PERU REPORT February 2016


Our being in Peru has everything to do with rejuvenation and adjustment for the new era that our mother Earth and humanity have entered recently. It is the adjustment to high frequency to which our genes are responding and it is way easier to adjust if the body is healthy and the mind free and happy.

Since a lot of you are asking for guidance as far as diet goes and want to now our “secrets”  here we go.

We start every morning by first drinking one liter of structured water with half of teaspoon of sea salt diluted in it. We do not eat for one hour as we are preparing ourselves for daily activities. Then we have our breakfast. The breakfast is the banana shake consisting of two raw eggs, two or more spoons of coconut oil, 5 or more bananas, kefir or yogurt and splash of water. This liquid food gives us plenty of energy and does not contain any dietary glucose. As I spend a lot of time communicating with people through Internet I have to find time for exercising or venture into the nature . Sometimes we take our dogs or friends so we have to use transportation like the moto-car


I much rather use motorcycle but sometimes there is no other way.

For lunch Hilno prepares some raw vegetables (salad) often with cheese or some kind of meat. I call it food preparation since heat is seldom used so cooking would be the wrong expression.foto ensalada-queso-de-cabra-nueces-receta

When it comes to the meat we often eat it raw

foto cevichefoto steak tartare

Do not pay attention to the fries next to the steak tartar. It is picture from the Internet. We do not touch dietary carbohydrates. This is why my 49 years old wife looks like this


and she can put 28 year old girls to shame as 18 year old guys often hit on her.

Sometimes Hilno does use the stove to sear piece of meat as she prepares cheeseburger that she serves on a bed of lettuce. With no bread in sight.

Often while on the trip in nature we have a “fast food”


there is no faster food than this. Cheese, olives and plenty of fruits.

As some of our friends have just started following the correct diet they are still overweight but this will change rapidly. Since this picture was taken (about 3 weeks ago) Manuel has lost 12 kilos of weight. Soon you will not recognize him as he is racing towards ultimate health and youth.

More and more people are visiting us spending their vacation with us rejuvenating and enjoying the nature getting their kick-start to new themselves


and culture that Peru has to offer


So if you are wondering how to spend your next vacation, give this a try.

As the day comes to its end we celebrate it with the meal of fruits.


What a life!!!

No wonder we have to live at least 200 years so that we can experience everything the life has to offer and we intend to do so. So come and join us in celebration of life and all the goodies it has to offer.

As Manuel experiences his transformation he just started to prepare his motorcycle and leaving his car saying that motorcycle if for the young and all the other ways of transportation are for the old and sickly.

I understand him fully.

So here I am waiting for you


and what are you waiting for???


Come and fly with us!

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