The enslavement of humanity through medical science.

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How much suffering will it take for people to start observing and realizing that they are, and have been, lied to for a long time?

People are starting to realize that the Wu-flu is fake. Masks are not necessary. There is no reason why not to work and live their lives as before the fake plandemic was spread through the world by the fake media and their collaborators the politicians, hospital administrators, and doctors.

Diseases are used as a way to control people through fear, and as a tool of depopulation.

The medical knowledge is purposefully manipulated. Doctors are a part of this controlling mechanism and so are the hospitals.

The Doctors are the enablers of human death as in reality so in the fake maritime law, and hospitals are docked ships, corporate entities.

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Although some doctors are realizing that something is very wrong about the Wu-flu, they are still unable to snap out of their medical box of false science and realize that all those theories about germs are wrong and that virus does not exist in any form.

The symptoms of “viral infections” are nothing else than the symptoms of toxic blood and its cleansing.

This means that the closest we can get to what is the virus, we can say that virus is an energy (or a lack of it) that had triggered the body into the cleansing mode.

As we are advancing with our understanding of the quantum mechanic, we realize that nothing exists other than conscious energy that is expressed through a variety of frequencies.

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When some of those frequencies go out of synchronization, out of tune, we experience this shift in frequency as our disease.

We can purge those bad frequencies out of our bodies which brings symptoms of changes that the body experiences during this process.

The other way of healing is by simply correct those bad frequencies. In this case, there are no symptoms of cleansing.

To expel the bad frequency we often use another bad frequency that can be synchronized with the out of tune frequency, and taken out of the body. We call such things medicinal remedies.

The time of medicinal remedies is at its end. The new era of healing through retuning the off-tune frequencies is here.

This is why a variety of electromagnetic, sound, and light equipment is starting to flood the market.

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Before the doctors can use such equipment, they have to be reeducated.

Very few doctors are ready now for the new era we are in. This is why the pharmaceutical and supplement industries are so profitable.

People do not understand that what they are being told is all lies.

I often mention the importance of salt in the body especially when we are talking about cellular hydration.

I have told you that the cellular osmotic pump depends on the cellular production of potassium which requires sodium, oxygen, and energy.

There are many other things that our cells produce by themselves that the supplement industry is pushing as a necessary supplement.

Calcium is one of them. Why do you think that calcium so so abundant in nature?

Because it is produced by the cellular life forms as their building blocks. The cell fuse magnesium with oxygen to produce calcium.

Why is magnesium so abundant and necessary?

Because the cells manufacture it by fusing sodium with hydrogen.

Our tissue is nothing more than a reactor that is coated with nanoparticle elements mostly copper and zinc. This reactor has two layers in between which there is a plasma (water with salts and minerals).

Under the influence of the magnetic and the gravitational fields, a reaction takes place that makes the conversion by producing GANS (Gas, in the Nano State). - Ziarul brasovenilor de pretutindeni

This science is well explained by an Iranian nuclear physicist Dr. Mehran T. Keshe.

I have been introduced to this process during one of my Ayahuasca ceremonies.

I have been shown how our tissue converts those toxic energies into a foul odor (gases) which we can expel (burping and farting), or we can further restructure them into positive energy using our intent.

Our most sophisticated healing equipment is our brain, but unfortunately, people are way more proficient using their brain in making them sick, than to heal themselves.

People started to experience diseases once they started to fear.

What has influenced people to fear is their disconnect from their spirit which was achieved by poisoning the human brain with the forbidden food, the dietary glucose by Anunaki/the fallen angels/the gods.

This has started before the creation of the Sumerian civilization has appeared, some 8 thousand years ago.

Diseases were used as a tool to keep people enslaved, and as a tool of depopulation.

All human suffering, the enslavement, the disconnect from our spirit, and the creation of evil and its supreme leader Lucifer, it all comes from the same place and it is spread by the same people through centuries.

The place is the Vatican, and the people are the black nobility we call the Cabal/Illuminati/ Masons… Origin of The powerful Black Nobility of ...

We are being miseducated through books and stories which are all manipulated to benefit the Cabal.

The most influential religions are all born from the evil of Babylon and its religion called the Talmud where Lucifer is the god.

The Torah, a sacred book of the Jewish people is a direct interpretation of the Talmud, and so is the Curran.

They all refer to other people as being lower than animals. To be killed and eaten.

The ceremonial Bris and the ceremonial drinking of the blood of Jesus and eating of the flesh of Jesus are clear examples of this. They poke us in the eye and people cannot see it.

Why is vigorously attacked anyone as soon as they mention Jewish people involved in any shenanigans?

Their religion and the symbolism reveals it all.

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Since the Cabal has to tell the truth, although they find the way to invert it, they wrote the truth in the New Testament. This is why Christianity is under attack, and who attacks it the most, is the Jews.

As with everything else, it is not all of the Jews but their religion is leading them in this direction.

The Jewish people are not aware that they are being hurt the most by themselves and their leaders and not by others.

People are awakening and the truth is coming out.

No one can stop what’s coming, no one.

Love and light to us all.

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