When the word “disease” is mentioned we automatically think of bacteria, virus or fungus yet most of diseases are chronic failures of our body. Most problematic diseases like hypertension, heart attack, rheumatism, diabetes melitus, asthma, allergies, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, celliac disease, Lupus, cancer, cysts, …and I can go on and on since new disease is labeled daily and none of them are caused by pathogen (bacteria, virus, fungus, parasite..) .

So here we have basically two roots of diseases, one is caused by pathogens and the other by???

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The reason we have all those chronic diseases is because we do not know their origin. In medical school we just learn the symptoms, deviation in blood chemistry and how to try correct those deviations with drugs. We have never been told of the proper diet, the true properties of water and electrical and electromagnetic fields that govern our body. No wonder doctors cannot cure and healing is completely out of question. The term “healing” does not exist in the dictionary of modern corporate medicine. Doctors are just highly educated salesman for the pharmaceutical industry. Some of them know it but they do not know how to help themselves so how can they possibly help others?

Genetically we have been told that humans have different genetic pool. This is partially true. There is an artificial addition on the human DNA that cannot be traced to any other DNA on this planet. In his work, Zecharia Sitchin translates old Sumerian writings that explain how superior intelligence from different planet (Nibiru) came to mine gold. Encountered primitive human, modified it genetically and used it for slave work. Humans looked upon them as gods and obeyed them.

In the bible, is different explanation of higher intelligence coming down to Earth as the fallen angels and mixed their genes with human.

No matter how you look at it, we have mixed genes of extra terrestrial origin.

Here you have video explaining human origin

I have pasted this video because it has some good thinking but still the explanation is strictly “scientific” and that means incomplete and misleading because science disregards everything it cannot physically proof.
The version that resonates with me is different.
As there are many different types of deer, antelope, cats, parrots… so there were different types of humanoids on this planet. About 200 thousand years ago our designers came from star group called Pleiades and mixed their genes with one of the humanoids creating homo sapiens. It was the Lemurian human. This human had 50 % of genes functional with 12th strain DNA fully operational.  Later in Atlantis while doing artificial mercaba experiment huge destruction occurred and the DNA of those man who survived was damaged with only two strains of DNA intact and less than 40 % genes operational. Still as such, man was conscientious being capable of performing all those things Yogi perform today. As such they lived long lives as described in the Bible. People lived in excess of 600 years. Because they were vulnerable emotionally this was explored by those that were supposed to protect them. Bible calls them the fallen angels and Sitchen calls them the Anunaky from planet Nibiru.
To be able for them to control us, first they had to weaken us and my belief is they did this by tempting us to eat the wrong food. As soon as we started to eat grains and cooked food our longevity dropped dramatically to just around 100 years of age. With the wrong diet came the diseases. As we still ate a lot of animal protein our short lives were reasonably healthy but with increased shift into vegetable cooked and processed diet chronic diseases skyrocketed.
Why do I have this belief?
Because I have observed the fact that by correcting our diet we can not only eliminate all chronic disease, our reinforced immune system will make infections impossibility and our body starts to look and feel young again. This means our food creates genetic changes restoring the ability of our body to live long disease free life again.
, sick people picture, sick people pictures, sick people image, sick ...
This is why I say;”the fall of  big pharma is inevitable!”
Simple diet change can rescue humanity from the clutches of disease and manipulators that use controlled science to steer us the wrong way and we do not have to wait any longer. The know-how is here available for all to implement.
What stands between us implementing this knowledge or not are implanted believes used to control us. It is imperative to let go of what we knew and absorb the new.
I know it may be quite confusing so if you doubt, why not give it a month to try.
If you have multiple health issues you may get scared as detoxing symptoms appear so stay in touch. If you are on drugs contact me and I will show you how to get rid of them because no body can heal while poisoning itself.
Read my book and follow Self healers protocol. You are going to experience new renaissance.
In previous articles I explain what kind of food presents problems and how to hydrate so that our body can cleanse and heal itself.
Take the charge of your life, you won’t regret it.
With love and light I send you blessings and power to take the first step.

3 thoughts on “ORIGINS OF DISEASE”

  1. Hey doc, I’m looking all over your site for anything about Vitamin B12, but don’t see anything. Ive been reading a lot lately about B12 being a normal deficiency, and that only the methylcobalamin is best absorbed. So, even if we eat meats and fish we don’t absorb much B12? Is it important to supplement with it?

    1. Chris hi.
      Vitamin B12 has a very long molecule and cannot be absorbed into our blood without a help of intrinsic factor. This protein (intrinsic factor) is synthesised in the stomach when we eat animal based products.
      Animal based products are loaded with vitamin B12 so when we eat correctly, there is no reason to worry about its deficiency.
      Love and light brother.

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