The misconception of deep cleansing.

Every healer knows that cleansing is the most important part of a healing process.

There are as many cleansing methods out there as there are apples on an apple tree.

Many healers suggest a deep cleansing so I took a look to see what do they mean by it.

What a fiasco!

It seems that nobody knows how to detoxify the body.

The recommendation goes from a deep sleep, eating antioxidants, drinking water, to a specialized cleansing of the skin with healthy soaps, and the cleansing of other organs by utilizing herbs and other medicinal remedies.

Even here in the jungle of Peru, the curanderos/healers utilize medicinal plants and poisonous frogs.

Strawberry poison frog / strawberry poison-dart frog ...

Many of my friends do a week-long plant diet in seclusion, expecting a profound effect, while none of it, in reality, does a deep detox/cleansing.

In fact, there are just two bodily systems that have to be cleansed.

One of them is the extracellular fluid which consists of the blood, lymph, and plasma that is on the outside of our cells.

The other is the intracellular detox/cleanse of the plasma that is inside of our cells, which is referred to as deep detoxification/cleansing.

Why do I call the cellular detox a deep detox/cleanse?

Because nobody, and I mean, nobody does it correctly, and it can be achieved only after the first, superficial cleansing of the extracellular fluid is completed.

While we can consume toxic things such as coffee during the extracellular detox, we cannot even drink vegetable juices if we want to achieve the deep cellular detox/cleanse.

This automatically brings down the motion that antioxidants are good deep cellular cleansers.

The other common suggestion for deep cleansing is the ingestion of probiotics and the reduction of salt in the food.

Both of those indicate a total misunderstanding of the workings of our bodies.

When it comes to the cleansing of heavy metals, chelation and a diet of plants are being suggested as a must to do a thing, which is not only false but out right counterproductive.

Since the blood has three types of organs designated for its cleaning/cleansing, all that the body requires for the organs to do the job is an adequate level of plasma in the circulation. The plasma is water with its electrolytes/ minerals.

You can consume poisons like caffeine, alcohol, medicinal remedies, heavy metals, some chemical poisons… and if the plasma levels are adequate, the blood’s cleansing will go on and it will bring good results.

Depending on the blood’s toxicity, various symptoms will be experienced which often frightens people so they seek medical help just to end up more poisoned by miseducated doctors.

When it comes to deep cellular cleansing, things are different.

Since cellular hydration depends on the osmotic hydration of the cells, anything that will interfere with this osmotic process will stop the hydration and the consequent cellular detoxification.

For the cells to be able to detoxify, they have to have an adequate level of plasma, and especially when heavy metals are concerned, the pressure of the intracellular plasma has to increase.

This can only be achieved when the cellular osmotic pump is active and in the case that the cells are very acidic, even inflammation will be triggered to increase the internal cellular pressure.

For those of you who are following my work, it is obvious that there cannot be any cellular cleansing going on if a medicinal/poisonous element is present in the extracellular liquid.

This deems all medicinal cleansing remedies counterproductive. This includes most antioxidants and herbs, while the importance of the correct salt is clearly evident.

How do we know that a deep cellular cleansing is going on?

The cellular toxins are very acidic and cells are usually very polluted because we have been told not to consume salt and to base our diet on vegetables and overcooked meats.

When our cells start hydrating, the body will consume a lot of plasma (water with minerals/sea salt). Since we are not told to increase the consumption of plasma, the level of the extracellular liquid will drop. This is going to harden our feces and lead to constipation.

The remedy for this is not to ingest cellulose fiber as many “experts” suggest, but to increase the amount of plasma, not water, we drink.

Sometimes it may take 8 liters of plasma a day to maintain the proper hydration.

How do we know how much plasma to drink?

Your stool is the tell.

If you notice hard fragments in your stool, increase the amount of plasma you drink. Do not wait until you have become constipated, to act.

Often, because of the high toxic load of the blood, we will experience diarrhea as the mucous tissue is used in the blood’s detox process. This is why there is often intermittent constipation and diarrhea experienced when we do not understand what is going on and we are not supporting the cleansing process correctly.

Not doing things correctly will even do more harm than good.

When we drink plasma, the blood’s cleansing commences, and as the blood becomes cleaner, the cellular osmotic pump goes in motion.

This triggers the cellular expulsion of toxins that drastically increase the blood’s toxicity.

Now, a lot of plasma is needed so that the cleansing organs can clean the blood, but people reduce their water intake to slow diarrhea and now constipation appears. Since toxins become trapped in the blood because of inadequate plasma levels, the symptoms of toxic blood show up.

Those symptoms are headache, muscle aches, joint pain, fever, insomnia.

People become frightened and they want to stop further cleansing so they stop consuming plasma and the intensity of symptoms increases since the cleansing organs cannot cleanse the blood without having enough plasma available.

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This is why I strongly recommend that everyone who is experiencing chronic health issues asks for my guidance during the cellular detox so no mistakes are being made and the process goes smoothly.

I have experienced failure several times not being able to convince frightened people to continue hydrating as their symptoms were worsening.

Our miseducation has a lot to do with this because as soon as my clients consult medical doctors or doctors of alternative medicine, their symptoms are being blamed on the salt and not on the toxicity of the blood.

Much more can be said on this topic, but the article is getting too long so if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

Love and light to us all.

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