“WARNING: This collagen ages you FASTER”


It is the time we start recognizing these supplement pushers for hat they really are, straight out LIERS&DECEVERS for profit.

There is no difference which one of these fraudsters I chose to use as an example because they all spew the same lies in an attempt to mislead us into spending our money and buying their bogus product.

Today I have received again this advertising which title I have used as the title for this article.

I wrote an article recently about collagen, but now I want to dissect this Dr. fraud article piece by piece to show you how stupid they really are. They really think that this bogus product is doing in our body what they say. At least, I am giving them a benefit of doubt.

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Here is what Dr. Joel Marion scribbles to entice me to buy his product:

“I’m talking about the closest thing to a real-life “fountain of youth”…

Perhaps you’ve heard all the rave reviews about collagen lately. It’s all over the news. And this shouldn’t be too surprising. After all…

— 75% of your skin is MADE of this age-defying nutrient – if you’re deficient, your skin looks worse and becomes less protective against foreign microbes…

— 70-80% of your joints and tendons are made from collagen – if you’re lacking, you can feel those creaks and pops all the time and experience needless discomfort…

— 90% of your bones are made of collagen – if you don’t have enough, fractures and breaks can happen with more frequency…

— Your gut DEPENDS on collagen – if you are lacking collagen, your intestinal wall can tear and leak, causing rather unenjoyable digestive discomfort…

— Even your HAIR and nails are mostly collagen – and we all want that silky, youthful look that only a collagen-rich head of hair and strong nails can give us!

And did you know?

Collagen is VITAL to a healthy immune system. Nearly 80% of your immune power is actually in your gut…and as you’ve seen, collagen is one of your belly’s best friends. Never has that been more important!


As you age, you produce less collagen year after year. Less than HALF by middle age, and this depletion accelerates the older you become… UNLESS you do something…

“So Joel, I should just take a collagen supplement, right?”

Not so fast:

You see, there’s another REALLY BIG PROBLEM.

This is the #1 thing you need to take away from this letter…and by far the most important lesson that science has revealed about collagen:


Here’s what I mean. If you buy a collagen supplement at the health food store, chances are it has only one type of collagen.

But did you know your skin, joints, tendons, gut, bones, nails and hair… need FIVE types?

It’s true: You need Collagen types I, II, III, V, and X…

I call these “missing collagens” because they’re nowhere to be found in most collagen supplements. In fact, it’s rare to find more than one!

That’s why so many collagen supplements let millions of folks down year after year.

Combine this with the fact that it’s VERY difficult to source all five types of collagen…

…and the fact so many collagen supplements taste like you’re swallowing clumpy wet sand? Yuck.

You can see why getting the collagen you need—the collagen your body can no longer make to keep you looking AND feeling younger—is so hard to do:

Until today.

Introducing Ageless Multi-Collagen Protein™… the no-clump, no-taste collagen! (so you can mix it in literally ANYTHING) – up to 51% OFF plus FREE U.S. Shipping when you order today!

Not only does Ageless Multi-Collagen Protein dissolve quickly and easily in hot or cool beverages, it also contains all FIVE key collagen types (I, II, III, V, and X) from FOUR different food sources:”

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So let’s debunk the whole story, claim by claim.

“I’m talking about the closest thing to a real-life “fountain of youth”…

A fountain of youth? What makes us look old is wrinkled skin. When the tissue/collagen is dehydrated it shrinks like a prune. This makes us look old. Hydrate with plasma and you will correct this issue. Eating collagen will improve nothing.

75% of your skin is MADE of this age-defying nutrient ”

An age-defying nutrient?

75% of the skin is water.

The collagen in our skin is a part of the connective tissue and is not a nutrient.

Since collagen is a protein, when we eat it, it will break down into amino acids and when amino acids are absorbed, the body will decide how to use them.

70-80% of your joints and tendons are made from collagen”

Again the percentage is out of wac. It is related to water and not to the collagen fiber.

