The miracle effects of the deep-sea water.

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US National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of health, presented a discovery that Deep-Sea water will benefit human health by restoring the mineral imbalance.

In this particular case, the disease in question is atopic eczema/dermatitis syndrome (AEDS).

As you can see, the article is very short and focuses on only one of the benefits that the human body receives when it is exposed to the seawater.

To make sure that people do not run to the sea now and start drinking the sea water, in the article, they strictly emphasize deep-sea water, as if there is any difference in the mineral content of the surface and the deep-sea water.

The sea-currents do not move only horizontally. They also move vertically so the sea water is constantly being mixed. This prevents the sea salts and minerals from sedimenting.

By emphasizing that it is the deep-sea water what is being used, they are proving how even the little truth that they allow to be known is immediately immersed in lies so that no one acts upon it.

The salt, in general, is being so demonized that doctors freak out when they hear someone drinking water with salt. I did not specify sea salt, because doctors firmly believe that the commercial table salt is superior to the sea salt because it is iodized.

Most medical doctors do not know anything about the sea salt and very little about the commercial table salt, except that it is sodium-chloride and it is iodized to prevent iodine deficiency of the body.

Since medical doctors share their information with their patients, they serve as misinformation sources for the general public. This is why everybody “knows” that consuming salt is bad for our health.

What everybody knows is usually lie because the knowledge came from the indoctrination centers that promote lies: our schools.

Just look at what is happening in the world of politics.

A young woman (girl) is injected into the USA congress. She is fresh from school and loaded with the newest program which is supposed to be the result of the evolution of science. This brainwashed girl has no idea that even the cows’ breath through their lungs. She thinks that because her brain is misplaced, so is the cows and therefore they must be breathing through their ass.

This is why she claims that cows increase CO2 levels by farting, so no more beef folks.

This is what is happening to our society. Brainwashed individuals are glorified and placed on leading positions because they are no threat to the ruling class, the Cabal.

Going back to the miracle of the sea water, use the information I shared on the quantum level of the existence where everything is just energy in different frequencies.

I have mentioned how our cells are programmed differently and how they do not receive the information the way we are told they do, as a mineral, or a protein, or a sugar… The cells themselves are nothing more than an expression of energy themselves.

One energy field is supported by another energy field if they oscillate in harmony. Those incoming frequencies could be in harmony with the frequency of our cells or they can create changes in the energetic field of our cells if they are out of sync.

If you imagine minerals and salts to be part of our harmonic orchestra, having more of one type of mineral or salt will cause a small deviation in the balance. By providing all necessary minerals (all frequencies), our body can adjust the correct frequency by eliminating the surplus.

We are always told that our kidneys have difficulty to eliminate sodium (salt).

Yes, some studies have shown increased sodium blood levels but this is not happening because we ingest too much sodium or because our body has difficulty to eliminate it.

I have pointed out that our body is electrical and it cannot function without minerals as conductors of electricity. By converting water into the plasma by adding minerals and salts to it, we allow the flow of electrons through it.

If we become depleted of some minerals or salts (some frequencies), our body will try to compensate by holding onto those minerals and salts that it has, even if by doing this, their blood levels increases.

This brings disharmony but at least our body can continue functioning. The electric flow is possible.

Our table salt has no other minerals to speak of but sodium-chloride so when we consume it, our blood becomes saturated with sodium as a way of compensating for the other missing minerals and salts.

As soon as we provide our body with the missing minerals and salts, our body will recalibrate the mineral content of the blood. It will release what it does not need and keep what is necessary.

This is why after taking sea water, the blood levels of sodium have dropped even though there is plenty of sodium in the sea water.

The same effect as with the sea water, we achieve by consuming sea salt, and since it is essential for our body to properly calibrate how much of what mineral and salt our body will keep, water is absolutely necessary so that our body can do this job efficiently and fast.

This is why drinking sea water or water with sea salt is the fastest way to establish the proper mineral balance in the blood as this study showed.

Again, try to stay in the quantum state of understanding because this will always point to the mistakes we do by applying heat to various elements before ingesting them.

Since heat changes the rate of vibration, it automatically distorts the frequencies making things toxic to our body.

Here you can understand why toxic elements serve as medicinal in certain circumstances.

The toxic body has altered field of vibration so if you bring into the body a particular frequency which is calibrated to change the frequency of the toxic vibration, it can actually normalize it. Here now you can understand why we cannot take medicinal remedies when we do not have a health problem and also why we cannot over-expose our body to medicines because they can swing the vibration the other way making us sick again but with a different symptom because the frequency has changed in the opposite direction.

By exploring things closer to their origin (by going quantum), we can explain and understand things much better. All of a sudden it all makes sense, doesn’t it?

Everything becomes simple to comprehend.

When we talk about salt, now we know. Salt is not a problem.

Man-made and manipulated salt is the problem and now you know why.

This study on the sea water proves what I have said on the thematics of cleansing the heavy metals from our body.

The chelation through vegetables is nonsense. The sea water does the job because allows fast calibration of all minerals and salts.

Because of the nature of my work, no institution supports me. Please, if you can, make a donation and help me to share the truth.

Love and light to us all.

13 thoughts on “The miracle effects of the deep-sea water.”

  1. Thank you Darko for the sea salt protocol ,it actively hydrates and I know from my experience in the past it now causes me to drink more water. I know that water is the key to removing what is no longer needed and bringing in what is needed . One thing i notice in my interaction with people is they value the use of sea salt BUT when i see the sea slat they use it is just processed sea salt like any other sodium chloride salt, IT is NOT grey celtic salt which is damp and laden with all the minerals of the sea it was collected from . Be sure you are not just using store bought sea salt which is flowable and dry and no different than the salt we use to use which is straight sodium chloride and may even have additives to keep it dry and flowable

  2. But as i read Instead of cleansing those toxic energies we call disease , we can simply instruct our cells to transform those energies into positive energy by raising their frequency. So won’t seasalt create detox that cause unpleasant symptoms >?

    1. Simon, this is what I have many times advised people to do. The only difference between the Celtic sea salt for humans and the Celtic sea salt for animals is the price brother.

  3. Hi Darko, do you wash/rinse the meat before eating/cooking? If yes, how do you do it?
    I rub sea salt on the meat, before rinsing with water.

    1. Yes Jeri the equine celtic salt is grey and wet the way it should be, showing it has not had the magnesium or other minerals processed out of it

      1. Thanks Simon. Looks like the lightly grey coarse variety is the superior one, right? The fine ground variety seems like it has been processed. I’m using fine ground celtic sea salt.

  4. Hi Darko, does boiling water in one of those electric kettles make a difference in the water? Like when people drink tea, they boil it either on stove or in electric kettle. Does that change the structure of water and make it worse? Or no difference?

    1. Heating the water, breaks its structure and the water loses its properties as a crystal.
      When you drink a tea, even if the tea has no caffeine, you will notice your mouth become dry.
      It dehydrates you.
      You can consciously recover this structure with positive thoughts. So bless the water to do this.
      Love and light.

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