Ascension and diet

Although there is a very small number of people that are aware of the times we are living in, and that our reality is about to change, I have decided to address some things that most people are confused about.

This goes even for those who are capable of telepathic communication and are communicating with our galactic friends, and families.

As our consciousness is increasing, we are becoming more emphatic, and taking life to sustain our own is becoming increasingly more difficult.

Some people are claiming that taking a life of a plant is ok, just do not harm animals.

“If you do this, you are becoming light, and only in this way, you can ascend,” they tell us.

Some people go as far as insulting those who chose to nourish themselves on animal protein and that for are destroying the lives of some animals.

They find self-satisfaction in doing this not realizing that they are harming themselves and others with their nonsensical action.

To be able to understand what is the correct course of action, how to behave, and what to nourish ourselves on, it is best to go quantum.

This is not going to make much sense to those who are unfamiliar with my work, or those who are not aware of quantum mechanics, but most of you who are reading this are ready for this discussion.

Our basic fundamental reality is created by various frequencies of the matrix of conscious energy that we refer to as the energy of the creative consciousness.

This creative consciousness is exploring its possibilities and in a playful way, it is creating various possibilities which are being expressed in various ways.

The most sophisticated creation was achieved by creating the brain.

The brain is programmed to be self-conscious and to express some frequencies in a particular way through the senses of its physicality.

Brain concept stock illustration. Illustration of cerebrum ...

The consciousness of the brain we have named I am/Ego.

The I am/Ego has been given the power of manifestation. It has been given the power to create and whatever the I am/Ego expects to happen, and if the purpose behind it is not harming anybody else, the brain can manifest it simply by creating the necessary frequencies and projecting them in a form of particles and other senses.

This projection we have named the “reality”.

Everything that comes to our attention as our reality, is our own construct, a construct of our I am/Ego utilizing the brain as the tool of manifestation.

To simplify this, we can say that our reality is a construct of our I am\Ego, expressed through the senses of our physical body.

Our brain cannot replicate frequencies that it is not familiar with. This is why we cannot see a UFO unless the brain is given the instruction on how to interpret the frequency that it is not familiar with.

Our brain is loaded with a basic operation program. This includes the need to eat, drink, and breathe.

Different life forms are programmed with their specific requirements. Every species has its own program.

Humans’ digestive program is known as opportunistic and we call it the omnivore digestive system.

It does not matter what the design is, as long as we take in the original frequencies that represent the food, we are maintaining the correct vibration.

Animals in nature are all healthy because they eat everything the way it was created.

We, humans, have been told that we should eat modified frequencies. This modification was done by heating our food.

When we heat our food, the frequency of it shifts and our brain shows it to us by the change in appearance, smell, taste, and consistency.

Those are now off-tune frequencies that influence changes in the way our cells and organs that are exposed to those frequencies resonate.

Understanding that we need the original frequency will now guide us into the correct diet.

Because of our preset programming, we cannot obtain any energy by eating raw plants.

This is easy to figure out. Just try to survive by eating raw plants, it is impossible.

People are indoctrinated to believe what they are being told and to trust their superiors above their own experience. This is the slave mentality we have allowed to be perpetrated on us.

Doctors are experiencing that the treatment is destroying the lives of their patients, and they continue implementing it because they have been told so by their professors and scientific studies


“Believe in what I am telling you and ignore what you see and experience”.

Some channelers are saying that we have to stop eating animals and chew on carrots, and people blindly follow this nonsensical information.

Stop placing your trust in what you are being told. If you are not sure, experiment and observe nature.

I have done my walk. I was vegetarian, vegan, omnivore, and now I am a carnivore because, in order to heal and detoxify, everything that my body needs is supplied through animal-based products and I can absorb them without the necessity of heating them up and changing their natural frequency.

This is why I call it the food of God.

Yes, a toxic frequency will be created by our brain when we kill an animal and we see it suffer.

This is why we should never kill unnecessarily, and we should do it in a humane way.

The toxic energy is being created by focusing on it.

Everything that matters is revolving around our focus, our intent.

By intentionally harming other life and causing suffering, no matter if it is a plant, animal, or human, we create toxic energy if the harm was done unnecessarily.

Everything changes if there is a need for it.

Remember, everything is a construct of your brain. Nothing really exists, and nothing really dies.

It is a construct, a game we are creating.

As long as the intentions are righteous everything is ok.

We have graduated and the game we were playing is no longer needed so we are taking it down, but the new game of experiences did not start yet. We are not activated in our new form so we still have to obey the old program.

We will not depend on food in the new program, but we still are dependent on it now, and there is only one type of food we resonate correctly with, and this is the one that is nourishing us when it is being ingested raw.

If you are confused, experiment. If you think that you can get nourishment by eating raw vegetables, do it but do not incorporate cooked ones, and see if you can survive on it?

I guarantee you that you cannot. I have tried and experimented open-mindedly so that you do not have to but be my guest and try it for yourself.

Everything is our own construct, this is why some religious books say that we are made in the image of God. We are the creators of our reality.

Are we God?

I will let you sleep on it, my family/friends.

There is no evil until we consciously create an evil deed.

It is all about the intent.

Did you do this intentionally?

Was your intent focused on harming the life or was your intent to preserve one life even when it means to take the life of other.

The article is getting too long but I have to mention one example.

One young sailor has lost his sailboat and was drifting across the Atlantic ocean in a life raft. He had a spear gun and was catching Dorados. One day he lost the harpoon and the only way he could penetrate a fish would be if the fish exposes its stomach because here it is possible to penetrate without the tip.

All of a sudden, whenever he needed a fish to eat, there will be one Dorado that swam close to his life-raft with its stomach up exposed and vulnerable. This is what has saved this young man’s life.

Was the sailor creating his experience, or was he evil by taking other life?

Love and light to us all.

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