of water. The water shortage in the body is closely associated with insufficiency of the electrolytes which are provided through the minerals.

Toxicity cartoons, Toxicity cartoon, funny, Toxicity picture, Toxicity pictures, Toxicity image, Toxicity images, Toxicity illustration, Toxicity illustrations

Contrary to what we are being told, the minerals found in the blood do not come from the vegetables and fruits as dietitians are promoting. In my book The Resonance of Nutrition, I explain that this is very difficult to achieve if not impossible.

All of the necessary minerals are provided through the salt we eat.

Only the unrefined sea salt has all the necessary minerals and by avoiding to eat the salt, we contribute to the dehydration of our blood and the dehydration of our cellular structure.

Dehydrated blood cannot be cleansed and the toxic load of the blood increases.

More and more young women are stopping to menstruate. Their doctors have no clue why and of course a hormonal therapy is implemented. This pollutes the blood even more. So will the new medications that will be implemented now to counteract the “schizophrenia gene”.

The whole science as we are being told in the medical schools is a witch hunt designed to keep us occupied and to financially support the fake health industry called the Medicine and its bogus studies.

Why do young women stop menstruating?

When there is not enough blood the cleansing organs cannot perform the cleansing. They have to save the existing water. Since the menstrual bleeding removes a lot of water from the blood, dehydrated women have first short periods with minimal loss of the blood. If no hydration is done, the menstruation stops, there is not a drop of water that can be wasted even when the blood’s cleansing is in question.

Since the blood toxicity rises, so will raise the cellular toxicity since the cells will refuse to hydrate with the toxic blood. The cells themselves become acidic and toxic and this is where all of the chronic health problems come from.

Just last Sunday I saw a young woman with her 2-year-old boy. He was coughing and she was telling her friend that her son is now on antibiotics to prevent a pulmonary infection.

I had to intervene and point to the mother that those antibiotics will not solve anything but they will further increase the toxic load of her son and skin rashes will appear.

As I said it, she flips her son’s shirt exposing his body which was full of red dots. A sign of inflammation of the skin.

I looked at the young mother and I see her bad skin covered by makeup.

This is the genetic connection. A chronic dehydration running in the family. This produces the toxic environment and all of the bad-health symptoms. There is no medicine that can help. But what will help is being discouraged by the medical and the pharmaceutical fake industries and this is sea salt and water.

If you are of child bearing age and eager to get pregnant, please contact me or follow the Self Healers Protocol at least 6 months prior to getting pregnant. If you detoxify your body and if you adjust properly your genome you will have an easy pregnancy and child delivery. Your child will be healthy and resilient to all diseases and so will you.

Toxicity cartoons, Toxicity cartoon, funny, Toxicity picture, Toxicity pictures, Toxicity image, Toxicity images, Toxicity illustration, Toxicity illustrations

More and more women have the problem of conceiving. Now you understand why.

The answer is not to force the pregnancy by any mean necessary because your problem is of toxic nature and your body refuses to create a new life in such a toxic environment,

Profound loss of blood eliminates many toxins and the newly developed blood makes the environment more suitable for pregnancy. This is why many toxic women, after becoming pregnant experience spontaneous abortion. This cleanses the blood sufficiently to allow the mother to support the next pregnancy.

Even in this case, the woman’s body is still very toxic and newborns will often suffer from health related issues.

Now I hope that you are realizing when I am telling you that the chronic diseases do not exist.

All that the chronic diseases are are the various symptoms of toxicity and the bodies response to it.

Open your mind. Ignore what you have been told and absorb the new knowledge. It will save your life.

Love and light to us all.

Toxicity cartoons, Toxicity cartoon, funny, Toxicity picture, Toxicity pictures, Toxicity image, Toxicity images, Toxicity illustration, Toxicity illustrations

How much are you spending on the illusion of keeping your pets healthy?

Best friends royalty-free stock photo

Every pet owner wants their pets to be healthy and happy.

In the attempt to do so, visits to their vet. clinic is frequent and the vet’s suggestions are followed.

Not a cheap thing to do.

Trusting their vets, people buy certain foods and supplements. It is a great thing to have someone to advise you and you feel that the money was well spent.

Is this really what is happening?

Are you getting the correct advice?

If so, why are your pets getting sick and require expensive surgeries?

Taking care of your dog may cost you the same as taking a care of your child if not more so how come that after following all the correct instructions your dog ends up in the emergency room requiring an emergency surgery that you have to pay for even after you did exactly what you were told and your dog or cat got sick anyway?

As you can see, the medical practice is the same no matter if humans or animals are in question.

Since all of the recommendations that you receive from your doctor are incorrect, why do you think that the recommendations of your vet are going to be any better?

I can tell you with 100% certainty, that the recommendations of your vet are as bad if not worse than those you had received from your personal doctor.

Why do I say so you may ask?

First of all, I am a veterinarian/human/plant healer and health adviser.

There is no difference between mammals when it comes to their health other than the type of digestive system that they have and actually, in the contrast to only humans, there are totally different digestive systems of the different groups of mammals which is not the case in humans.

Every “expert” on nutrition that tells you that there are different nutritional types of humans and that the blood group is controlling the digestive process of an individual is simply regurgitating scripted “scientifically approved” lies.

I did write about this many times and for those who want to know more, please read my book on the nutrition.

Grocery Store Pet Department royalty-free stock photo

In this whole place, there is not a bit of healthy food to be found. It is all a pure poison.

My friend Mikie is sending me great articles that I would like to comment on titling the article “The Nobel Price contenders for the medical stupidity an buls**t science”.

Actually, this article is base on the information he gave me about his friend whose dog had an emergency stomach surgery and this procedure together with the medicines that had to be provided cost his friend 20 thousand Canadian dollars.

This is after his friend is spending a fortune on getting the best possible food, all the recommended vaccines, and additives that her veterinarian was suggesting.

If everything was done the way the vet was suggesting, how come that the dog ended up in the emergency room?

Exactly, the recommendations given by the vet were wrong.

How could that be?

The reason for the wrong knowledge is the “science” behind the books doctors (physicians or vets alike) are exposed too.

What we are being told in medical schools is a bunch of lies, but you, being the followers of my work, you know this by now. We are not exposed to the truth and physicians and vets are making the same mistakes because they simply do not know how the body works.

There should not be a division between the healers. If you know how to heal an animal, then you know how to heal a human body as well and the same knowledge you can apply to heal the plants.

All you have to know is what are the natural needs of the organism in question.

I almost forgot, the word to heal, does not even exist in medical vocabulary. Healers are the things of the past. In the past, a tribal healer was healing everyone who was in need of healing, be it human or the animal. Yes, they actually did heal but today, the modern medicine is laughing on their methods of healing.

