The law and order of creation

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Whenever we are discussing our reality from the view of the quantum point, we are talking about energy in a variety of frequencies.

For those frequencies to make any sense or purpose, they have to be in alignment.

It is easier to understand this if we take the sound as an example.

Every instrument that plays part in the orchestra can produce a variety of different sounds. Each sound is nothing more than a particular frequency of vibration.

If every instrument would start producing random sounds, all we would get is noise.

To produce a melody or a symphony, every instrument has to release a particular sound in a precise timely fashion, and all of the instruments have to be perfectly tuned.

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This is exactly how our reality works.

Since our reality is the brain’s interpretation of those sounds/frequencies, everything is in order and healthy as long as the sounds/frequencies are synchronized.

One deviation and the whole symphony is ruined. The one out of place sound will make us cringe.

My friend R. sent me an interesting article on how it all works:

In the article, Ilija Lakicevic is elaborating that light makes a circular motion around the central point in which resides the consciousness, and it can shift from the center of the conscience creating out of sync. experiences.

Because of this circular motion, electrons are orbiting the nucleus of the consciousness.

This would give the light a permanent existence which I do not see in this way.

Also, this would limit the electron to be only in one place at a time limiting the number of experiences.

Light is a result of two or more colliding waves of energy and comes out of a geometrical form that is called Vesica Piscis.

The waves that create the circular motion of energy have been put in motion by the creator, but many waves have been triggered which makes many points of wave interactions.

Although waves expand in a circular motion, they are produced by an impulse. Once the impulse is transmitted, the circle occurs and as it expands, behind it becomes calm again. This means that light is created by pulsation, it flicks in and out of existence. It is not permanently shifting.

Consciousness uses this light to manifest reality. How the reality will be manifested, depends on the consciousness that decides which contact points will be engaged and in what order.

What creates the properties of a certain element does not depend on the number of electrons but on the structure of the net that is created by connecting those points of contact.

The net that is created we call the Sacred Geometry.

The number of connections is infinite as are the possibilities.

The creation is only limited through the lack of ideas/imagination.

Atoms, electrons, molecules, are all created through imagination, and so are the results of our experiments. They are all just energies of various frequencies.

Only what makes sense and is acceptable by our mind, can be manifested.

Often we anticipate something that does not materialize itself. Scientists are keen on simply inventing what is not there just to make their theories work.

Such is the thing with the virus.

When every symptom points to a pathogen infestation but no pathogen is located, the virus is invented.

Since the crucial ingredient of the virus the RNA is missing, the brain will not manifest it. It makes no sense to the conscious mind, but the mindless can be easily persuaded.

Since there is an infinite number of colliding points, there is an infinite number of possibilities. Anything can be created as long as the idea appears.

The light is the result of repeating sound signals, the interval between those signals, and its rhythmical appearance we call frequency.

Everything appears and disappears with those flicks.

Every new thing that enters our reality represents a new instrument with its vibration and enriches the sound of music that is being played. It enriches our experience of the “reality”.

As the darkness is surfacing and becoming illuminated, the awakening process is taking place.

With it, the old filters are being taken down.

We are realizing that we have the power to create and to make changes to the existing creation.

This understanding will give us the infinite possibility to instantly manifest as our reality anything that comes to our mind.

A great responsibility is put on our shoulders.

This is why the fear has to be conquered.

Only those who are pure in the heart will be given the green light to proceed.

For this reason, evil has to be destroyed. No more competition, greed, and egoism.

Only love and service to others will be tolerated and greatly rewarded.

This is what it is all about.

This is why all the turbulence.

This is the reason why so many have to be purged and brought to the light.

We are almost there. The big shift of consciousness is about to take place but first, we have to deal with the dark mass we are exposing to the light.

It is all going according to the plan.

Nothing can stop this process, nothing.

Have no doubt. Let go of fear and accept the light.

Love and light to us all.

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