Are you ready for Pharmacogenetics?

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A new “science” is emerging. It is a science of applicable pharmaceuticals.

This science is basically copying the nutrition theories of different nutritional types which should be the guidelines to a proper diet.

The nutritional typing is based on science that teaches us how there are different groups of people, based on their type of digestion, which metabolize foods differently.

This is why people should discuss their diet with a licensed nutritionist for the optimal diet for their body type.

Some people do better on the protein diet, some do better on the carbohydrate diet. Some should consume more fiber, some more fruits and so on.

This nonsense of nutritional typing is not a new trend. This is promoted through the ayurvedic teaching of India.

I wrote articles about it and I have shown you how this teaching makes absolutely no sense what so ever. It only makes sense to those who are stuck on to the school acquired knowledge and are unable to think for themselves.

Once we started to consume things that are not suitable for human consumption and are toxic for our body, our genetic expression shifted. Our genes had to reprogram our cells so that they can survive in this new toxic environment. Our reprogrammed cells were adjusted to survive in this new environment so that the so-called food becomes tolerated.

Once the gene expression has changed, it no longer supports the original program so if the person with changed genome wanted to consume the original diet (the food of God), that person will have difficulty digesting this type of food.

I have also mentioned that because the genes are the first that react to the resonance of the food, their expression is first to change. Then after comes to cellular changes under the influence of now newly developed genetic expression.

Because we eat all kinds of stuff that is toxic, our genome has been altered so much that it is showing more than 2000 genetic anomalies which scientists refer to as errors.

We do not see any of those “errors” on wild animals and this is another puzzle which our prominent scientists are trying to “solve”.

Since only false science is promoted and conclusions based on fake knowledge are published, there is no surprise why are we not making any progress and why the same mistakes are being repeated over an over again.

This brings us to the newly concocted science called the science of pharmacogenetics.

The name says it all. Pharmacogenetics, a science of applicable pharmaceutical remedies.

Here the pharmaceutical geniuses apply the same reasoning as nutritionists in determining what pharmaceuticals will be the most suitable for what type of patient based on their genetic tolerance or their gene expression.

This is to become a very lucrative business once it is accepted and applied. This will become a “must do” thing before taking any medication since every medication is toxic. Every individual pill will change further the expression of genes which will require genetic testing every time before medication is being used and it will be recommended that people get tested during the medicated period.

What a grand scam! It is a guaranteed moneymaker for the fraudulent pharmaceutical industry.

Isn’t this the reason why this new science is concocted in the first place?

You be the judge, my family, and friends.

I am sure that it will not take long when a new miracle vaccine will be developed for people who are intolerant to certain drugs. Take the vaccine and then you can get safely poisoned with the “needed” pharmaceutical drug.

Do not ask your trusted doctor for his opinion because as I had mentioned many times, doctors are the most brainwashed people of them all. To prove this, read this article where a prominent doctor dies after being vaccinated.

My suggestion to you is, run away from doctors like a plague and educate yourself. Start to take responsibility for your health and learn to eat correctly.

There is only one type of food that is healthy to all humans on this planet and that is the food of God.

The proper food is the one that you can eat the way our creator prepared it for us to eat, without any additional meddling, this is what you should eat. This automatically eliminated a great majority of what we call the healthy diet. Now you can see how fooled we have been.

Just think about what type of food you cannot eat when raw?

It is a mindboggling thing when you really look at it. Grains and legumes, the staple food of most humans go right out of the window and as the followers of my work you know exactly who is responsible for us eating this toxic garbage.

When we start eating correctly, our genome will shift and all 2000 genetic errors will correct themselves. The gut flora will readjust and our bodies will heal.

There will be no more need for the pharmaceutical poisons we call the medication and this means there will be no need for pharmacogenetics.

This is not hard to do but do not expect that the transition from one type of diet to the correct diet will be smooth and without any symptoms.

The gene expression will change and with it comes symptoms provoked by the changes in the cellular activity.

If you are willing to give it a try, let me know and I will lead you through it.

Many have done it already and once they have their experience they can help others, it is that simple.

We are lucky that it is the end times so no more shenanigans will be accepted as humanity is awakening.

A great majority of people experience complete healing of all of their health problems within 6 months of following the protocol.

Longtime vegetarians and vegans experience more physical problems during the cleansing period and their healing takes more time. This is because their genome had shifted more and more toxins were trapped within their cellular structure. Their cells are more dehydrated and acidic since the toxins of those plants were preventing their cellular hydration and cleansing for many years.

It is as if the vegetarians and vegans have been medicated for all of those years since most of the naturally occurred medicinal remedies are nothing more than toxic elements of plants.

Love and light to us all.

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  1. Darko do you believe all medicinal remedies are toxic? You opened up my thinking to herbs actually all being toxic. I use to use chinese herbs. However I noticed that ever since I began drinking water with sea salt (about 2 years ago) I get the worst body odor if I take any of these herbs. The odor goes away once i stop taking the herb for a day or two…it’s almost as if the sea water is pulling that stuff right out of my body…the more I keep experimenting and learning the more I believe that herbs are only ment to be used short term and not daily as many chinese medicine books recommend.

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