Is the Leaky Brain Syndrome caused by brain diarrhea?

Since I refuse to read the garbage science that is spread through medical journals and publications, I am pretty much sheltered from stupidity.

An occasional scientifically-based medical article that is used as a sales pitch for the sale of supplements and vitamins passes through and this is where I become “educated” with the new medical developments like for example this new to me: the Leaky Brain Syndrome.

The name of this “disease” reminds me of another disease by the name “the Leaky Gut Syndrome”.

Are those two syndromes related?

But of course, they are, every doctor will confirm.

Actually, we are being told that the Leaky Gut Syndrome is what triggers the Leaky Brain Syndrome, so let us take a look at them and do some rational thinking, shall we?

Let us start with the Leaky Gut Syndrome since the food is most likely the cause of both of those syndromes.

The name of the leaky gut syndrome is pretty descriptive. It occurs when the intestines start to leak their content into the blood.

What could cause problems in the integrity of the gut? A hole I assume.

So if our gut becomes porous, and the shit seeps into the blood, we would get sepsis or anaphylactic shock. Isn’t this what happens when an ulcer or appendix rapture?

To better understand this syndrome, let us see what are the symptoms of this disease?

You will be diagnosed with a leaky gut syndrome if you have some of the following symptoms such as are digestive problems (gas, nausea, diarrhea, pain), skin problems (acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis), food allergies and sensitivities, joint pains, chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia, brain fog (loss of concentration, irritability, aggressiveness, lethargy), and any autoimmune disease.

It is obvious that the gut is not leaking. All those symptoms are the symptoms of general blood toxicity and blood cleansing.

No wonder that they are pinning COVID-19, 20, 21,22… to this disease.

What causes this toxicity? Foremost the incorrect diet, and then the lack of plasma in the body.

Secondary causes are a loss of energy due to stress, fear, and the environment.

What are the symptoms that you have to exhibit so that your doctor diagnoses you with a Leaky Brain Syndrome?

The symptoms of the Leaky Brain are brain fog, irritability, depression, problem concentrating, fatigue, and headaches.

Here we go, the symptoms of a Leaky Brain are very similar to the symptoms of the Leaky Gut.

The shit that has entered the blood is now polluting the brain.

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Sorry, it was not the shit, the symptoms would have been way more violent, it must be the same type of toxicity that triggers the leaky gut syndrome but without the symptoms of the cleansing.

We know that the symptoms of blood cleansing when the mucous tissue is involved are nausea, phloem, diarrhea, and fever.

When the toxic blood is cleansed through the skin, the symptoms are acne, rosacea, eczema, seborrhea.

So when we eliminate the symptoms of blood cleansing, the rest of the symptoms of the leaky gut syndrome are the same as the symptoms of the leaky brain syndrome.

Isn’t that something?

Ah, yes, I have ignored the hormonal disturbance in the blood but this is commonly occurring during any chronic poisoning since the body has to adjust itself to be able to survive in a toxic environment.

Since the symptoms of the Leaky Gut and the Leaky Brain are so similar, there must be a connection there, we are being told.

Scientists agree that the food has a lot to do with this but not because we are eating the wrong food, but because the gut micro-flora is off.

“Have some probiotics because your health depends on it, you have to have the correct micro-flora in the gut my friend”, we are being told by the health gurus.

This is where the supplement industry gets off. Now you are as smart as the bacteria in your gut.

Doctors, nutritionists, and supplement pushers are like the dumb and dumber.

They all suggest that we have to eat a lot of vegetables not realizing that this is where the problems come from.

The shit goes in and the shit goes out without being processed.

It is just like a doctor’s brain. The shitty information comes in and the same shitty information goes out without processing. What comes in goes out no matter the results doctors just keep repeating the script they have been indoctrinated with. A parrot can do better than that.

The more specialized we become, the more nonsensical science we have been indoctrinated with and no room was left for the simple process of thinking, and reasoning.

By reading my articles you are well aware that gut micro-flora is related to the type of food we are eating.

The wrong type of food will result in the wrong microorganisms, yet the experts claim that vegetables are the necessary food for maintaining the proper gut flora.

No meat eater has a Leaky Gut Syndrome unless they eat a lot of vegetables and overcook the meat.

I am being contacted by so many vegetarians with digestive problems and weight issues refusing to change their diet because they eat “healthy”.

It is not the vegetables they say, vegetables are healthy. It is the meat (that they do not eat or eat occasionally) that causes problems. The bad cholesterol and the germs that meat contains, everyone knows this.

Well, what doctors know about health is not much, and their ego prevents them from learning the truth.

As the saying goes, “you can bring the horse to the water, but you cannot make him drink”.

This is why doctors pound sand. Instead of helping people to recuperate their health, they make them sicker.

When the blood is toxic, the membrane that filters the blood before it goes into the brain (meninges) becomes acidic which makes it susceptible to inflammation. This created headaches.

The incorrect food that is loaded with dietary glucose reprograms the neurons making them dependent on sugar.

The glukoholic brain is mostly in starvation because the only time it becomes properly charged is when we eat dietary carbs and sugar. One hour after the meal, the brain starts to feel low in energy and cannot replenish it until the following meal comes by.

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The brain fog has a lot to do with this, so does the irritability when the brain has to perform a task while it is low on energy.

Doctors cannot see a problem here because they are indoctrinated with a “scientific fact” that the brain needs sugar to perform well. A total lie that comes from medical books.

All of this I explain in my articles and my books.

Ditch the vegetables and get hold of a juicy steak, pork, fish, chicken, or whatever other crawling things you can get your hands on, and your brain-fog will start to clear out.

Use the SHP, heal yourself, and start growing younger.

Love and light to us all.

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