How many chronic diseases do you have?

Statistics are showing us that in adults of 65+ there are 10 chronic “diseases” that will make their lives bond with medical and pharmaceutical industries.

The list puts hypertension as the number one as the most common “disease” affecting 58% of adults.
High cholesterol is second affecting 47% of adults.
Arthritis is third affecting 31% of adults.
Then ischemic coronary heart disease, diabetes, chronic kidney disease, heart failure, depression, Alzheimer’s disease/dementia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease follow.

I am surprised that indigestion did not make the list of the top ten since almost every client that I have, suffers from some kind of digestive problems.

Another chronic health issue that did not make the top 10 is chronic fatigue which is strange because chronic fatigue is followed by every chronic “disease” and since the disease is nothing more than a label for a symptom, chronic fatigue should be right out there on the top of the list.

It seems to me that the list of the top 10 chronic diseases that affect the adult generation is made according to the pharmaceutical profits that those “diseases” are bringing to the “health” industry.

Surprisingly, cancer did not make the list when it shows that every fifth individual has or will have it and we all know that cancer is a really big moneymaker for the medico-pharmaceutical complex.

Without further analysis, the fact that almost every adult is suffering from at least one chronic health issue should be alarming, but doctors accept it as a natural aging process.

In my opinion, it is impossible to have just one chronic “disease” because when the problem is so intense that the body has to show you the consequences of your mistreating it through pain, the body’s toxicity has to be so high that an entire encyclopedia of diseases can be diagnosed that is based on the same symptoms with slight deviations.

Through my articles, videos, and books, I demonstrate how one symptom changes as the toxicity of the body increases, and what we call disease, is nothing more than a label with which we are labeling this symptom or a group of symptoms.

The elevated blood sugar is called Diabetes Mellitus, which we are told is a disease that we get through the genes (hereditary), or stress, or some autoimmune pathway, but the real culprit, the dietary glucose is never being mentioned.

Confuse and conquer. That is the tactic that’s being used in medicine, and it works perfectly.

Not for the patient, but for the industry, of course.

The wrong foods are pushed through our science-backed by fraudulent scientific studies that confirm it.

Fear is being used as entertainment and as a source of information.

News is filled with fearful events and fear is a very potent source of a toxic frequency that has a high impact on our health.

Worry? What's the Point? | Think Positive 30

Another thing that impacts our health is toxic emotion.

An emotion is an energetic frequency created by our brain as the result of our reaction to an event.

People are being divided through every means imaginable including the color of their skin.

They are being instructed to hate the other color, and mindless people accept it increasing their own toxic load.

Every time we create a frequency of hate, we are polluting our bodies with a toxic frequency that will undermine our health.

The toxic frequency contributes to the blood’s toxicity which suppresses cellular activity. This is easily noticeable in the way the individual behaves since the brain will be affected by it.

A toxic environment makes a toxic mind but in the case of emotions, we are the ones that are creating our own toxic environment and our own misery.

Just look at what is happening.

People are choosing sides.

Some are celebrating, hugging each other, taking the masks off, and the others are fighting in-between themselves and destroying everything in their path as they are crying for justice and tolerance. A total disconnect. A rapture.

Funny riot in Brasil comic cartoon - Barnorama

There is only one way out of this.

The toxic frequencies have to be cleansed out from the body or transmuted into a positive vibration.

We are reaching the culmination of this process of separation.

Those who will not be able to cleanse will have a very hard time with this process of transition that is rapidly approaching.

Why are we plagued with so many chronic diseases?

Because we are very toxic, and this toxicity is coming to the surface so that it can be eliminated.

Every chronically ill individual will experience a remembrance of their experiences and emotions will be flowing big time.

People start crying for apparently no reason whatsoever, not realizing that with every tear some emotional baggage was let go, making them less toxic and healthier.

Since chronically ill people are extremely toxic, they often have a very hard time during this cleansing process so I urge them to seek help during this process.

When we are guided and explained the reasons why we feel the way we do, it makes it easier to cope with this situation.

We live in a very special time that toxic people perceive as Hell, and the emotionally cleansed people see it as the blessing of God.

Our reality is what we make it to be, so cleanse and make this event into pure joy and celebration of the second coming of Christ, as Christians call it.

To me, I am sitting in the first row while observing the miracle of creation in all its glory and splendor.

Tears of happiness are rolling down my cheeks of disbelief. We have succeeded to conquer evil without any major cataclysm or a major loss of human lives.

What a glorious time to be “alive”.

Q&T, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Love and light to us all.

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