Hypertension, water retention, inflammation, and kidney failure. Is salt to blame?

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Everyone who is following my work knows the answer to this question but unfortunately, many still doubt and at the first sign of any of the mentioned symptoms, the first thing that comes to their mind is, “was this caused by the sea salt that I am taking?”

This is not surprising. We are being lied to about the salt from our young age and through the indoctrination school-science, false studies are drafted to reinforce this belief that salt is the cause of all of the mentioned symptoms.

This is why it is not surprising hearing “experts” talking about it and parrots like Marcus further misinforming unsuspecting public through their health-related videos such as is this one

Marcus is vegetarian/vegan and low salt diet fits his narrative but the science that he is mentioning is false. It is the typical school distorted science.

I always say, “before you preach to others, try it for yourself”, because there are so many lies being repeated and people believe them especially if they come from people that they trust.

Marcus repeats the nonsense about salt not distinguishing between the table-salt and the sea salt.

Table-salt is bleached salt that has a very high percentage of sodium chloride and magnesium with most of the other earth elements are washed out being replaced by iodine and aluminum oxide and other anti-caking substances which are harmful to our body.

The fact that sea salt lower the percentage of sodium in the blood is unknown to most scientists and I wrote about it in the post about Deep-sea water


Markus is hiding its pale skin under the tan he obtained presumably on the beach. His frequent swimming in the sea hydrates his body with sea water and this keeps him healthy.

In another video, he talks about skin wrinkles and mentions stress and other things and never makes the connection with the cellular dehydration which actually causes those wrinkles to begin with.

The Internet is full of such “experts” and the best joke is when Markus and other health “gurus” say that we have to listen to our body and do what makes sense.

What makes sense to our brain is what the brain is familiar with. So if the brain knows that salt causes problems, we are going to be afraid of salt no matter what kind of salt is in question.

All we have to do is to observe and process what we are seeing.

The more time we spend in the sea the better we feel. Our urine becomes very salty and so does our skin. This means that we are absorbing the sea-water and our blood cleansing organs (kidneys, mucosa, and skin), are calibrating salinity. No people die from drinking sea-water. Try it for yourself, I did.

You will not raise your blood pressure or create water retention or inflammation by drinking sea water, try it for yourself.

The only reason you may increase your blood pressure or increase the already existing water retention and inflammation when drinking sea water is that your health is compromised to begin with. This I have explained numerous times.

This is why I recommend that people with health issues contact me before they start following the Self Healers Protocol so that I can guide them correctly.

Here is part of a comment that I have received from a dear friend. It is in Serbian language so I will translate it:

“Hvala vam Darko za sve što sam naučila od vas i idalje učim. Jedini problem mi je nizak pritisak, kom sam sklona od ranije. Ne razumem kako može da bude nizak i dalje pored toliko soli. Ja baš pijem dosta slane vode i solim hranu intenzivno. U vodu stavim mnogo više soli nego što ste vi rekli (možda je to greška?). Imam te faze izuzetno niskog pritiska, izgubim energiju i koncentraciju, budem pospana. Nisam često merila, prepoznam već znam da je to to, ali kada sam izmerila bio je 90/60. Šta vi mislite o tome?”

Basically, Jelena is thanking me for the information I provide and she said that she always had low blood pressure. Now she is surprised that the blood pressure remains low even after she has increased the consumption of the salt immensely, way above the amount recommended in the Self Healers Protocol. Now doubt is setting in and she wonders if the reason for the low blood pressure is to much salt in her diet?

Also let me mention that she is in medical field.

This is just another example of the fear we experience when we are doing something contrary to our program of beliefs. If the blood pressure was low on low salt diet and now remains low on a salt-saturated diet maybe the salt imbalance is the cause of the problem?

The fear of salt is so embedded into our subconscious mind that the thought that the increased salt intake has absolutely no influence on the blood pressure skips our mind completely.

Not refined sea-salt is the only salt we should be using especially when healing and cleansing are in question because it contains all of the minerals and salts that naturally occur in our blood.

If we are dehydrated and toxic on the cellular level our cells and our tissues behave differently. Blood vessels lose elasticity so when we hydrate and the blood reaches its optimal capacity, our blood pressure rises. People with healthy blood circulation experience no difference in blood pressure weather their food contain salt or not.

People with water retention have toxic blood and bad blood circulation. Their cells do not want to absorb this toxic liquid so it accumulates in the tissue. By increasing the volume of blood through hydration, the water retention increases as more water become stored in the tissue and this will happen no matter if you drink sea water or distilled water.

Most of the time, if you start slowly hydrating the body with the sea water or water with sea salt, as water levels of the blood improve, the cleansing organs start to eliminate toxins and after a brief increase in water retention, the water retention starts to diminish together with the toxicity.

Since kidneys filter the blood through their system of blood vessels, if there is a problem in blood circulation, the same problem will occur within the kidneys and they will not be able to cleanse the blood.

This is why by repairing the blood circulation we repair the functioning of the kidneys, and the only way this can be achieved is by hydrating the body properly with water and sea salt.

Why can’t doctors repair blood circulation and kidneys?

Because they are deadly afraid of salt.

When we put salt on the meat, the meat will lose water. This was the original way used to preserve meat. This is why doctors recommend not to drink sea water because it will dehydrate you, but then they say do not consume salt because it will create water retention and increase your blood pressure because you will force more water into your body.

So what is it? Is salt dehydrating us or is salt hydrating us? Make up your mind, please.

When you have no idea how the body functions, you cannot understand what is going on. This is why the doctors are so confused and scared when salt is in question.

To be able to hydrate themselves our cells need to produce potassium. For this process, they need sodium, oxygen, and energy. If the extracellular liquid is toxic, the cells will not produce potassium so hydration on the cellular level will not occur.

I explain this in my book The Owners Manual For The Human Body.

The healthy body will manage salt properly and there will never be any problem no matter how much salt we ingest as long as we do it with water. The body will absorb what it needs and eliminate the rest.

Sea salt is the major supplier of minerals to our body and allows the cleansing process to go on.

Love and light to us all.

2 thoughts on “Hypertension, water retention, inflammation, and kidney failure. Is salt to blame?”

    1. Charmaine, the explanation of what happens in the body when we drink seawater is as childish as is the presentation. This would be all making sense if we would ignore the potassium. Actually, the percentage of sodium within the cells is very low. The electrolyte that increases the fluid density within the cell is potassium and not the sodium. What happens I explain in my book and in some of my articles on hydration. Please read them and learn the truth brother.

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