What causes cellular errors?

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Whoever suffers from a chronic health problem is familiar with the expression of an “abnormal cellular response”.

If you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis the abnormal cellular response of the immune system attacks the lining of your joints.

Psoriasis is when the skin cells go haywire and overproduce themselves.

Scleroderma is when overproduction of connective tissue occurs

Inflammatory bowel disease is caused by chronic inflammatory processes of the intestine.

Type I diabetes when the autoimmune systems attack the Pancreas…

Every chronic disease is classified as having something to do with cells that made errors.

I guess God is a very bad designer when his creation is so fragile and prone to errors.

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On the other hand, we do not see any of this in nature. This means that it is something that the people do that makes them so fragile.

Scientists have to come up with a solution and very often the solution is a bunch of nonsense.

Such is the case with chronic diseases, blaming cellular errors as the cause of the problem.

Dr. Joel Yong wrote an article about inflammation blaming errors in levels of certain cytokines as the culprit.


Dr. Yong describes perfectly a part of the mechanism which controls the inflammation but again, if the inflammation has occurred for the reasons that doctors cannot explain, the culprit will be the inflammation and its mechanism, blaming it on the “abnormal cellular response”.

Dr. Young “correctly” states ” that common chronic ailments such as type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis, and heart disease are also borne out of some inflammation problem.”

Why is the word “correctly” in quotation marks?

Because, as far as medical science is concerned, this is a truthful statement, but everyone who is following my work knows otherwise.

Inflammation is a symptom, not a disease and we cannot blame the symptom to be the cause of a disease.


I wrote many articles about inflammation explaining that inflammation is part of healing and not something that causes problems.

This is why inflammation is part of almost every chronic health problem. The body wants to heal itself.

Most chronic health issues had developed because doctors were suppressing the inflammation to the point where it cannot be suppressed anymore. Now the chronic problem is said to be the result of an abnormal cellular response, an autoimmune reaction.

Can cells malfunction, or behave abnormally?

Every cellular action is controlled by genes, and which genetic blueprint will the cell follow depends on the frequencies of the ambient in which the cells are immersed.

This clearly shows that the cellular action will be the direct response to its environment.

The cells do not have a mind of their own that they will or will not follow.

They simply respond to their environment so only an abnormal environment can make cells behave abnormally.

Normalize the environment, and the cells will behave normally again.

For doctors, this is very difficult to do because of the false information we are given in schools.


How can you normalize the cellular environment if you insist on salt deprivation, poisoning with phytotoxins, cellular reprogramming through glucose ingestion, and insisting to heal the toxic body by increasing its toxic load with various toxic medicaments?

What we are told to do in medical school is sheer nonsense that is neatly packaged into a biochemical box of complex formulas that are easily manipulated and misinterpreted.

The more we become specialized, the more lost we are when our knowledge relies on false information.

If you ask a surgeon for an opinion, the knife will end up being the solution.

The best and the most obvious example of this is our understanding of a virus.

It does not matter that a viral RNA sequence was never isolated, we have invented multiple types of viruses and methods of identifying them.

It does not matter that an intentional transfer of a flu virus through body fluids from one person to another was never successfully executed, we all are instructed to wear a stupid mask that can barely keep the dust out.

Lease colleagues, wake up. Start thinking with your brain and stop following the lies we are indoctrinated with.

Love and light to us all.

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