Can fasting endanger our life?

Whenever my clients are eager to speed up their healing process, I recommend they incorporate fasting with the SHP.

Why does fasting speed up the healing process?

It is very difficult to eat and not to bring some toxin into the blood that our cells deem to be dangerous for them.

When the toxin occurs, the cellular hydration stops. No hydration, no cleansing.

It is as simple as that.

There are theories that dry fasting (no food and no water), is bringing stronger results and I know of some people that are implementing it.

As I often mention, you cannot wash anything without water.

Since our cells produce toxic garbage that has to be eliminated regularly so that the cells can calibrate their acidity, water/plasma is absolutely necessary so that the cleansing can take place.

My friend Peter has sent me a good video in which Dr. Alan Goldhamer explains the benefits of fasting, and the truth about the way doctors poison people through the use of medications.

Here is the video and I will add my spin on things and further explain things by elaborating on the information that is provided.

Dr. Goldhamer states that our food is the reason for our high blood pressure and that doctors just manage the pressure through medication.

This is just half true.

The missing part is the fact that the medication is preventing cellular hydration and it is causing a diuretic effect. This actually speeds up the body’s demise.

Dr. Goldhamer mentions that salt, oil, and sugar added to the food make us fat and obesity causes HB pressure. Not one of those claims is correct.

Dietary carbohydrates, toxic plant Phyto-proteins with medicinal properties are not mentioned.

Sugar, the sweet stuff is the designated culprit, it is the visible enemy we have to attack while the real culprit, the dietary carbohydrate is kept in the shadow and even glorified as a necessary healthy nutrient.

Dr. Goldhamer states that a dietary excess is causing health problems.

This I have debunked many times. Poison is poison no matter in what quantities we receive it. Even in traces, it will interfere with cellular hydration and in time cause chronic health issues.

The Dr. is blaming the processed foods being the culprit not realizing that the worst kind of processing is being done by cooking the food.

People with kidney problems have those problems because of the insufficient levels of plasma in their bodies. Hydrating them with water brings minuscule results. They need plasma (water with minerals/sea salt).

Those people’s blood is extremely toxic and if the cellular toxic load is added, the system may choke.

This is why people with kidney problems first have to be hydrated with plasma, allowed for the blood detox to take place, and then as the blood’s toxic load diminishes, allow for some cellular cleansing to diminish the cellular toxic load before fasting can be implemented.

Of course, as soon as you mention water and salt, doctors cringe because they have been indoctrinated with lies about salt and its action in the body.

The Dr. is mentioning that the body starts to cleans during the fasting period because as it burns its fat, with fat, the accumulated toxins are being released from the adipose tissue.

This is just one part of what is going on.

He forgets to mention that there are toxins in the food we eat that prevent cellular hydration, and this is why cellular cleansing is not regularly occurring.

This is the reason why I say that eating once a day is not fasting, it is intermittent eating.

For a cleansing fast to take place, there has to be an absence of food toxins in the blood.

This is why by not eating for 20 hours we assure that the food toxins have left the blood and now during the second night without eating, cellular hydration takes place and the cellular detox occurs.

This means that a cleansing fast has to be at least 36 hours long.

The absence of food toxins in the blood is what triggers cellular hydration and consequently the cellular detoxification.

As you can see, the mechanics of fasting are a bit different from what Dr. Goldhamer is revealing but the truth remains that fasting is the fastest way to recalibrate our genome and cleanse our body. The end result is the experience of healing and rejuvenation.

The good doctor is bashing animal meat as being more toxic than the herbicide infested and GM O plant food.

This type of thinking is influenced by the school indoctrination process.

When we eat animal fat and protein we only need a small amount of it.

To get the same caloric values using plants, we have to heat them up to break their cellulose and eat considerably more of them which brings more toxins, and by supplying the dietary glucose, we reprogram the genetic expression.

We re-tune our body to sugar-based energy which is the major cause of our chronic health problems.

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The good doctor had obviously not tried to eat correctly when he claims that meat-eaters adapt to the fasting process with more difficulty.

His reference is people who eat meat and carbohydrates versus the people who just eat meat.

There is a huge difference there.

Loading the carboholic body with animal fats and proteins makes them increase their fat reserves rapidly.

Remember that the carboholic body is being reprogrammed to use glucose for energy. This body is not able to process much fat since it is low on active mitochondria, so it uses sugar, and the fat goes directly into the adipose tissue as storage of reserve energy.

The Dr. is referring to processed meat as a refined meat product when in fact, the processed meat is loaded with chemicals to prevent their natural self-digesting process.

Those chemicals then interfere with our digestive process making the processed meat very difficult to digest.

The doctor insists that muscles and the brain need glucose to be able to function which is incorrect. He is confused with the glycogen and does not understand its purpose.

He should read this article:

From this part on I am not going to analyze this video because Dr. Alan Goldhamer has no clue about how the body works and his interpretation of what is going on during the fasting and exercising process is completely off.

As you can see, we do not have to know how the engine works to be able to drive the car.

What is important is to give it the correct fuel and change the oil regularly to eliminate the toxic shavings.

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On the other hand, understanding how the body works make it easier to select the correct fuel and oil so that your car/robot/body works better and lasts longer.

I hope that this article was helpful and that it made you think.

Always accept the information and then, process it. Think about what you have received and make your own conclusion.

Above all, experiment, put it into action because the only way to know the truth is by experiencing it.

Love and light to us all.

p.s. if you have any questions regarding the information from the supplied video, let me know and I will give you my explanation.

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