Analyzing the manifestation of healing from the quantum mechanic point of view.

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Most of us are familiar with the concept of manifested healing but under a different name which is the placebo effect where the body achieves healing because the person believed that what he/she is doing is achieving healing.

It was proven that most healing effects achieved by utilizing medicinal remedies are actually caused by the placebo effect and not by the drug we were using.

I have mentioned before that even what we call the spontaneous remission is caused in a way by the placebo effect.

4 thoughts on “Analyzing the manifestation of healing from the quantum mechanic point of view.”

    1. Yes Tom, deep breathing raises the relative pressure of bloods oxygen and helps alkalising process. Unfortunately Wim Hof looks very unhealthy and dehydrated. His blood is toxic. Oxygen can do only that much.
      As he explains, mind is powerful tool and we have to use it in a positive way.
      Love and light.

  1. Darko what about grey hair? Why do we go grey when we age? I remember reading that you turned some of your grey hair back to black using copper. Can correct diet and sea salt/water initiate these changes as well? I’m very curious about this topic. Most nuts and seeds are high in copper, should we eat more of these? I know liver is high in copper as well but quality sourcing is crucial when consuming this animal organ. Thanks for any info!

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