Will supplementing with NAD+ make you healthier and younger?

Supplement junkies and the followers of “geniuses” like Dr. Mercola and Josh Bezoni are gulping NAD+ supplements and swear how great they feel.

NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a coenzyme that is used within the cell, actually within the mitochondria during energy transportation. So there is approximately the same amount of NAD+ within the mitochondria as it is in the intracellular fluid (cystol).

NAD+ has several important functions. Some are directly related to the electron transport mechanism (energy), it may act as a messaging molecule in support of some enzyme action and disarming a protein by removing its acetyl group.

Since it is thought that it can stimulate the growth of the telomeres, it is given an attribute of a youth molecule.

I do not want to bore you with biochemistry. You can find it on million pages that promote NAD+ supplements. The more complex they make it, the more demand and praises people give it and nobody pays attention to the basic elements surrounding it.

What do I mean by it?

We are told of the importance NAD+ has in the cellular metabolism. We are told that as we age, the concentration of NAD+ is dwindling. Since NAD+ is involved in the energy supplying process and telomere extension, lower concentrations of NAD+ will make us tired and aged.

It makes a perfect sense to increase its levels and the supplement gurus score in big by providing you with this youth elixir.

There is just a small glitch as far as supplementation goes.

NAD+ molecule is very sensitive to its environment. It will quickly change if its ambient becomes overly acidic or alkaline.

This means that as you gabble the supplement if the hydrochloric stomach acid does not get it, then the alkaline intestines will mutate it.

NAD+ actually becomes destructive within the intestines because as it has changed its expression, it will neutralize many enzymes.

This means that supplementation with high doses of NAD+ will have a deteriorating effect on the body.

Even if some NAD+ would have survived and ended up in the blood circulation, it would not have survived blood’s alkalinity, so supplementing with NAD+ is a scheme.

schemes cartoon

NAD+ is synthesized within a cell and remains there. Now the question is, why is the concentration of NAD+ dwindling as we get older?

Well, it is not dwindling as we get older, the concentration starts falling as bodies toxicity rises. This means that ever younger people are now experiencing lower NAD+ concentration which reflects in tiredness, brain fog, inability to think and perform.

It is all about energy. Where is the energy produced?

In mitochondria.

The more dietary glucose we consume, the smaller the number of mitochondria will be active, and the concentration of NAD+ will go down.

Everyone who is following my work can clearly understand this but those who are hooked on veggies have more difficulty to think so following some narrative that confirms their faulty programming becomes the easy way out.

reasoning cartoon

The supplementation never brings any benefits because the problem that our body expresses is caused by its toxic load which no supplementation will benefit. Instead, we are increasing the toxic load by saturating the body with things that it cannot use.

The telomeres never shorten down, they just coil themselves tighter in a toxic environment.

As we cleanse the environment, telomeres relax the coil and become longer. Now the can better receive messages.

The most important messages come from your brain so if the brain calculates that you are 60 years old and has the information that most 60-year-old people are sick, it will relay this message to your cells through the telomere, and they will act accordingly.

Maybe you should change the messages and forget about the NAD+ molecule?

The only pill or supplement that can influence you getting younger will be the result of a placebo effect and not the chemistry.

Our brain messaging controls all aspects of our existence, not just our health but everything that we perceive as our reality.

The way we perceive our reality in all of its aspects is nothing more than our brain’s calculation and it is time we start reprogramming our brain so that we can consciously influence changes and create Eden again.

Love and light to us all.

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