Evil spirits and disease

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The indigenous people did not blame their mishaps on pathogens. Every unwanted thing was blamed on evil spirits which were dealt with through purging ceremonies.

We, modern and knowledgeable people laugh at them and make jokes about their believes.

Are those people wrong or should they be laughing at us?

My work shows that everything we are told in medical school is contrary to the truth.

The knowledge that is given to us makes doctors the architects of diseases.

Those who control what information will be given to the student, and who decides the kind of approach that will be taken while dealing with the problem are the same people who are giving us the information about a healthy lifestyle.

Furthermore, those are the same people who control the world’s finances, economy, politics, news, and entertainment.

They use a simple method. They turn things upside down. What is good, they present as being bad.

The lies become their truth.

Their God is our Devil.

Our fear and suffering is their nourishment.

A couple of days ago this is what I have received from my friend F. :

“For those who don’t recognize the name Jared Rand, he is the brilliant, very consciously advanced man, who is bringing forward the Medical Beds, the Celestial Healing Chambers, and other advanced technologies.

He is helping to reveal that which has been hidden for centuries on this planet, as well as an update on what’s happening NOW. Speaks on this for about the 1st hour. The rest of those listening to this may not understand as has been explained in depth over time in earlier transmissions. He gets into what the Med beds do.

Please note: a few minutes in, his connection is cut off, but he comes back on a minute later. You can forward your cursor if not wanting to wait.

Blessings in Love and Light,


TFCC Jan 13


Note also: Jared’s web page with more info is here:https://weareonelightforall.net/

The more we are aware, the clearer is the realization that we are not fighting microorganisms, we are fighting demons, dark spirits.

I guess the indigenous people were right all along.

Those people/demons that had enslaved us and had brought all of those diseases, wars and suffering upon us are soulless creatures with no compassion so are they the creation of God?

We call our creator God.

This God is conscious energy in the state of full tranquillity called Nirvana.

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There is an anecdote:

An orchestra was entertaining the King. After playing several pieces of music, the King was asked which melody he had liked the most?

The King replies, “the first one”.

The orchestra starts to play the first melody but the King said “not this one, the first one”.

Thinking that the King made a mistake the orchestra starts to play the second melody and the King stops them and requests them to play the “first one”, again.

After several attempts to satisfy their King, confused musicians started tuning their instruments and the King sighs satisfactorily, “finally they’ve got it.”

The sounds that were produced by each instrument being randomly tuned are the nirvana of the conscious, creative energy we refer to as God.

It resigns in all creation giving it consciousness.

The entities without soul are not part of God’s creation, so what are they, ad how can they exist if God did not create them?

God’s conscience energy has created our body. Once created, the body becomes aware of itself, it creates its own conscience.

21 | April | 2013 | Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean

We can name God’s conscious energy our soul, and the conscious energy of our physicality we can call our spirit.

The spirit of nature and animals is guided by their soul but with humans, things are a bit different.

We have been given the freedom to create. This means that we have been allowed to be controlled by our spirit.

While our soul is searching for peace, tranquility, love, compassion, our spirit is being influenced by physicality.

This is why our spirit is looking for more. More of pleasure, more of possessions, more of power…

Our spirit makes us greedy, reckless, envious, indifferent, selfish, and cruel. It is the spirit of warrior and conqueror.

The more we indulge in the experience of our physicality, the more we separate ourselves from the influence of our soul/God.

Since creation is nothing more than a new melody, we can create those using our brain.

The frequencies our brain creates become our new reality and since by separating from our soul we lose guidance, we become fearful.

To conquer the fear we create our protector and we name it God. This God is taking care of us and helps us achieve our desires. It becomes the God of war, the god of love, and since through the fear we exert our dominance over others, it becomes the God of fear and darkness whose true name is Lucifer.

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The Bible starts with God and its creation and quickly becomes Lucifer that helps achieve the desires of the “chosen ones”.

Everything is a deceit.

To indulge in physicality, many had signed a total separation from their soul and had become soulless beings, demons, intelligent creators without the soul, an artificial intelligence.

De Rothschild-International Banking

Now you know better what we who walk with God/soul, are fighting against.

Those who had severed their connection with their soul cannot be redeemed.

We have been fighting this war before and we have won allowing some of the soulless creatures to survive in the hope of redeeming themselves and it has failed. This time no quarter will be given.

The total cleansing of the artificial intelligence will take place, and the final battle is being played now for everyone to see and experience.

From the darkness to light we go, and beyond as our frequency is raising influencing genetic recalibration and resulting in cellular changes. We are becoming a new living form.

We are on the doorstep of the world of the fifth-dimensional reality.

Love and light to us all.

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