Can doctors break through the veil of false science?

Those of us who have been awakened have a long time ago left the fantasy world of television and are searching for truth elsewhere.

Computers and cellphones are the most common places but there, as well lies and misconceptions rule the information ducts.

Since our brain depends on information so that it can calculate the most probable outcome, if all that we have accepted are lies, no truth can be found.

This is why I always suggest that in order to find the truth, we have to get the information about the lies as well and use our brain to calculate and our spirit to confirm.

After enough information has been cumulated, our spirit will signal what the truth is and we are going to feel it in our gut.

If we reject the truthful information as being ridiculously false, our brain will not incorporate it into its calculations and we will not be able to experience the gut feeling guide of our spirit.

A dear friend of mine argues that God will clear the mess we have created and that a person that he trusts knows this because he is studying Bible for over 20 years and understands it correctly.

Well, here we go. Again only one box is examined and what if the truth is not in?

What about Mayan, Hopi Indian, or the Original (Aboriginal ) people of Australia…

What do they say about what is going on?

This is ridiculous: only God knows what is coming and only Bible is the word of God?

How shallow and immature it is to think in this way.

Unfortunately, a great majority of medical doctors think in the same way.

Their Bible is their medical books and journals, and the only outside information that they accept comes from preapproved final medical studies.

Again, they are fishing in a mountain lake hoping to catch the megalodon.

I can understand Dave from the X22 report when he says that the Fu-flu virus was released in China and had spread around the Globe, but when I hear medical doctors repeating this nonsense, I cringe.

Doctors are starting to realize that they are being controlled and they are revolting, but still, they are unable to realize the depth of the control that they are under.

Doctors are convinced that the virus is a microorganism that consists of a single strain of RNA that no one has ever seen or actually proved that exists.

If one’s base of its science is fantasy, the entire truth will be false no matter how they spin it.

Doctors are studying their Bible of viruses and no matter how hard they try, the results make no sense.

The results are manipulations that depend on the current state of affairs.

Now we have the vaccine, but we need to protect ourselves because the “nonexistent” virus has mutated. And this goes on forever, just like the war on terror.

Here is a great example of what I am talking about:

In the video, Dr. Simone Gold is talking about the Wu-flu virus and how it resembles the common flu, yet she is convinced that a microorganism is what causes them both while none of them can be proven to exist.

Dr. Simone is noticing that the symptoms are the same, but she is unable to debunk the whole COVID-19 fiasco because the tests point to Wu-flu.

What tests? It is all fake.

How can you make positive test of something that does not exist? By lying about it.

Her boss was lying, she knows and still she believes in this plandemic.

She talks about autologous immune enhancement therapy. The first vaccine creates no health problems, the second neither, but then if we get into contact with the pathogen we have been vaccinated against (with), we die.

Instead of becoming resilient to it, we become allergic to the pathogen.

This is a clear example of anaphylaxis. We are being poisoned to the level that once exposed to more of the poison, we experience a strong reaction of the body to resist further poisoning which ends up sending all of the accumulated cellular toxins into the blood.

The body goes into a self-preservation mode, increases cellular defense, produced inflammation, and can lead to death if the body was overly polluted.

What are the symptoms of upcoming anaphylactic shock?

Skin hives, a sudden increase in body temperature, nausea and abdominal pain, runny nose, arrhythmia, swelling/inflammation…

Those are all symptoms of blood toxicity and its detoxification.

All those symptoms are the result of poisoning and not of an infestation with microorganisms.

Animals that have been vaccinated with the new immuno-enhanced vaccines have died from anaphylactic shock after being exposed to the “virus”.

It should be obvious to everyone that it is not a living organism but a poison. The poison is in its origin just a frequency and can be expressed in a form of matter light, sound, and electromagnetic frequency.

Is the Wu-flu just an EMF signal?

I bet you that it is.

Exposure to a stronger EMF signal puts our cells into the flight and fight mode, increases BP, some cellular toxin becomes released which increases the cellular state of emergency, causing inflammation. More cellular toxins become squirted into the blood, the blood’s toxic load increases and so do the symptoms of polluted blood and blood cleansing.

We can prevent our cells from releasing their toxins into the blood by making the blood more toxic so that the body stops the forced cellular hydration/inflammation.

Our cells cannot cleanse without water and by preventing their hydration, we prevent their cleansing.

This is what drugs do. They do not destroy the nonexistent virus, they prevent further blood poisoning and the symptoms of toxic blood dissipate as the blood gradually becomes cleaner.

Why are we guided in the wrong way?

It is all about the power and the greed of the few, and many of the week souls that kneel in fear and shame.

Wake up, grow the spine, and do not obey, or you will end up like this:

Wake up and help others to do the same.

The light is about hit and the truth will be revealed to all.

Love and light to us all

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