Illustration of woman meditating, symbol flower of life Stock Illustration - 48451721

Those healers still exist and they are being hunted down and killed even today if they come to close to the “civilized” areas which are under the care of the health experts we call doctors.

I wrote about my learning experience with an Ayahuasca ceremony.

Last week my wife Hilno had her first Ayahuasca ceremony and she is still puzzled by this experience.

Unfortunately, Tarapoto is the World Capital of Ayahuasca and this ceremony has been prostituted. People from around the planet are coming here for this experience and all that they are getting is a nauseated hallucinogenic show that has very little to do with the true Ayahuasca ceremony experience of learning from the spirit world.

About Hilnos experience with the Ayahuasca ceremony I will write in the addendum, actually, I will have her write about it directly.

Going back to our pets, you may be questioning whom to trust and whose recommendations to follow so that your pet lives healthy and happy life?

This is the same question that you can ask yourself when your health is in question.

My friend Tomas wanted to test my teachings so he chose a sickly Pitbull puppy that no one wanted to take. Even the owners were sceptical that this pup will live and wanted Tomas to get a bigger and healthy puppy from the litter.

Tomas brought this 2-month-old skinny puppy home and started to feed him with the food of God and hydrating it with water that had sea salt in it.

The puppy was doing great and grew into a strong and loving Pitbull wile all of the strong puppies feathered away and died.

When it comes to animals, and especially the pets that we love, stress is not something that we have to worry about. This means that their health will be completely dependent on the food and liquids that they are ingesting.

If your pet is having health issues, you are poisoning it through the food that you are giving it.

Well, my vet is the best and he highly recommended this food. This is what I often hear from people asking for my help.

Always remember that the vet knows the popular science he/she received in the medical school. This means that the vet does not know the truth and only repeats what he/she was told.

As followers of my work, you know that the biggest problem in our health is caused by the genetic reprogramming. The strongest genetic reprogrammer is done by the dietary glucose.

Now go and have a look at the dog food or the cat food in your house. Read the label of ingredients.

What do you see there my brother/sister?

Low-quality foods are full of soy grains and the more expensive foods have the rice.

Now you understand why is your pet fat. Why it is developing the same symptoms of aging as you do.

sick ill dog royalty-free stock photo

Why are its teeth a mess? Why is it developing hypertension and its eyesight is failing?

Why is it developing pain in joints and has difficulty to move around?

Do I have to spell it for you?

So if your dog ends up in emergency surgery because of the twisted stomach, wait a minute, which domestic animals suffer from such problem? Hmm, horses.

What is the food that is given to domestic horses and is not available in nature?

Grains, oatmeal to be specific.

Did I not tell you that grains are the worse food that mammals can eat? Yes, I am sure I did but did you take me seriously? Many did not and many people are still in disbelief that this could be the truth.

You will find opposite information to every information that you encounter so whom to trust?

As I always say, try it for yourself.

Give it a shot for a month. Let me be a one-stop shopping mall where you will be guided into the health and not just you but everyone in your family, pets included. And all this just for a small monthly donation of your choosing.

This may sound too good to be true. Well, why not, just try it, brother/sister?

You can always quit, but unless you try, you simply do not know if it holds the water or not.

Awakening is upon us, we are able to see.

Love and light to us all.

Why does Melania Trump apply loads of makeup daily?

Donald Trump and Melania Trump with visit in Poland — stock photo

Melania is a young beautiful woman, so why is she applying so much makeup daily?

Well, looking at the photo without a makeup, we get the picture. Her skin is dry and full of wrinkles.

The skin is a mirror of the inner health of the body. Now it becomes clear why is her health compromised.

Beautiful, soft, smooth, elastic, and young looking skin is not a treasure of youth.

The youthful looking skin is a sign of a well-hydrated healthy body no matter the age.

Our skin is not an impenetrable barrier. Our skin is an organ with multiple purposes. One of the important jobs of our skin is helping to keep our blood clean. The same glomeruli for cleansing the blood that we find in our kidneys, we find in our skin.

My grandmother is dialysis royalty-free stock photo

Just have a good look at the skin of people with kidney problems. The color of their skin is dark and unhealthy looking. The amount of toxins being expelled from the blood and partially trapped in the skin tissue makes the skin to change its appearance and smell.

People that came close to Hilary Clinton say that her skin stinks.

NEW YORK, USA - APRIL 13, 2016: Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at the National Action Network convention on their 25th year anniversary.

This is not a surprise. Her whole body is falling apart. Her blood is dehydrated and polluted. If her kidneys are still working, her urine must be stinking as well.

Since the mucous tissue also contains glomeruli, Hilary’s breath must have a foul odor and the bathroom must have multiple air freshener or a gas mask is needed.

There is an additional reason why most models suffer from a bad looking, dry and wrinkled skin.

That reason is the makeup.

No matter how expensive is the makeup that women wear, their skin is going to suffer.

In the past, talcum power was abundantly used.

Talcum powder is inorganic. It does not absorb into the skin easily and it clogs the skin pores.

In the attempt to get to the fresh air, the skin starts to enlarge its clogged pores. In time, this makes the skin look like a battlefield. It becomes full of big pores and inflamed.

Melania’s skin on the face shows enlarged pores.

Women try to cover this up with more powder and then with special creams but almost all of those heavy makeup cosmetics are based on the mineral oil. The Vaseline is based on the mineral oil as well.

The “mineral oil” is just a fancy name for the crude oil derivative. We are talking about a petroleum product.

Contrary to our beliefs, the crude oil did not come from fossilized animals. The crude oil is being produced constantly, deep, under an extreme pressure, from stone, iron oxide, and water. It will never run out and there is no reason for it to be expensive.

Many oil fields that were closed down because they run out of oil, are full again.

As I have told you, everything that we have been told is a lie.

The Rothschild banksters are trying to cling to the oil since it is their chicken that lays golden eggs. This is why their puppet Donald Trump is allowing more oil excavation to go on unnecessarily.

The era of oil is on its last vapor. The suppressed free energy will be unleashed and electricity will become the temporary energy of the near future. Plasma and MAGRAV fields will be the source of the energy soon.

Getting back to the issue of the skin, there is no way to repair and rejuvenate the skin from the outside. The skin receives its nourishment and hydrates from the inside, through the blood and the plasma. Some cholesterol is being pushed out through the pores to lubricate the outer layer of the skin we call the epithelium.

Since the skin is also a blood cleansing organ, the more toxic is the blood, the worse will the skin appear.

If you reverse engineer this information, the obvious truth comes out. The cleaner is the blood, the better and healthier will the skin look and feel.

Again, the hydration has a lot to do with this and this means water and sea salt.

