ENVIRONMENT is everything

Through our “miseducational” system we are being told how survival selects the strongest and this is natural selection in the World of constant conflicts. It becomes normal then that war is necessary evil and poisons are necessary to eliminate unwanted pathogen.

As the old testament of the Bible said, “an eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth”.

Moses Biography - Childhood, Life Achievements & Timeline

Moses was the one that spoke those words. This is well known but very few people know why did Pharaoh send army after Moses when he departed from Egypt. It is not because Pharaoh has changed his mind but because Moses stole very important energy device from the pyramid called tetragrammaton which he then used to part the Red sea.

Selective truths have been always used to steer people in desired direction. Nothing has changed as the time goes on. Even those of us who are trying to make the difference and help humanity have a hard time to tell the full truth because of the fear to jeopardize their income.

Here is a video interview with Italian scientist Dr. Marco Ruggiero, a brilliant man exposing the importance of environment by promoting his product.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z31SyP0vN4A&w=979&h=550]
In the interview Dr. Ruggiero mentioned how important is the environment. We can provide chemistry but if the environment does not change, nothing will.
If we put positive bacteria in improper environment they will change in it or die so no positive experience can be achieved. If we shoot them directly into the blood, we can have positive changes but for a short time since toxic environment will maintain the status quo.
Yes we can keep giving ourselves daily doses of necessary boosters and we are going to have improvements but unless we change the environment we are doomed to go back where we have started from.
As Dr. Ruggiero said, it is crucial to eliminate carbohydrates from the diet and switch to ketogenic diet. Now what is this “ketogenic” diet. This is the type of diet that I am talking to you for years about. This is protein and fat diet. It is not about deficiency of fat or protein in the diet. It is really about eliminating carbohydrates (dietary glucose) from the diet. So if you eliminate carbohydrates the other choice for energy production is animal fat and proteins (meats).
There are plenty of articles in this blog about carbohydrates but since we are talking now about immune system boosting read this article about Naglase.
Proper diet is stimulating our genes the correct way and gives us strong immune system. Wrong food (dietary glucose) changes genetic expression and creates a lot of changes in our cellular function and deterioration of our health.
Dr. Ruggiero implies that his yogurt is absolutely necessary if we want to have this type of microorganisms. I do not agree with him. All we have to do is to eat our natural food and this eliminates dietary glucose and eat your food as raw as possible. If you fallow Self healers protocol you do not have to worry about specific product. Natural food has no competition.
Dr. Ruggiero is afraid to tell the truth  that the correct food will eliminate all chronic diseases. He does not want to be called charlatan. I do not worry about this. I am used to be laugh at, so I often do claim this. No matter if I am writing about the toxicity of garlic, ginger, turmeric…or if I am talking against sediment salt (Himalayan salt) in a favor of sea salt. Even Dr. Ruggiero claims that salt increases the blood pressure which I have proven not to be truth.
For a while now I am talking against dietary glucose and “scientists” were laughing. Now more and more people started to agree with me on this matter.
Now I am exposing the toxicity of vegetable diet and false believes of healthy vegan diet and people and scientists are laughing.
Our body, its health depends on genetic activation. Genetic activation depends on frequencies that stimulate the genes. Those frequencies come from the environment so if gene is activating that forces cell to become cancerous, by changing the environment we are going to change genetic activation and we are going to change the genetic response and no cancer will be stimulated. The cancer gene will disappear from the sight.
I have mentioned several times that frequency can be represented through matter (the food), the sound, light, aroma and electromagnetic wave. So all of them are influencing cellular environment and we can use them to our benefit or our demise.
The yogurt of Dr. Ruggiero is very healthy but is it enough to eat the yogurt to be healthy? Well, think about it.
Keep your mind opened and think for yourselves. We are all special. We have our own mission. We are immortal and we are remembering. Do not be afraid to say what you feel no matter how ridiculous it may sound.
David Ike said that he is the son of God and everyone laughed at him. People do not realize that we are all children of God with incredible powers so do not give your power a way to somebody else.
Love yourselves so that you can love others.

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