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My friend Louisa sent me a video where a young girl by the name of Mikhaila Peterson talks about her father’s health issues and also about her health history and how she herself had by a process of elimination discovered that meat makes the healthiest diet.

Why is this video so interesting especially to those of us who know the truth about the false indoctrination system of schooling is the realization that the first thing we all want to do after we feel good is to go and eat again the same food that made us sick in the first place.

The first part of the video is about her father but from the 28th minute on it is about Mikhaila and her struggle with health and the terrible things that medical doctors put her through, all because of their false understanding of how the body works.

All doctors “know” that red meat acidifies the body and contributes to rheumatism. The first thing we are told not to eat if the uric acid is elevated is the red meat. Why?

Because we do not bother to check things out and even when we see that there is no change in condition after the red meat was taken out from the diet, we continue to give the same recommendations as long as we live.

A toilet paper is worth more than the medical Dr. diploma, at least it has a practical value.

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I do not need a license to keep me out of jail because I haven’t killed a person utilizing the approved methods of poisoning. Only doctors need those since they kill more people than all of the wars and accidents put together.

Not to mention how much suffering doctors cause. Every chronic disease is their doing because they directly or indirectly participate in creating those diseases through their wrong recommendations and actions.

Even now, when some doctors pride themselves on saving the lives of some people that had the symptoms of flu, they would not have those symptoms if they would have been told the truth and kept their bodies clean.

When you understand the symptom, you will not allow it to become a chronic problem.

The doctors’ incompetence is the most visible now during the COVID-19/400 “plandemic”.

From the narrative, “masks do not work, vaccinate yourselves, it spreads through a direct contact”, to “masks are obligatory, vaccines do not work or work just marginally, the virus is airborne”.

The doctors resemble the priests more and more. “An eye for an Eye, and a tooth for a tooth” and “if someone slaps you on one cheek, offer the other”. God loves you and is forgiving until you disobey him and then this loving and forgiving God judges you and makes you burn for infinity.

Which one is it? Make up your minds.

Do not be confused.

You will understand this once you wake up and free yourself from the lies that are inserted into every aspect of our lives by the biggest deceivers of them all, the “Semites”.

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Incidentally, the Semites have put the Bible together by using scrolls and historical events and changing the narrative to soothe their planes for the future enslavement of all people on this planet.

After all, the Bible that they put together says that God chose them to be the chosen people.

Ain’t that something?

It is like putting a thief in charge of bank security or making a lawyer the President of a country. Hillary, rings the bell?

Since we are all forced to go through the indoctrination process, we have to go to authorized schools where we are all loaded with the false beliefs that are very difficult to change.

This is why Mikhalila is trying to incorporate a vegetable diet back into her diet, knowing that the meat diet was what has healed her body.

Her medical practitioners (they practice their medicine on people while being protected by license), cut out her knee and ankle and replaced them with plastic that will have to be replaced whenever it wears out since it cannot rejuvenate itself.

They have created a permanent patient, and healing was not done because the knowledge is missing.

Mikhaila could have healed her leg if she would know then what she knows now.

The meat does not acidify the body, carbohydrates do.

She is still not aware of the full extent of the harm carbohydrate diet presents so she is trying to “normalize” her diet by incorporating vegetables into it.


Also, Mikhaila is not aware of the necessity of plasma for the process of cleansing and hydration.

Still, even with this marginal knowledge, she knows more about healing than most of the licensed doctors do. She has managed to improve her health although now, she is working on undermining her health by trying to “normalize” her diet.

Her experience destroys all of the narratives of the “experts” in nutrition who claim that the red meat is acidic and should not be eaten regularly.

As I always emphasize, any animal product will nourish us in a healthy way. Any kind of meat being it the fish, chicken, pork, beef, or an insect. Egg and dairy included.

The other important thing is that it all should be eaten raw or as raw as possible to maintain its correct frequency.

By eating the right food the correct way we are bringing into our body the correct frequency and by providing plasma (water with sea salt), we support our body’s cleansing mechanism.

Those are the bases of the Self Healers Protocol that has transformed many people liberating them from life-long “incurable” health problems.

I am happy to see that more and more people are realizing that eating meat is good for the body, but doctors have to be willing to look into what they are doing and stop blindly following those implanted lies. They so religiously hold onto.

Love and light to us all.

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