Does OBESITY make us sick?

What a question! Isn’t it obvious?!

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Everywhere you look now there are things to remind you to watch your weight because you will get sick. Doctors will tell you to reduce the amount of food you are eating. Dietitian will tell you to weigh your food and exercise so that you can use the calories you have eaten and avoid fat accumulation. Now is this really what we have to do? Is fat really bad for our health?

To answer this questions let us have a peak into the nature.

Skinny bear and fat bear.

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Both of those bears are healthy but one is before hibernation and one is after hibernation.

Look at this bear

Do you notice any difference?

This bear has a health problems, you can see them on his skin. His obesity is not as it is in the nature. This bear is incapacitated. Does he remind you on fat people?

How about this:

Wild Boar and Pheasant .. they can mix! | Linda Mellor Professional ...

Both wild boars are healthy but look at this one


Are you getting the picture yet?

The problem is not the fat. The problem is the food that makes us fat.

We are not getting sick because we are getting fat. We are getting sick because we are eating toxic food. This toxic food in abundance makes us sick. Abundance of proper food make us fat but does not interfere with our health. We can be fat and healthy at the same time as we can be skinny and sick as well


Unfortunately I cannot give you an photographic example because there is no picture available of fat human that eats correctly. In fact I have no picture of human that eats correctly period. I cannot include my picture here because I do stray occasionally and have a beer , red wine, chocolate… Fortunately I follow Self healers protocol and my health is excellent, immune system strong and youthful look is coming back. I can just wonder how young and healthy I would be if I stick to the protocol 100 %!

From these examples I am trying to show you that excess weight does not create sickness. So why are fat people suffering from health related problems much more then skinny ones?

If you eat small amount of poison it has small effect on your health and it takes time for health issue to be visible. People can eat rat poison in small amounts and slowly exhibit deterioration of health. Larger amount of poison faster and more pronounced symptoms of health problem will occur.

Number one reason humans suffer from health issues is , dietary glucose. Where it comes from? Cooked vegetables. More starches, more dietary glucose, more health problems. The worse foods are wheat products (bread, pasta, pizza…) rice, potatoes, legumes (beans, pees,,,) heat treated bananas and fruits. In one word cooked food is poison.

Now what is causing wild animals to become debilitated when in captivity? Human food.

As always even our sayings make no sense: You look like a pig!

This saying should be “you look like a f….ng human!”

Since carbohydrates are part of the food we feed our animals with no wonder that they have the same diseases as we do. If you love your animals start feeding them correctly but above all, change your diet.

The only difference that turns an animal from this

Wild Boar and Pheasant .. they can mix! | Linda Mellor Professional ...

to this


is dietary carbohydrates.




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