Why do some people lose the sense of smell and taste?


As the Wu-flu “rages” on some “infected” people are losing the sense of smell, and taste.

Why is that happening, and is there a reason behind it?

As you know, this Wu-flu has nothing to do with Wuhan/China, other than to give validity to an imaginary virus.

Many people in Wuhan have been sacrificed so that the myth of an extremely potent microorganism can be created and spread around the world through the media causing a worldwide shutdown of the economy, fear, and acceptance of the mRNA vaccine.

Many doctors and hospitals are going along with the sham because they are being paid a lot of money for every Wu-flu death reported.

Statistics coming from Italy are proving that if the true cause of death is taken into consideration, the number of people that had died from Wu-flu is even less than the number of people that yearly die from the common flu.

The US government is starting to do the same analysis and I am sure that the same results will occur.

Several people have contacted me asking about the loss of smell and taste saying if the Wu-flu virus does not exist, how come that I have lost the sense of smell and taste and my nose is not even that congested?


Let us dig into this.

On our tongue, we have receptors for sweet, salty, sour, and bitter. All other tastes and aromas are related to the sensors in our nose.

This is why, if you have to drink something unpleasant, you better stop breathing or pinch your nose as you are gulping the stuff down.

Almost always when we lose the sense for taste and smell, we are aether congested, or we see changes on our tongue or both.

If you are following my work then you are aware of symptoms toxicity creates in our body.

If we see redness and feel irritation, discomfort, or pain, we know that inflammation has set in.

If we feel mucus and discoloration, we know that the toxins from the tissue and the blood are being eliminated.

We know by now that the toxins change the cellular environment which, if it persists, will cause changes in the gene activation causing cellular changes.


The inflammation and the toxic mucus will prevent the proper/normal cellular work which could be the cause of the lost smell and taste.

The nostril and the tongue have sensors that capture a certain frequency which has to be decoded in the brain and interpreted as being a sense.

This means that even if there is no symptom of any inflammation and mucus in our mouth and our nose detected, we still can have a problem with not recognizing any taste and aroma.

What could be the cause of the brain’s inability to decode the frequency of taste?

Taste and smell are senses. They are only experienced through our physicality. In the quantum field, they are just frequencies of a particular vibration.

Once decoded by the brain, the sense of taste and the sense of smell greatly influence other senses in our minds such as are fear and happiness.

This is why aromatherapy is such a powerful tool of healing, but it can be used as a tool of torture.

The mRNA vaccine is programmed to attack the human chromosome 8, the chromosome that controls our minds.

The attempt to control the human mind is nothing new and we are being controlled through the wrong type of food and false knowledge, but we can still take over the control/wake up, as many of us are proving.

To make us 100% incapable of controlling our minds, we are being poisoned with nanosize processors/robots that can be remotely activated.

Those nano-chips are incorporated into some processed foods, and they can be activated through the cell phone signal frequencies.

One doctor in France, where doctors still practice house-calls, has noticed that a great majority of Wu-flu cases that he had encountered were in areas saturated with WIFI antennas.

Our bodies can easily eliminate nano-robots through their cleansing process is the correct amount of plasma is provided.

This is why a new version of the nano-chip that is bonded to an RNA called the mRNA was invented, and since this is unstable, it has to be directly injected into the body. You have to be vaccinated.

Cabal, the dark side, wants to prevent us from raising our frequencies, instead, they want to bring us into the lower realm of two dimensions. This is why they force us to socially distance and to stick to the screen of two- dimensional images of our computers and cellphones.

They want us to be in fear, no other senses are desirable.

Unfortunately, many young people have fallen for this because of their lack of experience and the false education that is controlled by the Cabal.

This is why natural and unnatural disasters are necessary so that those brainwashed can experience them and hopefully wake up.

Croatia was hit with numerous earthquakes causing big destruction of property and some loss of lives.

People that have lost their homes were placed into shelters and now has to accept mRNA vaccine if they want to be indoors, or take their bags and go out in freezing rain.

The darkness at its best.

Quake aftershocks keep people out of homes in Croatia

If this will not awaken them, I think that nothing will.

It is absolutely necessary to support President Trump and the Alliance/White hats in the destruction of the servants of Evil.

Democrats and the Republicans are polluted by the same Evil and with the exemption of the few, they all have to be taken down.

It is time to realize that this has nothing to do with the political parties.

This is a battle between the good and the evil.

Americans: unite and show your support for the President that leads the battle which is engulfing the entire planet!

The KRAKEN is being unleashed.


Love and light to us all.

p.s. message to those of you who had lost the sense of smell and taste, it will come back. Cleanse your body.

If you do not know how, follow the SHP (Self Healers Protocol).

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