What does it mean to have a compromised immune system?


Often when we are talking about diseases, the subject of the strength of the immune system pops up.

Especially now with the Wu-flu and all the new strains of it, we are being frightened by, the importance of a strong immune system is being accentuated.

What are we being told about the immune system?

The immune system is protecting us from pathogen microorganisms. Doctors check the blood for the white-blood-cell count. Other than that, the strength of your immune system is classified by the symptoms you have.

If you are seldom sick, you are being under the impression that your immune system is strong.

On the other hand, if you are sickly or if you suffer from some chronic health problems, you are being told that your immune system is weak.

Doctors really have not a clue about the immune system so they claim that it depends on our gut micro-flora.

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To strengthen our immune system, we are being told to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, and refrain from animal fats and protein.

We are told that vitamins and antioxidants in fruits and vegetables will boost our immune system.

There are a million sites and videos on this thematic and all mimic each other with the same recommendations, so they must be correct, right?

What if I tell you that none of them knows what they are talking about?

They are just repeating the same false script.

Those of you who are following my work are aware that symptoms of diseases are very similar and they are not caused by microorganisms but by the body’s toxicity, and the body’s attempt to detoxify itself.

When the toxic load of cells reaches its dangerous point, forced hydration is triggered which forces blood plasma into the cells so that they can flush some of the toxic load out and into the blood. This process we call inflammation.

Since the blood’s toxicity raises during an inflammatory process, other parts of our body become affected by it and if any tissue in our body is on the brink of showing a chronic problem, the increased blood’s toxicity will trigger the symptoms.

A young child will show symptoms of blood cleansing with a fever, running nose, phloem, and cough.

An adult with more dehydrated and toxic cells will add to those symptoms muscle pain, headaches, diarrhea, and nausea.

Older people with chronic health problems will add to those symptoms achy joints, skin issues, brain fog, and even death.

It all depends on the level of toxicity of the body on the circulatory and cellular level.

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Of course, the more toxic we are, the more microorganisms will live in our body so when the symptoms of a disease show up, the first thing that doctors do is to search for those microorganisms and pin the cause of the symptoms/disease on them.

If no microorganism is found but the symptoms point to an “infection”, the virus is blamed as the cause of this disease. Why?

Because the virus does not exist, so it cannot be proven and as such, because of the false teaching on viruses, it cannot be disproved either.

We have to accept doctors’ diagnoses.

Now, you know why there is no cure against viral diseases, or is there a cure?

All my clients who did the SHP correctly have healed from viral diseases such as are herpes and retro-viral, and coronavirus infections.

Not only that they had healed, but they have also become immune to them as well.

One reason behind it is the clean body and the other is the correct genetic expression.

We can have a strong immune system, eating tons of vitamin C and D3 but when we cut ourselves, if we do not clean the wound and put some antibiotic on it, the wound becomes infected, a puss is formed and if ignored, sepsis will occur and high fever even death may result from it.

Wild animals can drag a wounded body through the mud and not become infected. They do not need antibiotics. So this is a correctly functioning immune system.

Some of those animals do not eat vegetables, not even fruits, but their immune system is strong and functioning correctly. Why?


Because they do not eat dietary carbohydrates. Their genetic expression is correct and produces GcMAF immune marker which is very low or even missing in those who eat dietary carbohydrates.

The more starch we put into our body, the smaller amount of GcMAF we produce.

Our macrophages will destroy only what has been marked for destruction by the GcMAF protein marker.

You can overload on vitamins and veggies and have a very low immune response because the fame of vitamins is just fame. There is no truth behind the assumption that vitamins and vegetables strengthen the immune system.

A high dose of vitamins becomes toxic/medicinal and forces cells to stop their hydration. No hydration, no cellular cleansing, no blood pollution, no symptoms of cleansing/disease.

From the quantum point, a disease is shown to us when the frequency in our body changes.

What stabilizes our cellular frequency is the electric voltage.

The stronger the charge, the more stable will be the frequency and it will be difficult to change it.

Many yogis can swallow poison with no ill effect.

They understand another truth which is the power of their mind.

They know that the fear can drain the electric charge, lowering the resistance of the cellular frequency to change.

They have no fear. They know and have faith.

Now you know why we are being constantly held in fear of the COVID-19 nonexistent virus.

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The fear/shock drops our cellular energy so that the toxic energies in our body influence vibratory shifts making the brain project it as a disease.

This means that the strongest remedy that will boost our immune system is the elimination of fear.

Laughing, singing, dancing, and making love are the best busters of our immune system.

The cleaner our body is, and when the genetic expression is set correctly, even the fear will not cause any health problem. Combining those two makes us superhumans.

As you can see, there is absolutely no truth behind the supplement industry’s claims, none what so ever.

Love and light to us all.

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