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Recently I was asked my opinion about the teachings of Don Tolman.

The question was triggered by this video:

Don Tolman explains in a very entertaining way the truth behind the falsehood of modern medicine.

What he explains in this video is the basic truth behind all our diseases which is toxic overload, and how we get there.

On this subject, I clearly agree. This is what the SHP (Self Healers Protocol) is all about.

But this is just about the only thing that I agree with as far as the teachings of Don Tolman go.

Don understands that food has a lot to do with the way our health goes but, and there is always the but, his basic understanding of cellular digestion is wrong.

It is based on the false information that we are being indoctrinated with, in the school.

He believes that the basic cellular energy comes from sugar and that we are helping our body when we supply this sugar so that the cells do not have to convert fat into sugar to be able to use it.

Once you accept this theory to be true, you are lost and everything else you try to explain later is false.

Here Don talks about sugar as the vital energy force but he is confusing fructose and glucose.

The glucose is not sweet and we do not have access to it when we eat fruits.

All we get is fructose which our cells do not accept so the liver will process it into fat and uric acid the same as what it will do with the glucose if it is in elevated quantity in the blood.

I respect Don but not his science. He neglects the cellulose, and his opinion about meat as a food is completely wrong.

He correctly states that everything wants to live but the life of plants is less important.

Not a very Godly thing to say.

Not all farm animals are being tortured. Some Japanese cows are being massaged daily to produce the most expensive steak called Cobe.

The Flavors of Wagyu and How to Best Eat It | Goin ...

Don Tolman does not realize the difference between raw and cooked foods.

This is a common mistake that almost all nutritionists do.

I had fun watching some of Don’s videos and some of his observations are correct but some are misinterpreted using false knowledge and this is where it all goes wrong.

Here Don explains why mangoes are good for our skin:

I explain this in a completely different manner.

Since mangoes are loaded with fructose, when we eat them, only a small amount of fructose will be absorbed into the blood. Most of the fructose will end up in the colon, ferment and produce alcohol. This inflames the colon which now does not absorb water. The stool becomes very watery (diarrhea) and cleanses the colon.

The colon is a very important blood cleansing organ and the cleaner it gets, the more it can help to cleanse the blood. The clean blood promotes clear, beautiful looking skin.

May be an image of Magaly Olivo

Everyone who is on SHP experiences radiant young-looking skin and the base of the diet is animal protein and fat.

The truth will set you free.

Don is selling his truths for a hefty bundle of money and here I disagree with him as well:

At the same time, many of his teachings are incorrect. He is simply repeating mainstream science.

Yes, I do also sell my books but for under 200 dollars, you get all of the knowledge necessary not just to stay healthy, but to get young again.

A great majority of people use my articles as the guide to their health and have 100% success.

The medical profession is on its way out.
Once we accept the true knowledge and realize that everything there is, is just energy of various frequencies, a fast tuning of those frequencies will make us healthy again.

The equipment to help us will be of an electromagnetic nature until we gain confidence with our manifestation. Then through simple imagination, we will be what we desire to be and this time is approaching fast.

I am sending my love to Don Tolman. He is doing a great job only, the learning must continue and the schooled knowledge has to go.

It is not easy to make a clean break from the information that we have been indoctrinated with through countless memorizations.

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Every picture/image that has ever been shown to our brain, being it from our conscious or our dream state (our eyes or our third eye), is permanently memorized.

The imprint of its frequencies remains permanently, and this means that every detail of those images can be recalled whenever we want but we have to be trained to be able to do this.

It is all about knowing the truth, having faith, and having a desire to proceed.

Remember how it was when you were young and healthy. Close your eyes and bring to your attention an image from your past.

Analyze it in detail, and bring yourself into the image by synchronizing the frequencies.

Believe that this is your new reality and have faith to experience it when you open your eyes.

This will be the way of our future healing and rejuvenation and the future is approaching fast.

Love and light to us all.

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