Cleansing explained on the quantum level. Part 1

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When we think about the cleansing of our body, we immediately think about some chemical toxins, some poisons that we can see and identify.

From reading the previous post, now you are aware that in the quantum world this is no like this.

In the quantum world, everything is just energy. Our brain is programmed to manifest some frequencies as matter, some as gas, some as scent, some as electric or electromagnetic field and some as emotion.

Now, as we are focused on the quantum field, we are ignoring the brain’s manifestation and we are referring to all toxins as energy in various frequencies.

12 thoughts on “Cleansing explained on the quantum level. Part 1”

  1. What if we are salt sensitive? When I use grey sea salt and water my ears begin to ring randomly…I’m assuming this is due to pressure increase….when I remove the sea salt the ringing stops.

    1. John, if consuming the sea salt raises your blood pressure, your blood circulation is compromised and you have to hydrate to be able to cleanse even if the buzzing in your ears commences brother.
      Sea salt is loaded with the same minerals which are in your plasma and excess will be eliminated so no worries.

      1. I’ve tried using the sea salt and water method for many months. Once the buzzing starts it doesn’t go away no matter how much I cleanse. I don’t eat cooked carbohydrates either only Meat and fruits. I really like the idea of the protocol but for whatever reason it doesn’t seem to work for me. It’s strange because I can salt my food and not run into this issue. It’s only when I add the sea salt to the water.

      2. John are you sure that it is your ears or maybe the sound comes from your Pineal gland.
        Sea salt has traces of gold, silver, rhodium, iridium and other super conductors which improve workings of the Pineal gland once it is de-calcified. This activity produces very high buzzing pitch coming from the centre of your head. This has nothing to do with your ears and the blood pressure.
        If you are eating correctly and drinking water with sea salt your blood pressure must be normal. Have it checked.
        You can contact me through my e-mail and we can discuss more about it brother.

  2. Yes it sounds like a buzzing in my head, not so much a ringing. Also , it’s very low pitch, I only noticed it when I’m in a completely silent room. It’s very strange, I feel like I’m the only one who reacts to the sea salt and water this way which is why its disappointing because the protocol makes perfect sense.

    1. John, do the protocol. The sound is a positive thing. I had it for some time and now comes and goes. It is not distraction, it does not interfere with your daily life because when you are doing things, you do not hear it or it is so vague that it does not matter.
      You are not the only one that is experiencing this. Many people do, drinking water with sea salt or not.

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