Keto flu

The Ketogenic flu is a new disease that I became aware of through Mari’s comment.

I had to search the Internet to see what is said about this disease.

As with any other disease, the Keto flu is diagnosed through symptoms that people experience when they change their diet from heavily glucoholic to mostly animal-based diet.

We are being told by our health “experts” that a state of ketosis is an unnatural state for humans to be in and it basically occurs only when we are in starvation mode.

According to our “experts”, our body’s natural state is glucoholic state in which blood’s sugar levels daily increase over the stable level (over the radar level).

As soon as the sugar level rises over the normal/under the radar level, our body injects insulin into the blood which relaxes the cellular membrane making it possible for the sugar to enter cells without the need of a GLUT sugar transporting mechanism.

No matter how much GLUT our cells produce to be able to bring sugar into the cell, the GLUT level is never big enough to provide a sufficient amount of sugar to cells to produce enough energy.

This is a clear sign that our cells are not programmed to use sugar for energy production unless we are in a stressful situation where the liver breaks the glycogen and spills glucose into the blood.

Occasionally stress influenced release of insulin into the blood does no harm to our body, but daily irritation by insulin forces cellular changes that are expressed through unwanted symptoms we call diseases.

Our natural state is ketogenic as it is in all animals.

The increase in blood sugar levels occurs only in the state of shock, and when we eat incorrectly when we eat the forbidden food called the dietary glucose/starch/carbohydrate.

Almost all people eat incorrectly and have glucoholic bodies.

Their genome is adjusted to this toxic food and all parameters that we have accepted to be normal, are actually based on incorrect genome and incorrect cellular adjustments.

Once we correct our diet, the body has to correct its genome. This causes a total cellular readjustment and many parameters in our body change. They actually go back to what is normal according to the divine design of our bodies.

The adjusting process is fast and the biggest changes we experience for about 3-5 days.

Since not enough glucose comes from digestion, the brain lacks energy. The brain cells are programmed to use glucose and their mitochondrial count is low. People feel week, with a brain-fog, irritable as the brain is being stressed by the lack of energy. It produces stress hormones to be able to tap into its glycogen reserves.

The stressful situation creates the need for faster blood circulation. This increases the blood pressure.

More plasma is squirted into the cells which force some cellular toxin release.

The blood becomes more toxic and the blood cleansing mechanism is engaged.

Now all symptoms of toxic blood and its cleansing can be experienced and the more toxic is the body, the stronger cleansing symptoms will be experienced.

All symptoms of flu can be manifested.

What are the symptoms of Keto flu that doctors encounter in their patients?

The symptoms are nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, headaches, irritability, brain fog, dizziness, weakness, muscle cramps, difficulty sleeping, sugar craving…

They are all just symptoms of toxic blood and its cleansing.

This shows us how powerful and how beneficial fasting is to our health.

This also demonstrates how beneficial it is for our health to ditch dietary carbohydrates/the forbidden food, and this is a clear example of how toxic and unhealthy it is to eat vegetables making vegetarianism and veganism the most unhealthy way of eating.

Here, we are breaking the chains of enslavement, the indoctrinated lies about what makes a healthy diet.

The necessity of vegetable fiber and the importance of the intestinal microflora as a crucial link to our immune system and its impact on our brain. Everything is a lie.

Once we understand the basic principles of our creation, we begin to see things in a completely different way.

Our body triggers its detox as soon as we slow down its poisoning.

Can you imagine what happens when you stop the poisoning of your body altogether?

The toxic load that the body will release may overwhelm the system. This is why it is very beneficial to increase plasma supply so that the body can cleanse those toxins out.

If we do not do this, toxins in the blood which came from cells will create symptoms equal to those of heavy food poisoning. The appearance of an autoimmune reaction may take place and even sepsis can be triggered.

This is why I do not recommend dry fasting to anyone.

People who switch to the Ketogenic diet may exhibit symptoms of cellular cleansing and if they do not drink enough water, and if they are low on salt, the blood cannot be cleansed and all those toxins become trapped in the blood creating headaches, muscle pain, joint pain, fever, and all of the other symptoms I have mentioned earlier.

Doctors have no clue about what’s happening because they do not teach us anything about the toxicity.

The reason for this is obvious.

Once we know the true culprit, we do not need medication any longer, and we can easily heal ourselves.

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Love and light to us all.

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