SUPPLEMENTS Are we being duped again?

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Everyone who is following my work for some time knows that I am disclosing the truth in the field of health, and instead of looking for the approval of the corrupt and mislead “scientific academia”, I am disclosing my findings directly to everyone who is ready to receive them.

We are witnessing the deterioration of human health while we are being told about the miracles of modern medicine, but there is a glitch no one is paying attention to.

As the number of medical professionals are rising, so is the number of diseases and the number of sick people.

The obvious question pops up.

What are the medical professionals cultivating?

Health or a disease?

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If you want to catch more fish, you use more fishermen.

If you want to produce more food, you use more farmland.

If you want to repair more cars, you use more mechanics.

What do we need if we want to have more sick people and more diseases?

It appears we need more doctors. This is actually self-evident but, is anybody noticing?

A simple observation and statistics show us that as the number of doctors is rising, so is the number of diseases and the number of sick people.

Supermarkets are being replaced by pharmacies with the food sections for those who can still digest the food.

Supplement pushers are more popular now than ever.

Their message is:

“do not poison yourself with the meat of the medicated and tortured animals, do not poison your body with the GMO modified plants that are full of herbicides and pesticides. Nourish yourself with the protein powder and vitamins of our making.

They are natural and selected for the optimal results”.

“Do not eat the toxic dairy, get our whey protein.

Do not eat the toxic beef and chickens, indulge in our collagen.

Do not eat those toxic eggs and animal saturated fats, load up on the probiotics, and natural vitamins from our capsules.

And, for God’s sake, do not eat the poisonous fish from the sea, use our fish protein and fish oil because it is 100% natural”.

This fraudulent industry is catching up with the big pharma, not just in profits, but with the brainwashing tactics and the harm their products are causing to the digestive system.

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I have to use William Mount as an example because it drives me crazy, him informing us about the shenanigans of the deep-state and at the same time spreading the false information about the supplements and the medicinal remedies he is using to harm himself and those who trust him.

First he advertises the emergency food from “My Patriot Supply” that consists of pure dietary carbohydrates and spices. A junk food.

Then he advertises the cinnamon from the supplement source Get the Tea to lower his blood sugar, and as his health starts to suffer he advertises the “multi collagen” claiming how great he feels eating it.

If William would not poison himself with the dietary glucose his blood sugar would be normal, and he would not have to poison himself with the cinnamon.

By adding collagen to his diet, he is helping his body by providing the needed protein and he feels the difference which is now attributed to the collagen and not to the protein that the collagen actually is.

Our “science” is constantly feeding us the wrong information which we accept without questioning it because the “experts are talking”.

Last night while watching an animal program on YouTube, another “scientific truth” was spewed.

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“Lions sleep most of the time and do not eat every day because the meat they eat is hard to digest so the digestion is lengthly, making them incapacitated and tired”.

The truth is that animal fat and protein offer plenty of calories, vitamins, and enzymes, making it very efficient. No daily supply of calories is necessary. This is why lions spend most of their time snoozing.

When they become hungry, they go and hunt.

The exactly same happens to us, humans.

When we nourish ourselves with raw meat and animal fats, we do not have to eat often.

The same as the lion, we can spend most of our time doing other things and eat once every other day.

Everyone who has tried eating correctly, knows how wonderful they feel when they eat this way.

More and more people are hearing the correct message and are switching back to the original omnivore diet.

The Ketogenic diet is the transitional diet where people are peeling away from the carbohydrate saturated vegetarian and vegan diets.

Here again, the supplement industry has found its victims and is promoting a Keto supplement starter. A miracle protein that will help you to adjust to the correct diet. Something like a “keto probiotic”.

What a sham.

People have to wake up to those lies, but how do we know what are lies and what is the truth?

If it is promoted, it is a lie.

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Whatever we are being told through advertising is contrary to the truth.

Implied     True meaning

BioTRUST = BioDoubt

Get the tea = stay away from the tea

World Health Organization = World Disease Spreading Organization

Medical doctor heals the patient = Medical doctor poisons the patient

People are indoctrinated to trust only those with titles.

Titles are given to those who were satisfactory indoctrinated.

I would seek for a medical help from a jungle medicine man, before I would ask for a medical “expert” with a title.

The walls of Jericho are tumbling down. Trump-ets are sounding.

Extraordinary time we are living in.

It makes me jump with joy seeing doctors revolting against the corrupt system.

The scent of victory is in the air.

Love and light to us all.

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