Cleansing explained on the quantum level Part 2

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Since in the basic quantum field, our reality is just energy expressed in various frequencies, the only difference between the good and the bad, or between the healthy body and the diseased body is a slight difference of its frequency.

What makes one frequency good and the other frequency bad, is the program on which is this reality constructed. This program is implanted into our brain as I had mentioned before.

The toxic frequencies are being manifested as health problems and by cleansing those frequencies we allow our body to resume the original frequency of our program which is manifested through our brain as the healthy body.

In the previous blog, I have mentioned the ability of crystals to absorb frequencies and also I have mentioned that they can neutralize or repair those frequencies. This is why people who use crystals for healing purposes often cleanse those crystals to purify them again.

Some crystals like the quartz crystal for example, can be programmed to either absorb the negative frequency or to transform it.

How can this be achieved?

Again we use the power of our mind to do this job.

As I have mentioned in the prior article, our thoughts are fields of MAGRAV energy with a particular sequence of pulsation (frequency).

The same way as the water, the crystal will be stimulated with those MAGRAV pulses which will change the frequency that they have been programmed to change.

We know that quartz crystal holds memory. This is why it is used in computer technology to do just that.

By instructing the quartz crystal to purify certain toxic element, we are altering its field of resonance in a specific way which is going to influence the frequency of the desired element to change its oscillation (a frequency of vibration). Now there is no more need for this energy to be stored since it is no longer the same toxic energy what it was before.

When “Little Grandmother” placed quartz crystals into the river that cools the Fukushima generators, the radioactivity of water ceased to exist.

Those crystals did not absorb all of the radioactivity, they transformed those frequencies and the water was not radioactive any more.

Little Grandmother explains about programming crystals in this short video

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If your thoughts can program crystals to repair the frequencies and to make them non-toxic, obviously, the same way you can program your body not only to eliminate toxins but to simply change the frequency and make the disease to disappear.

As I had mentioned previously, you can cleanse the bad frequencies out of your body. Doing so will invoke symptoms of cleansing which are often very unpleasant. After those toxins have been eliminated now your body has to raise the frequency. This we call the healing process. When the frequency is where it should be according to our original program, we are healed.

As you can see, this is a process and as such, we experience it in a timely manner since we are programmed to experience things in a linear fashion.

Instead of cleansing those toxic energies, we can simply instruct our cells to transform those energies into positive energy by raising their frequency. Since there is no cleansing involved, no unpleasant symptoms will appear. We are simply skipping the cleansing process and invoking the healing directly.

Many people have experienced this and it usually happens after we had a brush with death.

Many people who had experienced temporary death, after they came back spoke of having an experience of talking to the creator or some saint and after returning into their body, they miraculously have healed from whatever disease they have been dying from.

What made this healing possible is the loss of fear, complete trust, faith.

Doctors call this a spontaneous remission and they do not understand it.

Those people had no detoxification symptoms and they healed rapidly.

The same is mentioned in the Bible. Everyone who was in the vicinity of Jesus Christ had healed no matter what their health problem was.

Some people have claimed that by simply seeing Jesus Christ, they have healed instantly.

Now if you have paid any attention when I was explaining how everything is just an energy in various frequencies and that our brain can reproduce any frequency it is familiar with, you can see how this is not only possible but probable.

To correct a frequency, all we need is to know what frequency we need to correct, and we need to know the correct frequency and we have to have a way, an instrument to apply this correct frequency to the affected energy field.

This all sounds very complicated and it looks like we need expensive tools to do this.

In fact, we do not have to know the source of the bad frequency because our cells and this means our innate knows it.

We do not have to know the correct frequency since we can use the symbol in its place (in the form of our thought).

Our brain can reproduce the correct frequency since it is familiar with it, we have been healthy before so our brain knows the frequency and it can reproduce it but it needs a command to do it.

The command is issued by our mind. It can be done consciously and subconsciously but it will only bear fruits if we believe that it will.

Since everything that happens is just manifestation, to manifest, we have to have faith.

For a long time, we knew that we can reprogram our brain through the repetition but now we know that this can be done instantly, utilizing just one thought but only if the thought was sincere and if it came through the heart (love). This means that it is positive and uplifting and that there is faith behind it.

Those people who have healed after they saw Jesus Christ, did so because they “knew” that they will heal in his presence. Their faith was absolute, no doubt at all. Their healing had nothing to do with anything that Jesus did for them. They simply manifested instantly their expectation because there was no doubt that this will happen.

The same happens to the people after their brush with death.

This shows you the simplicity of manifestation which will happen only if you have faith in the process.

There are people who were born with a health issue so their brain is not familiar with the correct frequency of their affected organ. So how can we solve this problem you may ask?

Remember that we inherit genetic codes from both of our parents and from the past (parallel) lives.

There is the information we seek within the genes. All we have to do is to ask our genes to reproduce the needed frequency.

How to do this, I was shown in my last ayahuasca ceremony.

I wanted to reproduce the original frequency of the creation which is the original scale of tone C.

I was born after David Rockefeller (I meant his money supported team) had changed this frequency so my brain had never heard it and could not reproduce it.

No matter how much I had focused and all the suggestions that my mind sent my way bared no fruit.

I was instructed to continue my work after the ceremony was closed so I asked Christine for permission to do so. This permission was granted and I continued with the cleansing and energy changing process until everyone was asleep.

Then, in the total silence, I asked my innate to resurrect the correct frequency from the gene since genes hold the memory of all our experiences.

My physical brain never experienced this tone so could not reproduce it but the tone was recorded and stored in the gene.

By telling the innate what I want now I had to calm the brain, I had to shut it up so that it does not interfere since it has no knowledge of this but it always wants to express its opinion and the thoughts it produces are preventing me to receive the message from the innate.

As soon as I went blank, my Pineal gland started to oscillate and a clear buzzing sound was formed and this was the original sound of creation, the original tone C.

Now my brain can reproduce it on command as it became familiar with it.

How can we use this experience to heal a health problem that came inherited with the child?

How to do this?

Simply tell the innate to go and retrieve the necessary information so that the brain becomes familiar with it so that it can use it to manifest the final healing result.

As you can see, it is a simple process, too simple for many people to believe, but it cannot be achieved if there is no faith in this process.

After all, it is all just a manifestation.

Our embedded “knowledge” is nothing more than a set of beliefs which serve as filters and stay in the way of manifesting. Everything we have been told in our life was lies which we firmly believe are the truths. This creates doubt when you receive this information and manifesting becomes impossible.

This is why doctors are the last persons who will swing their beliefs since they have been the most polluted with the wrong information about the way our body works and what it requires for the health to be reestablished.

This article is getting too long so I will stop here.

Love and light to us all.

6 thoughts on “Cleansing explained on the quantum level Part 2”

    1. Anuj, utilizing the mind you have to make repetitions until the message sinks into your sub-conscience. If your message is genuine and from your heart (love, faith, and wish to help others) one message will do the trick brother.

  1. My drinking water from pipe contains chlorine and fluoride. For chlorine, I read that when we leave boiled water for few hours in an opened jug, the chlorine will evaporate. Is this correct?
    For chlorine and fluoride, I use blessing to make the water healthy “please take all the impurities away and make it healthy”. Learned the wordings from you. Is this good?

    1. Jeri, chlorine is a gas and when water is left exposed to air, the fluoride will evaporate in time.
      Fluoride also created a hydrogen bond in water and it slowly evaporates but fluoride salts remain so one cannot eliminate it through the evaporation. Distilling the water is the best way to get rid of it.Blesing the water and requesting it tobe pure and healing is a great way to go about it but remember the faith factor brother.

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