Do not dry out the skin. A layer of cholesterol or other fat is necessary to maintain the skin soft and to protect it from direct cellular contact with foreign protein.

We often degrease our skin with the soap. This is why it is good to apply some fat back on the skin after we took shower. The coconut oil is a great substitute for our cholesterol.

Some expensive cosmetic products contain human fat obtained through the liposuction procedure. You would not believe what is sold on the market and what ingredients are used in some skin products that some women and men put on their faces and even inject into their own skin.

If you take a look at the skin of some Indonesian people. You will be surprised. It is very difficult to tell peoples age by looking at their skin. This is because they eat mostly meat (sea-food) and they eat fatty pork and use coconut oil which they also put on their skin. They eat small amounts of rice and stir-fried vegetables mostly friend on the pork fat.

Once we enlarge the skin-pores, it is very difficult to bring them back to their original state and very few women have the patience to do this correctly since it is time-consuming. They rather continue to cover up the craters on their skin with fillers and other cosmetic poisons becoming dependent on them and destroying their skin further in the process.

This is why, before it is too late, ditch all of the cosmetics and use only the animal products or coconut oil when it comes to the skin-care.

When it comes to the skincare, the olive oil used to be the oil of choice in the Mediterranean but coconut oil is better.

Love and light.

Here is a photo of my wife with our friend after 51 circles around the Sun.

The only make-up Hilno is wearing is an eye liner and a lipstick


Educational activities for toddlers royalty-free stock photo

The Institute for Family Studies has shown the decline in fertility among the women in the USA.

Surprisingly, the most affected are the Hispanic women, then the American Indian women, then American African, and the Asian or Pacific Islander women are the least affected.

The doctors are puzzled with these statistics.

We are constantly being reminded of the toxicity of the cleaning products, the laundry detergents, the fireproof coating on the upholstery and the clothing. The health warriors are pointing to the toxic additives in the packaged foods, the BPA and other toxic substances purposefully added to weaken our immune system and to undermine our health. The heavy metals polluting the fish deeming it unsafe for human consumption.

Everybody is exposed to those equally. We may argue that many Hispanic women are working as housekeepers and they have more contact with the cleaning agents but why do I see the same problem here in the Amazonia of Peru where most of the women do not use much of those products because they simply do not care much about cleaning. I am not implying that they are dirty. Simply, the cleaning agents are too expensive for people who live in houses with the floor made of mud.

Whenever I shop for food, I observe what kind of food and other products are people buying in the supermarket. Just one day of observation can paint a pretty good picture of what is going on and the picture is not a happy sight for my eyes.

two friends taking photo of their food with smart phones

When I see what the type of the food parents are buying food for their children and themselves I want to scream. I used to talk to mothers when I saw them loading Coca-Cola, cereals, frankfurters, margarine, soy oil, soy milk, bread, candy, microwave ready meals, and other types of toxic garbage in their carts for the purpose to eat it as a food, but I do not do this anymore.

They would look at me strangely as if I was from another planet because everyone knows how healthy are the cereals for a young growing body and there is nothing healthier than the soy milk.

After all, the movies are showing us how to eat and how important it is to visit our doctor and follow his/her instructions.

The health enthusiasts are parading in protest of the GM foods forcing their opinion and extensive knowledge of a healthy diet which is loaded with carbohydrates and vegetables. Without reservation or hesitation they will approach your table as you enjoy your black and blue steak and with a conviction, they will scream into your ear how ignorant animal hater you are, and that your life will be miserable, sickly, and short.

Daily we are being bombarded with information how to save our health. The warnings of the cholesterol and salt in the food are pasted on all billboards. Do not eat the eggs, the cholesterol will clog your arteries. The egg with banana will make a hole in your stomach and kill you!

How can you eat the pig? It is a dirty animal, it rolls in the mud. I wonder what do they think where do the potatoes come from?

There is no end to the stupidity and just when you think that you had heard it all, some “expert” tells you that your favorite exercise is actually accelerating your bodies aging process.

Whom to trust? What can we do to live healthily?

It is obvious by now that if we do not change the way we are living, the human race is doomed.

The brainwashed millennials are marching and demanding the protection of their safe spaces. Anyone who dares to voice his/her opinion about the global warming or the climate change as they had renamed it after realizing that the warming trend does not exist and dares not to attribute it to the human factor is immediately attacked and labeled as the enemy of humanity.

On the other side, those self-served protectors of the Earth are being silent about the systematic pollution and destruction of our planet from the Zionist run system which supports them, while it is at the same time spraying poison through the chem-trails and the agricultural poisons of the MONSANTO and other chemical corporations.

Those are the real destructive forces.

The Zionist controlled Trump is doing nothing about it. In fact, he is continuing to fight for the oil companies supremacy in the field of energy completely disregarding the fact that electricity will be the energy of the future and the oil industry will cease to exist. No wonder that Trump is buddy with Netanyahu, another Rothschild Zionist servant.

Do not misinterpret my message thinking that I am pro Hilary.

Rick McKee / Augusta Chronicle

Luckily there is an occult force that corrects Trumps attempts to please the Zionist agenda so the actions of the Trump presidency are actually very positive.

As you can see, wherever you look, the things are not as they seem to be.

Why am I mixing everything together you may ask?

I just want to show you that everything that you are directed to see and made to understand is all fake. The truth is buried deep inside and difficult to get to. This is why we should not trust anything that is revealed openly.

This is why when we go back and look into the real cause of infertility in women, we have to disregard what is obvious and what we are being told no matter through which channel the information is transmitted.

Through my work, I have shown you how powerful is the defense mechanism of our body to defend itself and adapt to changing circumstances. Our bodies can easily detoxify themselves. They can prevent toxic elements from entering and affecting our health. This is why hydration with the structured water and sea salt is so important.

The Anunnaki knew that the best occult way to dumb down the human race and to make it short-lived and sickly is to reprogram their genetic expression. This they did by introducing us to the dietary glucose. They showed us how to cultivate and manipulate grains including them into our diet.

As the followers of my work, you know that dietary glucose changes the genetic expression. Angelina Jolie was beautiful, healthy human being. Then she became vegetarian and vegan. Because of her active lifestyle, she could not cope with such diet energetically so she started to add the meat to her diet but the genome was changed and the breast cancer gene was activated. Now the poor lost soul has no breasts and no husband. What does it mean to be famous and rich?

Nothing is more important than our health but we do not pay any attention to it until it is late and then, in panic, we look for health in all the wrong places.

