Make yourself more resilient to COVID. FEMININIZE yourself.

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Here is a video from “Computing Forever” that shows another example of a scientific “brilliance” in solving health problems by using the school promoted childish reasoning our esteemed scientists use to solve problems.

Dr. Amir Khan authoritatively explains the complex scientific approach in handling the “plandemic” that is ravaging the world of media.

Since most of the scientific approaches are based on the statistics and the scientific childish logic, a new important procedure is being promoted that will in addition to wearing the approved and non-approved masks, gloves, and eye covering, add to the safety of people in regards to the “deadliest virus of all times”.

Here you can see how to protect yourself from asbestos, mining dust, spray paint, and the deadliest virus of all time.

“I beg your pardon. It is not a very deadly virus?
Do you say that COVID-19/400 is much milder than the common seasonal flu?
You must be mistaken. Almost all countries on this planet are in a shutdown, economies are destroyed, people scared and locked down in their homes.

Everyone must wear a mask and keep a distance from one another.
New, statistics show that more men get affected by this virus and more men die from it than women.”

The childish logic kicks in and the solution presents itself.
“We have to femininize all the man and in this way, we are going to certainly knock off at least a couple of hundred COVID cases per flu season”.
I am eagerly awaiting for Dr. Khan to be nominated for the Nobel Prize for science this year. God bless him but more than that, God bless his patients because they really need God’s help.

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Now, let me explain the statistics in question.

Those of you who follow my work already know the answer so this is for all of the new readers out there.

The culprit to almost all chronic health issues is the toxic blood. What we refer to as the symptoms of flu are nothing else that the symptoms our body manifests during the process of cleansing its blood.

The more toxicity there is, the stronger will be the symptoms.

I have explained this in details in this article:

Women have an advantage over the man. They eliminate some of their toxic blood while menstruating and then produce fresh clean blood. This dilutes the toxicity of their blood making it less toxic overall.

For those of you who think that I am being stupid thinking in this way, just look at what happens when women stop menstruating.

As their blood’s toxicity raises, they start feeling this toxic load. The body starts to make attempts to detoxify the blood but because they are low on the blood plasma, their cleansing organs cannot eliminate those toxins through the kidneys so mucous tissue and skin are being used but first, the same as in the case of the flu, the body tries to break down some of the toxins by raising the body temperature.

Women start experiencing hot flushes, sweating, headaches, and nausea.

Since doctors do not know what to make of it (the indoctrination program did not allow them to learn the truth), they invented a new syndrome which they have named the menopause.

Instead of hydrating their patients with plasma, doctors reach for medication, in this case, hormones since the hormonal picture of women in menopause changes.

This is exactly what the genius Dr. Khan proposes to “combat” the flu.

Since the truth is hidden from our doctors, they use the statistics, and their childish reasoning points them in the only direction they feel comfortable with, and this is the use of the medicinal poisons.

Since women are less affected by the flu symptoms, let us use the feminine hormones, and femininize all the men.

Of course, the same as in the case of menopause, no beneficial effects are achieved, just a temporary suppression of the symptoms which keeps the patient dependent on the poison/medication.

Only, in the case of the flu, no benefits will be achieved because the blood remains toxic. In fact, the additional pollution with hormones will make them more toxic and the flu symptoms will escalate.

The same childish logic we see in vaccine manufacturing.

Since the cancer cells are loaded with the enzyme nagalase, they put nagalase into the vaccines to cause more cancer, and then they are surprised that the “nagalase effect” is not producing the expected results.

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Every animal cell that uses glucose for energy production has nagalase since it is an enzyme that is utilized in a glucose breakdown.

Since the cancer cells work anaerobically, glucose is their primary fuel so a lot of nagalase will be there but this enzyme in no way or shape influences the formation of cancer other than helping to fuel it once it is there, and only if there is a large presence of glucose.

To be able to help the body, we first have to understand it.

Unfortunately, the doctors are at a disadvantage here because all they know are the lies they had to accept as truths during their indoctrination studies.

Now, the childish reasoning is all that they can use in solving the medical puzzles.

So, let all men become women and we will reduce the flu deaths for another whopping 0,0001%.

I think this definitely deserves the Nobel Prize, don’t you?

Love and light to us all.

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