The VIRUS is the biggest fraud of the medical “science”

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We are told that diseases had always plagued humankind. This is not true.

Some tribal people had never encounter disease so they never had medicine-man,

The Inuit people are one of those people.

When the European people invaded the American continent, the native people did not suffer from any disease. The Europeans brought diseases with them.

The same thing has happened in Australia.

Why were the American and the Australian natives healthy and the Europeans unhealthy?

In my opinion, two major reasons have kept the native people healthy.

One is the nomadic nature of their lives, and the other was their connection to the creator, the Earth, and their spirituality.

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The nomadic style of living tells us that they were hunters. They had to follow the pray, and this means that they were predominantly meat-eaters.

Since they were often on the move, they did not live in pollution, and they were respectful of mother Earth, making sure that the Earth is not being damaged.

Their frequency was synchronized with the frequency of mother Earth which was keeping them healthy.

On the other hand, the European people have lost the spiritual connection and had replaced it with a manipulated religious teachings based on fearful God and Devil, a good cop and the bad cop.

The religion was in the service of the corrupt tyrants who had proclaimed themselves to be nobility ordained by those gods.

Coronation of British King George VI in Westminster Abbey ...

So that the nobility can control the scared people, borders had to be established. Not being able to travel, people became dependent on plant food/carbohydrates.

The poorer people become, the more carbohydrates they consumed. This trend is obvious these days as well, and now we know, the more dietary carbohydrates we consume, the shorter life we have and the sicker we become.

The combination of toxicity and fear is the perfect recipe for disease.

To explain what is causing the symptoms of the disease and ignore the truth, Pasteur’s theory of germs was accepted and promoted. Now the true cause of the disease can be ignored, and new possibilities to control people were presented.

Modern medicine was born that is based on lies and deceits.

Every time someone got sick, their blood was searched for microorganisms that have caused their sickness. If no microorganism was found, which was often the case, an invisible microorganism was invented and named “virus”.

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Since it does not exist, scientists had to invent it, and scientifically it was explained that the virus is a single strain of ribonucleic acid (RNA). This RNA was never located but the myth was accepted as being the truth.

How can you fight an enemy that does not exist?

Well, you can’t, so precaution has to be made. The body has to be strengthened to resist this imaginary enemy.

Use a weakened microorganism, inject it into a body and let the body develop an antidote.

The vaccine was borne.

But how can you use a weakened virus when it does not exist?

Take some proteins from the sick body and inject them into a healthy body.

The vaccines are gradually becoming more and more toxic and the crown jewel of vaccines is the mRNA vaccine COVID-19.

The general public has difficulty realizing what is going on. We are all duped through science to switch our diet to a vegetarian diet.

Especially the new soy generation is all deformed as physically so spiritually. They do not know if they are male or female. If they are going or coming.

This is why it is simply impossible to wake them up, no matter how obvious things become. They cannot reason. All they can do is shout in fear.

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The great awakening is upon us and since people refuse to do the right thing, the military has to take over and drain the swamp.

Tough days are ahead for the USA and the rest of the world but it will not last long.

Hold the light and pray for the innocent.

Where We Go 1 We Go All

Love and light to us all.

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