Alternative Medicine cartoons, Alternative Medicine cartoon, funny, Alternative Medicine picture, Alternative Medicine pictures, Alternative Medicine image, Alternative Medicine images, Alternative Medicine illustration, Alternative Medicine illustrations

This is why if we want to know the real culprit of infertility in women all that we have to do is to see the amount of the dietary glucose that is ingested daily.

The population that eats the most dietary glucose on a daily basis is the Hispanic population. This is not just true for the USA. It is the same in the Central and South America.

The amount of corn flour, grains, legumes, potatoes, plantains, and other cooked carbohydrates that regularly find themselves as food on the table of Hispanic families is staggering.

The meat and other animal products are used more as a seasoning to add flavor to the meal and not as the nutritional source.

The Asian or Pacific Islander women whose meals are based mostly on fish and other kinds of seafood with some rice and vegetables are the least affected. Since there is more and more rice added to their food as the fish is becoming more and more expensive, their health is starting to suffer as well.

Here in the Amazonia of Peru, people live on the dietary glucose. The same plate will contain rice, potatoes, yucca, beans, fried bananas and accompanied by a small piece of fish or chicken or pork. All this will be washed down with a glass of Coca-Cola or some equally toxic soft drink.

The young women are fat and from the experience, doctors are suggesting them to have babies early in life. They see rapid deterioration of the uterus and their response to this problem is to cut it out.

This is the marvel of the modern “madsin”.

Now you can understand that all this awareness of toxic foods is nothing in the comparison to the damage created by the dietary glucose which nobody is talking about it.

By following my work, you will understand your body in a whole different way. You will learn how to take care of it and how to properly support it.

Please join the growing community of awakened people who are contributing to this process of awakening to the truth and understanding with a completely new science behind it.

Please contribute financially and by spreading this information between your friends and family.

We do not have to wait for the healing machines of the future. The knowledge is here for anyone to use and achieve healing and longevity or even immortality.

There are no secrets here. It is all explained and on the open.

There is no secret agenda.

It is simple, and hard to believe, so if you wonder if it is true, try it for yourself.

Nothing can be cheaper.

No supplements to buy.

No expensive additives and product to use.

No expensive elixirs or snake oils to be purchased.

As you can see for yourself, I do not sell any products except the sea salt and the coconut oil and the colloidal silver and copper 1 to those who are too lazy or to busy to make it for themselves.

All we need is the truth and the will to make the change.

Please donate and become a member of this family.

Love and light to us all

US first lady Melania opposes vaccines but allows herself to be butchered.

MADRID, SPAIN - MAR 28, 2018: Melania  Trump, the current First Lady of the United States and Donald Trump's wife

For those of you who think that people with a lot of money are blessed because they can afford the best medical treatment can be reassured that this is not so. If Melania’s doctors would be any good, Melania would not be subjected to the surgical procedure, she would be healed or better yet, she would never put herself into the position of ill health because she would be guided correctly.

Everyone who is following my work and implementing the knowledge which is the result of this work knows that everybody can be kept healthy all the time and can heal if he/she was unhealthy.

Every surgery, no matter how benign it may be, is a grave insult to the body and it takes a long time for the body to get over it even if only mild symptoms appear afterward.

We have a lot of work to do my friends. When we have the USA president and first lady trusting the faulty medical system we realize how lost everyone really is. This just proves what we already know and that is that presidents are just puppets of the system. Even the Rothschild’s, the Kings and Queens including the Pope, all are just the puppets because the truth is hidden from them.

If they would know the truth, they would not look so old and sickly.

The truth would keep them looking young and healthy.

The only advantage that their billions can give them is to have comfortable sedated death and this only if their mind is not haunted by the evil that they have done during their lives.

There are some people who are trying to use the food as medicine like it was mentioned in this article in the New York Times:

Unfortunately, the food used is cooked garbage which cannot do the desired job.

On the other hand, it is revealed how the president’s lawyer accepted a bribe from a big pharmaceutical corporation:

Why Did Novartis Pay Trump’s Lawyer $1.2 Million? Look At Its Drug Prices

I am afraid that all this big talk against the drug industry is just a smoke behind the business, as usual, is going on.

Simply, there is too much money involved. The profits that the pharmaceutical industry is harvesting are tremendous and nobody is willing to kill the chicken that lays the golden eggs.

Even the great majority of the people who are aware of what is going on thinks that it is difficult to deal with this situation because medicines are a necessity and even if they do not heal, at least they help in controlling the problem and helping the sick people with managing their condition and their pain.

This is not true.

For example, the Metformin is not necessary since the diabetes is easily healed.

Billions of dollars are collected by the pharmaceutical giants by selling products that do not help with healing or even bettering the condition for which they are intended.

Here are some of the most “popular” drugs being used and the profits that they bring to the pharmaceutical giants:


Cosentyx Psoriasis $101,788 38%* $2.1 billion

Gilenya Multiple sclerosis $114,712 58% $3.2 billion

Gleevec Leukemia $147,788 58% $1.9 billion

Tasigna Leukemia $199,202 59% $1.9 billion

Keep in mind, not one of those drugs does any good by resolving the health problem so people are being duped into buying and using those snake oils indefinitely.

What is allowing these things to go on is the money and the power that money brings.

Why Did Novartis Pay Trump’s Lawyer $1.2 Million? Look At Its Drug Prices

Just recently I had a client with psoriasis.

She suffered from this unpleasant skin problem since she was a child and now in her 50es most of her body was affected not allowing her to sleep from the itchiness and pain.

In just 3 months of following the Self Healers Protocol under my supervision, her psoriasis was almost gone. 0 medication was used. Now the emotional part has to be addressed and she will be healed completely.

The same has happened to several of my clients who had suffered from leukemia and epilepsy.

Many “experts” will argue that this is not possible because those are very different diseases and it is impossible to treat them with the same protocol.

As followers of my work, you know better because you know the truth.

Is it then surprising when you read articles like this one:

Of course not. When people stop serving and feeding the system, the system gets rid of them.

There is a very small percentage of retired people who live longer than a couple of years after they have been retired from their work. The system makes sure of it.

And what is the cause of their demise?

Chronic health problems which mean the toxicity.

How is the system taking a care of the elderly?

By polluting them further through the “medication” that it provides.

There is no wonder why do all of the elderly suffer from pain. The antihistamines and the painkillers are the most prescribed poisons (medicines) in the world.

Pain cartoons, Pain cartoon, funny, Pain picture, Pain pictures, Pain image, Pain images, Pain illustration, Pain illustrations

Now, are they designed to heal the body?

Of course not. They are speeding up the bodies demise while at the same time keeping the patient comfortable, doctors busy, and the pharmaceutical industry rich.

The truth and the solutions are so simple that even when we are told the truth we simply cannot believe that all of those health issues and the debilitation of aging can be resolved in such a simple way as are the proper hydration, the correct diet, and the managing of the stress.

