Everyone that ever exercised knows that you really feel better after you exercise.

people exercising : An image of a woman exercising on a stairclimbing machine.

Exercising speeds up the blood circulation and cellular metabolism. By speeding up the circulation it also speeds up the lymphatic flow and ensures better oxygenation of the body. Our cells require more food so there is an opportunity to burn more fat and if we utilize resistance bigger muscle mas will be required so your cells will take care of it. Bigger muscle mass, requires stronger bones so another change will occur there. During resistance training (weights for example) more concentration is needed so brain will be more focused. This will stimulate neurons to work harder. Neurons use way more energy than the muscles and you will be able to burn much more fat. What a wonderful thing to do!

After a long period of time we were spending sitting around and contemplating to start exercising Hilno and I finally decided it is a time. We bought heavy bag to do some kickboxing but looking at it did not help. Finally we have joined a gym. There surrounded by various equipment and people that are actually moving we finally started our exercising routine. We are just coming out of the two week long agony of muscular adjustment to the work. Pain is coming down, tendons are loosening and we are starting to enjoy the benefits of our workouts.

I am amazed of how many people are trendies committing errors, working hard with very little to show for it. Guys with big bodies of fat loaded muscles, women looking like truck drivers and then there are those anorexic ones but what do they all have in common? They all doodle on a bottle with some stuff in it.

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Some doodle on water, some on Gatorade some on juice…like this is something that has to be done.

Our friends including my wife are surprised on fast results they see in how our bodies are responding to the exercise. Belly fat decreasing, muscle definition showing up, flexibility improving and all of this in just two weeks.

Since our friends want to know our secret I decided to share it with all of you my family.

We start our day by drinking one liter of water with half teaspoon of sea salt diluted in it. Then we get dressed for the gym. We ride our dirt bike to the other side of town where the gym is. This gives us about half hour of time for the water to leave the stomach before we actually start with exercise.

First we warm up the old fashion way by jugging in place and stretching. Then we work out different groups of muscles repeating the same groups every third day.This way muscles have time to regenerate but since there are plenty of muscles we can exercise every day leaving Sunday for our trips into the nature.

So where is the difference you may ask?

For one, we do not doodle on liquids. You do not want water splashing in your stomach and what is worse, you do not want to run your digestion while exercising. Digestion requires a lot of energy minimizing your exercising effect by ‘de-powering’ you and reducing the oxygen level in your blood circulation.

William Trubridge coming up from a training dive.

Free divers do not eat more than 24 hours before competition, making sure there are no traces of food in digestive system and no digestion is going on so that they can stay under the water for more than 5 minutes.

In my spear fishing days I had to go hunting on empty stomach so that I can be under the water for 2-3 minutes stocking the fish. If I had eaten I could stay under the water barely a minute.

Digestion robs you of oxygen and produces a lot of carbon dioxide. Not a good thing to happen while exercising.

Your muscles and neurons need a lot of energy and you will be burning fat like crazy not only while exercising but several hours later as well. This is why we do not rush to eat after gym so more fat recycles into energy.

people exercising : Cartoon Santa running for exercise.Isolated on white Illustration

So why do some athletes look like truck drivers or weight lifters and some have sculptured bodies?

The reason for this is the food itself.

In my previous articles I have explained how cells do not efficiently burn fat if they are programmed to utilize glucose. Not enough mitochondria is active so during the exercise cells are starving and sipping on Gatorade or some other sugar drink is necessary to provide energy that is required. Not much fat will be utilized and the body has no definition.

To have sculptured body and for your health it is important to let go of dietary carbohydrates. Now you know why we have such fast results from exercising. Our cells efficiently burn fat producing all the energy our cells require. This way leaving us lean and mean like a perfect machine. There we go, we can rap it as well.

people exercising : one caucasian man exercising weight training workout fitness in silhouette studio isolated on white background

So adjust your diet and stop doodling while exercising. Drink your water with sea salt in it after the exercising is finished and live couple of hours without eating if you want to lose more weight.

Stick to the correct omnivore diet and you will feel like a million bucks.

Although I was referring to  exercising with weights, same goes for any other type of exercising. Soon I will add kick boxing to my routine.

people exercising : one man woman couple exercising karate vietvodao martial arts in silhouette studio isolated on white background Stock Photo

I just love it so much.

One suggestion if I may.

Do not use steroids and protein additives. Stick to correct diet so that you do not compromise your health.

I am sending you all the love I posses. Namaste

6 thoughts on “EXERCISE FOR HEALTH”

  1. Your pain went down as you began lifting weights? Seems like the opposite would happen. I used to lift weights all the time but stopped in January. Strangely, im noticing that im in more pain now even though im not lifting now. One would think the opposite would occur? Im assuming tendons and muscles get tighter when you dont lift.

    1. Chris we are now in a strange times. I am developing pains where I never had them but they go a way even when I am exercising. Of course, the painful areas I do not force and work them without straining them to much.

      1. Our bodies are changing on a structural, cellular level and some strange discomforts are appearing. Nothing to worry about. They last for short time and disappear.

  2. Can overtraining be one of the reasons of losing ones health? Does overtraining exist and under which circumstances does it become a problem?

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