A question to scientists; "is sugar in diet a good thing or a bad thing?"

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Many of you may be surprised by the title of this article.

Is sugar in our diet a good thing or a bad thing?

Everyone these days is emphasizing that sugar should be removed from our diet. Today, it does not matter if you are vegan, vegetarian, or if you indulge on meats, everyone agrees that sugar consumption is a bad thing as far as our health is concerned.

6 thoughts on “A question to scientists; "is sugar in diet a good thing or a bad thing?"”

  1. Darko this comment does not have to do with sugar, but has to do with drinking water…I spend a lot of time out in nature, I have pretty much my whole life. One thing I noticed is that wild animals do not drink lots of water. In fact, they typically only take a few laps of water before continuing to move on. Also, in the winter time when it snows, you can observe that all wild animals have yellow pee. They never pee clear and the only animals that do so are domesticated animals who may be suffering from diabetes. Yet, these wild animals suffer from no disease and exhibit near perfect health. I believe even you mentioned that wild animals are the perfect example of health.
    Furthermore, although you may disagree with he dietary practices of many tribal peoples, they too do not consume copious amounts of water. Those living without contact from the outside world always show amazing signs of health. In fact, many of these inland people do not have access to salt. Event he Eskimo did not consume salt.
    In my observation and experience, the need to drink large amounts of water is do to following the incorrect diet. Grains in particular can cause an individual to feel the need to drink large amounts of water. However, fats, especially animal fats, can hydrate the body better than water.
    That being said, ever since switching my diet 8 years ago and following dietary principles that would have been followed by people living off the land local to my area (Native Americans), my thirst for water has gone down exponentially. My diet consist of mainly meats/wild game, raw honey, some seasonal herbs, sea salt to taste, nuts/seeds, seasonal fruits.
    I say this because I feel as though drinking large amounts of water (even with sea salt) disrupts equilibrium in MY body. I personally believe that the need for water/salt goes down once you follow the correct diet. If you think about it, what native people carry around a jug of water with them at all times in order to avoid “dehydration?”
    That’s just my 2 cents. You’ve got great information here and not trying to discredit any of the info. In fact, this info is vital for those still coming from a standard diet. However, this is just my experience after following the correct way of eating for several years.

  2. Mark you are correct. Cleaner is your diet the less water and salt you need because there is much less toxicity that has to be eliminated. Those native people that you talk about still have short lives and as they get older they become skinny and wrinkled. This
    is caused by dehydration.
    When we experience health problems, or body is very toxic a plenty water and sea salt is needed for cleansing. The cellular cleansing is a slow and lengthy process which continues way after all symptoms of disease were gone and we feel healthy again.
    Drinking water with sea salt cannot harm you because it provides the body with everything what the body requires and the body has no difficulty to eliminate what is not necessary.
    Of course, there is always the question about the quality of the water and of the sea salt one uses. They can be contaminated as well. This would cause problems. This is why it is necessary to bless everything and believe in this process.
    Love and light brother.

    1. Interesting… I used the native people as an example because it’s “thought” that this is how we all once lived. The bigger question is “where did we come from.” I’m a Christian and even the bible is very vague on this subject. It says we came from eden, but what and where was eden? I truly believe that there are texts withheld from the bible that show the whole truth.

      1. Mark, the major change was done on humans by Pleadians who made genetic changes and accelerated our evolution. This is why we went from the spear to the nuclear bomb in less than 400 years.
        The Bible is based on writings from Sumerian tablets. Semites wrote it during the Roman empire and adopted Babylonian (Luciferian) religion Talmud. Those that did that named themselves Yews….
        Truth will be revealed brother.

  3. Hi Darko, do you wash/rinse the meat before eating/cooking? If yes, how do you do it?
    I rub sea salt on the meat, before rinsing with water.

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