What “reality” do you live in?


Jackie has just asked me these questions.
“Hi Darko, do you really exist or am I creating you? Does cancer on my skin really exist or am I wasting my time on shp which has not changed much, and my Mom and Dad looked dead when they were buried. What you said I cannot comprehend. Help”

These are very good questions and they will be asked by many who are just awakening so I have decided to put some light on this and try to simplify the science behind our existence.

Let us start with some obvious facts. Let us observe.
What do we see happening in our reality?

Our reality is becoming more and more polarized. It is becoming easier each day to clearly see two different realities.

We had perceived a reality in which a minuscule amount of occult people had all of the power in their hands and were controlling the general public through a carefully designed labyrinth of deceits.
People were lied to through an obligatory system of indoctrination and through fear.
Frightened people were given a solution of imaginary protection through an invisible protector that was named God. Religion was created to keep people ignorant and enslaved.


To be able to easily control the constantly increasing population of slaves, divisions were made. Different religions, different countries, and different races.

Countries were formed with their form of governing over their people but every government was reporting to the same occult group of the individuals which we have named the Illuminate/Cabal/the deep state.

Some people started awakening to this concept of lies and control demanding change and transparency.

Those people we refer to as the awakened people and are growing in numbers.

Now we can clearly see the division and fewer and fewer people are remaining docile.

Two major groups of people are emerging. One that is awakened and demands transparency and freedom, and the other one that is trying to prevent any change. To do this, it is forced to expose itself because the fight cannot be kept hidden. Too many people are being involved.

This is the division, the Biblical Rapture.

The “slaves” that are awakening, and those fearful that would rather suffer just to be “safe”.

On one side we have people that see positive changes.

Those people are taking their masks off, singing, hugging each other, and they are helping one another.

Those people are demanding transparency, they demand that the truth be known.

They do not live in fear and do not hide their faces behind masks.

They talk freely and have nothing to hide.

On the other side, we have another group of people congregating who demand justice by celebrating criminals.

They demand freedom from being policed while they are fighting with each other and killing one another.

A total contradiction.

Those people are talking against Fascism while behaving like Fascists.

They are talking against criminality while they are behaving like criminals.

They are talking against racism while behaving like racists.

They ask for transparency while they are hiding behind masks.

They portrait themselves as what they are not.

Man DARES to Criticize ANTIFA; Instantly Pays The Price...

The so-called minuscule group of evil people has turned to be a larger than ever expected group of criminals that were masquerading as good people.

It took a master plan, a “divine” interference to unmask those people and bring them to light for everyone to see.

In which reality do you live?

Both of those realities are here.

We can clearly see them, so what do you experience? What is your reality like?

Are you awake to the truth, without the mask on your face, smiling as you are witnessing the destruction of the evil, or are you panicking in fear because you see a horror show of chaos and destruction,

Armageddon, and death.

You can see cancer on your skin.

Do you look at it in fear of dying or do you experience it as an elimination of harmful toxins from your body that will free you from disease?

If you see cancer as a fearful disease, your reality is the one of suffering and death.

If you see cancer as the elimination of toxic energy, your reality is bliss, happiness, love, and life.

The fear will kill you, and the freedom of fear will bring you love and life.

We are creating our reality by the way we interpret our experiences. This is why each one of us creates its own reality.

Are you wearing a mask, yelling at other people to keep a distance from you, shivering in fear from some non-lethal microorganism demanding to be injected with a drug that you observe is making people sick and killing them? This is your reality and it is horrible and frightening when all you have to do is to take the mask off, take a deep breath of freedom and place your trust in good/God.

Eliminate the fear and your whole reality will change instantly.

This is not that easy to do. The more we fear, the more difficult it is for us to let go of fear.

The more we are indoctrinated, the more difficult it is for us to see the truth.

The more laws we create, the more unlawfully we behave.

The more diseases we create, the more difficult it is for us to heal them.

The only reality is the reality of consciousness.

How conscious are you?

Are you conscious enough to understand and trust what you see?


Observe and you will see that the evil is destroying itself.

If you see your reality as being part of this destruction, are you evil yourself?

Can you be saved?

Yes, but you have to make this decision. No one else can make it for you.

It is all about where you place the focus at. Your focus is your intent.

What we do intentionally is what creates the reality which then we experience, and the experience is through the manifestation of physicality we call our reality.

Everything starts and ends with I am.

I hope that you are starting to realize why there was not a visible open war on evil waged.

Open war would not bring any change.

It is not about destroying a visible enemy. It is about releasing evil from within.

We have all been compromised and we have to focus on ourselves.

Release the toxic/evil energy.

Everyone who is following the SHP is experiencing this release. The dark is coming to the light to be released.

This awakening process is about each of us individually releasing all toxic frequencies to be able to unite in the purity of I am, the one and only I am of consciousness which we are all part of.

This is the creative I am consciousness of Creator/God.

Love and light to us all.

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