The simplicity is what creates the disbelief.

We are so programmed in believing that what is good must cost a fortune. To charge a lot, something has to be done so let’s sell a snake oil and charge for it a fortune. Everyone will line up for some.

When I started the E-clinic, I was asking for 80 dollars contributions and in one year I had 0 requests. So I increased the charge to 200 dollars and I started to get about one customer a month. I guess if I increase the price to 2000 dollars I will be swamped with work.

Please take the opportunity to talk to me and allow me to guide you now before I will be forced to increase the price.

Please use this opportunity to become a monthly contributor to my work which will make it possible to talk to me and receive my guidance for a fraction of the recommended Skype consultation.

We do not need drugs to heal and the antiseptic necessary we can make ourselves. Through the correct knowledge and with my guidance you will regain the perfect health, long life, and youthfulness.

There are no tricks involved. I had started with water and sea salt hydration 15 years ago but only 7 years ago I fully realized the toxicity of the dietary glucose. Since stopping eating this poison my body and my mind are constantly rejuvenating.

Just today someone thought that my wife is in her late twenties while actually, she has experienced 51 Earth circles around the Sun.

I do not want to sound like Tom Cruise but please “help me, to help you”.

Let’s work together and help change the world in which we are living.

As your appearance changes, people will ask you what are you doing?

Share your knowledge and help them. This is our purpose to help each other.

We have to live united because only united we can succeed in conquering the Evil.

Diseases are just one of the expression of Evil that we had created.

Diseases have nothing to do with God and his creation. They are all our doing and what we have done we can undo if we are willing to do so.

I want to thank my friend Mikie for the provided articles.

Love and light to us all

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As we continue to elaborate on the health issues from the aspect of the quantum field of frequencies it becomes clear why are animals in nature so healthy.

They are surrounded by healthy frequencies provided by our creator. Everything in their immediate ambient is created by the creator. The food that they eat is not manipulated with heat or processing so what the wild animals ingest are the pure frequencies which resonate properly with their preprogrammed genetic chain.

Those frequencies support their cellular structure which keeps their immune system strong and their bodies healthy.

On the quantum level of understanding, the food never enters our blood.

Our tissues have two coated layers. One side is coated with nano-particle copper or zinc, and the other side has different size particles of an element like iron or copper or zinc or selenium or gold…. In between those two layers, there is a layer of water in a plasma state.

Water in the plasma state is ionic, it contains all of the elements which are present in the sea water.

Under the influence of the MAGRAV field (Magnetic-Gravitational field), the tissue starts to produce different types of GANS (Gas in the Nano State) which becomes the base of all of the necessary elements that our body produces.

What influences the tissue to produce a particular thing like for example a protein or nucleic acid or fat….?

The production of elements from the tissue is controlled by the pull or by the push of the MAGRAV field and the production of GANS.

The MAGRAV field is controlled by the frequencies of energy that it is subjected to.

Gravitational lens effect in space, computer generated abstract background, 3D rendering

On the level of the matter, this is expressed in the activation of the genes which influences the cellular activity to transform the frequencies of energy into the state of matter. Since the resonance of our genes is simply a response to the frequencies of the environment now we can start to understand how does the frequency of the food influence our health.

I did mention many times before that the closest the source of frequencies are to the cellular structure, the stronger will be their influence on the expression of the genes. Since the food brings the source of the frequencies into our body, the frequency source becomes very close to the cellular structure so its impact is very strong. Those frequencies with which the food is vibrating with will have a very strong influence on the genetic expression.

At the same time, we can start to understand how our thoughts are influencing the cellular response of our body since the brain is also very close to the cellular structure and it can produce any frequency it is familiar with.

Keep in mind that every cell in our body is a quantum reactor filled with water in a plasma state.

By looking at our cells and our tissues as plasma reactors, now you can better understand why is sea salt so important in the healing process of our body.

The sea salt contains all of the elements present on our planet. Our body is created from those elements and to be able to sustain the body, we have to provide it with those elements.

The belief that we have to eat vegetables to be able to satisfy our body with the necessary minerals is false. The sea water is the clue and where there is no sea, sea salt with water is the best substitute.

Why are the vegetables poor source of elements?

As I had mentioned many times before, vegetables are sugars. Their membranes are made of a complex carbohydrate called cellulose. There are very few elements outside of the cellular structure in the juice of the plant. The great majority of minerals, proteins, enzymes, carbohydrates, and water are within the cellular structure behind the wall of cellulose. This means that we cannot get to it by eating the vegetables in their natural raw state.

All of those things become available only after the cellulose is ruptured and this is done with the presence of increased heat.

By cooking the vegetables, the cellulose raptures, and the vegetables will change their frequencies. This changes the smell, the texture and the taste of those vegetables. This signifies that the frequencies have been altered. It is no more the food of God and therefore it is not healthy any longer because it will alter the genetic expression and with it the cellular behavior.

3d rendering underwater sea, ocean surface with light rays, high resolution

For those of you who would like to know more about the dynamics of the MAGRAV field, the GANS production and the process of creation of proteins, fats, potassium, calcium and other elements in our body on the quantum base of the plasma knowledge, I suggest that you start following Dr. Keshe’s teachings.

His videos are 3 hours long and I cannot follow them because it is very time demanding and I am elaborating on things in a slightly different way. You will receive a great insight into the mechanics of the structure of our reality.

This knowledge is concentrated on the understanding of the plasma field that we referred to as the empty space or the ether.

This plasma is everywhere and it is the energy of the creation from which the sacred geometry emerges.

The understanding of plasma is crucial for the further understanding of manifestation with which we are going to build our future.

This will be very important in our future traveling as the new vehicles will be based on plasma technology and they will be able to take us not just from New York to Paris for brunch and then to the Caribbean for a swim and to Bora Bora for dinner. They will easily take us to the Orion or Venus or the Pleiads in an instant.

Man hitchhiking UFO royalty-free stock photo

This is not a fantasy. Such vehicles (ships) already exist and they were presented to us by other beings but now we are going to be instructed how to build them ourselves.

Without understanding the plasma field and this new science, and without full awareness we cannot even enter such craft so forget even to attempt operating it.

The plasma craft will create the micro clime that you need to survive, it will feed you and keep you healthy. It will take you where you want to go. It can shrink to fit any space and it can expand with you in it. Since it will be tuned to your DNA, it will support you and no others.

Yes, you may say that I am a loony.

This is what I was told years ago when I said that dietary glucose is toxic to the animal body but now, people are not laughing anymore.

Going back to the topic of health, I had mentioned how we can change our operating program.

