Root-canal or implant?

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If you want to comment, or donate, do it on this site please as the new site is not fully functioning yet.As it is common for doctors and other health gurus to scare people from eating natural animal fats because of the cholesterol “issue”, or scaring people from consuming salt because of hypertension, water retention, and kidney failure “issues”, so it is common for them to frighten us from having the root-canal.

Instead of the root-canal, they recommend extraction and filling the gap with an artificial tooth in the form of a bridge or what is very popular nowadays the dental implant.

So what are we being told is that as the nerve is taken out from the tooth, an empty canal remains which now is not monitored and cannot communicate with our brain. If some bacteria populate this canal, they can grow there without being detected. They will produce toxic substances and gas which will not create the sensation of pain because the nerve is missing. We are not going to be aware of this happening so these toxins will be entering our blood polluting the body.

Yes, this is correct and there are many people with health issues who have infection brewing in the teeth where the root-canal was performed, but we have to take a better look at this situation before we decide to follow our health “experts” recommendations.

If we look into the statistics, which I do not like to do but in this case they tell us a particular story, we are going to find out that about 10% of dental implants end up in failure and cause great problems.

On the other hand, statistically, more than 95% of root-canals do not cause any problems or health issues.

I easily accept this statistic since I have 4 or 5 root-canals and 0 problems. In fact on x-ray, you can barely notice that my teeth are missing the nerves since those roots are firmly bonded to the surrounding tissue and it all looks healthy.

So let us examine what happens with the implants?

When the tooth is extracted it leaves behind a gap. This gap and a crater have to heal which often does not happen because tooth decay is caused by toxic blood and toxic cells not only of the tooth in question but also the neighboring connective tissue which includes the bone of the upper and lower jaw in which the teeth are seated.

If the tooth implant is positioned in a weak bone, it is doomed for failure.
Since most of the time a tooth decay occurs simultaneously with the bone decay where the tooth is sitting, this points to problems as far as implants go.

Since blood toxicity and subsequently cellular toxicity is to be blamed, older people will be more toxic and because of that, their jaw-bone is more fragile and does not present a good anchor for the implant.

Since implants do not possess any nerve endings, if an infection sets in, we are going to have exactly the same problem that we have with an infected tooth with performed root-canal.

When root-canal is performed, after the nerve extraction, the root-canal is filed and an insert is placed into it to fill the canal tight. It seals the tooth so no bacteria can enter. Now the root of the tooth is a perfect anchor for the existing tooth.

Since the root is created by your body, there are no further issues and if you continue chewing on this tooth, it will remain strong and well bonded to the neighboring tissue and bone.

What creates the deterioration of the jaw bone and the subsequent tooth movement we refer to as the loose tooth?

I have mentioned many times before that our body is self-healing and self-sufficient. It will not support what it does not need.

As far as the teeth go, when we feel discomfort in a tooth we stop using it. We cannot chew if pain occurs. By not using the tooth, its bond to the surrounding tissue will weaken. If we add to this a toxic element, the jaw bone will weaken as well. We can have a situation that a perfectly healthy tooth is being extracted because the patient felt pain and the tooth was loose. The pain was created by the chronic connective tissues inflammation (inflammation of gums) and has nothing to do with a rotten tooth.

Chronically inflamed gums may cause seepage of bacteria which will populate roots of multiple teeth causing the same problems we label the root-canal with, and our body has no idea what is happening and it is not dealing with this problem because there is no available immune marker (GcMAF).

I have mentioned that by eating dietary carbohydrates we reprogram our genes to produce nagalase (glycoside hydrolase) and since the NAGA gene is involved, now the cells are not able to produce GcMAF protein which is the marker that is necessary to label cells for destruction.

Without GcMAF marker, our immune system is ineffective and this explains the susceptibility of humans to infections which wild animals conquer with ease.

As a young child, I was less than 9 years old when I broke my front tooth. One-third of a tooth broke off because I accidentally hit it with a glass bottle.

The dentist performed a root-canal but did not want to file down the tooth for a crown since I was so young and rapidly growing.

He built up the missing part reinforcing it with glass fiber and said that this will not last long, that I have to be careful chewing and not to eat apples so that this tooth does not break again. He said when I grow up, if his creation still stands, I should replace it with a crown.

Well, his creation was in place for over 50 years and broke off four years ago when I was chewing on a hard carrot. I have completely forgotten about that tooth being fragile.

I glued the broken part back with a crazy glue but this did not work well and I could not use this tooth for chewing so what has happened, in over a three years not chewing on this tooth, the tooth started to disengage from its connective tissue and on the x-ray, a dark spot of jaw-bone decay is clearly visible. The body wanted to get rid of what it does not need.

Now after repairing the tooth properly again (the same way as it was originally, not with crown), the tooth is starting to feel as new again and the jaw-bone is filling in.

So what can we conclude from this article?

The tooth implants create more problems than the root-canals do and if your blood is toxic and if your cells are dehydrated and toxic, no matter what you do it will result in failure so hold onto your money and heal yourself.

If you are toxic and dehydrated on the cellular level, you will have a problem with your gums, your teeth, and your bones. It is all related, and if you do not cleanse and heal, I recommend you to get dentures as they will give you the least amount of problems.

I know that dentists do not want to hear this since dental implants are making them rich.

Just take in consideration, a carpenter screws a thousand screws while making you some house repairs and he charges you may be a thousand dollars for a couple days of work.

A dentist screws several implants into your jaw and charges you 20 thousand dollars and more for his couple hours of work using similar screws and drills to do the job.

It is a big rip-off my brothers and sisters, and it is way more damaging than leaving the existing root.

If the tooth is loose and gums are inflamed no matter what you do, it will result with failure and bridge or prostheses (dentures) is the way to go.

I highly recommend cleansing and healing before making further decisions.

Love and light to us all.

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