Joints and tendons suffer from a lack of hydration and not from a lack of collagen. Dehydrated tendons become brittle and dehydrated joints lose lubrication and the cartilage will start to grind itself.

Eating collagen will improve absolutely nothing.

90% of your bones are made of collagen ”

The collagen fiber is like a metal wire in a concrete column. Minerals provide the strength and the collagen gives it the resilience to stress/flexibility. There are more minerals than collagen in the bone so the claim is fraudulent.

In osteoporosis, all of the collagen is there but the bone becomes weak because the minerals are not deposited to give the bone strength.

Eating collagen will have absolutely no effect on the strength of our bones if we cannot deposit minerals.

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Your gut DEPENDS on collagen”

This is correct. We cannot have our bodies if we do not have protein, what collagen actually is.

Collagen is VITAL to a healthy immune system”

Without collagen, you cannot exist but to say that eating the collagen will benefit the immune system in any way is absolutely ridiculous.

The parrot-like statement that our immune system depends on our gut bacteria is idiotic.

The gut flora is always adapting to its environment and changes according to our diet. So “experts”, please tell me, what type of gut flora actually benefit what type of our immune system?

When we eat correctly we will be healthy and the gut flora will adjust to our diet. No probiotics strengthen the immune system.

Immunity is the ability to maintain the correct frequency and only strong cellular voltage will do this job.

Eating the collagen will not improve the cellular voltage in any specific way.

But there’s a REALLY BIG PROBLEM: we produce less collagen as we age”

This is incorrect. We produce less collagen when our body does not need it. We show symptoms of aging not because we do not have enough collagen, but because we are dehydrated and toxic.

Our body will always produce what it needs if the food and the plasma (water&minerals) are available.


Here, our Dr. Fraudster Marion is telling us that there are different types of collagen and if you do not eat the correct collagen, you will be deficient in it. This is why you have to buy his product.

This is like saying that if you eat chicken eggs, since they contain all of the material to produce a chicken, a chicken will grow in your body.

If you eat turtle eggs, a turtle will be formed and if you eat a pork steak, a pork steak will be assembled in your body.

Do you see how ridiculous this statement this is?


But did you know your skin, joints, tendons, gut, bones, nails and hair… need FIVE types?

It’s true: You need Collagen types I, II, III, V, and X…”

First of all, the number IV is missing and the symbol X represents the number 10. This clearly shows a low level of knowledge.

The existence of a 5 types of collagen fibers is a bold lie that just about everyone is repeating.

The collagen is a protein fiber. It is weaved differently when it is a part of the skin.

It is weaved differently when it is a part of cartilage or part of the bone, or part of the tendon, or a part of the eye-lens, but in fact, it is all the same protein.

To expect a strengthening of your tendons by consuming the collagen that was made of the cow tendons is like expecting to grow a cow liver after eating it, or to start producing cow milk after drinking it.

These “expert fraudsters” are experts of “idiocracy”, and it just shows how brainwashed people are when they buy their bogus products, trusting its validity.

Instead of wasting your hard-earned money on packaged garbage, get a juicy steak, or fish, chicken, egg, or cheese, and enjoy your tasty meal. It will give you all of the protein your body needs to make any “type” of collagen and on top of it, you will receive energetic fat, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and structured water as a bonus.

I am not saying that we cannot benefit from this packaged protein. Since it is dehydrated, it will last a long time so it is a great source of protein as emergency food since it can be stored for a long period of time.

Instead of piling on toxic carbohydrates, pile dehydrated proteins. You will need less space and you will maintain a healthy body by eating it instead of the toxic carbs most people are relying on.

Are you ready for the disclosure?

Are you ready to accept the truth?

Love and light to us all.

p.s. and another fraud from the same mouthpiece has just arrived

“Do NOT Do the Ketogenic Diet (here’s why…)” with a ton of lies and misinformation. They are selling the “Keto Elevate ” where you can use bread and potatoes and remain in the ketogenic state whit their bul***** product.

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