If you think that changing your diet is to difficult to do, then do not even think about changing your program. The best we can do is to change the program of understanding how things work with the program that is already in place.

By doing so, we can achieve everything that Jesus Christ was doing and more as he had said.

We have to get consciously in touch with our cellular structure and instruct it what to do.

Our cells are communicating with our subconscious mind before making changes.

Our subconscious mind always responds with the accepted “truth”. This accepted truth is our belief system. Every thought count.

When you say “I am sixty years old”, your subconscious response is, I am old, it is to be expected that diseases will start to occur. I am going to become gray and fragile. My body will accelerate deterioration. This is normal for my age.

Your cells are listening and they respond adequately. This is your signaling. Those are the instructions that your cellular structure receives and responds to.

Oh, you want to be gray. You want to be fragile. You want to be sick. Ok, I will accommodate you boss!

We have all noticed that sickly people only talk about their sickness and as soon as they hear of some other sickness, they get it themselves. The cells are listening and obeying.

Wake up. Exit this program of obedience. Stop being the victim. Take the responsibility for your actions and utilize this new knowledge to heal and rejuvenate your body and mind.

Actually, it has to be the mind and the body because as you know now, your mind is the instruction manual according to which your “reality” is formed.

By changing your belief system, through your thoughts, you will change your reality.

They say, doing is believing. So get started.

A wonderful future awaits us all.

At the moment we are being bombarded with high frequencies from the Universe and our Sun.

All of the preparations are done for the EVENT to occur. The EVENT will be soon.

During the event, we are going to be flooded with extremely high frequencies which will disable the brain filters which are in place and finally after thousands of years we are going to be free again.

The more prepared we are for this event, the easier it will be for us to go through it.

In the addendum, I will mention how I go about it.

Love and light to us all.

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In the previous blog, I had again reminded you that what we are being told about aging and diseases is incorrect.

Yes, the toxicity does cause deterioration of our body because it dehydrates and acidifies our cells, but we cannot prevent this from happening by stuffing ourselves with medicinal remedies.

We have to stop poisoning ourselves. Allowing poisonous snakes to bite us because we have the antidote, will not extend our life and make us healthy.

We can slow down the aging process and delay getting the symptoms of ill health way into the 70’s or the 80’s if we eat small amounts of toxic food daily but the toxic buildup will occur in time and symptoms of ill health will show up eventually.

If oxidative stress does not cause aging and disease, why do we eventually age and die?

The simple answer is the manifestation.

Many people think that they cannot manifest or that they cannot be hypnotized.

If this would be so, they would not be able to exist because all things in this world of matter are the results of manifestation.

Nothing exists without it first being thought of and visualized. What you cannot think of, you cannot visualize and you cannot manifest. That for, it does not exist.

This means that the most important things in our experience of life are our thoughts. No wonder that Jesus Christ said, “be careful of what you think”.

Our brain is programmed. It receives messages through frequencies. It decodes them according to the stored program and manifests them through the belief system. This is why Jesus Christ did let us know, “if you have faith, you can move mountains”.

We cannot manifest what we do not believe, and we believe only in things that are processed and understood by our stored program of beliefs.

We only trust what we believe in, what makes sense to our implanted program which we call our knowledge.

The first information or knowledge that our brain receives and becomes familiar with (programmed with), becomes the measuring scale for future responses and manifestations. This is why once we “know” something, it is very difficult to change our mind about those things because the old knowledge stays in the way. It becomes a filter by which we judge every other incoming information.

old age cartoons

This is the reason why we are forced to go to school from early age. Schools are places where information of how to serve our masters is implanted. The information we receive has nothing to do with the truth. It is manipulated and it prevents us from realizing the truth when it presents itself. Our belief system simply discards it because it does not fit the narrative. If it contradicts the stored belief which is familiar to our brain, it will be discarded.

Jesus Christ showed his disciples that it is possible to walk on water by demonstrating it in front of them. His disciples have witnessed many unusual things that he did and believed in his teachings but none of them could overcome the implanted belief that water will not support the body and when they tried to walk on the water, they sunk. This shows you how strong is the filter of belief.

I myself, know the principle of creation and I know that we can do whatever we can think of but obviously my implanted “truths” are in the way of me being able to walk on water or to fly or to communicate with the spirit of my dead mother or my plants.

The implanted knowledge is preventing me from advancing and experiencing my thoughts. Only in a dream state when the brain is dormant, I can go and have fun. I can fly, I can visit the depths of the ocean, I can talk to my mother and see her in front of me. I can do anything I want to do but as soon as the brain awakes and the filters engage, it all ceases to exist.

What is real, our dreams or the brains manifestation?

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It is all real, The brains manifestation engages our senses, our emotional body. We experience this “reality” through our emotion. We can feel it, so it is real.

Anything that we can sense becomes real to us.

Our parrots (educators) are teaching us that only what you can see, touch and smell exists. Well, you cannot see or touch the pain, but you know that it exists because you can feel it.

There are people who feel the presence of spirits or energies of plants and animals. They can communicate with them, and for them, this is part of their reality. To preserve our ignorance, we are told that those people are freaks, that they communicate with the Devil so we have to ignore them or destroy them.

The religion is part of the controlling system that prevents us from realizing the truth.

Since we can manifest what we can imagine, we can manifest things that were not created by our creator. The obvious human manifestation is the Devil.

The Devil is not created by our creator, it was created by people. It was presented to us in the form of Baphomet, half man, and half goat. The Devil existed only when we thought that it exists so we empowered it through our manifestation. We had created him or better to say “it” because “it” did not have sole. The Devil was a creation of our belief system and it was fueled by it. Only those who believed in its existence could experience it.

Devil Vector Graphics

I am talking about the Devil in the past form because its energy is no longer with us. Its energy is of low vibration of fear which is no longer supported although there are still people that have this low vibration of fear. Those people can still experience it.

The toxic and diseased body has low frequency and becomes easily influenced by the fear factor of the brain. This is why healing the body is so important especially in this moment of the global awakening.

The incoming high frequencies of resonance are raising our frequency which is difficult to do with the toxic body. The more toxic we are, the more health problems we experience.

This is why toxic people experience more pain in this time and since they cannot raise their frequency they succumb to symptoms of toxicity that we call the disease and they leave their toxic bodies behind.

We are accustomed talking about the food and the medicines when we are referring to our health. Now we have to look at all of this as a manifestation of energy through its frequencies. This will make it easier to overcome the implanted filters since this is something new to our brain. Our brain does not have previously implanted beliefs about frequencies so it can accept this new type of knowledge much easier than change its belief on the previously established “truths”.

It is very difficult to convince someone of the toxicity of glucose when it is introduced into the body as a food.

