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Almost every one of us had experienced a temporary loss of smell and taste, and some have even lost their eyesight and hearing, and we know how frustrating the feeling is.

Why does this happen, and are those senses absolutely necessary for us to have a normal life?

One would think definitely yes, but I am not sure that it is so.

Often, when someone loses one sense, other senses become stronger and can be utilized to fill the gap of the lost sense, but it goes much deeper than that.

To better understand what is going on, we have to reach into the field of quantum mechanics.

Every sense is the product of our brain’s programming. Without the brain, senses would not exist.

One of the reasons why we manifest is so that we can materialize and create and feel emotions/senses.

The manifestation of senses depends on two separate mechanisms and both of them are dependent on our physicality.

One of them is our sensory organs, and the other is the brain.

We think that we pick up senses from our environment. This is based on the experience of our “reality” which is by itself just a dream state of our spirit.

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Let us take the sense of smell as an example.

I believe that every one of us is familiar with the scent of garlic. You do not have to see garlic, but if you smell it, you immediately know that garlic is somewhere near and you immediately visualize it.

Since garlic has a strong neurotoxic substance, some people do not tolerate it and just by smelling it, they feel nauseated.

How is this possible? Nothing was ingested but the toxic effect experienced simply by smelling it.

The body receives toxic frequency and immediately goes into the stress mode (fight and flight mode). The received frequency becomes rejected and eliminated through the stomach mucous tissue creating nausea.

The same as everything else in our reality, the garlic is a collage of frequencies that our brain interprets according to its programming.

Those frequencies can be delivered to our brain directly via telepathy, and they are projected outwards through our senses.

When we cannot see or smell or taste, it does not mean that we have lost the sense of sight or smell, or taste. It means that our brain’s programming is off, or the physical receptors of our body are blocked.

The frequency could be present, but it is not being processed.

The temporary loss of senses is usually related to clogged sensors, while the permanent loss of senses is often related to brain defects.

Last year, one Ayahuasca ceremony was almost entirely devoted to this topic.

Every finger on my hand started to radiate a different odor.

The odor was shown to me in the form of particles.

After they were inhaled through the nose, the odor particles were absorbed into the blood, and then into the cells in my brain, where they were changed under the influence of plasma (water with minerals) and sent back into the blood in a form of gas which then was eliminated through the glomerulus of the mucous tissue of the stomach and burped out.

I was shown that bad odors represent toxic elements to our body, and our brain cells can transform them into positive energy.

During an Ayahuasca ceremony prior to this one, I was receiving the toxic energies of our people that I was helping to detoxify.

The toxic energies that were trapped on our planet as residues of events that have happened there, my brain was processing and eliminating through my stomach and the odor of my burps was terrible.

After the aromatherapy session, I was instructed to inhale those toxic burps and to transform them into positive energy.

From then on, I was intentionally transmuting toxic energies automatically into positive energy. This is necessary so that our planet can be cleansed of them.

This is one of the teachings of the Ayahuasca confirming that our reality is the brain’s construct that depends on our mind’s belief system.

Even if our sensors are disabled, our brain can produce those senses and we can manifest them quite well although we cannot physically sense them.

Many blind people whose eyes are destroyed can clearly see and even drive a car without any problem. They have trained their third eye to show them the manifestation of the “reality” for them.

Now there are school programs that teach children to play and read while being blindfolded.

Since all “reality” is the result of the brain’s calculation and the mind’s acceptance, everything comes from within.

What the mind does not accept, will not be manifested.

This is where faith comes in.

Only through faith, we can overcome the previously accepted “truth” and be able to achieve the seemingly impossible.

There are no coincidences. All our experiences are there for the purpose of learning and to be used in future events as tools.

Life is a school and the same as with everything else, an answer to one question creates a multitude of new questions that need to be answered.

The more we know, the more we realize that we know so little.

Only ignorant people are satisfied with their knowledge.

Keep the jar open and allow information to seep in.

Eventually, the new information will push out the old one and a whole new world will open in front of our eyes.

The awakening is upon us, sit tight, and have a blast.

Love and light to us all.

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