The Delta force

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The Wu-flu is not letting go.
From the African to the Brazilian, the Indian strains and now the “deadly Delta variant” of the nonexisting Wu-flu virus are ravaging our planet, destroying the economy and the livelihood of people.

While some parts of our planet are slowly easing down with the restrictions, other parts are locking down and embracing the impact of this imaginary non-intruder.

If you are confused, don’t be.
It becomes way simpler to understand what is going on when more facts break through the barrier of media silence when the truth emerges.

Here you can listen to the scientific facts of the so-called “science” that we should be following as suggested by Nancy P., and the virus car A. Fauci

The investigators are proving what I was saying for years. Every plandemic was instigated through bioweapons or just the propaganda machine about them.

The entire medicinal/pharmaceutical industry is based on creating a problem and finding the solution to perpetuate it while pretending that it is working on resolving the self-created problems.

It is the old trick of planting nails on the road to puncture tires and setting a tire repair shop conveniently to assist those with the mishap.

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Unfortunately for the idiots running the sham, the nail was set too high and visible and people started avoiding it.

So what happens to those who refuse to be sucked in?

They mysteriously die in their office.

Unfortunately, a vast majority of people are certified, zombies.

Their diplomas verify this.

They are unable to think and interpret their experiences as being factually different from the narrative they have received.

They continue lining up for another eye-opening self-destructing jab in hope that maybe, just maybe, this is the one that they needed to wake them up as they slowly slip into a coma.

The truth is seeping out through various channels, even through Facebook

Since being trapped in the cloud of misinformation, the healing part is botched up, but at least the true reason for the jab and all jabs of that kind is being told.

Instead of ingesting toxic levels of vitamin C, and the other “life saving” suggestions, hydrating with sea plasma (water with sea salt or diluted seawater ) will do the trick perfectly.

The same speaker/doctor who is explaining that ascorbic acid bores holes in the intestinal wall tells you to consume huge quantities of it to heal yourself.

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I suggest that you listen to those videos and spread them around. I have received them from family and friends, and am doing the same thing.

While you are spreading this material, make sure that you do not emphasize fear.

Give the solution, the SHP as the beckon of light during these days of darkness.

Fear is very damaging. Do not perpetuate it.

Give solutions and ease people’s minds.

The time has come to take off the mask, and take a deep breath.

Put a smile on your face while you are at it and open your heart to love.

We are the ones who came to change the world, and the world is changing.

What a glorious time to be alive.

Love and light to us all.

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