It is easier for people to accept that frequency change can change their manifestation.

If you are in New York and you want to be in the Caribbean, all you have to do is to change the frequency from the frequency of New York to the frequency of the Caribbean and you will be there.

This, people can believe easier than that eating fried potatoes is toxic for their body because of the presence of the dietary glucose.

The reason for this is the brain’s familiarity with changing the frequency on the Tel a lie Vision which changes the program so they can relate this “truth” to the frequency change in general. This makes it easier for the brain to understand and relate to the frequency change.

What we can relate to and what makes sense to us because of our acquired beliefs, we can easier understand and believe, and that for we can easier manifest.

Think of cooked and processed foods as changed frequencies and resonance of the food. Those frequencies do not support the original design of the implanted brain’s program. This is why our bodies cannot maintain the original frequencies. As the manipulated frequencies of the cooked and processed foods influence the frequencies of our cells and our organs to change, they all start to resonate differently and this is what causes our health problems.

We can heal our bodies in two different ways. One is by adjusting the incoming frequencies to the preprogrammed frequencies of our brain, and the other way of healing is to change the brain’s program itself.

This will be the topic for the next blog.

Love and light to us all.

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You had noticed me mentioning the “time of change” before. In a matter of fact, many people are talking about it.

Depending on our environment, on our beliefs and our understanding, we all have some opinions about it.

Most of the religious people are awaiting their savior to come and liberate them from the evil of the present day’s awkwardness.

Some people are actively helping other people to awake since a great majority of people are deeply immersed in the illusion of what we call our reality and even the most obvious things are unable to resonate with them.

What makes people non-responsive to information which is clearly eye-opening to others?

Why do some people realize when they are being tricked and some don’t?

We all have the same genes and the same possibilities are laid in front of us but we see them differently, why is that so?

In this article, I will not elaborate on the physical structure of the brain and its chemical manifestations. Instead, I will go into the invisible side of the quantum mechanics of frequencies.

If you are new to this site and do not know about the quantum perspective of our reality I recommend that you type the word quantum and the word frequency into the search window on this site and read some of the previous articles on this thematic. This will make it easier to follow this article.

We know that humans are the most developed living form on this planet. How is it possible that our conscious mind is removed from direct communication with the cellular structure of the body?

We may have some infection raging in our body or cancer growing, all our cells know about it but this information does not reach our consciousness. The only way we are alerted to this problem is through the development of symptoms which we can feel or see but until those symptoms appear, we have no clue that there is a problem brewing.

Other animals do not have this problem. For example, I was told of the event where a family had a friendly dog that they loved very much.

One day some stray dog appeared and the always calm family dog became very aggressive and attacked this stray which he has never done before. He chased the stray dog away but has received several bites. The family dog was not badly injured so nothing was done about those bites.

Several days after this ordeal occurred, one evening the family dog approached each member of the family and asked to be petted for a while which was a bit unusual for him to do. The next day the dog had disappeared without a trace. No one knew what has happened with the dog until months later when one friend of the family told them that he had seen their dog in one village and it appeared to be rabid. The family went to see if it was their dog and they came a day after the dog was killed. It was their dog and it did have rabies that he contracted in the fight with the stray dog in their home months ago.

Young girl and her dog cuddling at home royalty-free stock photo

This is another proof that animals know not only when they are infected but also they know when another animal or human is infected. The family dog had attacked the stray dog to protect the family from a danger of the presence of a rabid stray. He knew that he was infected and that he presented a danger to his loving family so he immediately left the family so that he will not endanger them.

This ability to feel what is happening in their body and in the bodies of others is being explored also in medicine.

There are dogs trained to “sniff” cancer in people. The results are amazing. The dog can alert the doctor if there is cancer developing way earlier than it can be diagnosed by the most sophisticated electronic equipment. How is this possible?

For one, dogs are not sniffing cancer through its smell. They simply recognize the frequency of the cancer cell.

I had explained that on the quantum level, all there is, is energy expressed in a variety of frequencies.

Those frequencies are the oscillation of energy which defines them as individual parts of the whole energetic mass.

This means that everything there is has a specific frequency that defines it.

When a virus, bacteria, fungus, or cancer are detected, this means that their frequencies are present.

Frequency is energy and this means that it is in motion. As such, it can be detected as it resonates in the space.

Wave Function series. Backdrop of colored sine vibrations, light and fractal elements on the subject of sound equalizer, music spectrum, quantum probability and science education

Now we have computer programs that can detect those frequencies as well. Now, this is not just a theory, it is verifiable fact.

Why can animals directly communicate with their cellular function and we cannot?

Animals do not have the freedom of choice. They have to obey the implanted program. They have to eat to survive, they have to behave in a certain way and even if they know what is happening they cannot make any changes so they do not have implanted filters.

Humans have the freedom of choice and they can change their reality but to be able to experience the life the way it is created, filters are introduced so that we do not change the reality as soon as we do not like what is happening. This would prevent us from experiencing things.

If your cat gets sick, without the filters, you would know immediately what is the problem and you could change it and heal your cat. This would rob you of the experience of worrying and suffering its loss. Without the filters and having the ability of choice, there would be no crime and mafia. This means there would be no governments. Do you see how much we would be missing?

We are in the process of awakening. Our filters are weakening and they will slowly be dismantled.

This is why there is so much change going on right now.

The dismantlement of the brain filters is a gradual process because a suddenly liberated mind would most likely destroy itself by manifesting its fears and creating a living Heal for itself.

Before we go there into exploring the future marvels of a total freedom of creation (manifestation), we have to understand how to handle our fantasy world we call the physical reality.

As I had mentioned, once something goes wrong in our body, our entire cellular structure is aware of it with the exemption of our conscious mind.

Our cells also know, the same as the dog, of every other being that they focus on if there is a health problem brewing. Our cells, the same as animals and plants, do receive all the messages but they are unable to act on them since they do not have the freedom of choice.

The health problems are nothing more than energetic frequencies. Changing them will result in healing.

Since our “reality” is nothing more than the brain deciphering of those frequencies and the genetic manifestation of those frequencies as the cellular work, changing the genetic expression will result in changed cellular manifestation.

Quantum Physics cartoons, Quantum Physics cartoon, funny, Quantum Physics picture, Quantum Physics pictures, Quantum Physics image, Quantum Physics images, Quantum Physics illustration, Quantum Physics illustrations

This means that every time the cell changed anything about itself, some frequency had to be encountered by the telomeres and transferred to the genetic chain to trigger different oscillation of genes and with it a different cellular manifestation.

This understanding is the backbone of the stem cell therapy.

In my previous articles, I had explained that stem-cells (mother cells) are the raw, not predefined cells of the body. They can replace any cell in the body and to determine what cell it will transform into is dependent on the environment.

