Moderation is the way. REALLY?

One of the most fraudulent statements of the health science/industry is the phrase: “everything with moderation” is ok.

Whenever we talk to a health guru being it a medical doctor, doctor of alternative medicine, nutritionist, herbalist.. the phrase “it has to be used in moderation”, will often be used.

The statements like eating the meat in moderation, eat carbohydrates in moderation, drink alcohol in moderation, smoke in moderation, exercise in moderation… is often being used which is a clear sign that those people who use this phrase have absolutely no clue what they are talking about.

Take a glance at the information that is provided on the Internet and you will find this to be true.

The most celebrated “experts” in alternative medicine, as well as licensed medical doctors, will all agree that red wine has antioxidants and therefore it is healthy but “in moderation”.

The same will be said about the consumption of coffee and chocolate, and in many cases, medicinal remedies will be suggested to be used daily because of their health benefits.

Some of those “beneficial” plants are pronounced to be super-foods.

Here we can mention herbs such as garlic, turmeric, ginger, moringa, cinnamon, spirulina…

All of those medicinal plants are toxic, and even in moderation, they cause disturbance of energy in our body., and cause cellular dehydration.

For example, garlic will suppress the activity of neurons. Our reflexes will be dampened and so will be the heart’s contraction which will lower the blood pressure. This is the medicinal effect of garlic.

The cinnamon will interfere with the workings of the liver by interfering with the release of glucose. This is beneficial to people who have elevated levels of blood sugar because they feed themselves with dietary glucose but to those whose diet is correct and do not ingest the dietary glucose, cinnamon may cause hypoglycemia that can be dangerous to their lives.

Turmeric/curcumin interferes with the inflammation process. Since inflammation is being falsely blamed to be the cause of many if not all chronic health problems, turmeric is praised for its health benefits and recommended to be part of our daily diet.

Although no visible harm is being done to those who use such plants in daily food preparation, harm to the body is being done daily but the manifestation of symptoms that are caused by those medicinal remedies is being attributed to other things.

All those medicinal plants apart from their individual effect that is caused by their toxicity, also cause two common undesirable effects.

One is the stopping of cellular hydration, and the other is the diuretic effect on the body.

Both of those effects cause dehydration. One is the dehydration of the extracellular fluid/plasma, and the other is the dehydration of the intracellular fluid.

The cellular/intracellular dehydration causes many health problems such as allergies, arthrosis, scoliosis, reflux, hernias, cataract, varicose veins, heart valve problems, wrinkles…

As you can see, they are all chronic problems that are followed by inflammation.

The inflammation is being blamed to be the culprit, while in fact, the cause of those “diseases” is cellular dehydration and the culprit is the wrong, toxic diet.

Let us say that we use those medicinal remedies/poisons in moderation.

In the morning you have one cup of coffee.

For lunch, you have food that contains garlic or turmeric.

The dinner you finish with a glass of wine or a slice of chocolate cake.

You are being systematically poisoned in moderation the whole day long not knowing about it.

During the night, instead of having cellular hydration, cleansing and reparation, you are producing urine and eliminating those toxic medicinal “super-foods” from your blood.

Whenever you hear your health provider telling you to do something in moderation, turn around and run as fast as you can because you are being conned.

Why am I writing this article?

Almost every day I am being asked the same question. Is one cup of coffee tolerable, or can I have one cigarette a day, or can I use my supplement (that I need) while following the protocol?

The worse thing is that many people do not inform me that they are continuing to poison themselves because in their mind if it is a small amount of poison, One coffee or one cigarette, it is ok. It cannot possibly create any harm considering that they used to drink coffee and puff on cigarettes the whole day never experiencing any ill effect from doing so.

The only effect of moderation is slowing down the poisoning of our body, but when symptoms of poisoning/disease show up, slowing down the poisoning is not going to bring any benefits.

No medicines or medicinal remedies can heal the body. At most, they can suppress symptoms that are bothering us, alleviate the pain and calm us down for some time.

After the symptoms have calmed down, we should think seriously about healing ourselves, and healing cannot be done if we are continuing poisoning ourselves through medicinal remedies, no matter how “moderate” amount of them we are using.

The whole idea of doing something in moderation is false.

It reminds me of lame people. Not hot, not cold, not depressed, not excited. Lukewarm, sleazy.

Does anyone like people like this?

Unfortunately, we are being led in this direction and more and more people behave this way as they are taking everything in “moderation”.

Now things will become clear. We either evolve or not. There is no moderate evolution.

Love and light to us all.

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