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When we look at the creation from the aspect of quantum mechanics, all we experience is energy.

Energy is a movement. This movement we call vibration.

The vibration can be presented in a variety of frequencies.

This means that what creates our Universe is energy expressed in a variety of frequencies.

What creates the various frequencies is an impulse, and this impulse is transmitted through the sound.

This means that sound + vibration + frequency = creation

The Bible explains the creation by presenting the dormant/unstructured energy as darkness.

Then came the sound (God), then the light was created, and from the light, the Earth/Universe was created.

The interaction of the waves of energy will create sacred geometry. Drunvalo Melchizedek wrote two books about the sacred geometry.

From the interaction of two waves that were created by sound, Vesica Piscis will form.

Vesica Piscis is the most important form of sacred geometry because from there magnetism, gravity, light, and electricity are formed.

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In quantum mechanics, everything is in the waveform, particle and this means the matter, do not exist.

To create particle and matter we need a program that is inserted into the brain.

The brain will then receive the information of vibration and frequencies and according to its programming, it will decipher them into particles and senses.

This is how our “reality” is created.

By changing the frequency, we can invoke changes in our reality.

The most effective way to change the frequency is by utilizing sound and electromagnetic pulsation.

Here is a great video that gives you a visual effect of what I am writing bout:

I wrote several articles on this thematic and I have recorded a few videos explaining this hidden to us knowledge.

This is the type of knowledge we should have been learning in schools, instead, the schools and the scientific community are brainwashing us and preventing us from learning the needed truths.

The same way, as the wheel is turning in one direction, it can be turned in the opposite direction.

This means that as the brain can receive frequencies and create our reality, it can also receive a picture and convert it into the frequencies.

This is what I have meant by saying that our brain can reproduce any frequency with which it is familiar with.

It is becoming more and more obvious that everything is a manifestation being it what we call our “reality”, our dream, or simply imagination.

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Any picture and thought will stimulate our brain to convert them into electromagnetic impulses that represent those thoughts, dreams, and imaginations.

This means that they can all become our reality.

It just depends on our mind to select what is the most probable, the most acceptable, and logical interpretation and according to its calculation, it will expect a certain outcome.

This we call a manifestation.

Whenever something is being sold, it is heavily advertised.

In detail, it is explained what this thing will do.

In this way, the brain receives a lot of information about what to expect will be happening.

The brain will use all of the information to calculate and manifest the outcome.

This is the reason why often people benefit from bogus products although they do not make any sense from the scientific point of view.

For example, when the collagen supplement is advertised, you are told what the collagen does in the body.

Although we do not absorb the collagen, only the amino-acids, and this means that absolutely nothing of what is advertised will happen, some people do experience some of the advertised effects.

The brain had accepted the information as truth and used it in its calculation. Since the truth is what the brain accepts to be the truth, the expected effect took the place.

The mind got convinced and that’s all that matters for the “reality” to be created.

This is what we call the placebo effect.

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The media, schools, religions, science, and the entertainment industry, are all used to implant information into our brains which will support the agenda of the Cabal.

Some of us did not take well this information we have been given.

We are the black sheep of the society, and the same as with everything else, the black is actually the light.

Although it may seem that the darkness is spreading through our planet, it is just the opposite.

The light has chased the darkness to the surface so that it can illuminate it.

Once illuminated, it will disappear forever.

Drop the fear. Hold the light and illuminate the darkness around you. This is why you are here.

Love and light to us all.

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