THE END OF “MAD. SIN” or medicine as we call it

Never did we have such sophisticated equipment, so many healers, so many doctors, so many health specialists, so many nutritionists, so many health advisers and so many sick people as we do at this time in human history. So the inevitable is about to happen, something that strikes every aspect of life. We have seen it in economy, banking, business and empires. Yes I am talking about a crush, a self destruction thatĀ  will come like an avalanche.

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It may sound strange because immediately question arises; “how are we going to help the sick?” Do not worry, we have stopped helping the sick years ago. In the modern society only one type of medicine is allowed. This is allopatic medicine where in expensive universities medical “specialist” are groomed. We call them doctors. They are the highest paid salesman in corporate world of greed and illusion.

It is not surprising that if you ask for image of a healer on the Internet, no image of doctor will appear. Healing is not what is being told in medical school. Only curing is mentioned and doctors are unable to achieve even that, to preserve status quo.

Unfortunately, all alternative medical practices use the same “scientific” misinformation so although they have better results, true healing is not achieved.

This is why you should not worry when this crush happens. It will be the best thing that could happen to humanity. No medicine, fast health recovery.

Why? You may ask.

The cause of most of the diseases is toxicity and there is no stronger toxin than pharmaceutical medication but “natural” medicinal plants are close behind.

In my book and through this blog I am informing you about the connection between diseases and toxicity of the body. To make more profit, medical industry has created separation of symptoms and stuck all kind of labels on them calling them diseases. It has created “experts” and expensive cures. Sophisticated diagnostic equipment and obligatory routines to be followed and none of them make any sense, they do not heal and instead they further undermine patients health.

Simply if medication is toxic to be used on healthy body what makes it all of the sudden healthy when the body is weak and sick???

Exactly…NOTHING. It remains toxic and harmful for the body causing further deterioration. This deterioration brings different symptoms so new disease is diagnosed and new set of poisons are implemented and so until patient stops breathing. Then proclamation of victory is announced;’we have extended the patients life!”. Bravo, ain’t that great? Who is there to challenge?

I often mention that the science we know is crooked and misleading. Knowledge that our professionals possess come from such science. No wonder they are helpless and unable to help.

New knowledge that is not controlled by “politically correct scientific world” is showing us the innate ability of the body to heal itself. The only thing our cells request is clean environment and clean energy. Both are provided if we eat correctly. Unfortunately we are mislead here to. We are told that there is no healthier diet that vegetarian or even vegan diet. In severalĀ  articles and in my book I shatter this myth and just about everyone that has tried Self Healers protocol has experienced not only fast healing effect but rejuvenation of the whole body. Those few that claim not beneficial experience must have been doing something wrong. I see it even with some of my friends as they add tea and ingredients that I do not recommend to their diet. Small error can have great consequences as far as cellular response goes.

I have wondered how is it possible that as soon as you do things correctly, the body starts to get younger. Now I know that our belief on telomeres is wrong. They never shorten down through cellular proliferation. They are just same as cells or DNA. In polluted environment they shrink, curl up. Since they carry electrical charge, they produce electromagnetic field through which they communicate. Tighter the coil, weaker the communication. As soon as we clean up their environment they unravel and work better. It is as simple as that.


I recommend that if you are on any kind of medication talk to health professional that knows what’s going on and get of the poisons as soon as possible.

If you need help, follow Self Healers protocol and the collapse of the system will not faze you at all.

With all my heart I wish you success.

Love and light my friends.


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One thought on “THE END OF “MAD. SIN” or medicine as we call it”

  1. Wow.
    The real truth is not convenient.
    Unfortunately, I do not believe either the middle class or the lower class or the poor are going to be drinking salt water and eating only raw meat any time in the next 400 years.
    Observe around, Religion works magic powers against Individual thinking. Especially monotheism religions (one god religions).
    The middle class sit frozen in their darkened minds.
    In the past, dinosaurs took care of complacency and lack of survival tools.
    SO, I am asking, has Mad-sin simply replaced dinosaurs as the new culling mechanism for removal of weak gene pods?

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