Should we be drinking alkaline water?

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Many myths are plaguing alternative medicine.

Anyone following the wisdom of alternative medicine will learn that consuming milk will increase mucus production in the body.

Consuming integral bread is healthy, the same is said about brown rice, garlic, turmeric, and other medicinal spices.

Some claims are the same as in allopathic medicine. The salt is being bashed, and the consumption of meat is being blamed as the culprit to an acidic body while the vegetable diet is viewed as being alkaline.

The deception goes so far that red wine and coffee are declared to be healthy and collagen supplements will bring benefit when you mix them with your coffee.

All of those claims are nothing more than assumptions and they are all wrong. This makes the science behind alternative medicine not much better than fake allopathic/modern medicine.

One thing is true, and that is that an increased acidic load of the body promotes health problems.

Here is a video of Dr. Chalrie Ward in which Dr. of an alternative medicine Dr. Robert Young talks about the deception of allopathic medicine and about the importance to keep the body alkaline.

Although there are many good points and truths being said by Dr. Young, those of you who are following my work, there is nothing new in the video, and the reason I am showing it to you is to point on the misconception that is shared about the benefits of drinking alkaline water.

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According to Dr. Young, our body should be alkaline, this is why consuming alkaline food and drinking alkaline water will maintain our alkalinity/health.

The motion that our body is alkaline is wrong.

Our body is neutral. Part of our body is alkaline and another part of our body is acidic.

It is like when you are using a machine to create alkaline water. Through one opening, alkaline water comes out, but through another opening, acidic water is pouring out of the machine.

It is the action and reaction mechanism.

The same occurs within our bodies.

While the extracellular fluid, the blood, plasma, and lymph are slightly alkaline, the intracellular fluid is slightly acidic.

Any increase of either the alkalinity or the acidity within the body will create health issues.

Our body is calibrated and has a mechanism in place to monitor and control its Ph.

The prolonged exposure to either an overly alkaline or an overly acidic environment will affect our bodies negatively.

It is obvious that we are exposing our bodies to an overly acidic environment.

We are eating the wrong food but contrary to what Dr. Young is saying, which is the view of popular science, that the diet of meat is acidifying our body and that the vegetable diet is alkalizing it, the truth is contrary to those claims.

This is so obvious that only brainwashed “experts” cannot see it.

Dr. Young is promoting a vegetable diet and the drinking of alkaline water. This maintains his body with a good Ph, his extracellular fluids are alkaline and he is feeling good.

My Ph is alkaline as well without drinking alkaline water, and if I would daily drink alkaline water, my health would start suffering because the Ph of my intracellular fluid would have changed.

Nothing acidifies our bodies more than the diet loaded with carbohydrates, and we can help our bodies to counter this acidity with the consumption of alkaline water but there is a problem there.

For our stomach to be able to break proteins, it has to have strong hydrochloric acid.

If we drink alkaline water, we are alkalizing our stomach and the meat cannot be digested properly.

Dr. Young is mentioning that the lining of our stomach produces sodium bicarbonate.

This is correct as it produces hydrochloric acid. The action and reaction.

The hydrochloric acid is being secreted into the stomach while the sodium bicarbonate stays in the stomach lining protecting the stomach from the hydrochloric acid.

When the digestion is finished and the meat protein is broken down into amino acids, the sodium bicarbonate from the stomach lining will alkalize the stomach content before it is allowed to enter the intestine.

When we eat food that does not require acid because it does not contain animal protein, the stomach will not produce hydrochloric acid and this means that it will not produce sodium bicarbonate.

All that will be produced are the acids from the process of conversion of glucose into the fat.

Since no acid is needed when we eat vegetables, drinking alkaline water will not interfere with digestion and since the body will produce a lot of acid by converting the glucose into fat, the alkaline water will benefit the body as an alkaline buffer.

When we eat incorrectly, our body needs every help it can get to offset the harmful effects of food poisoning. This is the reasons why are vegetarian and vegans benefiting from the supplement industry and cannot live without it.

Since our digestive system is not geared to a vegetarian diet, microorganisms have to help with digestion. The wrong food brings the wrong microorganisms so probiotics are being sold to offset the micro-flora.

Taking poison with an antidote is not healthy and deterioration of the body continues.

Dr. Young’s observation of the marine biologists is a great example of how things work, but even Dr. Young failed to realize that what we are being told about the diet is all wrong.

By forcing our cells to use glucose in energy production, our cells create more CO2 than when they use fat as fuel.

I have explained this many times.

To produce the energy from fat, our cells have to absorb oxygen. They connect the carbon from the fat to the oxygen, create CO2 which will be replaced with oxygen from the blood and the level of the CO2 is not going to increase.

When the glucose is used, the oxygen is not needed because it is present in the glucose so our cells start producing more CO2 and absorbing less oxygen.

The increased level of CO2 also acidifies cells, while oxygen alkalizes them.

Instead of drinking the alkaline water and disrupting our digestion, we can increase the relative pressure of the oxygen in the blood which will then be able to displace the CO2 from the cells.

The best way to do this is by making breathing exercises, and drinking ozonated water.

Using masks prevents the oxygenation of the blood and increases the CO2 level of our body making us more acidic. This is the true reason behind wearing the masks. Not to protect us from the bogus virus, but to make us more acidic which creates health problems.

I hope that you are waking up to the truth.

This war we are fighting now is to release the truth and to destroy the dark Cabal that has imprisoned us through deceits and lies.

The war was won. We are now just watching a movie to extend the suffering of those who are still asleep and need to be awakened.

Please share this knowledge and help others to awaken because the sooner they do, the faster we are going to enter our new reality.

Love and light to us all.

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