Can we finally accept the truth?

From the moment the Wu-flu plandemic has started, it was obvious to me that this is a pure script.

Since no virus exist, nobody has died from it.

Lives were intentionally harmed, lies spread, nonsensical laws enforced, just to create a fake “reality” that will scare people enough to accept being jabbed.

The jab is, and always was the true reason behind it all.

The nonexistent virus was spread from the media and false medical institutions onto the public.

Almost half of the population had been jabbed by now and hordes of people are still standing in a line, just like a sheep, waiting to be slaughtered/jabbed, even while hundreds of videos are floating on the Internet showing what horrors are those jabs creating.

Conspiracies are being promoted as truths, and truths are being referred to as conspiracy theories.

Politicians are now openly demanding for the truths to be taken down from the Internet and only their lies can be visible for everyone to see.

It is increasingly more difficult to find the truth, and I am not sure how long you will be able to get to my information, but I will send through email my articles to those who are on my mailing list as long as this is possible.

The final take-down has started, and for a brief period of time, we may lose contact.

Before that happens, here is another information about this great sham that was perpetrated on us:


Full disclosure is occurring and hitting us from all angles.

This will result in even more chaos that will turn into anger.

Please, do not go in that direction.

Focus on yourself.

Allow the information to penetrate so that your brain can utilize it during its calculations.

This will give you more information and more understanding.

Meditate, pray, but not to be saved. Pray to be strong to deal with your demons. To be strong to overpower your ego/mind.

Do not give in to your desires for revenge, possessions, power, control…

Regain the power over your emotions and connect with your heart.

Let go of everything that does not resonate correctly, CLEANSE it all out.

When we do this, we will heal, and our planet will heal with us.

Rainbow Planet Earth - Europe Stock Illustration ...

If you are waking up after being jabbed, use the SHP to cleanse it out from your body.

If you are spending time between vaccinated people, use the SHP to be protected.

Learn to recognize the symptoms of cleansing and do not fear them, do not try to suppress them. Do just the contrary so that your body can eliminate those out-of-tune frequencies and heal itself.

Have faith in the process, have faith in your power, and if you need help, reach to the creator, God, Jesus, Allah, Krishna, Buddha…whatever you may need to give you the strength to maintain your faith.

Love and light to us all.

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