Every organ has its particular frequency so if stem-cell remains for a longer period of time in this frequency, it will be activated as the cell of this particular organ.

The question is, why do stem-cells not replace the dead teeth for example?

First, the teeth are in the gums. If gums are toxic their resonance has changed and it is not recognizable to the stem-cell.

Second, the cell will never do anything without first consulting the program. Remember that the brain is a programmed computer.

The stem-cell asks what to do and the subconscious mind gives the directions.

Our subconsciousness responds with the implanted program and it gives the order to carry on as usual because it is programmed that there are only two sets of teeth to be made. This was accomplished so there is no reason for the change to take the place.

Can we influence our body to make the third set of teeth?

Of course that we can and we can do this in several different ways.

Doctors are now realizing what can be done and they are trying to cash on it as best as possible but this is the old energy talking like in this article that was sent to me by Mikie

The doctors are suggesting that expensive stem-cell therapy has to be done while we know that simple sound frequency applied to the gums will do the trick.

Better yet, our brain can order the tooth formation if it instructs the stem-cells to do it. Instead of directing the cells to do what is expected by the existing program, the brain can direct them to change the tooth by activating the stem-cell.

For many years I am telling you that aging process has nothing to do with the cellular oxidative stress. Our cells are simply following the instruction. We make the mistakes by giving the instruction we do not want to manifest and we do it by not realizing what we are doing.

I will continue on this topic in the next post.

Love and light to us all.

Quantum Physics cartoons, Quantum Physics cartoon, funny, Quantum Physics picture, Quantum Physics pictures, Quantum Physics image, Quantum Physics images, Quantum Physics illustration, Quantum Physics illustrations

KIDNEYS and baking soda.

Baking Soda cartoons, Baking Soda cartoon, funny, Baking Soda picture, Baking Soda pictures, Baking Soda image, Baking Soda images, Baking Soda illustration, Baking Soda illustrations

Several days ago my friend D. came to visit with his lovely wife and as we are talking he made a complaint about having some digestive problem so he asked me for my opinion.

He and his wife had digestive problems more than a year ago but since they followed the Self Healers Protocol, the problems went away.

They also had some intestinal parasite problems and after that was addressed finally they started to gain some weight.

They had spent some time in India and adapted vegan diet which left them malnourished and very skinny and they had a tough time gaining weight until now.

For almost a year they felt great but all of the sudden the digestive problems showed up again.

So the question was, are they eating too many eggs, or too much meat, or is it the milk?

My first question was as you may expect me to ask, “are you drinking enough water with sea salt?”

To my surprise, D said, “not lately, I am drinking now water with sodium bicarbonate.”

This surprised me so I asked him, “why are you doing this?”

“Our friend Mr. A. told us that this is healthier so I checked it on the Internet and now I am following those recommendations.”

On the Internet, you can find anything and everything and it all sounds very professional and make sense like for example, this video


This is why his reply would not be surprising but what makes it ridiculous is the fact that our friend Mr. A. is the one who refused to follow my recommendations and now he is in Lima awaiting a kidney transplant.

I did not know if I should laugh or cry? I simply did not know how to respond. I did not want to go into a lengthy explanation because it obviously is not making a difference so I simply responded, “go back to drinking water with sea salt brother.”

I can understand this. If you want to experiment and try other things this is ok, but what I do not understand is why don’t you stop if you start feeling bad during your experiment?

Was there any need of asking me the question why he has digestive problems at all?

If you are alkalizing your stomach by drinking water with sodium bicarbonate, you cannot digest animal-based protein properly and this is the staple of his diet.

More and more it seems to me that my work is time wasted.

Not being able to help my closest friends is discouraging. We all have our path to go through and things to experience and I know that I should not take it personally but it is hard sometimes just shrug things off the shoulder.

Are people capable freeing themselves from the slavery of the well-greased system of implanted fraud and deception?

Taking into consideration my experiences from what I see, there is absolutely no chance of doing so. Even those people that I consider to be observant and awake are proving to be as lost as those who are following CNN and their “balanced” news and information daily.

Kidney cartoons, Kidney cartoon, funny, Kidney picture, Kidney pictures, Kidney image, Kidney images, Kidney illustration, Kidney illustrations

The only reason that we are winning is the fact that it is enough to have 0.1% of awakened souls to bring the rest up. That is how strong and powerful love is and even with this adds, our success was questionable until recently.

We all have to thank our Mother Earth for her tolerance and forgiveness.

Some people may argue with me on the benefits of sodium bicarbonate in the regard to our health.

Let me explain.

There is a room for medicinal remedies and there is no doubt that they do help when you are sick.

The term, being sick, signifies you having some symptoms of ill health. In this case, a medicinal remedy can “remedy” this situation but if you use medicinal remedies when there are no symptoms, most likely you will create them.

Considering that 99% of people poison themselves daily by eating dietary glucose, occasional alkalizing of their digestive tract and their blood is a welcome relief.

This is because sugars create an acidic environment in our body. It is the poison and antidote relationship I often talk about.

Even those people cannot alkalize their bodies with sodium bicarbonate for longer periods of time because they will experience digestive and internal health problems.

The people whose staple diet are animal-based proteins will experience those problems much sooner since they do not have acid imbalance as the dietary glucose addicts do.

The “experts” on nutrition will quickly add their expertise to this situation arguing that it all depends on the nutritional type but as the followers of my work, you know better. You know that we all have the same genetics and that the gene expression depends on the environment which we create.

Our gut environment is simply a reflection of the food we eat and this food is nothing more than an assortment of frequencies which directly stimulate the genetic chain and cause the genome formation of selectively resonating genes.

There was a golden rule in mechanics. “If it is not broken, do not fix it.”

Unfortunately, this golden rule is no longer supported. The new practice is breaking it so that you can make money while pretending that you are attempting to fix it.

This practice started with the pharmaceutical and medical profession but it has proven to be so successful that now it has spilled in other parts of the industry. Now your smartphone receives an upgrade after two years of usage which turns them into a dumb phone forcing you to buy a new one.

In the meantime, the “pharma madsin” has progressively gotten worst and now it kills you to quickly exposing the secret of what it is really about as this video demonstrates


The greed is making them sloppy so just maybe this will help few more people to open their eyes and realize what is going on.

If anyone has a specific request about some health issue that they would want me to write about, please do let me know. If no questions arrive, I will focus on preparing you for the upcoming times of change.

No one knows exactly what to expect but we know that the genetics will remain the same and only their expression will change.

In my next article, I will elaborate on what could those changes be, how they could manifest themselves and how can we help our body to have a smooth transition.

Love and light to us all.

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